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Once You Go Black...?
by Delilahbaby

I stared in the mirror in the bathroom. I smiled at what it showed me. A beautiful face with full lips and blue eyes and a head full of big blond curls. I was dressed in a tight new skirt I had just bought and a adorable little tank top. How sad I was wasting such a cute outfit on a boring night at my friend Michelle's house. I had no bra on and yet my amazing tits hung perfectly with not a hint of sag. I ran my hands over the front of my shirt and over my nipples. I was so horny and stuck here with not a male in sight.

I walked out of the bathroom and suddenly saw two guys sitting in the living room with Chelle. I was a little shocked. Was it a prayer answered from above? One was a guy I had seen before around campus and knew Michelle had a crush on, the other was a very attractive black guy. I had never dated a black guy before but for some reason they had always turned me on. The smooth black skin, the luscious lips, the confidence, plus the promise of well endowment. I went over and sat next to him and smoothly sized him up. He was tall, very well built, and looked so good. Michelle and her man were kissing and getting very close. "So, may I ask your name?" he asked. I smiled a dazzling smile.

"It's Delilah, what's yours?" I asked in a flirty voice.

"Billy. You have a great name Delilah. I see the whole temptress theme fits u well."

"Now why would you think I'm a temptress!? Don't I look sweet and innocent."

"You do but you're so sexy. I know you gotta be aware of what you do to a man."

"And what's that?" I asked leaning over and kissing him. We were all over each other. His hand went up my shirt and he squeezed my tits and pinched my nipples. He took one of my hands and placed it on the bulge in his pants.

"That's what you do baby," he said between kissed. I wanted him so bad. I pulled away and stood up. I slid my skirt down to the floor and moved it out of the way. I had a little pair of black panties on. I let him slid those off of me. "Damn baby, you look so good. You got me rock hard already." I smiled when he said this and helped him pull his shirt off. I got on my knees and pulled his jeans and boxers off. When I first saw his swollen dick I was in shock. It was so long, not only long but thick. I could feel my pussy begging for it already. "Come here," he said and lay me on the couch.

or the first time I looked over and saw Michelle sucking dick for all she was worth while her guy buried his tongue in her snatch. I smiled at them then focused again on the pleasure I was about have. He climbed on op of me and began to suck my nipples. It felt wonderful and they were rock hard. He sucked softly which only teased me and I begged him to do it harder. He slid a finger down to my kitty and slid it in.

"All nice and read for me baby," he whispered as he found my clit and began to tease it. I moaned deeply and begged him to fuck me now. He positioned the head of his huge cock near my slit. I felt him sliding in slowly and gasp. I was so tight I began to wonder if I could take meat like that. Suddenly he shoved it in deeply. I dug my nails into his back and moaned. He began to pump in and out with perfect rhythm. It took a few strokes to get used to but my tight pussy made room for him and he began to get even better motion going on. He bit on my nipples hard as his big black dick rammed into my hairless little white cunt. I loved every moment of the fucking I was getting.

"Fuck me harder. Make it hurt baby. Fuck me with that beautiful black dick," I moaned. He started to slid out of me and before he was all the way out he rammed it back in. I was taking a pounding now as he repeated it over and over. Damn he was so deep inside me when he rammed back in each time. I was moaning for him. Begging for more.

"You love this don't you baby. U needed to be fucked like this didn't you," Billy said. I screamed for more. He smiled and suddenly I was being lifted and in one swift move he flipped me over and had me on my knees. He pounded my doggystyle. I was getting it so hard and fast from behind I felt myself getting closer to coming. I began to finger my own clit to bring me closer.

"Oh Billy I'm close. Faster. I need to cum so bad. Ah, fuck...fuck me...!" I felt my climax nearing and from the sounds of the noises Billy was making his was almost there too. "I'm fixing to CUM. Pound into me baby. Harder. Like that. it cums!" The crashing waves of a huge orgasm hit me. He didn't stop either he went faster and faster until finally after I came again I felt him finally cum, shooting a hot load deep inside me. We collapsed on the couch together exhausted. He pulled me in his arms and kissed me as our sweaty bodies pressed together.

"That was amazing." I sighed happily and kissed him.

"It's not over yet baby. U and are going to have a lot more fun tonight," he said with a sexy smile. I couldn't wait.


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