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On The Beach
by Jim W.

Cyndi and I had been married for 5 years. Neither of us were virgins when we got married, but we hadn't had a lot of experience either. From the first time we slept together we found our sexual soul mates and began to explore various ways to pleasure each other. From light bondage to anal sex to outdoor sex and role playing we tried a lot, forgot about what we didn't like and did what we liked often.

After a year of working more than we wanted to and not spending the time with each other we needed to it was time for a vacation. A month on vacation was what we needed. However we would settle for a week in St. Thomas. After finishing a major project we were able to afford to rent a bungalow on a private section of beach.

When we arrived at the airport a beautiful young woman was waiting for us, holding a sign with our name on it. Cyndi commented on the attention I gave the driver's ass as we followed her to the waiting limo. She introduced her self as Leigh and told us that she was on call if we needed anything while at the house. It was a short drive to the house and after taking us on a quick tour Leigh left us alone.

As I said our sex life had been suffering in the last few months, and we were in a hurry to change that. By mutual agreement we hadn't made love or even masturbated in the last two weeks. I know I hadn't gone that long without an orgasm in a long time and that was going to change right away.

I had let Leigh out and headed back for the bedroom, only to find my wife on the couch in the small sitting room. She was sitting back against on arm of the couch with only a garter and stockings on. She had shaved her pussy sometime in the last day or so and was slowly running her finger up and down her pink slit. I wasted no time getting undressed and moving to her. I knelt in front of her and took one of hard nipples in my mouth, sucking it hard into my mouth. "Eat me" She said. "Eat my pussy right now." It was a combination of a plea and a command and I wasted no time in doing what she wanted.

Normally I believe in taking my time when going down on my wife, letting the pleasure build over time before taking her over the edge. Not today. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit right up to her clit, barely tasting the nectar flowing out of her love tunnel. My tongue found her clit and I went to work on it as fast and as hard as I could. Cyndi gasped and started breathing very fast. "Ah ah ah ah" I could see her stomach fluttering up and down and knew that she was about to cum. She cried out "Yessssssssss baby suck my clit" and pulled my head into her wet pussy as I sucked her clit into my mouth. As her hips moved up and down I sucked on the little bud and held on for all I was worth.

She moved me away from her clit as her orgasm subsided. I moved up between her legs, which she pulled back and put on my shoulders. "Fuck me baby," she said as I sank my hard on into her wet opening. There was no thought in our minds of anything other than fucking like crazy. I looked into her eyes and started to slam my cock into her. "Oh yea baby, fuck me, fuck me hard." "Yea baby take it, you know you want my cock don't you." "Oh yea baby" She cried as I fucked her. Faster and faster I slammed into her until I couldn't hold back the cum building in my balls. "Cum inside me baby, fill me up." She cried out as I thrust into her one more time. "Feel my hot cum in your cunt baby, take it all in your wet pussy. My cock exploded deep inside her as Cyndi's orgasm exploded. "Ahhhhhhhh" We both cried out lost in the pleasure that comes from fucking someone you love.

We slept for a few hours, waking about sunset. Cyndi had told me that she wanted to do it in the ocean, at sunset so we figured the first night was the time to go for it. We walked out along the path to the beach, not bothering with any clothes. After all it's a private beach, it's almost dark and we are going for the ocean to make love, clothes would just get in the way.

We were right at the edge of the bushes when we saw Leigh on the beach. She was standing facing us, nude her light brown skin a contrast to the white arms wrapped around her. One hand was stroking her neck while the other was busy between her legs. Cyndi stopped in front of me and I wrapped my arms around her as we watched Leigh and her lover. You would have to see Leigh to believe her. About 5"8 120 pounds, large firm breasts, and an ass that goes on for days. I quickly noticed that her pubic hair was just a narrow strip, about as wide as her pussy lips, that started just about her opening and went up a couple of inches. Her head was leaned back so he could kiss her, and I saw her hand reach around behind her and I knew that she was stroking his cock. From the look on Leigh's face the finger on her clit was having the desired effect, it didn't take long before we could hear the sounds of her pleasure soft moans, rapid breathing and a long cry that signaled her release. After that Leigh dropped to her knees in front of her blonde lover and took the length of his cock into her mouth. While Leigh was sucking her lovers cock my hand was busying it's self on Cyndi's clit. She was watching with glazed eyes as Leigh's mouth went up and down on the stranger's dick. "Do you believe the way she swallowed his cock", Cyndi whispered to me. "I wish I could take you like that." "Me too." I though but didn't say anything. Cyndi is great at giving head and I wasn't about to say anything to make her feel I thought her technique was anything other than great.

Just when we thought that Leigh was going to finish him in her mouth she moved her mouth away and gently shoved him to the ground. She straddled him and reached between her legs and glided his cock into her cunt. This was more than we could take, and Cyndi dropped to her knees in front of me. "Fuck me" she whispered. I wasted no time doing what my wife wanted, and as soon as I was behind her Cyndi guided me into her well lubricated snatch. I began to slowly move my cock in and out of her pussy as Cyndi was fingering her clit. I began to time my movements to the rhythm that Leigh was fucking her lover with. Again we could her Leigh and her lover. "Oh yea baby ride my cock." We heard him say in a Swedish accent. Her moans were coming louder as were Cyndi's.

I was worried about Cyndi and I being heard when I looked up and saw Leigh looking over her shoulder at the two of use. She smiled and nodded her head and began to encourage the stranger she was riding. "Oh yea baby your cock is so good, I want to feel you cum in my pussy, fill me up." He started thrusting up harder into her trying to match the rhythm she was setting. As I watched I heard Cyndi's voice getting louder. "oh yea baby give it to me, fuck me." I knew that all of us were getting close to cumming and wondered who would go over the edge first when I heard Leigh cry out. "Oh god I'm cumming so hard fuck me, fuck me, yesssss," Right behind her was the man she was riding, "Yessss" he cried out and I swear I could see his cock pumping cum into her.

"Yesss" I heard my wife cry out not caring who heard her. The clinching of her pussy sending me into waves of pleasure. "ugggggg" I groaned as I filled her cunt from behind.

I collapsed on against Cyndi's back for a moment, reaching around and kissing her. When we looked up Leigh and her lover were walking off the beach. His hand on Leigh's bare ass, her head turned back toward us with a sly smile on her face. We got up and went back to the cabin, the ocean waiting for another night, both of us wondering if we would get a chance to see Leigh and the stranger fucking again the next night.

We didn't, but we did get to see something else, but that will have to wait for the next time.


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