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On The Road
by enjuedevi88

At last Kate could be alone. The dry wind that tossed her hair also stung her road worn eyes as she blinked into the setting sun. She pressed her foot into the accelerator and made her T-Bird fly; putting as much road between her and problems at home as possible.

Swinging into the lot of a dusty motor inn, Kate noticed a sweet young man checking in. He flashed her a wolfish grin as her tires squealed up next to the lobby. He had a disarming jawline and dark languid eyes as if plagued with a thousand years of candles and tears; truly fuckable in an Antonio Bandaras sort of dramatic way.

Kate swept by the man with the sensual lips without so much as a sidelong glance. After she checked in he was still there by the door, smoking casually. His eyebrow cocked at the sight of her perky round breasts as she lifted her suitcase from the trunk. Kate had a vision of his mouth tasting one of her dusky nipples and she licked her lips.

In her room, Kate kicks off her sandals and sprawls on the bed, glad she paid extra for the deluxe suite. She catches a glance of the statuesque man, now in swim trunks, heading for the pool. She quickly slips into her bikini, lights a cigarette, and slips toward the pool herself.

Approaching the pool she sees he is waiting, slick and wet on the pool steps. He leans back on his elbows and motions her over in a relaxed motion of his hand. Without a word he takes her cigarette, takes a long drag of it with his perfect lips and flicks it aside. In the same movement he sweeps Kate's' hair back, places it on the nape of her neck, and pulls her to him.

He softly brushes his lips to hers, sweeping like silk until he parts them to push his tongue through. His mouth is sweet as their tongues stroke each other. Kate runs her hand down his taut chest, lingering on the space between his nipple and ribs. Her elbow brushes his impressive manhood. Placing a hand beneath it she feels it grow into a massive erection, incredibly hard and virile straining under the thin cloth. She turns and readjusts her butt on the stairs, uncrossing her slender legs. He takes the initiative and places himself between them, hooking the crotch of her swimsuit with one finger and pulling them down to her ankles. He slides out of his trunks with an audible sigh of anticipation.

Silently she steers his hips toward her, taking the full length of his penis down her throat in one velvet stroke. Pulling back, she wraps her hand around the shaft, flicking the tip of his throbbing cock with candle-like plays of her tongue. Her soft wet lips enclose just the head, her tongue circling the tip again and again. She then starts a thrusting motion, tightening her mouth and sucking on every withdrawal. Her speed increases as he moans deep in his throat, his fists clench, his toes curl, and he's almost at the brink of a thunderous cum...then she slows down, just teasing the tip and the sensitive underside. She begins to tease and knead the area under his balls, still tonguing his hot, swollen member. She tastes the first dewy drops of precum on the tip of her tongue. He is straining at the bit, so to speak. Kate leans back on her elbows and flips to a kneeling position, spreading before him her perfect tanned ass and soft, tight pink pussy. He grabs her hard around the hips and teases her with his cock, swirling it up and down on her swollen clit. She moans and growls, grinding her teeth in sweet frustration. The sound of her wanting to fuck him so bad pushes him over the edge and he positions himself to thrust.

His cock slides into her in a rough, delicious movement and she moans breathlessly. His stokes are slow and deliberate at first. On each thrust he rams her hip toward his, sinking himself deeper into her tight pussy. He begins to speed up the pace, thrusting deeper and faster each time until he's ramming her like an animal, pumping away at her, fucking her so hard they both are panting and near screaming. His hips move deliciously against her ass, his balls smack her clit indirectly time and again. She spreads herself wider, then begins to tighten and shudder around his cock as he breathes his words.

"Come on me. Fuck! Do it!" and she is over the edge, letting go with a huge thunderous orgasm that rakes through her like fire. He groans loudly and finally blows the biggest wad of come he's ever going to have, still thrusting as he comes inside her. He finishes his spasms and can still feel her clench around him as he slides out. He stands as she rolls over and joins him in the pool. Trembling, she pulls her bikini back on, kisses him lingeringly, and heads back to her room with a smile.


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