The Best Erotic Stories.

Online Pt. V
by MorningStar

I love soaking in a whirlpool when the water's hot and deep, covering my entire body, sliding down so just my head is above the water, watching my breasts float gently, seeing the nipples soften and relax like the rest of the muscles are doing, then moving back up so those same nipples are exposed to the cooler air of the room.....mmmmmmmmmmmmm..oh yes....I love soaking in a whirlpool. But I'm usually alone when I do it. Not the night Ranger, Hubby and I got together. I had company. Oh what pleasant company to share a big tub with though.

We were all a bit worn around the edges after the last few hours of playing together, and taking this time to let the jets hit some sore muscles was just what we needed. But considering two of the occupants were males, it was like a new playground for them. Neither one could leave the jets alone, trying to see where they could aim them, what body parts could be attacked with the strong spray of water. You'd have thought I was giving a couple of toddlers a bubble bath instead of two full grown males. Maybe I should have said 'growing fuller'

Hubby grabbed the foot that had been playing in his crotch and lifted my leg up in the cold air. Ranger turned my shoulders so I was lying on my side. With a little bit of creative maneuvering on their parts, I soon had my crotch aimed at one of the jets. The full blast hit me dead center and I jumped. With Ranger spooned in behind me, I couldn't go very far when he reached between my legs and opened my flower to the blast inside my pussy walls. My god what a sensation. The outer lips of my cunt held open with a man's hand, the heat and pressure of a whirlpool jet against the inner lips. The inner muscles of my pussy pulled in and upward like I was stroking a shaft, but with nothing there but just opened up wide like I was having some kind of internal exam. Talk about a hell of a douche, this was better than anything you could buy on the store shelf. Especially since I had so much enthusiastic assistance.

Hubby leaned forward, bending my leg at the knee and reached toward my backdoor. Sliding his finger along the crack until he reached his goal, he pushed against the rim a little causing me to buck into the jet in front of me. I tried to convince the gentlemen that I was out of steam, but they wouldn't listen to my pleas. Ranger had one hand on my hip and one underneath around my shoulder, holding my head against his chest, close enough I could feel the hairs on his chest tickle my ear. He reached over to another water jet and aimed it at my breasts as they floated in the water close to his hand. Once he had the jet spraying at the nipples he reached down and started to tweak them between his thumb and finger, rolling them slowly until they peaked once again. The finger invading my ass had breached the rim and with deliberate moves was pushing inside and pulling out. Hubby placed my leg on his shoulder and used his other hand to isolate my clit and let the first jet's stream hit just the exposed nub, pushing the hood back with the power of the water. I couldn't stop from moaning as the burning embers of my passion flared again with the attention my body was getting. Ranger's cock was starting to press into me. I placed my free foot against my darling Hubby's cock and played footsie with it, trying to distance my mind from the onslaught of their hands, but it didn't work. These two guys had developed a sixth sense at how to move in unison and take me over the edge quickly. Have you ever had an orgasm in water? You can feel the muscles of your calves and thighs tighten. Your stomach clinches up, your back arches, you throw back your head and you purrrrrrrrrrrrr so loud before your moans turn to deep throated screams of passion. Then you collapse back into the water and if you're as lucky as I was that night, back into the arms of a lover.

The boys finally let my leg down when the timer on the jets went off. It was time to get out and dry off. We were starting to look like prunes in places you don't want to look pruney. Ranger got out first, followed by Hubby and they both extended a hand to help me get out. I needed all the help I could get. I wasn't sure I had the strength to get out on my own. They stood me in the middle of the room, each grabbed a towel, one dried the front, one the back. Hubby took me by the hand, pulled me close and kissed me deeply before asking if I was having a good time tonight. All I could do was grin like a Cheshire cat. He told Ranger he guessed he had an answer to a silly question. I was going to grab a towel to throw around me, but Ranger held it out of reach and told me to forget it. He knew what I looked like and modesty at this point was mute. I guess he was right. I giggled and walked back to the bedroom and threw back the covers from the bed. Sneaking between the sheets, I grabbed the middle pillow and curled up into a ball. I was tired and I wanted to take a little nap.

Someone turned off the music and turned back on the film. It had finished and we never noticed. I hate static over a tv sound system. The guys were trying hard to remember the last thing they watched on the tape. I could care less at that point. I was drifting off to sleep with the music of their voices talking together in quiet companionship. I hope I didn't snore.

Sometime later they must have joined me. I never felt them come to bed but I did feel the arms wrapping themselves around me and pulling me back to a hairy chest. I still couldn't wake up, so I just snuggled down remembering that someone kissed the top of my head and whispered to have a pleasant snooze for now. I think I smiled at that. I don't remember. I do remember dreaming that my back was getting licked and nibbled. It was a pleasant feeling. Then I remember having my shoulder nipped gently. That felt good too. Funny how dreams can feel so real sometimes. While I was drifting up out of my slumber I realized that it wasn't a dream. There was a mouth on my back and shoulders and it was moving up to my neck. I tipped my head away from it, exposing more flesh when I was rolled over so the mouth could explore the V under my chin. Little soft licks of a warm, wet tongue were traveling up to my jaw. Nibbles that were sending lovely goose bumps all over my chest. First a trail of the tongue, then a mouth nibbling where the tongue was. Sometimes nips with exposed teeth, sometimes not. Hands started to follow where the tongue blazed a trail. A mouth covered mine tenderly, then left there to find another place to kiss. I felt hands massaging my arms and hands. Kisses caressed wherever a hand had been. The trail moved to my abdomen, tongue circling my belly button, moving down to the triangle of dark curls just above my pussy. The hands moved my thighs apart as the body moved to lie between my legs. The hands grabbed my calves and bent my knees so I was totally open to the mouth that was moving down further. Seeking the valley below, the tongue found my clit again and sucked it in deeply. I moaned softly. I was waking up.

