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Overnight Nurse
by Imorol

I have excellent health insurance, so when I was required to have a check-up, I decided I'd stay overnight. It is night time now and I have a hard erection, knowing that my private nurse will soon be here to tuck me in. I valiantly refuse to wank myself so that I am hard when she arrives. My dick gives a little jump of excitement as she walks into this private room. Her uniform appears to be shorter than regulation, and stops just above the knees. Her nipples are clearly pushing against her clothing.

She sees my erection standing to attention under the blanket and cannot help licking her red, pouty lips. As I pull the blanket back and reveal my dick, her pale white hand slips down to her crotch and starts to touch against her pussy mound through her uniform. I begin to masturbate, so the nurse pulls her uniform up around her waist, and begins to slide her hand over her panties. Underneath, she is wearing high heels, seamed stockings, suspender belt and tight panties. All of them are white. I stare on as she pushes against her clitoris through her knickers. A damp patch is now clearly visible on her panties. She pulls them to one side and slips a finger inside her pussy while using her thumb against her hard clitoris.

She lets me place my free hand on her knee. I slide it up the back of her thigh and onto her bum. I gently squeeze each cheek and run a finger down her crack. She trembles as she has her first orgasm and have to lean against the bed.

Now she turns her attention to me. Replacing my hand with hers, she begins to wank me with slow, firm strokes. I pull her knickers down and she steps out of them. Using her free hand to guide my head between her legs, I begin to lick her. I chase the leaking juice on her thighs with my tongue before burying it deep inside her scented pink pussy. She pushes her crotch hard against my face, and I start to lick her clit. Inserting a finger into her, I continue to lick her clit and labia. She is going weak at the knees. I lay back down on the bed and she climbs on top.

She lowers her dripping wet pussy down onto my waiting mouth. My tongue slides straight into her. She shudders as I open her up with my fingers and concentrate on her clit again. She lays down on top of me, her tits squashing against my body. She breathes on my cock before gently licking the slit with her tongue, gently pushing it in the tiny hole. I groan as she does this. After licking around the dome, she takes the knob into her mouth and sucks it hard. I thrust deeper into her mouth, and she sucks the shaft as well. The nurse continues to suck as she draws her mouth back up to the tip. Taking a gulp of air she once again takes my entire shaft into her mouth.

She pulls her mouth off my dick and licks the knob as it throbs with excitement. I now have two fingers inside her and am frantically thrusting them in and out. I then suck hard on her clit giving her an orgasm. At the same time, her licking has aroused me so much, my spunk shoots out from my cock and splashes over her face. I continue to slurp up the juices between her legs so she takes my still twitching cock into her mouth and sucks it back to hardness.

Once I have regained a full erection, the nurse turns around on the bed and straddles my body. She holds my cock upright as she lowers herself onto it. We both sigh as I enter her hot depths. As I run my hands up and down her stocking clad thighs she begins to ride me. When I reach the top of her stockings, my hands carry on until they reach her cunt. I gently pinch her clit before returning my hands to her knees. I repeat this as she rides me harder and harder. She begins to moan out load as she speeds up and rubs her hard clitty against my body.

The nurse thinks she heard someone else in the room but is to aroused to care. Reaching up, I free her tits. My fingers pinch the nipples in turn while my right hand is between her legs, rubbing her clits. She screams as she comes and I spunk up inside her. Collapsing on top of me, I turn us both over onto our sides so we are facing each other and I suck on her hard nipples as she regains her breath.

"Shall we see how hot you really are?" I ask. She smiles as I get a thermometer and slide it up her soaking cunt. The coolness of the instrument feels so good inside her that she lets out a low moan. She sighs as I waggle it about inside her. I pull it out and read the temperature. "You're really hot!"

It is then that the nurse remembers hearing someone. She looks around the room but doesn't see anyone. Looking at the door she sees that it is not properly closed. Did the matron see what she had just been doing? Had she enjoyed it? Will she say something, and if she does what punishment will she give you for your antics?

The nurse turns to look at me again and says, "I've just decided what medication you need sir."

"Oh, and what is it nurse?"

"It will be in two part, both liquid. The first will be a thick cream and the other a warm yellow fluid."

"And how will it be administered nurse?" I ask with a smile on my face, knowing exactly how.

"Orally of course sir."

To be continued?


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