The Best Erotic Stories.

Online Pt. III
by MorningStar

Now you have to realize, that I'm still a fairly normal person. Least I'd like to think so. But after talking to someone for two years, be it in person or over the phone or on the net, you begin to really get to know a lot about them. That is if you've both been honest. And honesty on the net is very important when you're dealing with other peoples emotions. That was something Ranger and I and the hubby had talked about a lot before this evening even started a couple of hours ago. A COUPLE OF HOURS??????...wait a dang minute....where'd the time go already? I was having way too much fun to call it an evening, and I hadn't even gotten to see Ranger in the buff yet. Good thing the kids were spending the weekend with friends, because I wasn't sure we would be going home until Sunday at some time, and it wasn't even Saturday morning yet.

I smiled to myself, as I approached the foot of the bed. I wasn't normally an exhibitionist but for some reason tonight I could do it. Maybe it was the thrill of having someone watch my moves and knowing he appreciated what he saw or maybe it was the fact he saw me for myself, a mom with growing kids at home and a body made for loving. I don't know which it was, but I felt sexy enough to show off none the less. I raised one knee to the bed, spreading my legs just a bit, allowing a quick view of the moist pussy between, then I put the other knee up along side. I slid my arms forward toward the head board, leaving my feet hang over the end of the bed and my tush up in the air. I could hear clothes dropping to the floor with a soft swoosh, telling me that Ranger had joined in getting totally into the project. Glancing over my shoulder toward them, I grinned as I spread my knees apart opening up the view area. When he started moving toward the bed, I had to laugh as I scooted out of reach. Well that was my plan anyway.

Before I could get to the headboard, there was a hand clamped around my ankle, snagging my escape. Now somewhere along the line of all of our conversations, I had been foolish enough to let him know I was very ticklish....especially my feet. Damn that man for remembering the little details. Playfully he held on to the ankle with one hand and laid his other hand on the bottom of the foot, resting the heel of his hand on my instep. I didn't dare move or I'd be giggling uncontrollably. Wonderful Hubby came up and sat against the head board and just grinned from ear to ear. I'd been caught at my own game it seemed, and he was enjoying watching me squirm on my stomach. I got even. I grabbed his balls in my hand and told him to " watch it mister" he was in a pretty precarious position to be laughing at me. Of course when I'm holding those lovely orbs, I can't just hold them without playing with them a bit. So I started rolling them gently in my hand trying hard to concentrate enough to not let that ticklish foot get the better of me.

I felt the mattress between my legs move down as Ranger kneeled on the bed. Looking over my shoulder again, I was trying to figure out what he was up too. His eyes met mine briefly then looked back down at my thighs and the snaps on the garter belt where the nylons were attached. He grinned a bit as the hand holding my foot let go and moved up the back of my leg, across the knee and stopped at the snap. A flick of his fingers and it was open. Reaching around to the front of my thigh, he repeated the procedure and that one was open as well. He bent over and with his teeth, grabbed the nylon and pulled it off my thigh until it was past the knee...then he used his hand to finish the job while his tongue slathered the soft spot at the back of my knee. God, I was in heaven.

Darling Hubby moved enough so he was sitting on his knees, with my head in between them. He took my arms and placed them along side of me so I was lying flat on the bed now, head turned to the side. Massaging my shoulders and upper back, he watched from his vantage point while Ranger continued to remove my remaining clothes. Slowly taking the last nylon off, just like the first, then moving his hands up to my hips he lifted me just high enough to slip the garter belt down past the cheeks of my ass. I could feel him back up from me as he continued to pull it slowly off my lower body, pulling my legs together again. Now this was not the position I really wanted to be in at the moment and when I moved to separate my thighs again, I felt two arms of steel sliding along the outside of my legs, preventing me from moving at all. The weight of his chest on my legs felt too good to argue, so I didn't. I just lay there taking all the sensations in. My brain trying to sort out the differences of the touching I felt on my back and on my legs. I gave up. It all felt too good. I just closed my eyes and went with the flow, letting them explore me like they said they'd wanted to from the start. I was getting what I wanted, who was I to direct traffic at this point anyway?

Giving in to the total relaxing massages I was getting at both ends of my body, I was surprised when there was a mouth nibbling on my legs and another nibbling on my neck. The guys had moved to lie one on each side of me, and seemed to be reading each other's minds at how to proceed. Little nips on my calves, little nips on my shoulder, little licks on my calves, little licks on my shoulder, little nips all over, traveling up and down without any pattern involved. I never knew where to expect the next one. It was driving me crazy. I didn't know which way to move, which direction to turn, which way to push toward for more. Sensory overload is such a weak term for what my body was experiencing at that moment. All I could do was rock my hips against the sheet under me to try to relieve the tension I felt building inside. I was about done just lying there being loved to death. I needed to do some loving as well.

