The Best Erotic Stories.

by Muse

"And what price would you pay for your passion?" the warmly erotic voice questioned into my ear.

"I have submitted to a blindfold for your amusement," I responded.

"Not good enough. The blindfold is to make you more comfortable with the little 'play' we are going to be performing. I repeat, what price would you pay for your passion?" the distinctly male voice questioned again.

"I don't know," I whispered.

"If you are unwilling to give yourself in the name of passion, I might as well send you away." the voice conjectured.

I let out a soft cry, "No, no . . . I will give myself."

"Good answer," the voice whispered into my ear.

I am standing in a dark room, lead here by the most beautiful music. The sensuality of it draws me in. The piano sounds like it is weeping while stirring in me a sense of wonder. As I opened the door, the music ceased and I felt the blindfold slip over my eyes. Of course I panicked at first. But the voice, the beautiful, erotic hypnotic voice assured me that I would not be harmed. Then the questions come. After answering, I hear the music begin again, yet the voice, or should I say presence, is still behind me.

"Are you enjoying the music?" my mysterious voice quizzed. I nodded in the affirmative. "Such beautiful music should shed inhibitions by its very nature, don't you agree?" I was asked.

I murmured "Yes."

"Then why don't you undress to it's voice? Don't you hear it seducing you to do so?" I smelled candles being lit around the room.

I reached up to unbutton the first button on my blouse. I felt a hand touch my arm. "Up here," the voice directed. I am lead to steps which I slowly climb. One, two, to finally the third. The floor is hard beneath me, but I am afraid to move much for fear of falling. The voice whispers in my ear, "You have plenty of room to move, you may move with the music if you wish." I slowly start to sway as my hands slowly unbutton my blouse. When I complete my task, my shirt is completely open. "Nicely done," the voice compliments, "Now, what about the pants?" My hands move to the belt which I undo. My hands follow to the button and zipper.

I pause to sigh. "Who is watching me, and what are they thinking of me?" I thought.

"Please continue, aren't you enjoying the music?" the voice beckons. With trembling hands, I drop my pants and step out of them. With an economy of motion and a lack of pride, I shrug off the shirt.

Standing in my bra and panties, I know that my nipples are puckered. Although I don't want it to be, the music and the requests are playing havoc with my emotions. I know nothing except that I am getting wet and the music seems to allow me a veil that I can maintain some measure of composure. A different voice from across the room says "Your body is lovely, won't you please discard the rest of your clothing?" I begin to shake. I hear the music's tone switch subtly to a more caressing and enveloping one. Chopin, I muse? "Do you wish for the music to stop?" the voice behind me hisses. I reach behind me to undo the hook and eye enclosures. When undone, I shrug the garment from my chest. Now all the voices can see the evidence of my desire, my nipples fully erect, hard as little rocks.

I shift to bring my arms to my chest and from across the room, I hear a guttural "NO. Show us the rest," the voice intoned. I take a deep breath and hook my thumbs in my underwear to slowly lower them from around my hips.

The music takes on an urgency. I shift from one leg to the other. My vagina has swollen and my clitoris peeps out from between my labia. "Beautiful," the erotic voice states. I hear several murmur their agreement. I am so hot. Why does the degradation of being on display for these faceless entities fill me with such desire? I feel a hand on my shoulder. It slowly draws me back. "Nothing to fear, just pleasure" the voice quietens. I sit back into a chair. It is an unusual feeling. The seat and back are velvet, warm and soft against my skin. My hands feel two arms to either side. They are wooden, but are covered with the same soft velvet at the armrest. I slowly feel one hand caress my left leg. It slowly cups the back of my knee and places it over the arm of the chair. My breathing takes on the urgency of the music being played. I feel a different hand do the same with my right leg. I am sitting spread leg for everyone and God to see how aroused I am. I hear the voice behind me whisper, "Do you know how lovely your little rosy cunt looks on that burgundy velvet?" I close my eyes behind the mask and feel the moisture trickle from my vagina down the crevice between it and my anus. I am so embarrassed yet so turned on.

A voice whispers in my ear, "Take your hands to your pussy and play with yourself." I hesitate. I feel someone take my left hand and another take my right hand and place them between my open legs.

"Please give yourself to us." my erotic watcher requests. I slowly part the labia to get to the inner lips. Finding the end of the clit, I slowly start to stroke down the length of the clit to get to the entrance of the vagina. I reach in with a finger and draw out some of the moisture there and proceed back upwards, distributing the silky liquid along the way. As the music builds, I feel a pair of hands steal down my chest to slowly encircle my breasts. The slow caresses are matching my strokes. I feel the fingers working the nipples, plucking at them As my fingers work my clit, I am being worked by a mysterious pair of hands up top and as I slowly work towards the culmination of my orgasm, a long thick finger slips its way into my vagina.

As my hips start to heave the finger works back and forth while I rub myself with an ferocity that leads to an orgasm that causes pale rose and white lights to explode in my head. I unconsciously hold my breath as the orgasm peaks. I feel the hands at my breasts slowly withdraw and the finger inside me slowly pull out.

"A beautiful display of passion," the voice complimented. "Thank you for giving yourself to us." The music slowly drifted away and I felt myself covered with a shawl. I heard the breaths expel as the candles were extinguished. I slowly aroused from my daze and pulled the blindfold off. The room was empty, only smoke wisping from the still warm candles were any evidence that anyone else was present in the room with me.


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