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Oh My Pappa
by Patrick

'Oh my Pappa, to me you are so wonderful, oh my Pappa, to me you are so good', The song swirled around my room from the scratched record on the old beaten up machine I'd rescued from the garage, I didn't even know who sang it, as the label had long ago faded away, but from the first moment I'd pulled it from the dusty box and played it, I'd been in love with it, and now, after last night, it had even more meaning ! I lay on my bed, wearing just a brief pair of panties, feeling the tingling in my breasts, and my hand came up to touch them, sending a shiver through my body, but about last night !

Yesterday was my 18th birthday, and as I'd decided not to have a party with my friends until the weekend, dad suggested that we might go out for dinner, I jumped at the opportunity, I really needed a night out, something a little different, as I felt my life was beginning to get into a bit of a rut. I also thought it would be good for dad, he hadn't gone out much at all since mom walked out five years ago, even though I was always telling him he was still young ( he'd married very young and was only 35 now ! ) and good looking and should get himself another woman ! he would just smile and say one gorgeous woman in the house was all he could cope with ! I would feel a funny heat rising in me when he said that, but I felt so flattered, and used to give him a big hug.

Pointing out that he would probably have a few wines with his dinner, I suggested that I should drive the car that evening, and after a little 'friendly' persuasion ( a couple of hugs and a peck on the cheek ) he reluctantly agreed. The dinner was fantastic, I felt so grown up walking in to the restaurant on his arm, and I noticed that I managed to turn a few heads in my simple, short black dress that could be worn strapless, but I'd chosen to wear it with straps that night, but it still seemed to reveal a little more of the slopes of my breasts than I realised when I bought it ! a fact that my dad jokingly pointed out when our waiter seemed to make a point of always standing just along side me while he was serving. I felt an enormous flush of pleasure, not because the waiter had noticed, but because dad obviously had ! but I wasn't entirely sure why I felt like that ! When the meal was almost finished, a small band came on and started to play some nice slow music, and after some cajoling I managed to get dad up to dance. At first he held me very stiffly at a distance, almost as if he didn't really want to be dancing with me, but gradually we seemed to melt together and I could feel his warm breath next to my ears, sending shivers of warmth down my spine. Suddenly I found myself becoming aware of him, not as my father, but as a very attractive man, and I deliberately pressed my breasts more firmly against his chest, I felt him stiffen for a moment, then he relaxed into my body again, and I was almost certain I could feel a bulge pressing against me. Wow, I thought, I'm turning him on ! but then I realised I was also turning myself on ! my nipples had hardened under my dress, and I was suddenly relieved that I'd made the last minute decision to wear a bra, because without one my nipples would be bursting through my dress !!

As soon as the music stopped, dad pulled away, and slightly gruffly suggested that it might be time to make a move, so we paid our bill and walked out to the car. It was still incredibly warm and muggy and I was enjoying myself too much to just go back to the house and go to bed, so when we got into the car I suggested to dad that a nice drive would finish the evening off perfectly. He hesitated a moment, then a soft sigh came from him and he said "It's your night sweetheart, whatever you want is fine with me", an electric buzz ran through me ! whatever I wanted ? wow !! I started the car and drove off, trying to decide which direction to take, then I remembered the small back road I'd discovered a few weeks ago that led to a secluded cove on the lake, I'd spent the whole of one afternoon there sunbathing topless and hadn't sighted another person ! so I turned in that direction, dad didn't take much notice until I turned off the main road onto a narrow dirt track through a heavily wooded area. He sat up suddenly, "Where on earth are you going" he asked, I laughed, "Don't worry, you'll see !". 10 minutes later I pulled the car to a halt and cut the lights, it was almost pitch dark and I began to worry if I'd made the right decision, then I saw the moon peeping through the trees and knew that the cove was just ahead. Dad looked at me, a puzzled expression on his face, "Don't worry" I said, I found this delightful cove a few weeks ago, and it will be lovely in the moonlight, come on !", and I jumped out of the car, pulling a beach blanket from the back seat and setting off. I heard dad curse slightly as he obviously stumbled over a root, but in less than a minute we broke through the trees and the little sandy cove was right in front of us bathed in bright moonlight, the lake water gently lapping on the shore. I heard dad's low whistle, "Wow, this is quite a place ?" I was inwardly pleased that he approved of my choice and bounced down the beach and flung the beach blanket down on the sand and sat down, wrapping my arms around my knees and staring up at the moon. Dad moved more slowly and stood for a while looking out over the lake, almost as if he was unsure of where he should sit, then very tentatively he sat down beside me, and I told him how I'd discovered it and how I'd sunbathed topless for the whole afternoon, I saw him jerk slightly, sucking in a sharp breath, and even in the moonlight I could see the flush creep over his face, and I knew that he was visioning me topless on the beach ! that thought excited me !