My eyes still weren't focusing, but my brain told me that I was being woken up by an expert. The question was which expert? I raised up on my elbows so I could watch what was being done, finding Ranger back where he'd always said he wanted to wake up at, between my thighs, eating pussy. Just the sight of his head there made me juice again in his mouth. The appreciative groan he gave me let me know he realized I was awake now and he was just getting started.

Well I had my own plans to add to this little interlude. I grabbed his head with my hands and pressed my pelvis against his mouth all the tighter. He hit that button again and got another mouthful. I quietly told him to save the next one I did for me. He looked up at me quizzidly and I told him not to swallow. I wanted it in my mouth. The grin I got from that man was wonderful, as back down he went for more juice. When he caught the next mouthful, he crawled up across me and kissed me deeply, letting me drink the honey that I had just given him. With the press of his erection against my pubic bone and the taste of my love juice on my lips, I came unglued. It was my turn to eat.

Now I'm not a tall person, so my lower center of gravity does give some assistance in leverage. And I am a strong gal for my size, so by catching him unaware, I flipped him on his back and straddled his face so I could get at that slab of meat between his legs. I was in a hurry this time and I dove right in taking his rod as deep within my mouth as I could. Sucking in my cheeks I put a lip grip on his cock as it throbbed to a new awakening hardness. Up and down the length of his shaft I moved my head. I could feel the tension in his legs build. His balls were pulled up tight in the sac, right up under the base of that lovely, blood engorged rod of his. What a beautiful sight to someone that appreciates the male body, and I appreciate it totally. The silkiness of the shaft, the ridges on the sac, the ability of the balls to roll within the confines of your mouth or your hand, all these things make me hotter than hell. I tried to slow down a little, so I moved away from the cock and started to lick where the leg and pelvis meet. I let my tongue guide my mouth to under the cheeks of his ass when I raised his leg so I could get my head there. Now in doing this, I had moved out of 'mouth' reach for Ranger, but his hands could still reach all the areas he had just kissed and he was playing my finely tuned instrument in a different manner with his fingertip. Strumming a new tune for me to dance to and I was loving the dance so far. When my mouth finally made contact with his bum hole, he nearly shot his load on my chest. Instead, he turned the tables on me and flipped me on my back again. Growling at me that I was not going to be on top this time. I wasn't

With one knee pushing my legs apart, Ranger thrust home hard and deep. He lifted my legs up to his chest, my feet tucked behind his head and he drove straight down in to a hot pussy. One of his hands started rubbing my clit and the river broke loose again. The fluids escaping me with each pull back of his, ran down the crack of my ass onto the bed. I lay my hand on top of my pussy so his cock was sliding between my fingers, soaking my hand with my own moisture. Taking one finger of that wet hand in my mouth I sucked it dry before extending the hand to his mouth to lick. That was all it took for him to go over the top again and I wasn't far behind as I felt his cock expand inside me and empty it's pent up seed deep in my folds. I saw stars as he lie on my chest catching his breath.

"Now that's the way I've always wanted to be woken up. Watching my wife get fucked silly by another man in the same bed with us. Thank you Ranger". I guess Ranger and I hadn't been as quiet as we thought we had been.

Hubby had gotten his forty winks in and awakening to a site he'd been fantasizing about for a long time, me getting hammered by someone else sharing our bed was the impetus he needed to lean over and deliver a long, slow kiss to my waiting mouth. Ranger rolled over to his side of the bed, leaned on one elbow and gallantly told Hubby it was his turn. I turned toward my awaiting prince and asked how he'd like to be served. "On my face!" was the reply. I'd been smiling so much that night I thought my face was going to split. "My pleasure" I said turning so my tush was in his face and his cock under my breasts.

I let the tips of my tits brush against him lightly and I held myself just above his mouth temptingly. He had to reach up with his tongue to sample the mixture of my juices and the cum from Ranger's load. I wasn't sure how well this was going to be welcomed but when his hands forced my hips lower, I got the idea he was enjoying the flavors I was dripping into his mouth.

Just the thought that he was cleaning me up, fired my rockets again. Moaning softly, I took that bouncing cock deep within my mouth. I wasn't going to make this a fast one, but having just hit one plateau with Ranger, I found that my next level up the mountain was close behind and for once I was in a hurry. I wanted to see how quickly I could get those balls to clinch and shoot a load . Between my breasts bouncing against his belly, my hair lying between his legs and my mouth pumping up and down his cock, it didn't take long for me to fell his rod jump within my mouth signaling he was close to exploding. When his mouth pulled on my clit and I pulled on the head of his shaft, it was all over but the crying.

Hands caressed my back and butt as I lay there. I was too tired to move even when a warm, wet cloth wiped my face. Gentle hands rolled me back on the bed. Strong arms lifted me so my head rest back on the pillow. When Ranger crawled back into bed, I snuggled up behind him, Hubby snuggled up behind me and the last thing I remember were the hands on my hip and leg. Two men keeping their lady warm under the covers. I slept like a baby that night, protected from the world, loved to death. What a nice way to die and go to heaven huh?

So now you know the story of the evening's delights. But like all good things they had to end eventually. It was late when we woke up and after having brunch in the restaurant, we departed to home and the real world once again. It was tough to go, for all of us. We'd found something none of us thought possible. Two other individuals that like pieces of a puzzle, fit together so very well. Was it hard to walk away? You bet it was. Distance in a real pain in the ass when you find a good friend and they don't live in the same neighborhood. Meeting Ranger was like reacquainting ourselves with a long lost friend. Will we get together again? Now what do you think? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?

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