The Best Erotic Stories.

Oral Fixation
Pt. II: Discovered
by BostonBeans

After my first experience with the gay 'glory hole' in the student union building, I became a semi-regular participant in the anonymous, illicit sexual activity there. Once or twice a week I would stop by, sometimes to get a good wet blow job from an unknown partner and sometimes to provide that service to an equally unknown cock. In the course of three months in that one 'glory hole' I probably received 10 blowjobs, and gave somewhat less than that number. All kinds of men- with all kinds of cocks- would come in. Young students, probably first year living away from home, jocks looking for a quick release before practice, older students and one visitor who I believe was a professor and who gave me the sweetest head I had had for a long time. For the first time I examined, and sucked off, an uncircumcised penis. Long cocks, thick ones, average white and Asian.

I learned a lot about sexuality and about giving and receiving sexual pleasure in that time period. Techniques for delaying orgasm, or for quickening or intensifying it. I learned to control the tempo of sex so as to increase pleasure in either giving or receiving fellatio. Some of the men on the other side of the wall, when presented with my throbbing hard cock, would be obvious newbies and others experienced masters. One man offered me his anus but, not being interested, I passed up this opportunity.

In that time I continued to date and sleep with women. Often my thoughts during sex would be confused and jumbled. While going down on a wet moaning pussy I would be thinking of the fat short cock I had swallowed the day before. Or, while receiving a blow job from a girl, I would compare it to others I had received from men and had to resist giving pointers to my female bed partners who were willing but unpracticed cocksuckers.

One day I was waiting for some business when a student walked in and, rather uncertainly, sat in the third stall. Something about him seemed familiar. For me, the anonymous nature of the assignations were part of the thrill so I avoid trying to recognize or even look too closely at the faces of my partners there. This student dropped a pile of books and then slowly presented me with his semi-erect penis.

I licked the shaft up and down, feeling the blood flow into his member and harden it. When I was ready I slipped it into my mouth. He immediately began to fuck my mouth, sliding in and out forcefully and with quickening pace. This clearly showed his inexperience, because most men know that a good suck job is much more than a mouth fucking- a relaxed tongue and lips can elicit much different pleasure. But I enjoyed giving all sorts of blow jobs and let him choose his own style. Rather quickly he let loose a big load in my mouth that I swallowed, then he allowed me to keep his softening penis in my mouth so that I could clean it off . As soon as he was done he pulled his pants up and left- no reciprocation- not a surprise.

Later that week I met a girl in a dance club who invited me to her apartment. On the elevator up to her room she wasted no time in telling me the reason for her interest. She had heard of my skill in eating pussy and, being particularly desirous of that activity, had sought me out. Willing as always, I agreed and soon we were in her bed, her naked and shaved pussy riding my face as I licked and sucked on her pussy lips and clit. She was very hot and soon her pussy lips engorged and retracted, so that from that point it was more like kissing a pair of lips on a mouth than a cunt.

As I slowly brought her to orgasm I felt a strange sensation happening to my cock, which was waving like a flagpole awaiting my turn to cum. Someone was sucking on my cock. My face was entirely covered by wet hot cunt so I could not see what was happening. It turns out that the girl's roommate had been waiting for us and was in on the setup. I took turns licking each girl in turn as they played with my cock and each other. I ended up coming in each ones cunt and once over the tits of one while the other sucked my cock, then ate up my cum on her roommates chest and nipples. That was one fun night, and I spent many a pleasant hour in those girl's apartment over the next month or so.

About this time I was sitting at our kitchen table one Saturday afternoon, studying for a big test on Monday. My roommate Bill walked in. We seldom saw much of each other, since his hockey practices got him out of the apartment early in morning and he was usually in bed by 9:30. We started to catch up, trading stories and news, and he got up and took two beers from the fridge. So much for studying. Bill began to tell me of this great place he had found on campus. All one had to do was to go there, show a hard cock, and receive a free blowjob almost anytime. He described one blowjob he had received a few weeks ago- how hot and wet the mouth was, how trained lips and tongue had cleaned off his cock after swallowing every drop of his cum. Had I ever heard of such a place?

Beet red, I stared at the floor, then slowly found the courage to bring my eyes up to his. No escape- I had been discovered. After a minute or two of silence Bill said that he would not tell the whole class that I was a cocksucking gay slut if I agreed to give him head whenever he asked for it---starting now.

Bill stood up and slid his shorts down exposing his half erect cock-familiar now that I remembered that day in the glory hole. He walked over to me and pressed it against my face. Trapped and with no escape, I turned and began to suck him off.

As before, he began by fucking my mouth, grasping the back of my head to steady himself. I felt strange, having not just the cock but the entire body of my partner in front of me, smelling the sweat of his thighs and the crinkle of his pubic hair. I reached up and hefted his balls- they were tight and surprisingly heavy, swaying as he penetrated my mouth. I had little control as he plunged deeper into my mouth and throat than I was used to, causing my to choke slightly. He slowed, then quickened his pace and exploded a load into my mouth that I swallowed quickly.

Bill pulled up his pants, sat down, and finished his beer. He told me that his girlfriend Amy did not like to give head and so he had visited the glory hole out of curiosity one day and had immediately recognized me. He had waited for the right moment to tell me, and that I wasn't to worry he would not tell any one else. We smoked a joint and then Bill got dressed and went out for a date with Amy, leaving me with a spinning head and confused mind, trying to sort out all the sensations and feelings these events had brought out in me.

To Be Continued...


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