The Best Erotic Stories.

by Zimmy

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Val couldn't imagine why Jean wanted to see her. And even more curiously, Val didn't know why she had agreed to meet her after work as Jean had asked. Val was the boss, damn it, and she ran the small business, she co-owned with her husband, with an iron fist. She treated employees like the disposable commodity they were, so it was very out of character for her to agree to anything an employee asked. But there was something about the way the way Jean had looked at her, something in her gut, that made Val agree.

Val stopped in the company restroom before leaving to freshen up. She splashed cold water on her face, and looked at her reflection in the mirror. "Not bad.", she thought to herself. 45 years old, but still trim, about 5'6" and 135 pounds. Val wore her hair rather short, and didn't use hardly any makeup. Her breasts were small, and her oversize glasses complimented her dark, Mediterranean complexion. Men found her attractive, or at least they used to. When she was younger, quite a bit younger, she'd been what her mother called "wild". Of course this was back in the 70's, and two marriages had tamed her considerably.

The first marriage started out the way she thought all marriages should be. He worked, she stayed home and raised their two kids and they had missionary style sex, twice a month. But after a few years she got involved in a couple of affairs with acquaintances. She found that she liked sex a lot more than her husband did, especially oral sex, which her husband, neither gave nor received. However her affairs lead to divorce, and to her losing custody of the kids. After a couple of years her current husband came along, a nice older man, who owned his own business. Val had, for the past few years, channeled her energy into the business. She was back to an even more boring sex life, but she was willing to accept the trade-off.

Now, as Val headed to the car, she felt the anxiety about the meeting with Jean return. Her husband was at the Country Club, probably half sloshed by now, as usual. He had pretty much allowed Val to take over the business, while he socialized with his poker buddies every night. Val knew she wouldn't even be required to make an excuse for the meeting, as her husband wouldn't be home until late, and then he usually slept in the den. He only came into their bed when he wanted sex, which had gotten less and less often as the years passed. Val could do whatever she wanted, as long as she didn't do anything which her husband considered disrespectful. That meant drinking, being with other men, or anything else her husband felt that a "proper" wife shouldn't do.

In a way Val felt imprisoned, but she'd come to feel that there was no other option for her. She ran the business, had her girlfriends, shopped, and watched the years pass by. She'd gotten drunk at a wedding party once, and danced with several of the men. The memory of that night, now over three years ago, still excited her. She had been very aroused by the attention she was getting from the men, and she let several of them feel her ass as they danced. She remembered especially the feel of one of the men's dick as it hardened against her as they danced. It had felt so big, and when the man had pressed it into her she responded in kind. But then her husband had dragged her from the dance floor, to the car, where he had struck her several times. He beat her everyday for a week, until Val was sufficiently submissive to his demands.

She would never do it again, but the memories of that night were her frequent vision as she masturbated herself to orgasm in her empty bed. She'd even purchased a dildo, through the mail of course, and she liked to lick it, pretending it was the penis of that man she danced with that night. Sometimes Val thought it was her frustration with her life that caused her to be such a hard ass at work. She'd feel bad about how she treated the employees, especially the females, but they needed to learn that life sucked, so they might as well learn it now.

Val thought about Jean. She was relatively new to the company and worked in the sales department. It was really a smallish company, with only about 40 employees, and Val remembered interviewing Jean before she hired her. She'd been the only female applicant for the position, and it didn't hurt things that she was black too. Val liked to give women the chance, but after hiring them, she found herself treating them worse than the men. Most of the employees were probably scared of her, Val thought. Scared, but they treated her with respect. Jean too, had always treated her with respect, especially after Val had really jumped her the second week she was there.

It had been a simple mistake, and a common one too. But Val had really let Jean have it, in front of other employees too. Val knew that Jean resented it, but there wasn't anything Jean could do. Val was the boss, period. And in the current economic situation neither Jean, nor anybody else at the company, could afford to lose their job.

