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One Bad-Ass Bachelor Party
by Rick Bender

Amazingly enough, I was getting married. My friends were not so amazed. They had heard me bitch and moan for years about getting out of the singles scene. My best friend Karl had laughed when I told him. "Tim, we've known that since you first started dating Calli."

Calli was my fiancée. She was also probably the last woman I'd ever thought I'd fall in love with. She was straight-laced and, though laid back, was not the experimenting type. She always told me she had done all that wild stuff back in high school and college. Whenever I asked her what that wild stuff was, she'd say that she was entitled to some secrets. It would piss me off, but I wasn't going to fuck up our relationship over past shit. She was 24 now, but definitely ready for the quiet married life.

And I couldn't really complain. Calli was the hottest woman I had ever laid eyes on. Only 5-foot-1 and 105 pounds, she packed more sex-appeal and raw femininity into her small frame than Pam Anderson, Cameron Diaz, and Mariah Carey combined. Long, wavy brown hair fell down to the small of her back, matched by her dark brown eyes in her sculpted, high-cheekboned face. She had small, pouty lips that could turn kissing from an art form to a lusty tongue-fest in a second. Blessed with perfectly shaped 34-C breasts that were made for fondling, she also had dark pink nipples that grew to the size of the ends of my pinkies when erect. I always loved it when we'd go to the mall and she went bra-less, because I'd whisper what I wanted to do to her in her ears and watch those nips pop through her shirt or top for everyone to admire. Calli was in great physical shape. She had definition to her muscles, but not too much. Her legs were strong and curvy like a dancer's, and her ass was the absolute best I'd ever had the honor of seeing naked or in a thong.

Unfortunately, for all that, Calli was not very creative in bed: missionary position, or her on top, though she had let me do her doggy-style a few times (and god what good times they were!). She did give me head occasionally, and of course, she loved it when I ate her out. I'd ask her to try some more exotic positions, but she'd always say that she was past that kind of stuff.

The boys pretty much knew what I was in store for sexually after the marriage, so they had promised me one kick-ass bachelor party to send me off into married bliss. Karl had gotten together with my other good friend Jim and a buddy of mine from work, Clay, and planned for over two months. The party was going to be at Clay's house. Clay was a lecherous bastard of 43, and we all knew that any party he was a part of planning would be a memorable one... if you didn't drink any of the premium booze he would be passing out. Yeah, I was definitely looking forward to my last fling as a single man!

About two weeks before the party, Calli found out about the shindig at Clay's. She had been okay with a standard bachelor party, but now she was against it, knowing what kind of guy Clay was. I, of course, let her know that I was going to have as much fun as I wanted, and it was my right as a red-blooded American male to do so. She wasn't too happy about that, and asked me if there would be strippers at the party. "I hope so,' I replied smugly. That pissed her off, and she told me that, while she couldn't stop me from partying down, she was going to have a serious talk with Clay. Knowing Calli, I felt sorry for Clay, but I knew it would change nothing. Clay took every opportunity he had to get strippers in his house. He had been married three times and had sworn never to give it another chance.

And then the day of the party came. Damn, was I pumped! I hadn't been to even a topless bar for over six months, and I was ready to get wasted and have a boatload of tits and pussy shoved in my face. Clay met me at the door. "This way, your highness," he smiled wickedly, leading me into the living room.

Chairs had been lined up along open walls and between the couch and love seat was a spotless dark-blue la-z-boy. "Your throne, milord," Clay droned in a perfect English accent.

"You da man, Clay," I said smiling, ratcheting the chair back into full relax mode. He brought me my favorite, a double shot of Jack Daniels, and started up a porno on the VCR.

Meanwhile, more of my friends had begun to arrive. I was slapped, patted, hugged, and punched by ten different men before everyone was seated with their favorite poison. Conversation was, of course, about women.

"Where the strippers at, Clay?" Karl asked.

"Yeah, bro, get the bitches in here!" Jim demanded, smiling. A chant of "Pu-ssy, pu-ssy" began. Clay couldn't help but laugh, and raised his hands.

"Alright, fellas, we spent a big-ass chunk of cash to get this right for our boy, right?"

"Yeah!" said ten voices at once. Clay nodded his head and looked around the room. "Hell, yeah, it's gonna be done right! Here we go! Bring on the babes!"

The guys cheered, and someone turned the stereo on, which blared out 'Brick House'. And in came the women. Three long-legged, big-breasted babes, sauntering and swaying to the music. The first, Alison, was a blonde with short, curly hair and blue eyes and a huge pair of melons, wearing a white lace teddy. The second, Debbie, was a shorter Hispanic beauty, her long curly black hair as long as Calli's, dolled up in a black push-up bra, black g-string, garter belt, stockings, and stiletto heels. The third, Jenni, was an Asian babe with long black hair and an awesome ass, wearing a red string bikini and thong. They wasted no time in dancing, all of them lining up in front of me. I slammed my shot and Clay was right there with another.

"Damn, man, you can sure pick 'em," was all I could say, watching three pairs of tits jiggle erotically.

"And the night has only begun," he smiled mysteriously. I turned back to the dancers, who soon got butt-naked and were rubbing their awesome breasts in my face. Not one to be shy, I made sure I got handfuls of tits and a mouthful of nipples. The dancers took their turns grinding their sweet asses into my crotch, and I'm not bullshitting when I say I had one of the most raging hard-ons in my life. The blonde was the last one to get up and she waved her ass so close to my face that I reached out and grabbed her by the hips and buried my face in her wet, shaved pussy lips. She finally pulled away, laughing, then began her dance in front of Jim, to my left. The other two girls were also in the process of warming up the crowd.

