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Oral Fixation
Pt. I: An Awakening
by BostonBeans

In my junior year of college I transferred from a small school to a very large Boston campus that had better facilities for the science courses I had decided to major in. I left behind my girlfriend of 2 years. While there was sadness I think we both knew that the relationship was deteriorating and that a break was inevitable. Our relationship had been very intense both physically and spiritually. Sue was smart and sweet, a good bed partner both energetic and adventurous. She in some way prepared me for what was to come.

I was lost at first, coming to such a large campus. My roommate Bill was a nice guy but somewhat of a jock, playing on the hockey team. Since practices were scheduled in early mornings most days, he was gone before I arose and asleep early. Weekends he and his girlfriend Amy were seldom around.

After getting my bearings I fell in with a good party crowd and spent most night when I was not studying at one or another of the trendy bars around Boston. I had no trouble meeting and taking home girls and seldom spent a Friday or Saturday night alone (and often with a different girl each night). After two years of monogamy this was OK with me! I thought of myself as a good lover and have no idea if this opinion was shared by my partners, though several did thank me and compliment me on my pussy licking technique. Ever since my first sex experience, with an older woman, I have loved performing this act. The feeling and smell of a woman's sex grinding into my face, the feeling of control as I bring her to a shuddering orgasm with my tongue, is something that excites me greatly. Strangely, while I enjoy receiving oral pleasure as foreplay I prefer to reach orgasm within a wet and willing cunt, pumping hard and dumping my seed deep in her belly.

One afternoon I was studying in the student union building when I stopped in to a men's room. While sitting and thinking, I noticed some unusual activity in the stall next to me. Thinking that the occupant was getting high and hoping to score some, I peaked over the wall and was very surprised. The occupant was standing with his front pressed against the partition furthest from me, his pants dropped to his ankles and an intense look on his face. I dropped down, wondering what was going on, then peaked over again after a minute. This time he was sitting stroking his hard penis, and as I watched a hard and very large cock appeared through a hole cut in the partition. He leaned over and took the cock in his mouth, slurping noisily up and down then swallowing it. I stood mesmerized- I had never seen gay sex before, though I had participated in several groups scenes with varying amounts of girls and boys. The guy in the next stall stopped and looked over at me, right in the eye, smiled and went back to what he obviously enjoyed very much doing.

I pulled my pants up and got out of fast, thinking 'to each his own' but also somewhat disgusted. I had stumbled across what I came to know as a 'glory hole'.

Over the next few weeks I had occasion to be in that part of campus again but avoided that men's room. Still, the experience stuck with me. One night I had a dream about it, and I knew that I had to get this out of my system.

One day after lunch I had two hours to kill before a lab, and decided that this would be as good a time as any. I went to the glory hole and took a seat in the middle stall- the one connected to the third stall against the wall by a crudely cut hole about groin high. Sitting down, I waited a few minutes and was ready to leave, feeling foolish, when the bathroom door opened and someone walked in. He stood against the urinals, but I could see him looking around. He was a light skinned black man, tall and athletic. Finally he stepped into the third stall and sat down.

Peaking through the hole, I could see hairy legs, thighs and....his hand stroking his cock. Well, I thought, when in Rome, and began to stroke my own, which was quickly hardening. He took noticed and , barely audible, I heard him say "let me suck it".

I stood up and, with some trepidation, stuck my manhood through the hole. It took some courage to expose my most sensitive part thus. He began to pull on my cock with strong steady strokes, then I could feel the moist heat of a pair of lips licking the shaft then slowly swallowing the head of my cock. Once the head was in he stopped at licked his tongue over the head and glans, making me rock hard in no time. Then he began to slowly work his way up and down my cock, his wet spit lubricating my shaft.

The bathroom door opened and I jumped back, sitting down and trying to look like I was doing some legitimate business. I later learned not to be so nervous, almost everyone who uses this rest room knows what it is and is looking for some action. Even the chief of campus police stops in regularly!

The intruder flushed the urinal, washed his hands and left. My cock had started to droop by now. My unseen friend stood and presented his own cock through the hole- now it was my turn.

His cock was long but thinner than mine, very dark black compared to what I could see of his skin. I lifted it in my hand, and was somewhat surprised by the weight and density of it. I had never toughed another man's organ. I began to stroke it with my right hand, and it felt familiar yet different from my own when masturbating. I brought the head to my mouth, opened my lips and slid it in.

The taste and sensation was unlike any that I had felt before. He began to pump slowly in and out of my mouth, and I tried to keep a good gentle suction on him. Sooner than I expected he began to grunt and buck- I knew he was about to cum. Surprisingly, I had not thought what I would do- let him cum in my mouth? Swallow it if he did? The first decision was made for me as he grunted hard and shot a load of cum in my mouth. It tasted sweet, salty, musky --- I swallowed every drop.

He pulled back his cock slowly, then pulled up his pants and bolted out! The fucker. I had to bring myself off with my hand, which did not take very long. My cum splattered against the partition and onto the floor, joining numerous other cum stains already there. I wiped myself off, pulled up my pants and left, my mind a mix of excitement and confusion.

To Be Continued...


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