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Our Holiday Affair... With Parents!
by TopGun115

I received an unexpected telephone call from my mom, apparently they had booked a villa in Spain for a holiday with a couple they knew very well, unfortunately the other couple had to back out and mom asked if Mark, my husband and I would like to take their places. I am called Sue, I am 23 and I have been married to Mark, who is 24 for 4 years. My mom is called Jill, she is 42 and my dad is called Barry and he is 45.

Mom and dad are a lively, very laid back fun loving couple, they don't let much bother them, they enjoy a partying, socialising, carefree lifestyle, dad made a lot of money through the sale of some shares he was left and doesn't work anymore - he likes to call what he does 'Pottering' he still plays at the stock market and does pretty good!

I called Mark and told him of the offer, of course he jumped at it and I called mom back and accepted. So, two weeks later we arrived at a beautiful 5 bed roomed villa for two weeks of what we thought would be a very relaxing holiday. The first couple of days we spent relaxing by the pool, we did a little sightseeing and the evenings we spent visiting some of the many nearby bars and nightclubs. Mom is a very good looking woman, she spends a lot of time at the gym keeping her body in top class condition, she is fairly tall, has dark hair and a figure I can only hope to match when I am her age. She often wears short dresses, tight, low cut tops (dressed to thrill she calls it) and tonight was no exception, she wore a very short mini skirt and a lacy top with no bra, her tits could be easily seen through the material.

We were at a bar, we had all drank too much and were definitely in the holiday mood, Mark pulled mom up to dance and it wasn't long before I noticed them dancing very closely to each other, I saw Mark's hands slip from her waist to her ass and pull her close to him, and it looked like they were whispering to each other, when the dance ended they kissed briefly and walked back to our table.

Dad was at the bar getting more drinks, when he came back I thought I would give Mark something to think about, "C'mon dad, let's dance" and took hold of dad's hand and led him to the dance floor, dad didn't need any encouraging, as I have said both he and mom love to party and have a good time, they regularly hold party's at their house, I have heard rumours that sometimes a bit of swapping goes on but I have never seen anything like that when we have attended. I danced close to dad, he is very good looking and has a firm, athletic body, It must have been because I had drunk so much, admittedly, in the past I have sometimes teased dad, wearing skimpy dresses that he seemed to notice and sometimes commented on, showing a bit of thigh and stocking top etc. but tonight, as I danced with him I started to imagine having sex with him, I buried my head on his shoulder, pulling him even closer, pressing my tits into his chest, and then I felt it,

I could feel his erection pressing into me, my dad was actually getting a hard on while dancing with me, his daughter! We continued to dance and I pushed my hips further forward and in response I could feel him grind himself into me. When the dance ended we looked at each other and smiled, "thanks Sue, that was lovely" dad said, I gave him a quick kiss and told him he was a good dancer and we rejoined Mom and Mark.

We danced again several times that night, each time I could feel his hard prick, he must have known what it was doing to me as during the last dance when mom and Mark were at the bar and not watching he pulled me close and we kissed, our mouths opened and our tongues met for the first time, we kissed deeply and his hand that was out of view to anyone actually came up and briefly cupped my tit, I felt my body quiver and go weak, we sat back at our table had a few more drinks till eventually we made our way back to the villa, said our good nights and went to bed.

Next day over a late breakfast we all nursed sore heads but the thoughts I had in my mind hadn't gone away, I could still remember the feel of my dad's prick pressing against my body, the way he kissed me and felt my tit, I wondered if my dad actually had the same feelings - I had to find out.

Later we went out to the pool, today mom did not wear the top to her bikini, I noticed Mark looking at her tits, mom has a great pair of tits and remarkably huge nipples, I decided to go topless as well and I stood up and took it off, I saw dad look at me, this is the first time since I was very young he has seen my tits, I hoped he liked what he saw. We swam for a while, mom laid on her lounger and rubbed suntan cream onto herself, she asked dad to do her back, he replied that he was going to fetch some drinks and that she should ask Mark who only too quickly accepted the task and was over to her in a flash, mom lay on her front while Mark (who looked like he was enjoying his job a little too much) slowly massaged the oil onto her back, she asked him to do the backs of her legs as well and he slowly worked his way upwards from her ankles getting nearer and nearer to her skimpy bikini bottoms.

When he was finished she sat up and told him that she would oil him so he lay down while she went to work with the oil, he first lay on his back and she poured oil on to his chest and rubbed it all over him, as she reached across him I noticed her tits were brushing against his chest and once when she placed the oil on the table she stretched across his face and her nipples actually brushed across his face. His prick was bulging under his swimsuit, almost poking out the top, he lay on his front and she oiled his back, again brushing her tits over him whenever she had the opportunity.