"You really ought to be careful with things like that" he finally said, his voice a little on the husky side, I grinned, determined to tease him a little, "Going topless you mean ? I could have gone completely naked and no one would have known !" Was that a groan I heard, I'm sure it was ! "It could be dangerous, you never know who might come along " he finally said, I grinned to myself again, feeling that same warmth flowing through me I'd felt on the dance floor "You mean I should only go topless or naked if there's someone here to protect me, someone like you !!" I said, and this time there was no doubt about what I heard, his gasp almost echoed around the lake ! "I think you're right" I said, " but you're here now, so why don't we go skinny dipping !", and even as I spoke I lifted up to my feet and started to unzip my dress, "Jenny !!" he squawked, "You can't do that here, now !!", "Why not" I said, easing the straps from my shoulders and letting my dress fall to my hips, "Don't be such a fuddy duddy, didn't you ever go skinny dipping when you were a teenager", "Yes" he croaked, "But !" and his voice trailed off as my dress cascaded to the blanket and I stood above him in just my bra and panties, he was staring up at me wide eyed and they got even wider as I unhooked my bra and let that cascade to the blanket too, and this time he couldn't seem to help himself "God but you're beautiful !" he said with a rush, and then flushed beet red ! I knew what I was doing was wild and crazy, but I didn't care, I was stripping in front of my father and turning him on and I was loving it !! if he only knew the times I'd lain in my bed and fantasized about him, about being naked with him, of having sex with him, Slowly, teasingly this time I eased down my panties until they cascaded to the towel and I stepped out of them and I was completely naked and completely hot !! the moon was so bright that I knew he was having a full on, uninterrupted view of my young body, over the last couple of years I'd really filled out and my breasts were quite lush, though very firm.

Dad couldn't help himself, he just sat there in a state of shock, but his eyes had a life of their own and roamed up and down my naked body, I even shuffled one foot sideways a little to open up my legs and give him a clear view of my thoroughly wet and juicy pussy ! I only stood there a few moments, but it seemed like hours to me and I'm sure to him, then with a toss of my head and a laugh I spun around and dashed off to the water calling over my shoulders "Come on slow coach, get those clothe's off and join me !" then I stopped dead and turned around to face him again and grinned, "After all you did say this was my night and I could have whatever I want !!", then I turned and rushed into the water, squealing at the sudden coldness. I have to admit I wasn't at all sure if he'd follow me, I didn't know if I'd pushed him too far, but suddenly I knew I wanted him naked, I wanted to realise some of those fantasies ! I splashed around in the water, not daring to look, so I got quite a shock when a pair of arms suddenly wrapped themselves around me ! and I squealed again, then his hands reached up and cupped my naked breasts and his mouth came down next to me ear "You do like playing dangerous games, don't you Jenny, but before this goes any further, there's a few things you ought to know, the last time I went skinny dipping with a woman I got so turned on that I ended up fucking her !" His hands were now gently stroking my breasts, his fingers brushing my swollen nipples, sending shivers of delight rushing through me, I could feel his cock, swelling and hardening to press against my ass cheeks ! he was only holding me very loosely, so I could easily have pulled free, but instead I pressed backwards against his growing cock and arched my body to lift my breasts more firmly into his questing hands, "Was that mom ?" I asked huskily "No, it wasn't your mom, but it doesn't really matter who it was, only the fact that the sight of a beautiful naked woman cavorting naked in water drives me wild !, but there's something else too, from the time you started to fill out and develop I've found it almost impossible to keep my eyes off you, or to keep my hands off you, there are times when you've turned me on so much as you wandered around the house in those incredibly thin T shirts that you seem to favour, without bothering to wear a bra, that I've had to rush from the house and take a drive ! I've found myself dreaming about you and fantasizing about you in a way that father's are not supposed to do where their own daughter's are concerned". I could feel this liquid fire coursing through my body ! he'd been fantasizing about me in the same way I'd been fantasizing about him !! suddenly I felt so grown up and so in control, "you mean you've fantasized about seeing me naked" I whispered, "Yes" he groaned, "and you've fantasized about touching my breasts ?", again he groaned "yes!", I licked my lips, feeling the heat almost bursting from my skin, "and did you fantasize about having sex with me ?" I asked, this time it was a half groan, half sob, and he hesitated for quite some time before he croaked, barely audibly "yes, yes, I've fantasized about fucking you !" I let a long period go by without responding, and his hands fondling my breasts seemed to hesitate, but I could still feel his hard cock nestling in between my ass cheeks, then folding myself more firmly into his embrace, and giving an exaggerated shiver, I said in a sweet, little girl voice, "daddy, the water's getting awful cold !"

