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Oh Those Pirates, Ooh Those Pirates!
by PeterR

A reoccurring dream I've been having; am I a pervert...or just possessed by my readers decide.

It was mid-afternoon, somewhere in the Caribbean, on a small island, bright sunlight was contrasted by the deep blue ocean. Two lovers were strolling, barefoot, hand-in-hand; near the water, their path was blocked by vegetation, on the cool sand. Apart from the rest of the world, they seemed to be all alone; making small talk, hugging, cuddling and humming a song.

He was Sir George, of average built with black hair and blue eyes about 5' 10" tall wearing shorts and a tee shirt saying "Beach Bums are the greatest!". She was Lady Godiva, 5'7" with long blond hair, down to her butt, gorgeous brown eyes, perky breasts, I'd say a 'B' cup, with nice buns, wearing a thin summer dress with no bra, and just a flimsy pair of panties.

What happened next was pure terror, or was it? They found a treasure, that what was left hidden in a pit. There was ingots of gold, emeralds and old Spanish coins in a very old treasure chest. They heard voices, screams and obscenities and it seemed to be coming from all over. Our two heroes tried to listen and to make out the sounds. Evil pirates, came from the water, and they were everywhere. He pulled her along gently, as they tried to ran away from there. Pursued by the band of pirates, who wanted their heads; for uncovering their secret treasure.

Our hero and heroine ran for their lives. They were terrified and scared. The pirates were closing in fast, it was a raging raid. Sir George then noticed that the pirates were scantily dressed; and that they were all good-looking ladies with breasts and legs exposed. George stopped and ogled their breasts and thighs. There were nipples it seems everywhere, he started getting excited. Hitting the bushes and the trees their clothes were badly torn. It's difficult to run with a hardon and with Godiva's dress ripped to shreds, George was looking at a pair of beautiful breasts up real close and with more bare flesh he decided he was ready to sample. Fearing for their lives though, Godiva now took over, dragging George and she found this small cave; they climbed up on a small, but sturdy ledge for safety.

The tiny ledge and their lust, and closeness got the best of them; soon they were so consumed kissing and caressing each other. He cupped the most magnificent pair of breasts, one can only dream of, and started to devour them. He lapped, nibbled, kissed and bit her nipples as Godiva shrieked with delight. She reached down and felt her mate to be quite ready. George moved lower and helped her out of her torn panties and buried his head in her mound of pleasure. Sucking and nibbling on her already erect clit, he sat back only to have Godiva hungrily lap his penis, George let her pleasure him for a bit and asked his mate to lie next to him. With space being almost non-existent, they crossed their legs as he entered her, under her thigh, and caressed her breasts and passionately kissed his Godiva. Their tongues explored and caressed each other. They soon were both spent as she came first wetting his thighs and then he, as emptied his spunk into her.

Through it all they did not hear the pirates entering the cave; as our heroes were enjoying each the other's flesh. Almost immediately the pirates found their way to the ledge. They tied up Godiva and this is what their leader said: "It's been long while since I had sex, let alone a climax of my own"; "you" pointing to George "make me come and I'll spare you both!" "Just that you know I will howl and laugh when I get there"; "so get to it" as she shed her clothes and stood there bare. What a gorgeous specimen of womanhood; taller than Godiva, by four inches, her breasts that even made Godiva's look just OK; an ass that seemed to be molded, seemed perfect; her love-tunnel was shaven except for a thin patch of fluffy brown hair over the slit.

George, limp from their own passion tried as best as he could; but nature was against him, and Godiva asked if she could help. The leader, already excited at the prospect of climaxing, quickly agreed. Godiva, having never been with another woman, moved in cautiously. She started to kiss and caress the pirate leader. Moving down at the same time she sucked and tantalized her foe. She was careful to get each nipple erect, what a lovely sight, as the other pirates and George watched. Godiva now was sucking the leader's love tunnel; paying attention to the leader's clit as the pirates urged her on. George now started getting hard just from watching; and not to be out done started to lick his lover's snatch gently at first. Godiva had the pirate chief going good, and George had Godiva shaking as she quickly came all over George's face.

They were listening to laughers of approval from the pirate leader. George now mounted the leader as Godiva moved to the leader's breasts, nipples so hard seemed ready to burst. The pirate leader now was laughing out loud, as she flowed and flowed; and grateful George then emptied his seed in her, this was now approved by the whole crowd as their leader lay smiling from ear-to-ear, as Godiva and George dared to stop and to rest!

"I will now spare you both as I promised, but tell me this" the pirate leader said, "but how did you make me come?" "It's easy when you know!" (and pray George and Godiva laughed and winked), as they quickly ran for safety! They got to a safe place and collapsed in each other's arms; spent from the excitement and their lust using their charms.

I soon awoke all wet...what do you think pervert or a lover of breasts?

Sir George, AKA PeterR

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