Dad returned with the drinks and as he handed me mine I asked him if he could oil me, he said he would love to and I lay back as he went to work on my back and legs, he has strong but gentle hands and as he oiled my back his fingers stroked at the sides of my tits, when he did my legs, as his hands slid up across the cheeks of my ass his thumbs rubbed along my crack, finding no resistance from me he suggested I turn over so he could do my front, I did as he asked and starting with my legs he slowly worked his way upwards, over my knees, my thighs, then higher, over my tummy until I felt his hands brush under my tits, I looked up at him as he poured more oil over my tits and began to massage it onto my tits and now hard nipples.

I looked across to mom and Mark; they were both just sat there, watching dad rub oil onto my tits, I didn't care what they thought, I was feeling so horny and sexy I didn't want him to stop - but he did, "right, that's you finished" he said. For the next hour we just sunned ourselves, occasionally swimming then we had lunch. After lunch mom and dad said they were going to have a short rest, they said they were still feeling tired from last night and Mark and I went back to the pool. Mark came over and sat next to me, "Your dad seemed to enjoy himself earlier" he said, "What do you mean?" I replied, "c'mon Sue, it's not every day you ask your dad to rub sun oil onto your tits is it? I could certainly see a bulge in his shorts from where I was sitting".

I told Mark I thought it was no big deal, "what about you, last night you were all over mom, what were you two whispering about?" I asked.

Mark said that last night everyone had too much to drink but I asked him again to tell me, "Ok, if you insist, your mom told me she could feel my hard prick pushing into her while we danced, she kept on teasing me about it, she asked me if I found her sexy".

I looked at Mark, "and what did you tell her?" I

asked, he replied, "I told her I found her to be very sexy indeed"

"Oh, did you" I said, "and do you still feel the same way?"

"Yes I do," he said. I lay back quietly, thinking.

"I wish you would lighten up Sue" said Mark, "we are supposed to be on holiday after all, anything I do or say is only in fun, don't take things too seriously". I couldn't help but think about what Mark had said about mom, I wondered if mom wanted him the same as I wanted dad.

"Yes Mark, you're right, we are on holiday and I agree we should have some fun, I want you to enjoy yourself so feel free to have as much fun as you want!" That night we stayed in, I'm glad I made the effort and wore something sexy as when mom came down she looked stunning, she wore a long black dress that was split up to her thigh, the front was open to just above her navel and held together at the top with a clip, she was braless and the material only just covered her nipples, she had on black stockings and black high heels, I saw Mark look in admiration.

Me - I looked overdressed by comparison, my dress was low cut and short, I wore stockings and suspenders but mom certainly stole the show. Mom and I prepared a salad for dinner, we had a quite a few bottles of wine and after dinner dad suggested we play a game of cards, I told him I didn't know many games but he assured me I would soon pick it up, he said that he and mom sometimes played it with a couple they knew and both he and mom laughed to each other in their (for now) private joke.

The rules were simple he said, whenever someone lost a hand they had the option of taking off an item of clothes or doing a forfeit, the forfeits had to be written on slips of paper by us all and picked out of a bag, of course Mark was keen, I expressed doubts but they soon talked me round telling me it was only a bit of harmless fun, if only Mark knew that in truth I couldn't wait to play, maybe this was going to be the chance I had been waiting for!

A few more bottles of wine and a hour later things were hotting up, I had lost my dress and shoes, stockings and suspender belt, I sat there in my bra and panties, mom was down to her stockings and panties, dad still had his boxers and socks, and Mark was doing the worst he only had on his shorts. I lost the next hand and although I was not bothered about taking my bra off I chose a dare.

I put my hand in the bag and took out a slip and read it out loud, "I have to kiss the person of my choice" it read. I didn't want to look keen so I went to Mark.

"No, you can always kiss me" he said.

"Well, it will have to be you then dad" I said and walked over, sat on his lap, put my arms around his neck and kissed him, at first his lips were closed but my tongue soon found its way into his mouth and we kissed deeply, I got up and went back to my seat. Mark lost the next hand and as quick as a flash stood up and took off his shorts revealing his semi erect prick, I looked across and saw mom eying him appreciably.

Dad suggested that to liven the game up a little we should from now on only do the dares and to make things even with Mark we should all strip off, I said ok and stood up and slowly unfastened my bra letting it drop to the floor, I felt dad's eyes on me as I lowered my panties and kicked them to one side, I regularly shave my pussy and by the look on dads face he approved of what he saw. Mom peeled off her stockings and took off her panties, I agree with what Mark said about her, she did look very sexy indeed, then it was dads turn, when he dropped his shorts I almost let out a gasp, whether it was our kiss or the sight of seeing me and mom strip had done it but his prick stood out hard, it was about 8 inches long and very fat. "Sorry about this" dad joked, "seeing two beautiful women naked in front of me does this to me."

Mom was the next loser, she drew her forfeit, "I have to dance passionately with the person of my choice" she read out, she stood up and took hold of Mark's hand, seeing them both stood naked in front of me seemed unreal, dad put on a slow record and they started to dance, mom's tits pressed up against Mark's chest, his hands around her waist pulling her close to him, she had her arms locked around his neck, then, I suppose it had to happen, they kissed, deeply and passionately, I saw Mark raise his hand and cup one of mom's tits, I couldn't be sure but it looked like she slid a hand between them and was playing with his prick..