My words seemed to jerk him out of a dream, and with a mumbled apology he released my breasts and stooped to place his hands behind my knees and lifted me up and began carrying me back to the beach, I nuzzled his neck as he carried me along, feeling so safe, so secure, and so incredibly horny ! when he reached the blanket he leaned down and deposited my body on to it and straightened up, and it was then I saw it for the first time ! and a gasp was wrenched from me that could have been heard two counties away !! oh, I'd played with a few boy's cocks over the last couple of years, and had even got around to sucking one of them off, so I'd seen aroused cocks before, but this one was like nothing I'd seen or even imagined ! it looked enormous in the bright moonlight ! rock hard, jutting straight out and a little upwards, it had to be at least 9 inches long and as thick as my wrists !! a moment of fear flashed through me, but as quick as it came, it disappeared, and left in it's wake an even greater horniness than I'd had before ! then I looked up at dad and smiled, and I almost heard the release of the breath he'd obviously been holding as he wondered at my reaction to his huge cock, "would it shock you if I told you that I'd dreamed and fantasized about you too" I asked softly, and I saw the surprise - and excitement - rush through his face, "Yes, I've fantasized about seeing you naked, and about touching you like this" I said in a slightly strained voice, and sitting up I brought my hands up to grasp and stroke his huge cock, amazed that my hands wouldn't even fit around it ! I saw his knees buckle and heard his loud half gasp, half groan, ad I let one hand trail down to cup his heavy balls, "Mmm, yes, and I've dreamed of your beautiful cock fucking into my pussy ! but I never dreamed it would be this big !" his whole body was shuddering now, and his breathing was totally ragged, and when he spoke his voice was so filled with lust and desire that I hardly recognised it, "does it scare you ?" he asked tentatively, I grinned up at him, "a little" I said " but most of all, it excites me !!", then I let go of his cock and lay back on the blanket and gave him the hottest look I could conjure up, "please daddy, I want you to fuck me !!"

With a groan he dropped to his knees between my widespread legs, his huge cock bouncing and brushing against my stomach, and he leaned forward to brush his lips over my sensitized nipples, causing me to jump, and he was murmuring protests, " no, we mustn't, we shouldn't, this isn't right !" but I just reached down and pressed his face into my heaving breasts and smothered his words, at the same time lifting and rotating my ass to rub my pussy up and down the length of his throbbing cock ! he pushed his head upwards against my hands and with a haunted, anguished look on his face whispered, "have you ever ?", when I shook my head I though he was going to expire on the spot ! his whole body shuddered and shook, "oh god, oh my god" he muttered, his head shaking from side to side, so I cupped my hands either side of his face, "please daddy, I want you inside me, I want your big, beautiful cock inside me, I want you to fuck me long and hard, I want you to be the first, I've always wanted you to be the first ! please, please !!", again that haunted look came to his face, "but it will probably hurt" he said, "I don't care, I want you, I want you so bad, please, you said whatever I wanted tonight, and I want you to fuck me !!" He couldn't argue with that, and he knew it, so he rocked back on to his knees and quickly dipped his head to run his tongue slowly and sensuously across my pussy, I think he was trying to find out if I was wet, if I was ready, well, I wasn't just wet, I was flooding !! then he drew my knees upwards and spread my legs as wide as he could, them with one hand he guided his huge dick to the entrance of my pussy and rubbed it back and forth, sending shivers of hot liquid running through me.

Then he began to inch slowly forward, part of the head of his cock disappearing between my pussy lips and spreading them even wider, oh god it was so tight, he's never going to get it in, I thought, and I lifted my ass cheeks off the blanket in an attempt to help, I was staring down at his massive cock as it slowly, ever so slowly eased into my pussy, his whole head was in now, wow, I was taking his massive thickness ! then he stopped as I felt his cock head bump my unbroken hymen, and he looked at me almost imploringly, silently begging me to call him back, but I wanted him so bad, and we were so close, so I wriggled my body wildly and lifted even higher from the blanket, "Please, please!" I cried out, and before my words had stopped echoing across the beach he lunged forward, ripping his cock through my hymen and burying all 9 inches to the hilt in my pussy !! I screamed as the pain of the ruptured hymen seemed to fly to every part of my body, and he froze almost in mid stroke, "Oh I'm sorry, sweetheart, I'm so sorry !" and he leaned forward and began to brush his lips over my face, finding the single tear that the pain had forced from my eyes, and saying sorry over and over again. As quick as the pain went out to all the outlying areas of my body, it seemed to retreat and focus just briefly in my pussy once again, then became a slight ache, then was gone completely, and all I could feel was his massive cock throbbing inside me - and it felt sooo good !!