"They're all yours tonight, bro," Karl said, leaning towards me from his seat to my right. Seeing my astonished face, he laughed. "Yeah, anything. Go for it!"

Damn. I was buzzed, horny, and had waited too long for an opportunity like this. And the boys would get a show, too. I was too wasted to care. I got Alison's attention and pointed to my hard-on. "Suck me, baby," I told her. She slithered over and unzipped my shorts, then knelt down and slid out my 7-inch boner. Alison wasted no time in slurping it down to the root. The guys cheered and rooted her on, while I just enjoyed the expert blowjob. I thought of Calli and her attitude about the party. Shit, this is just the beginning, I thought, and slowly reclined the chair, getting laughs from my buddies. No one would tell me how to spend my last free night!

I waved Debbie over and directed her to stand on the armrests of my lazyboy, then slowly squat down over me. Soon, I had her hot, wet snatch covering my face and I went to town on her with my lips and tongue. "Go Timmy, go Timmy," I heard the guys chant as Alison slammed my cock faster with her mouth. Debbie was rocking her hips back and forth, glazing my whole face with her juices. The whole experience was so mind-blowing, it took me only a few more seconds to blow my wad in Alison's mouth. Her eyes widened in surprise, but then she recovered and easily swallowed my still-spurting load.

Greg, another of my friends, jumped up and grabbed Alison then around the waist, spinning her around and dropping her to the carpet. Alison didn't seem surprised, even when Greg pulled down his pants and climbed on top of her. I let Karl take Debbie over to the coffee table, where she bent over and began sucking another friend's cock while Karl slid his into her from behind. As for me... well, I found Jenni, and bent her over, sliding my still-hard cock into her doggy-style, my hands full of her sweet, perfect ass. Take that, Calli!

Soon it was a free-for all. Guys were impatient, so they whipped out their cocks and started jacking off over the girls, who were filled from both ends with my buddies' cocks. I continued to steadily pound Jenni, who by now was sucking off Clay. "How's it going, man?" he asked me. I gave him a thumb's up. "Damn, you know your stuff, you sick bastard!" We both laughed, but he laughed longer. A few minutes later, I blew my second load deep inside Jenni, one of my thumbs inside her asshole. I couldn't believe how great the party was turning out.

When every guy had shot at least one load, Clay got everyone's attention (not after Karl had finished cumming in Alison's face one last time). "And now," he said, a huge shit-eating grin on his face, "tonight's main attraction..." He pointed down the hallway, where another woman was walking out into the living room, naked...

It was Calli. While this stunned the room into silence, it absolutely floored me. My wife to be was dolled up like I had never seen her before. She was wearing tight, thigh-high leather boots with stiletto heels that put her already gorgeous legs beyond compare. Her pussy was shaved clean, something I had begged her to do for me on many occasions, with no success. Her lips were glossy, bright red, and her hair was pulled back into two tight pig-tails - which, along with the big, round sucker she was seductively working with her incredibly agile tongue - gave her the appearance of a 16 year-old slut.

She walked right up to me, stuck the sucker in my open mouth, and put her hands on her feminine hips. "Yeah, motherfucker," she said with a sarcastic smile and eyes full of lust, "it's my last free night, too." Then she turned around and looked at my friends. "I'm going to suck and fuck every one of you while Tim watches. And I'm sure you'll enjoy it too... honey." She turned back to me with her familiar sarcastic smile, then moved over to Clay, kneeling down and taking his entire cock into her mouth in one quick motion. Rob, another friend of mine, slipped behind her and slid in easily, wasting no time in pounding away against her rippling ass cheeks.

I couldn't believe it. I was shocked and betrayed beyond feelings. Or so I thought. The sight of my lovely Calli being gang-banged by her choice was the most powerful aphrodisiac I had ever experienced. I found myself beginning to jerk my cock rhythmically, then faster and harder. Alison and Jenni took me back over to my LazyBoy and began to work their hands over me, while Debbie gently pried my hand from my cock and took over with her mouth.

Guys were fucking Calli's tight little ass, squeezing her tits, yanking her head back by the hair, squeezing her big nipples, cumming in her face, and slamming their cocks into her honey-sweet, throbbing cunt. As friend after friend shot their load in her pussy, mouth, ass, and all over her sweaty, luscious body, I let loose with the most powerful orgasm I had ever felt, gushing unexpected loads of sticky cum down Debbie's eager throat.

And after I lay back, completely exhausted, Calli finally walked over to me. She was a mess, with sweat and the cum of ten different men covering her tight little body. She stood over me and smiled like a two-buck whore who had just been paid twenty bucks. "So did you enjoy your bachelor party?"

"Shit, yeah," was all I could say.

"There's more," she said while she slid over me and positioned her still-dripping pussy over my sore erection. She slammed her hips down on my cock and proceeded to fuck my brains out for the next fifteen minutes, while the other girls took care of my friends and their never-ending sexual energy.

I came six more times that night, one in Calli's pussy, one in her ass, one in her mouth, and once more in each of her friends. Yes, friends. It turned out that Alison, Debbie, and Jenni were old friends of Calli's... when she had been an exotic dancer. Calli had worked as a stripper to pay her way through college, and had done just about everything a hot little cocktease like her could do, but when she had met me, she had been afraid to let me know her past. When she had gone to Clay to talk him out of giving me a bachelor party, she had found out exactly how wild I liked my women, and had come up with my 'surprise' on the spot.

Since our wedding, Calli and her friends have 'entertained' at three of my friend's bachelor parties. I like to think that she and her friends are some of the best incentives to get married that I've ever seen. Well, at least incentives to throw a kick-ass bachelor party!


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