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Online Lover
by JJ

I went shopping today. I thought about finally seeing you, and I walked into the Victoria's Secret store. They have this pretty new bra called "Desire". Apt name I think... since I wanted to wear it for you. It's lace, and low cut, and when I tried it on, it cupped my breasts like I imagine your hands will. Thank goodness it comes with thongs. Did I ever tell you why I started wearing them? Well, let me tell you now.

I used to like the "full-backed" underwear as it is called. That is, until I had sex with a man who liked me to keep my panties on. He loved to go down on me and suck my pussy lips through the crotch of my undies. He would nibble my clit through cotton. He would lick me through satin. He loved it. And when he pushed his dick into me so deep... just the way I liked it, he would grab a hold of the back of my panties and pull them tight into the crack of my ass. They would rub up against the back part of my dripping cunt, and against my ass-hole, and drive me insane. I bought my first pair of thongs while we were dating, and have loved them ever since. I got a bra and thong set, in a sexy soft blue. I want you to see me in them.

That home movie you sent me... the one you made with your cam... has given me ideas. I want you to know that I never thought I would be doing this... meeting a fantasy lover on-line. I never knew the possibilities of it. Getting my fantasies fulfilled, for one. I had always wanted to see a man jerk off... to see him rub himself, to see the cum shoot into the air. I would lick my lips if I thought about it. I lick my lips now as I watch you. I begin to reach down and put my hands under my shirt, rubbing my soft tummy. That's a note for later... my tummy is rather sensitive to feather-light touches.

I move my hands to my breasts, moving my palms from the underside, up and over the nipples, lifting my tits as I touch them. I scoot lower in my seat, and lean back in the computer chair I sit in. My legs begin to spread as I watch you touch yourself... posing for the camera and looking into it as if you see me watching you. God, I want the sound. I would like to hear your noises. All men have noises when they climax. Some have a soft 'mmmphf'... others moan... and still others are loud and vocal. What are you I wonder? I pull aside my thongs and touch my dripping lips as I imagine your noises. Did I tell you yet about my noises? I moan, and groan, and yell, and scream....

And suddenly become devoutly religious... "Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god!" My finger begins a light swirl on my clit as I think of how you will get me to make those noises. Will you kiss that sensitive area on the back of my neck? Will you rub and touch my ass? How will you flick your tongue on clit? What kind of movements do you like to make with your hips...? Sharp, short pumps? Maybe long, deep, slow lunges... where you hold your dick in me for a brief moment to let me feel it? My fingers begin to insert themselves into my wetness, getting juicy and rubbing the juice on my clit. In, out, rub.... In, out, rub. Damn... I wish it were that beautiful cock of yours doing this. I look at the movie again... seeing you on all fours... and I wish that I were under you. I would love to catch your cum on my breasts. Or in my mouth.

I would put just my mouth over the head of your dick as you pulled and pushed yourself to orgasm. And when I felt that tightening you would make, I would begin to suck. Your cum would shoot strait down my throat. I am fingering myself quickly now, thrusting my first and middle finger into me... using my palm to rub my clit. I reach down and grab my vibrator. I don't turn it on... I want to imagine you pumping that sweet looking cock of yours into me. I use one hand to pump myself, and the other to reach up and squeeze my hard nipples. I watch the movie and see your ass begin to pump just a little... as if you wish your dick were thrusting into a hot pussy... and not into your hand. My pussy is hot... and getting hotter as I begin to thrust up against the cock-shaped vibrator.

I watch you lift your leg, and cum onto the washcloth you had beneath you. What a waste... when that thick cream could have been used so much better. I imagine your taste... and start thrusting the vibrator deeper. My hands are beginning to tire... but I am so close. I can hear the moans I am making... in time to the movement of the fake dick that I am pumping inside of myself. What do you look like as you cum? My legs begin to shake. Does your face get taught, and your neck stretch out? My back arches. Do you clench your teeth? I throw my head back and bite my bottom lip. I picture you pumping into me fast and hard, cumming, and making me cum... AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I smile. I really can't wait to meet you.

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