But Val had seen a different look in Jean's eyes tonight. Not fear, not even respect, but maybe a little cocky confidence. Although Jean was near Val's age, she was quite different. In addition to being black, Jean had never been married, nor had any kids. She had a good education and had held some good jobs in the past. She was an intelligent, independent woman, and Val was a little jealous of her. Jean also had a great set of tits, something else Val was envious of. Jean was taller than Val, and somewhat heavier. Jean was, what used to be called, voluptuous. She was desired by nearly all the men at the company, and even Val's husband had made a comment to her about how he'd like to get at "a real set of tits". Val had suffered the insult silently.

It was about 7 pm, everyone else had long since gone home. Val walked to the car and headed off the meet Jean at this seedy little roadside diner that Jean had named. It only took about 15 minutes to get there, and Val parked the car and walked in. There were several people there, and Val was aware that the place was more of a little honky tonk bar than a diner. Several beers sign glowed in the window as she approached, and she could hear the jukebox playing, as the patrons nursed their beers. As she entered, she saw Jean in a back booth, and headed over.

Jean always dressed sharp at work, and she'd not changed her apparel. Val sat opposite her and, before they could speak, a waitress appeared at the table asking if Val needed to see a menu. She did, and one was produced, upon which Val looked at the selections. Jean eyed her from across the table.

"I've already ordered, so you just get whatever you desire, sugar." Jean continued to visually size up Val, looking at her from head to table. "I know you have desires, honey, so you hurry up and decide. Besides, you're going to need a full stomach for what I have to say."

Val looked up at Jean, "What do you mean by that?" But Jean didn't answer before the waitress returned and took Val's order. Then, they were alone. The aroma of beer hung around them and an old Jimmy Buffet tune wafted on the air.

"You've been awful mean to me at work. Not just me either, everybody, but especially the girls. You have something against women?"

"Of course not!" Val replied. "I wouldn't have hired you in the first place if I had something against women."

"Well, it's all going to stop right now! Do you like running that company?"

"Of course I do." Said Val.

"It's really your husband's company isn't it?"

"Yes, but I have complete control to do what I want." Val answered.

"Yea, I've seen him down there, gawking at my titties." Jean could see Val turn slightly red, and she knew she'd hit a direct blow. "He likes my big titties doesn't he?"

Val looked back at Jean, and felt that something was going on here. Jean was looking at her like a animal in a trap. Thoughts of how her husband treated her flashed through her head, and she was suddenly quite afraid. If her husband set this up Val was in trouble. If he even found out she was at this place he'd likely beat her. And if he took the business control from her she'd die. Jean looked at her the way her husband looked at her. Val felt very small.

"Did you hear me? I asked you if your husband likes my titties. You don't really have to answer, we both know he does. He told you, didn't he?"

"Yes." Val answered meekly. Now she was certain that her husband was behind this, how else could have known what her husband told her.

"I thought so." Said Jean. "I know because the old bastard put his hands on them once and told me he wanted to taste them."

Val was shocked! Her husband had never shown her any kind of animal lust like that, it seemed so out of character. But looking at Jean, and her tits, she was certain her husband had done exactly as Jean said.

"You haven't got much for tits, do you?" Jean asked harshly.

Val was in a trance, and answered without thinking, "No".

"You like my tits too, don't you?" Jean pushed.

"Yes." Val was broken. She just wanted to get away, for this to be over. But she knew that Jean wanted something. And answering her questions would speed this up, so she could go hide in her disgrace.

"You wish you had tits like mine? Instead of those pathetic little bumps of yours!"

Val nodded her head, and reddened from the embarrassment of making such an admission. At work she was the boss. But now, Jean was in control.

