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One Fine Day
by Dave

There have been odd days in every guys life. I mean, from the "average" odd day of some amazing good luck happening or bad luck happening, to the amazingly odd days, like you just suddenly see someone burst into flames, or you manage to actually fool someone so good into making them think you're a woman that they actually fuck you.

That was what yesterday was like. I was so down that I just decided to cross dress. I have no idea what made me do it, but I just . . decided it'd make me happy. Besides, maybe I could taunt some hot, straight guys into some over the clothes fun, and a bit of oral.

I went to the mall, got a nice dress, a sexy bit of liengere, just in case, some panties, a penis holder so it wouldn't be visible, and some fake tits. I also got some other great stuff -- Makeup, such as eyeshadow and lipstick, and some blush so I'd look like a girl -- an amazingly real-looking wig, some high heels and thigh-highs. It would be fun to do this.

I got home and prepared. I shaved my face so it was totally smooth, and shaved my legs, arms and chest. I had a bit of a feminine body as it was, so I didn't really have to do much. I did use the makeup so I looked like a girl even more-so, though.

And then, I just stripped to nothing, and jacked-off. It was only four o'clock, so I had time. I flipped in one of my favorite gay porn movies, watched the guys and masterbated like hell. I cummed a lot and a lot, hoping this would keep me from getting hard if I got with a guy.

Afterwards, I practiced a new voice. I got it at the right pitch, sounding a bit mysterious and sexy. It was definitely a womans voice. I also put on the wig, and looked in the mirror. My face was feminine. So, after slipping on the thigh-highs, I placed the sexy panties on over my penis which was held back, and then slipped on the fake 36 C tits under the amazing bra. I looked down at the new cleavage, and smiled. This would attract a straigt guy three miles away, I thought, and then slipped into the low-dress, and put on the high heels. I was off after that, smiling and looking in the mirror. I was practically a girl.

After stopping for a bite to eat at Burger King, I noticed the looks I attracted, and then decided I was ready. I drove straigt for the mall, and walked in with my purse slung over my shoulder. The skirt bounced as I walked down the hall, until I came to a nice restaurant. Walking inside, I glanced around. A bunch of men turned and looked at me, and I smiled at them, but continued walking. I was immeadiatly seated, and ordered a champagne.

Stirring it for a while, I occasionally turned so the fake breasts would bounce. I sat there for a good while, until a guy finally stood up and approached me. "Hi," he said, "I'm James." He stuck out his hand. I reached up with my colored nails and shook it.

"Laurel. Sit down," I said, motioning to the empty chair. He smiled and did so.

"So, Laurel, how is it that a beautiful woman like you managed to get out alone? And on a Saturday evening?"

"Oh, I don't know," I said casually, "I've just been waiting for the perfect man." Then I looked at him, and reached over to grab his hand. "And you, hot stuff, may be it." He smiled an amazing grin, larger than any I'd ever seen, and leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Hey, Laurel, would you like to get outta here? Listen, I'm bi, and I know my friends over there would like to get a shot with you. If I being too forward, I'm sorry."

Bi? Did he say bi, was all I could think of. Either way, he was in for a night. But I only wanted him. "Naw, I think I'd only like you tonight, James. C'mon."

He payed for the drink, and we left, and I drove him to my apartment. We stepped inside, and I told him some sexy things, and I could see a bulge. He led me to the couch, and we sat down, kissing. I dove into his mouth, licking all over, until I felt his hands on my chest, squeezing the fake tits.

I could feel his penis sticking up, and I un-buttoned his pants, and tore down the zipper, and finally removed the underwear. There, a 7 inch, wide beauty was before me. He thought I was going to suck it, but instead, I surprised him, and threw off my shoes and thigh-highs and finally the panties, so fast he barely had time to react, and sat on his manhood. I was in ecstacy. My cock burst out of it's hold, but it was okay because I was facing away, and I slid down as far as I could, moaning in joy. He pumped up and down, sliding around inside me and then reached around and pulled the dress off, but his eyes were closed, and he took off the bra. The tit's fell, and as he tryed to grab he met thin air. He opened his eyes and looked, and saw my rock hard cock beating, my 7 inches free.

"Y . . . Your a guy?" I nodded. He didn't care, obviously, because he grabbed my penis and pulled, making me moan even more. His cock pulsed and vibrated, as did I, and he burst inside of me. I was about to go too, but I slipped off him in mid-cum and threw him back, quickly getting on him, sucking him, ramming my cock in his mouth, and as I sucked in the cum, I burst, filling his mouth. We both grew limp and layed there for a while.

James and I hit it off, and we did get his friends over a lot, along with some girls. But I'll always remember that saturday.
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