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One More Way
by Ed0613

Inga loved to experiment.

Even coming to America from her native Norway was an experiment. In Europe, she had been a circus performer, an acrobat. Unfortunately, she was never quite good enough to be a top star and eventually gave up the life when she was offered a marketing position with an American manufacturing company in Minnesota. She sold circus equipment to the many circus and carnival shows that toured all over the world each year.

Experimentation was the spice of her life. She never took the same route to work two days in a row. Her clothing was an array of mixed and sometimes mismatched outfits. The furniture in her second floor apartment was a collection of oddities. She joyed in trying new ways to prepare food. Once in a while she hit on a good recipe but mostly the dishes she prepared were ghastly.

On the other hand, her husband, Lars, was a couch potato. He didn't like the Minnesota weather. The summers were too warm for him and in the winter the wind was relentless, chilling him to the bone, far worse than his native Norway. He had however, discovered the joy of American television, American football, American soap operas and best of all the American preoccupation with sex.

Inga shared his love of sex and applied her experimentation to it at every opportunity. Unlike her cooking, it was seldom a failure.

Once they had tried every position in the Kama Sutra book four or five times, they began to branch out on their own. One unique position they found was, with Lars sitting on the couch and his head back, Inga could crawl up the back of the couch, put her knees on the back rest, and rest her elbows on the high window sill that overlooked the walkway. From this position she could lower her pussy onto Lars waiting mouth. One disadvantage was that people passing by on the outside walkway could look in and see her from the waist up, so she had to wear a blouse while doing this. Once, Mrs. Gibson, her neighbor, stopped to chat while she was in this position and Lars was licking her pussy. Lars could hear her and thought it was a big joke, so stuck his tongue even deeper into her pussy and licked even harder while the conversation was going on. Mrs. Gibson became uneasy at Inga's demeanor and inattention and moved on just about the same time that Inga had an orgasm. From then on they kept the drapes closed.

Turnabout was fair play, so then they tried it with Inga sitting on the couch and Lars standing on the cushions with one foot on each side of Inga's hips. This put his cock just at the right level for Inga to take his delicious appendage into her mouth. This was a bit risky, because once, at the height of his climax, Lars pulled the drapes down.

The kitchen was another favorite place for experimenting. Lars had fucked her sitting on the kitchen table, lying on her back on the kitchen table, hung forward over the kitchen table and something that Inga liked, ate her pussy while he sat in a chair and she sat on the kitchen counter. The main reason she liked the kitchen was because it was so full of penis shaped items. Lars had fucked her using bananas, hot dogs, cucumbers, the handles of various kitchen tools, and her favorite, a hard salami.

They also tried it on Lars. Inga slid a chicken over Lars' cock and slid it up-and-down until Lars came. She cooked the chicken and they both laughed when they came to the gooey part inside, but they didn't eat it. She tried it with a tomato but it was too small and fell apart in her hands, and then she didn't care for the taste of tomato flavored cum. She cut a penis sized hole in a pumpkin and had Lars go at it. It worked so well that they were going to try it with a watermelon, but just hadn't gotten around to it yet.

The best place of all was the bedroom. The first purchase they made after coming to America was a water bed with the "Wave Action" accessory. No matter where they had sex, or how often they had it, or how satisfying it was they almost always ended up back in the bed. They could just lie there with Lars' cock deep inside of her and the wave machine on. Each pulse of the machine would cause his penis to slide in and out of her without any effort at all on his part.

The bedroom also contained most of their toys. Inga had bought Lars an artificial pussy for his birthday. When he named it Olga and started taking it with him everywhere he went, she was afraid he was becoming too attached to it and got rid of it. It was no big deal though, because he still had Helga, his artificial doll with the pulsing mouth and vagina. She often wondered if they made a male model of this doll with a vibrating tongue and cock.

Her final crowning glory was when she acquired a trapeze from the company she worked for. She got home before Lars and hung it from the bedroom ceiling with the bar about face height. She heard Lars when he came home, went into the kitchen, opened a beer and flopped onto the couch in front of the television. She quickly disrobed, hung by her knees and called to him "Lars, get off the divan and come and see the new way I have discovered!"

Authors note; This piece was inspired by an old Limerick;

There was a young lady from Norway,
Who hung by her heels from a doorway,
She said to her young man,
"Get off the divan,
I think I've discovered one more way!"

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