The Best Erotic Stories.

Online Pt. IV
by MorningStar

I left the bathroom door open, hoping that before too long I'd get some company in the whirlpool. Nice bathroom, this motel gave it's clients. Big sink with a long counter top available to put all your goodies on, or to put someone on. My brain had not shut down yet, but after all the fun the three of us had been having so far, my aching muscles needed a warm shower and a good soaking. The whirlpool was on of those kinds that could hold three or four people. It had an shower head in there as well, so I turned on the water, adjusted the temperature, placed one of those huge, overgrown, fluffy towels close enough to reach, and climbed in under the spray. I figured it could at least wash off the most of the 'mess' before I started to fill the whirlpool. That in itself was going to take awhile from the size of the tub.

Grabbing the bar of soap and a washcloth, I lathered up and started to wash up. For some odd reason my skin was still tingling from the workout I'd just had. The texture of the washcloth was just a bit much so I took the bar of soap in my hands and put it against my own triangle of fur and created enough suds to rub them all over my body. MMMMMMMMM.....did that feel good, the slipperiness of my hands gliding over my skin. I closed my eyes and the recent memories of other hands on me filled my mind. I started to sway against the music still playing in the other room, doing a sort of erotic dance with my hands over myself. Fingers spread wide across my stomach, moving up under my breasts, cupping them, wrapping my hand around the nibbles so I could tweak the nubs to sharp points again, I rocked my hips to the beat of the Celtic drums playing in the background. Hugging myself for a minute, I tried to remember everything that had happened, but it was like looking at the threads in a woven tapestry. No one thread stood out alone, but when gazed at all together, a beautiful picture emerged.

My hands wandered down along my sides and down under the cheeks of my ass. Kneading the flesh with my fingertips, I couldn't stop from turning around in the shower and sticking my butt toward the needle fine spray of hot water and wiggling it around while I let my hands roam toward the juncture of my legs. After all the activity seen down there I had to make sure I was clean and fresh again, now didn't I? I straightened up, turned around again to rinse off better and start filling the whirlpool when four hands grabbed me and lifted me out of the tub. "What the HELL!!!" I yelled in surprise as the guys plunked me down on the counter top with my back against the mirror.

Hubby handed Ranger the soap so he could clean up while I was getting a tongue bath on the counter top. I put both feet up on the edge of the counter so I could balance a little better and so there wasn't any doubt where I eventually wanted a mouth to be. As much of a turn on it was to watch Ranger standing in the shower, it was just as frustrating because I wanted to be the one to wash his back for him, but at the moment I didn't want to move away from what was happening to my pussy either. No way could I have another orgasm yet. It just wasn't possible I thought to myself. But darling Hubby had other ideas and a few tricks up his sleeve....well let's say on his mind....since his shirt was off after all.

Leaving one hand buried in my pussy, he leaned forward and took my mouth with his. This man of mine knows how to kiss and he knows how I like to kiss as well. He started by just touching his lips to mine, lightly, then running his tongue across my top lip, under the bottom lip and back to the part in my lips as they opened up for a quick little probe inside. As I tried to capture his tongue with my mouth he pulled away and shook his head at me, grinning an "Oh no you don't...not yet" sort of smile at me. So I settled back against the mirror and waited for a better chance to get him.

With one hand he lifted my left breast to his mouth and started to tease the nipple back to that hardness I'd had a few minutes ago, making all the little bumps around it to stand up as well. The fingers of his other hand were rubbing my clit to a matching erection all of it's own. Changing so the pad of his thumb was on the clit he started to tap it gently, then he'd rub it a couple of times and then tap it again. Changing his patterns and keeping me on the edge waiting for a release again, but never quite letting me get to that point. Soon he moved his mouth to the other breast and played the same game with me, driving me closer than backing down again so I wasn't allowed to go over the top. All I was allowed to do was drip on the counter top and try like hell to not slip in the puddle that was forming under my butt.

