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One Night
by Justin Guglielmotti

One night was all it took. This night Sharon, an ordinary vibrant teenager who had everything going for her being voted best in her class and prom queen earlier, didn't know what was about to happen.

Then the worst happened. She was startled at a noise out on the lawn so she went to the door to see what it was. Then he entered looking like he hadn't seen the light of a bathroom in months. He forced his way into her house and pinned her down onto the sofa where she was just thinking earlier how well her life was going.

This guy had one thing on his mind. He was going to take her anyway and every way he could think of. Sharon was so scared at this point she could think of only one thing she wanted. She wanted to get this foul-smelling asshole off of her. But for her it was no use because he was just too strong. At this point he was ripping off Sharon's clothing and discarding it wherever he pleased. Sharon was screaming at the top of her lungs, but she met the back of his hand. He, being fed up at this point, decided to pull his knife out and threatened her that he would kill her if she didn't shut up and did exactly what he told her. Sharon had no choice but to do what the guy wanted.

The guy then stripped off his clothes and then bent over and forced her to suck him off. Sharon had tears rolling down her face, but she had to comply. Minutes later he shot off on her face. She started to well up inside while he started laughing out loud. Then he buried himself into her pussy and then started licking. Sharon wasn't trying to get away knowing what would happen if she did. So she didn't move and didn't even look at the guy who was doing this to her. She caught too much of a look of this guy that she ever wanted to remember for a lifetime. Suddenly, she realized what was about to happen. He was done with licking her pussy and he was about to fuck her. Then Sharon saw her opportunity to get away. He had left one of her legs free and she had a quick shot of a swift disabling kick to his back. Sharon thought this because her dad had a gun upstairs in the bedroom. Just then she made her move.

Sharon lifted her foot so violently it hit the guy square in the middle of the back and it dropped him on the floor. Then she gave another swift kick to his stomach and crotch areas. He suddenly went to grab his now painful dick. Then she saw her chance. So Sharon quickly ran upstairs to her fathers bedroom. She had to work quickly though knowing that he would be following her up the stairs. So she went looking for it and found it on the top shelf in the closet. She also found three rounds in the chamber as well and thought that should be enough. So she locked the door knowing for the time being that would keep her safe. She called 911 first hoping that she wouldn't need to use the gun. She told them where she lived and told them to hurry because this guy wanted to rape and kill her and he wasn't stopping for anything. Just when she got off the phone the guy broke down the door. But what he saw struck fear into him. He expected to see a girl in fear, but what he saw was the front of a loaded gun. He tried to reason with her, but to no avail. She cocked the gun and used all three bullets, two to the chest and one to the head, killing him instantly. She then dropped the gun, got on a robe, ran out of the house and waited for the police to show up. She then told her story about what happened. Then the ambulance showed up and carted the body off. The police told her that she did the right thing. Then the police cleaned up the mess in the bedroom.

The police left and then Sharon went back into the house surprised to find the guy's wallet under the sofa. Sharon thought he must of dropped it. So she looked into it. She found around $500 dollars in the wallet. She thought to herself what a night I've had. But he wasn't going to take my virginity or my life. So Sharon went upstairs and put the gun away, cleaned up what the police forgot to clean up, and then she went to take a shower to clean herself. Then she went to sleep thinking that she was grateful to be alive.

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