The Best Erotic Stories.

Oral Fixation
Pt. IV: A Friend In Need
by BostonBeans

After that Sunday night when I performed oral sex on both my roommate Bill and his hot girlfriend Amy, we tried to go on with our life and studies as if nothing had happened. The experience was too intense and too hot to digest so we said and did nothing for a fortnight. Bill avoided me, not even asking for his weekly blowjobs from me, for the first week but on the following Tuesday morning came into me room early and had me suck him off before hockey practice. As I did I had flashbacks to that scene that stimulated my brain so that I could not fall asleep again.

About a week and a half after that, on Friday, I was asleep in bed with a girl that I had picked up in the cafeteria. We were both exhausted from our two hours of urgent fucking. My left hand rested upon her ample breast and while the fingers of my right were tangled with the soft curls of her pubic hair, trimmed but not shaved, sticky with the results of our passion.

I did not awake when Bill and Amy came in but suddenly became aware of a presence in my room. It was Amy, naked, whispering urgently to me.

"Jeff, get up, we need you!"

Not wanting to wake my bed mate I slipped out of bed filled with anxiety. What was wrong-a burglar, a broken pipe, someone needed bail money?

Amy led me into Bill's room where he lay upon his back, obviously half drunk. Amy said "Jeff, Bill and I want to have sex and he is too drunk to get it up. Can you help?"

I didn't want to make a scene and possibly awaken the girl sleeping in my own bed a few feet away. I climbed on the bed between Bill's outstretched legs and began to softly suck his cock. It stirred, slowly hardening. Amy climbed over Bill's stomach facing me, and when Bill's cock was sufficiently erect she gently pushed me back and sat on it. As she began to ease herself up and down I stayed there and licked Bill's balls. Amy paused with her cunt full of Bill's sizable cock and caressed my head, then pulled me to her. I licked her pussy, and continued alternating between Bill's hairy balls and her even hairier pussy until Bill came. Amy rested a minute, Bill's cum leaking out of her and onto my face. A second later she was on her back beside Bill, who was now half asleep, with her legs spread.

"Jeff, I haven't cum yet, please fuck me." Not needing another invitation I moved over and plunged my cock into her. She was very hot, surprisingly tight, and the extra sensation of Bill's semen washing around inside her made her channel wetter. As I pumped into her Bill turned over and began to sleepily suck on her left breast. In a few minutes Amy was cumming, on orgasm less intense but deeper than the first time I had made her cum with my tongue. A minute later I came, deep in her pussy, the way I like it best. Hers was the second cunt I had showered with cum that night.

I kissed Amy and we lay together for a few moments. Then I returned to my own bed and the soft body of the girl who was sleeping there.

The next morning my friend had to go, promising that if I called her we could have much more of the same. If only she really knew!


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