Looking over at the shower, I could see that Ranger was done. He stepped out and tapped Hubby on the shoulder like he was cutting in on the dance floor. Hubby smiled, moved and got into the shower while Ranger took over the counter top activity schedule. I dropped my feet from the edge of the counter and pulled him close for a big hug. Wrapping my hands around his back, I could feel the soft hair of his chest against my sensitive breasts. His hands touched me gently on the sides before he let them slide up my back to my shoulders. Resting my head against his shoulders, I let my mouth caress his neck, nibbling my way up to his ear, where I whispered softly....."Baby, I feel soooooooo good right now. Thank you"

His hand move up under my hair, he leaned back, looked me in the eye and smiled one of the biggest grins I've ever seen. Leaning forward he took my mouth with his and carefully kissed me. A sweet kiss that was exploring, tasting, enjoying the contact. He opened my lips with the tip of his tongue, probing inside. Licking my teeth, the inside of my lips and finally doing battle with my tongue. What had started as a gentle thank you kiss was building into a search for more. The embers of passion were flaring again and neither one of us were about to stop it right now. Pulling me off of the counter to stand in front of him, he reached around me and grabbed my ass and pulled me up tight against his erection. Rubbing hip to hip, pelvis to pelvis, grinding against me. My hands moved to his butt and kneaded his cheeks like he was doing mine. Oh I loved this kind of dance!!

Slowly Ranger pulled back, put his hands on my shoulders and made me turn around to face the mirror so I could see what he'd been watching over the top of my head. As he stood behind me, he cupped my breasts and pressed the length of his cock against the crack of my ass. I place my hands on the counter top for balance and pushed back into him, constantly watching us in the mirror in front of me. My peripheral vision caught another movement in the mirror, as Hubby stepped out of the shower and watched us playing with each other. He grinned in the mirror at me, blew me a kiss, grabbed the towel and stepped out of the bathroom for a minute.

Ranger was hotter than ever. I swear he was bigger than before too. At least from my present position it sure felt like it. Hubby came back in and handed Ranger some lube, which he generously poured down the crack of my ass and over his hard cock. Bbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrr that's cold stuff when it's not been warmed up, but with the temperature that my body was rising too, it only added to the sensations I was going through. Putting one hand on my back and forcing me to lie with my head on the counter, Ranger positioned the head of his cock at my little hole. "Sweetheart, you promised me I could fuck your ass, and that's just what I'm going to do right ready?" The silly man asks if I'm ready, when that's all we've talked about online for so long. Of course I'm ready. If I wasn't ready would I be here with my ass in the air begging to get poked? Well I didn't say that out loud, but it did run through my head. All I did was relax against the head of his cock and push back quickly. I think the boy got his answer as he slipped in full length and bottomed at the base of his cock with his balls slapping against my butt.

Once we got the position comfortable for both of us, I looked up in the mirror again to see a man with his head tipped back, his hands on my hips and his eyes closed. I decided to concentrate on making him feel extra special good, so I let him guide my hips while I contracted and released the pressure from my backdoor. Squeezing gently, relaxing as he pulled back...the after he had pushed back inside of me again, I'd squeeze a bit more tightly, keeping rhythm with him but milking his shaft with my butt this time instead of my pussy. Hubby decided he couldn't pass up the chance to get in on the fun after all, and pretty soon he was on the floor between my legs and fingering my clit. When I started to let the juices flow, he just sat under me with his mouth open to catch the drops that were starting to come from inside of me. I looked down at him and couldn't stand it, I had to cum. I told him to hit the button for me, he knew which one. With a nod of his head, he stuck three fingers inside my cunt and started stroking the g-spot and was rewarded with another shower of sorts as he sat there on the floor. Ranger felt the contractions of my pussy on those fingers and the fingers inside me rubbing against his cock. A low growl became in his chest and he roared in my ear as he rammed home his cock. That's all it took for me to explode one more time.

Hubby got up from the floor, Ranger pulled out and I just leaned on the counter. I could still hear the whirlpool filling. We'd forgotten to shut it off. One of the guys must have read my mind because the water quite about the same time I was wondering if it was going to flood the floor. Hell I'd flooded the floor. We needed a mop. I stood up. Turned on the water in the sink, grabbed the washcloth and turned around to wash my lovers's bodies. Rinsing the cloth out a couple of times, I washed my own tender pussy and ass, then I climbed into the whirlpool and stretched out to soak. I didn't know about those two guys, but I needed a breather and a massage. I didn't have long to wait for two more bodies to join me in there. Once again, I was the meat of the sandwich as they put me in the middle between them. I leaned back against the molded rest and sighed in contentment, wondering to myself just why I'd been nervous this morning. I sure wasn't nervous now. I was ecstatic, and I didn't think we were done yet. When Ranger pulled me between his open thighs, I knew we weren't done. I leaned back against his chest and stuck one of my feet in Hubby's crotch so I could rub his cock as it floated in the water. No.....we weren't done

To Be Continued...

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