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Our New Friendship Pt. I
by Amber Passion

I had been friends with her for most of my life. She was my best friend, my confidant, and the only person I trusted other than my husband. Her name was Trish. She was beautiful and witty. I loved her in more ways than one, but she never knew until the night we all went out. It was just the three of us that night because Trish's boyfriend had called at the last minute and cancelled. He was for ever doing that to her and we were very sympathetic with her. She was a little down by the time we made back to our place to watch the movie we rented, so I thought to cheer her up by getting her a little tipsy. We had a few glasses of wine and we all became a little more relaxed. We decided to play truth or dare. As we played the sexual current in the room seemed to get higher and higher as the night went on. Finally I got to ask the next question.

"Trish, truth or dare?" I asked.

"Truth", she replied.

I thought for a minute about my question and then blurted out, " Would you ever kiss a woman?"

I could not believe that I had asked that, but I had been thinking about kissing her all night long. I mean she has long black hair, green eyes, 36c breasts with beautiful rose tipped nipples, and lean body that goes on and on. I am not so bad myself with brown hair, hazel eyes, and a 36c chest, but she was just gorgeous.

My husband was dumbfounded. She just smiled and said she had and posed the question to me.

"Um well yes once a long time ago and it was just a kiss." I replied.

I was a little embarrassed to have brought it up, but then she surprised me by leaning over and tracing her tongue across my top lip. She then slowly slipped her tongue inside my mouth to rub against my tongue. It took me a minute to realize I was kissing her back, and it was one of the hottest kisses I had ever received. She pulled me closer, pulling my hair down while deepening the kiss. I brought one of my hands up to touch her breasts through the shirt she was wearing, the nipples were already hard.

"Excuse me", Jonathon replied. We broke apart and she just looked at him with a smile and beckoned him over. He came over to the couch and she proceeded to kiss him like she had just kissed me. Instead of being jealous I was very turned on. I wanted them both! She broke off that kiss to push me back into the couch where I was laying down, then inched up my skirt to reveal my lace panties. They were soaking wet.

Slowly she slipped them off to reveal my shaved pussy. She smiled and bent over to smell. My husband had moved up to my chest and was working the buttons on my shirt open to reveal that I had no bra on.

She spread my lips apart and lightly ran her tongue over my clit while my husband was lightly sucking on my nipples. Sliding one finger in and then another she started fucking me with her fingers while slowly torturing my clit with her tongue. I came instantly all over the place. She just kept licking until I felt like I had exploded into a million pieces. She then stood up and stripped revealing every beautiful inch of her body to me and my husband. My husband had stripped also and was a very fine specimen indeed at seven inches fully erect.

To Be Continued...


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