When there was a slight hesitation in the action on my backside, I flipped over and greeted two surprised gentlemen with a smile as I laid on my back for a change. At least this way I could handle the bulges that were more than evident to my eyes once I opened them. So grabbing each in cock in a hand, I started to stroke those shafts and do some teasing of my own. Strong willed as the two guys tried to remain, they both gave in to what I was doing and let me play for awhile. That was fine with me, I needed to cool down a little or I'd be peaking again and I didn't want to do that until I had a cock inside me this time. Somehow I must have gotten my intentions across to them both because they acquiesced and both laid back so I could move from mouthing one cock to the other, never letting go of either with my hand or my mouth keeping busy and keeping them stiff and ready for me. The first drops of that delicious precum, landing lick honey on my tongue. The slight difference in flavors evident, but the they mixed so well. I was hungry for cock and I was getting my taste buds satisfied very nicely, but I could tell I was also taking them pretty close to the top and I didn't want them cumming yet. I had other plans in the back of my mind.

With a quick lick and flick of my tongue on Ranger's cock. I crawled on top of the hubby presenting him with a very moist pussy and waiting back door. I was facing forward, so I could lean down and take his shaft in my mouth again. Now of course this made Ranger watch, but he wasn't disappointed in what he was seeing. By moving so he was getting the same backside view that the hubby had, Ranger was learning how to get my ass as wet and excited as my clit and slit. And remember, he's a fast learner. I rubbed my crotch and crack in the face behind me until there was nothing more he could do but insert first his tongue, then a finger and then another finger in that little tight hole of my ass. With each lubricated thrust into that soft, strong muscled hole, I was dripping more juice on the chest under me, creating a very slipper surface to ride on. I raised up, had the hubby move so his leg were over the side of the bed and then grabbed that cock of his and had him help me slide it in that little doorway to heaven. Leaning back against his chest and I supported myself with my arms I could feel him twitch within me. His hands on my hips helped me move up and down that wonderful rod while exposing a pussy that was spasming almost uncontrollable. Ranger knew where he needed to be. And that wasn't on the bed at the moment.

Walking around so he could kneel in front of us, he dropped down and dove in with his tongue and mouth, licking at first, the outer recesses of my swollen, throbbing pussy, lapping up the moisture on the outside until it was almost all gone. That mouth moved up to my clit, circling it at first, then pulling it up and out, sucking on it deeply, releasing it to my disappointment, only to find it again and start all over to my delight. I was reaching a place I had never experienced before and when I thought I couldn't take it any longer, he placed one then two fingers at the opening of my slit, beginning a whole new rhythm with his tongue and hand coordinating and orchestrating a new symphony of pleasure for me. I couldn't talk more than to get out a few "Oh my god's" and yeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssses. I looked at Ranger and begged with my eyes for him to put the final act together. He rose up from his kneeling position, leaned over me and asked me what I wanted him to do now. I raised one hand to his head, pulled his mouth down to mine, licked his lips slowly, probed his mouth gently, retreated and asked him to please fuck With a quick thrust of his hips he was inside my front door.

Ranger's eyes closed as he mouthed 'yes' and started counter stroking against the cock he could feel under that thin layer of skin within the interior of my wet, hot box. As one drove deep the other pulled out. It was all I could do to not die from the ecstasy I was feeling. I could feel thigh muscles under me tensing for release at the same time I could feel thigh muscles on top of me doing the same thing. That's all it took. The floodgates within me took over as I screamed out in pleasure. With each thrust Ranger took I juiced around his pulsing cock, with each contraction that accompanies that juicing, I was squeezing the cock in my back door, milking it until there was no stopping any of us. We exploded so close together that you couldn't tell where one started and one stopped.

When I came to enough to realize I was still sandwiched in between a couple of big guys and I needed to breath I wiggled a bit so they both sorta popped out of me. I continued to wiggle enough that they finally released me and all three of us sprawled out on that big bed. None of us wanted to move just yet, other than to cuddle up with me back in the middle. Time for that slow wind down following some fantastic sex. Bit of caressing, bit of kissing and saying thank you with our hands and mouths, and just a little bit of drifting off to sleep, content as kittens sharing a bowl of cream.

But I wasn't ready to really fall asleep yet. And I hadn't used all of this room yet either. So playfully slapping the guys on the legs, I jumped off the bed and told them, "last one in the whirlpool is a rotten egg".

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