I reached up and took his face in my hands again and looked deep in to his eyes, "it's ok daddy, it's really ok, the pain is gone and all I can feel is your beautiful cock filling up my pussy, this is what we've both wanted, what we both want now, and it's happening, make it good, make it good for both of us !" and I kissed him deeply, my tongue thrusting out into his mouth and seeking out his tongue and engaging it in a wild dance, and I began to move my body against his, lifting and squirming and feeling his big cock starting to move inside me. It was like my words shredded the last barrier of control within him and he began, slowly at first, to move his big cock backwards and forwards with increasingly longer and harder strokes ! nothing in my dreams or my fantasies had ever prepared me for this ! it wasn't just his magnificent size, it was the amazing feelings his cock was stirring in me as he thrust and retreated and thrust again, occasionally corkscrewing to touch other areas of my pussy, especially my swollen, sensitive clitoris ! my finger fucking had certainly never created these feelings ! and after only a few moments the first of my orgasms ripped through me, threatening to shake my body apart ! and daddy stopped and allowed it to run it's course, but if I thought that was it - as it usually was when I finger fucked myself to an orgasm - I was in for a surprise, because as soon as the orgasm started to wane, dad's cock started up with it's thrusting once again, building on that first orgasm so that the second was even more powerful ! again he halted and again he started up again, driving me higher and higher, and my body was bucking and heaving and my head rolling from side to side, low moans continually issuing from my lips, "oh god daddy, yes that feels so good ! deeper, deeper, oh god, fuck me deeper daddy", and he did !!, responding to everything I cried out ! then I heard a moan coming from deep within him "oh sweetheart, I can't hold back, I'm going to shoot my hot juices into your hot pussy !!", "yes daddy, oh yes, I want you to cum !, I want you to cum !, I want you to shoot your load in my pussy, - in your daughter's pussy" I added, and that last comment blew him over the top and I felt his cock swell even more and literally blow apart in my pussy, shooting his hot liquid deep inside me, and another even more powerful orgasm ripped through me, and I lost all realization of where I was !!

When I finally came back to awareness, it was to find a worried looking dad sitting alongside me holding and patting one of my hands, and a look of relief came to his face, "thank god, sweetheart, I thought something terrible had happened", I grinned up at him, "not terrible" I said "absolutely fantastic ! I have the most wonderful daddy in the world and he's just fucked me with his beautiful big cock, and he's going to fuck me again and again whenever there's no one else around, and since we live together, that's going to be lots and lots !!" and I felt the heat start to rise again as a huge, relieved grin came to his face ! I sat up and wrapped my arms around him and gave him a quick kiss and an impish grin, then dropped one hand to stroke his semi soft cock, "now tell me about this other woman you skinny dipped with, then fucked, was she young !" he looked away across the lake and thought for a moment, perhaps wondering if he should keep it his secret, but then he nodded, "yes, she was quite young, about 20, a trainee at the office about 7 years ago, things weren't going well between your mother and I, and I was working back a lot, and one night I offered her a lift home, she invited me in for a coffee, found the air conditioning wasn't working and it was an incredibly warm night, so she suggested a dip in the pool, and one thing led to another" he trailed off again looking out over the lake, but I could feel the juices starting to rise in me again " and you fucked her ! was she beautiful ?", "no, not really beautiful", he said, then he turned to me and grinned " but she was incredibly sexy and incredibly horny and she did have a fantastic pair of tits, just like these !!" and he leaned down and started to tongue my nipples, and I reached out and started to stroke his rapidly hardening cock, and before the moon had moved much further in the sky his big, beautiful cock was pounding away inside me again, and this time there was no holding back from either of us !!

So that was last night, and here I was lying on my bed in just my skimpy panties, listening to that haunting song, "Oh my pappa, to me you are so wonderful, oh my pappa, to me you are so good", and the bedroom door opened slowly and there stood dad, his massive cock at full mast, pointing straight at me, and he moved over to the bed. Rolling on to my stomach I reached out and took his throbbing cock in my hand and raised it to my lips, letting my tongue slide slowly over its head, causing his knees to buckle once again, "Oh my pappa !" I crooned as I took his cock into my mouth, "be so, so good to me !" - and he was, and he was, and he was !!!!!!


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