"I want you to look at something. An old friend of mine gave these to me. Pretty interesting, wouldn't you agree?" Jean spread out 5 Polaroids on the table in front of Val. They were pictures of Val, engaging in oral sex with a man whose face didn't show. One showed Val on her knees, naked from the waist up. The second showed her pulling a hardening penis from a pair of boxers. Two of the pictures showed her sucking on the penis, her hand wrapped around the shaft, her eyes closed and a look of pleasure on her face. The last was worst. It showed her licking the end of the penis as it erupted semen, which had already splashed against her cheek, and run down over her chest. One of her hands still gripped the penis as it squirted, and the other was rubbing some of the come onto her hard little nipple.

Val looked at the pictures in disbelief. Of course she remembered the night they were taken, many years before, just after her first marriage ended. It had been a brief affair, with a married man. But God the sex had been great. They had taken several pictures that night, some using his tripod. Maybe a couple of boxes...twenty total? But she'd seen him destroy them when they ended the affair. At the time he'd had much more to lose by the pictures existing than she did, so she'd believed he'd destroyed them all. But now she could see that he'd kept some where his face wasn't shown.

Val began to panic. Her husband wouldn't care if the pictures were taken before she even met him. Her husband would never approve of his wife giving head to anybody. Oral sex, again, was not a part of their sex life, and she'd come to accept that. He'd beat her! He'd beat her for a long time. He'd beat her, and divorce her, and take away everything she had. No more home, no more company. No friends, no shopping, nothing! It would all be gone.

Val looked at Jean, thinking if there was anything she could do to prevent her from giving the pictures to her husband. And just like that, she heard herself mouth, very softly, those very words.

"What did you ask?" Jean was smiling very happily. She had this skinny bitch right where she wanted her. She wanted Val to feel the humiliation of being ordered around by another person, and being powerless to do anything about it. She wanted to get back at her for disrespecting her in front of her co-workers. She had an idea.

"I said, Is there anything I can do, so that you won't show those pictures to my husband?"

"Yes." Jean looked at Val. She wasn't unattractive, but she sure seemed to go out of her way to not attract men. And from the pictures, it sure looked like Val, at least at one time, had certainly liked men. Maybe she should again, thought Jean. "Take off your glasses." Jean ordered.

"What?" Asked the startled Val.

"I'm not going to repeat it. You heard me. I'm not going to repeat any order I give you, do you understand? I'm going to tell you once. Only once. If you don't do what I say, there will be punishment. If after punishment you still don't obey, I go straight to your husband with these pictures. Do you understand?" Jean spoke slowly, and forcefully to Val. She could see Val was confused. She might agree to what Jean wanted, or she might run out of there and do God knows what. Jean knew it was a crucial moment.

Val was scared to death. She was scared of what Jean might do, but she was even more afraid of what she knew her husband would do. She could run away. She could go to her husband and try to explain. She could grab the pictures and destroy them, them deny everything. She looked at Jean, then down again at the pictures.

Reasoning with her husband was useless, that option was out. She might be able to grab the pictures, but she doubted she could get away from Jean with them. Jean was bigger, and stronger. Besides, there might be more pictures, or copies. And her husband wouldn't believe her if Jean told him she'd seen pictures of his dutiful little wife servicing another man with her mouth. No, her husband would look at those big tits, and that round, black ass of Jeans, and believe every word of it. On top of it all, Val was a lousy liar anyway, her husband would know it was true.

Looking at the pictures brought back memories to Val of her period of sexual activity. It had been fun, she thought. Maybe even worth it. Val looked up at Jean, into her big brown eyes. Val didn't think Jean would really hurt her, not like her husband definitely would. She really only had one choice.

"I understand." Val finally said. Then she took off her glasses, folded them and set them on the table. Val's vision wasn't that bad. She couldn't read the signs over the bar, but she sure saw the look of triumph in Jean's eyes.

"Don't look in my eyes." Jean ordered, and Val's gaze dropped to Jean's chest. "I thought so, you flat chested little bitch. You want my tits. Take off your bra!"

Val's eyes went wide at the order. Her face turned red, and she hesitated, trying to glance around the bar to see who might be watching. Jean reached across the table with both hands, grabbed the two sides of Val's blouse and pulled them apart until a button popped off. "That's your punishment. Perhaps another button?"