Dad and I just sat there, watching, then dad turned to me, "It sure looks like they are enjoying themselves" he said, "C'mon dad, why should they have all the fun?" I said and pulled dad up from his chair. His prick looked rock hard, sticking out in front of him, I held dad tight to me, trapping his prick between us and as we danced we kissed, our tongues going deep into each others mouths, dad's hands were squeezing my bottom, then he too moved one of his hands up to my tits and began to squeeze them and play with my hard nipples, I reached between us, taking hold of his hot prick and began to slide my hand up and down, wanking on it.

The game was now over and finished with, this is what it seems we all wanted and I for one intended to get it. When I next looked across mom was kneeling in front of Mark, kissing and licking his prick, then she slowly took it into her mouth until she had it all in, Mark had his hands on her head, holding her as he fucked her mouth forcing his prick deep down her throat, by the way she took him all I guess she has had plenty of practice in her life and by what I have heard tonight it has not been solely from Dad. Dad put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down, no words were spoken, I knew what he wanted me to do, I knelt before him, his big prick inches away from me, I took hold of it and kissed the swollen end, then opening my mouth wide I managed to get about half of it in and began to suck on it, dad did not try to force me to go any deeper, but after a while when I had got more used to the size I was able to take more and more.

I again looked across to see what mom and Mark were doing and saw mom laid on her back with Mark now in between her wide open legs licking and fingering her cunt, I wanted some of that and stopped sucking on dad and asked him to lick out my cunt, he told me to get on my hands and knees and then he got behind me and licked and sucked my smooth pussy and fingered my cunt, as he did this he reached under me with one hand and squeezed and played with my tits as they hung beneath me, I felt his prick rubbing against my pussy lips then he slowly entered me, it felt so big I let out a moan, he fucked me slowly at first and gently, "Fuck me harder dad, fuck your little girl hard and deep" I cried out, he did as I asked him and with a series of deep lunges brought me to an intense orgasm.

He pulled out of me and laid me on my back, lifted my legs up over his shoulders and again slid his huge prick easily into my now very wet cunt, fucking me deep and hard, "Do you like fucking your little girl daddy?" I asked, he said "I've wanted to fuck you for so long, you were very naughty teasing me like you did" across the room I heard Mark say he was going to cum, I looked across in time to see him pull out of mom's cunt and saw mom take his prick into her mouth, then I saw his hips jerking forward and I guess he shot his spunk into her mouth, she continued to suck on him and as I didn't see any spunk I guess she must have swallowed it all, dad continued to pump away at my cunt and then he too said he was ready and asked me where I wanted it.

"I want you to fill my mouth with your spunk daddy, I want to suck the cum out of your prick" I took as much of him into my mouth as I could, then with big spurts I felt his spunk hit the back of my throat, I tried to swallow it but there was so much and a lot dribbled out, down my chin and on to my tits, I felt another pair of hands come around me from my back cup my tits, and rub all of daddy's spunk into them, they were small and soft, I looked around and saw mom kneeling behind me, she moved closer to me and we kissed, "You've made daddy a very happy man" she said, "He's often told me how he fantasised about fucking you Sue".

I looked at mom and smiled, "Didn't it bother you when he told you that" I asked her.

"No, not really, you see Sue your dad and I have an understanding between the two of us, we are open with each other, if either of us has a fantasy or fancy another person we tell each other, we don't keep secrets, I have thought about fucking with Mark for some time now, come to that when daddy told me his fantasy about fucking you I told him that I would like to join in as well, that's when we thought up this holiday plan, we thought something might happen and we were right."

We kissed again only this time deeper, longer, we played with each others tits, sucking on them, licking each others hard nipples, then mom went down between my legs and began to lick and finger my wet cunt, I looked and saw both Mark and dad standing over us, their pricks rock hard again slowly wanking on themselves. Mom lay on top of me in a 69 position, both of us licking and playing with each others cunts, as I licked her dad slid his prick into her cunt and as he half withdrew I licked her juices off the shaft of his prick, every now and then he would completely come out of her and slide his prick deep down my throat, I can only guess that Mark was receiving the same treatment from mom as he was doing the same with his prick fucking me.

I took dad's balls into my mouth and sucked them as he fucked mom, after about 5 minutes he cum again, only this time he stayed inside her, filling her cunt with his spunk, as he pulled out I took his prick into my mouth and sucked him clean then licked at dad's spunk that had started to dribble from mom's cunt. Mark shot his spunk over my pussy and I felt mom licking it off me.

It was Mom's suggestion that tonight we should 'swap partners' and for me to sleep with dad while she slept with Mark, we all agreed and over the next two hours dad fucked me twice more. For the remainder of the holiday we experienced several nights (and some afternoons) of foursome / threesome and twosome sex, we all agreed it had to stay our secrets and no one apart from the four of us should know or ever find out.

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