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Office Surprise
by Tribble

I've had all that I can stand. I throw on my jacket, grab my bag and head for your office. I'm horny as hell and so hot for you that I can feel my juices leaking down the insides of my thighs. Oh well, if you won't come to me, I guess I'll go to you. My nipples are already hard just thinking about what I want to do to you. I decide to grab a cab. I get in and tell the driver where I want to go. As I settle in I realize that I can smell my own arousal. I think the driver has also smelled it. He keeps looking at me strangely in the mirror. I feel myself getting wetter and reach down with two fingers to massage my mound. When I bring my fingers back up I have to taste them. Sweet and tart, delicious. I'm so hot that I can't wait any longer for some sort of satisfaction. I spread my legs apart and start massaging my clit. My other hand finds it way to my breasts and I begin to play with my nipples while working my clit furiously. I'm getting closer to cumming and all I can smell is my own sex. I begin to tug on my nipples and then I push 2 fingers into myself. MMMMMMM, that was all I needed.

As I go over the edge I start to moan and thrash while my fingers thrust into me and my breasts are hanging out of my jacket as my fingers are twisting my nipples for all I'm worth. I wish you here to see this, I know you would enjoy it. Finally my orgasm peaks and I start to slide down. I'm still so hot for you, but this has taken the edge off. I begin to rearrange myself and I look up to find that we have arrived and the cab driver is giving me the hottest look. I grab some cash out of my wallet and realize that my fingers are still covered in my own juices. Nothing to be done now. I hand him the notes and feel a little trickle snake it's way down my thigh at the look the driver gives me. I stroll into your building knowing that he will only be able to smell me for a while. The money was soaked with my juices. I hope he enjoys it as much as the show that I put on for him.

Finally I'm at your office. I sneak in and close the door behind me. Your back is to me as you work. I take off everything and then slide my jacket back on as quietly as possible. I come up behind you and cover your eyes as I start to lick and nibble on your neck. I hear you groan as soon as you feel my lips. Your hands come up and grab mine as you turn around. We kiss, hard and hot. I can tell that you've been thinking about me because you are as hard as steel. I grind into you and feel you get even harder if that is at all possible. I know what I want. I want you. I fall to my knees and fumble you out of the lower half of your clothing. As soon as your cock is free I take it into my mouth. There will be no taking my time tonight, I want you too much. I take all of you into my mouth in one lunge. I hear you gasp and feel your fingers twine in my hair. I am sucking you as hard, deep and fast as I can. I want you to cum in my mouth. My fingers cup your balls as I try to urge you on.

I start massaging them in rhythm with my mouth so it must feel like I am trying to milk you. You are thrusting into my mouth as I moan around your big, thick cock. My tongue is snaking all over it as I suck you in. You are gasped with each thrust and moaning that low moan I love to hear. My free hand is on your ass and I feel the muscles starting to clench. You are thrusting into mouth harder and faster. It's almost all that I can do not to choke on your thickness. Hoping that it will do the trick I gently rake your balls with one hand while I smack your ass with the other. That does it. You finally let go and I feel your thick, hot cream covering my mouth and throat as I take you down and try to suck you dry. You taste so good. You start to stumble and your cock slips out of my lips, splashing your cum across my cheeks and chin. As you settle back into a chair I scoop it off and then suck the 2 fingers clean. Your eyes light up at the sight of it. You seem to enjoy it so when I'm nasty.

After a few moments you look down and realize that I am still there. I am sitting cross legged on the floor with my breasts once again hanging out of my jacket. My hands are massaging my inner thighs and I am giving you that pleading look you know so well. You stall and ask me if I drove over. "No", I say. Then I tell you what happened on the cab ride over. I can see your cock rising as I tell you the story. I know you are enjoying it. Then you get a hard look in your eye. You order me to stand up. I do. Next you order me to take off my clothing. As all that I have left on is the jacket it is a quick process. However you seem even angrier. You think that my short jacket is all that I wore. I decide to play along and see what you have in mind.

You order my to lay across your knees on my stomach. When I am the perfect position I can feel your hard cock pressing into my body. I feel your hands running all over my back, legs and ass. You tickle my clit a little and trail your fingers across my lips, making me push back into your hand. I am so hot and I want you so badly. Suddenly you stop and I feel your hand strike my bottom. I jump and yelp, but you just hold me down. Slapping first one side then the other until I am almost in tears and begging you to stop. My cries are falling upon deaf ears as you continue to strike me. Suddenly, you stop. You push me off your lap onto the floor. I look at you in bewilderment until you tell me to get on my knees. I know what you want now. I get on my knees and wait to feel you behind me.

Finally I feel the head of your dick parting my lips. You are moving it just inside my lips gathering as much moisture as you can from my slit. I continue bucking back toward you, trying to slip you inside me until you pop my ass with your hand. I stop and wait for you, trembling. You continue to tease me and I feel a keening in my throat as I once again begin to whimper and beg you for mercy. I am pleading for you to fuck me. Take me hard and fast, I am so hot and I want you so badly. Then you tell me that you're going to give me what I'm begging for. You push into me in one hard thrust as I cry out. Then you stop and the next thing I feel is your hard cock pushing into my asshole. You are using my juices as lubrication and whispering into my ear. I cry out in protest and I feel your hand smack my ass again. And this time you don't stop after one. With each thrust I receive a blow. I am so turned on and beg you to touch my breasts and play with my clit.

You just chuckle evilly into my ear. This is the price I must pay for being such a slut earlier. You continue to ream me until I am crying for release. Suddenly you pull out and tell me to stay where I am, as I am. I do so, trembling with anticipation of what is to come.

You come back and I feel your hand on my buttocks. I flinch in anticipation of you hitting me, but instead you are rubbing lotion over the tender skin, cooling it off. You then tell me to get up and sit down in your chair. I do so, and you kneel before me. You begin to kiss my face, eyelids, cheeks, chin, nose and anything else but my lips. After a few minutes of nuzzling my neck you put a finger across my lips to quiet me down. It certainly does the trick because as soon as I start sucking it, I quit gasping and moaning quite so loudly. I feel your lips at my breasts. I gasp and melt as you begin to circle my nipple with your tongue. I feel you sucking and licking it all over. It is driving me nuts. I twine my fingers in your hair and you stop.

You take my hands and place them on the edges of the chair as you tell me to grab onto that if I need to. Then you start to have your way with my breasts again. It feels so good. I am trembling and feel as if I could cum just from my nipples. Then I feel your fingers in my pussy. Stroking up and down and occasionally running over my clit. I start to moan and move my hips towards you. Then I feel you slowly push three fingers into me as your lips lock onto my clit. All it takes is a few thrusts of your fingers and the touch of your tongue before I cum. This is what I have wanted all night. I convulse and scream in my pleasure while you continue to work my pussy. It feels so wonderful. I continue to come and come until I have to beg you to stop. Everything is just too sensitive.

You pull me off the chair and cuddle me on the floor. Stroking the curve of my hip and length of my torso as I slowly come down from my orgasms. I roll over to kiss you and you remind me of something - you've only come once.


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