Val saw that her blouse was now unfastened to about breast high. She knew the fabric would stay in place enough to cover her, as long as no more buttons were removed. She quickly untucked her blouse, and reached up inside it to unfasten the bra. She then slid the straps off of her shoulders, one arm at a time, and slid them out over her hands, freeing the bra. Val placed the bra on the seat beside her, now conscious of the air caressing her naked nipples. Val thought I don't really need a bra anyway, I just wear the damn thing because my husband feels that only tramps go without.

Val started to tuck her blouse back into her skirt when Jean said, "No, leave it out." Val obeyed at once this time. "Put your hands on the seat beside you." Jean ordered, and Val complied. Jean reached forward, and slipped her hand inside of Val's blouse. She found Val's nipples and began tweaking them, bringing them to arousal. "Pathetic, but your little nipples sure get hard, don't they?" Val nodded yes.

"Do men like them? Little boy titties like these?" Jean was humiliating Val.

"Some men do." Answered Val. Neither of her husbands had liked them much, but Val had been with men who seemed to really like her flat chest.

"Do you see one in here who does?" Jean asked. There were only about a dozen men in the bar, most of them with women. "How about that one?" Jean indicated with a nod of her head an man seated at the bar by himself. He was 50 ish, over weight, and had on a wedding ring. "Let's just see." Said Jean as she got up and approached the man.

Val started shaking with fear. What was Jean going to do? Ask the man if he liked her tits? Or was she going to want more? Proof that the man liked them. What would she do, allow the man to touch her? Her husband would kill her for that. But what choice did she have? And why the hell was her pussy getting wet when she thought about a strange man putting his hands on her?

Jean returned to the booth rather quickly, and she was not in a good mood. "Son of a bitch thinks I'm a whore! Can you believe that?" Jean turned and looked into Val's eyes. "He wanted to know how much for a hand job. I told him $20, but that I wouldn't be the one doing it."

Val felt her stomach do flip flops. "When he goes into the bathroom, you follow. I'll make sure nobody else goes in while you're in there. When you come back to the table, I want to be able to see his come on your tits. How you get it there is up to you, he expects a hand job. You can jack him off, blow him, whatever you want. Just make sure he comes on those bumps of yours. Do you understand?"

Val nodded slowly. She could feel the wetness between her legs again. She watched as someone came out of the restroom, and the man went in. She steeled herself, then rose from the booth and followed. Her cunt was liquid, and her breath was quick. Damn her she thought. Damn her, but thank God for her. I need this in my life, I've just been too afraid to do it for myself.

Val entered the restroom, and saw the man leaning against the sink. He was looking at Val like she was a prime cut of steak, and she liked it. Val undid the rest of her blouses buttons, and let it slip from her shoulders. The man smiled at her even more, and she saw his eyes drop to her tits. He did like them! Val lowered her eyes to the very obvious bulge in the mans jeans. Her tongue snuck its way out of the corner of her mouth, and Val knew she had to wrap her mouth around the mans cock.

Val dropped to her knees in front of the man, and unzipped his pants. The man stood up, and shifted his weight, spreading his legs and giving her more access. Val reached inside the zipper, and felt the stiff cock trapped inside the briefs. She rubbed it quickly, and gave it a squeeze. Val knew she needed more, so she reached up and undid the mans belt and snap, opening the pants and pulling them down to his knees. The big cock was straining against the white briefs, begging for release.

Val reached inside the briefs and stroked the cock. She then pulled the underwear down to the jeans and smiled as the fat prick bobbed right in front of her face. She stroked it lovingly with both hands, and she felt the pre-come oozing from the opening in the head. The man was circumcised, and the head felt velvety soft. She smeared the pre-come over the head, and heard the man moan with pleasure. Val began a rhythmic pumping of the cock with her hands. She looked up at the man, and his eyes were closed. Her eyes then focused on the wonderful organ in her hands.



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Zimmy.

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