The Best Erotic Stories.

by Sean Matthews

Today, of all days, your lover decided to have his friends over for a poker game. Thinking you would have the evening alone with him, you splurged on a manicure, facial, and a new hair cut. When you got home, your lover told you how much fun tonight would be when his "friends" came over. He didn't even notice your new look. Well, yes he did. He told you that you didn't have to dress up for his friends and to go change into something less, well, distracting.

You began to breathe deeply, just like all the shrinks say you should when you get upset. Going into your room, you mutter, "Distracting, huh? I'll give you distracting."

Standing before your closet, you chose your shortest skirt and lowest cut blouse. A black skirt with leather around the waist and thin fabric flaring from your perfect hips and a sheer white blouse designed to show of your lacy bras. Maybe his friends would appreciate what he obviously did not. Picking out your favorite matching bra and thong set, (a lacy red set that leaves very little to the imagination), and your black heels to complete your ensemble.

As the guests start to arrive, you go to the front room to greet them. It's obvious your lover's friends were very appreciative of your efforts but your lover looked pissed. He didn't say anything, but he gave you that, "I can't believe you are embarrassing me in front of the guys" look. I was the last to arrive, venturing a small peck on your cheek before sitting down. "You look fantastic." I say, looking directly into your eyes. It is difficult to look at anything BUT your gorgeous body in that outfit, but I manage.

At this point, we start the poker game. You bring us snacks and drinks throughout the game, not because you want to be the dutiful lover, but because you know it's pissing off your lover. Despite the distraction, your lover does fairly well. Between him and me, we cleaned out Dave and Ed, leaving just us two. That is when I begin to take control of the game and your lover sees his pot dwindle away to nothing. Not wanting the game to end, he tried to bargain with me. He just drew into a full house (3 Kings and 2 Jacks), and felt VERY confident about taking this pot. "Honey, come here for a second." He called.

When you get there, he said, "What do you think? Should I bet everything?"

Looking at the cards, you say, "Sure."

Your lover sat up a little straighter in his chair and looked directly into my eyes. "If I win this hand, I get ALL the money in the pot." You looked confident; thinking of all the ways you could spend the money. I looked at you and smiled. You looked great like that.

"And if you win," he continued and pointed to you, "She will do ANYTHING you say for the rest of the night." Your mouth dropped and you began to stammer out a string of curses, but I interrupted with my acceptance of the terms.

Your lover placed his cards on the table and proudly exclaimed, "Full House. Kings over Jacks." And started pulling the pot towards himself.

"Well, all I have is two pairs. I have one pair of threes, and another pair of threes." I put my cards on the table and look directly at you with lust unbridled in my eyes. "I guess I win you for the night."

Your lover did not meet your glaring gaze. He lost the most beautiful woman he had even known in a poker game. It was almost a cruel joke. He tried to say he was just kidding, but he knew the bet was valid. You are all mine for the night.

I can see your mind running through your options. You begin to say you have nothing to do with that asshole's bet, but you really thought he would win and you were going to spend the money if he won. Steeling yourself, you reach for my hand and try to take me to the bedroom. You figure a quick blowjob and a doggie style fuck would wear me out to the point that I wouldn't be able to ask for anymore. In fact, you think, you may even let me cum in your mouth. That would show that asshole that he shouldn't have bet you in the game. Surprisingly, I don't follow you into the room.

"Hold on there, Baby. The bet was that you would do anything I tell you to for the rest of the night. I don't recall telling you that I want to go to the bedroom. I think I want another drink. But there is a catch. Every time I see you, I want you to be wearing less clothing. Let's start out with those pretty heels. Hand them over."

This is getting worse and worse. "I am NOT taking my clothes off in front of these guys! That wasn't part of the deal!"

"Oh, but it was. You have to do ANYTHING I say. And now I say you will address me as Master." Oh, the look in your eyes when I made my demand for you to submit to my perverted desires was priceless. The smoldering look in your eyes would have melted the will of most men. It is obvious that you are not used to submitting to anyone.

You take a deep breath, bend down to take off your heels and say, "Yes, Master."

As you turn to go to the kitchen, you hear me say, "Just a reminder, Sweetheart. You need to take off something else before you come back in." You stop dead in your tracks but don't turn around. You know if you saw my face right at this moment, you would say something. You resume your deep breathing as you hear my laughter in the background and resume your trek into the kitchen. Upon entering, you walk to the fridge, hoping the cool air will temper the heat you are feeling right now. Grabbing a beer, you try to decide which article of clothing you would take off next. Of all days not to wear pantyhose. That wouldn't be too bad. You decide to take off your panties because I wouldn't see any more of you than I already had. You decide that if you are going to submit, you are going to do it on your own terms. You place the tiny underwear around the neck of the beer bottle and re-enter the front room.

"Here you go.......Master," you say frostily. I smile and tell you that Ed is looking a little thirsty. "Why don't you be a good little girl and fetch HIM a beer now."

You know I could have told you to get him a beer while you were getting me one, but I wanted to torment you. You go into the kitchen again and take off your sheer blouse, rationalizing that I had already seen that, too. You also grab two beers to save a trip back into the kitchen when I tell you to get Dave a beer also. Upon reentering the front room, you hand me your blouse, Ed a beer and try to hand Dave the other. "No, thanks. I'm not thirsty," he says.

You look at me just in time to see my evil grin. "I guess you need to take it back so it doesn't get warm." As I am saying that, you spin quickly and stalk back to the kitchen. As you spin, you unwittingly give us a preview of your tight ass. You begin to worry that you will have to uncover something that I haven't seen yet. You stand in front of the open refrigerator until you hear me tell you to hurry back. Then you resume your deep breathing and reach back to unfasten your bra. You go back into the front room determined not to show any embarrassment. You decide not to give me the satisfaction. You are still feeling flush, but you begin to struggle with the fact that it doesn't feel as much like anger anymore. Could it be that you enjoyed showing off your tight body in front of all these men?

All eyes are on your breasts as you come back into the room. You look at your lover briefly and see the jealousy in his eyes. Since you met him, he has been the only man to see your luscious breasts. Now you had three other pairs of eyes enjoying the sight. You have to admit to yourself that you enjoy the attention you are receiving. You look down on the floor next to my foot and notice that my beer is empty. Without thinking, you bend over at the waist and pick it up. As you reach for the beer, you feel my fingers easily work their way into your pussy. You pause there, resisting the temptation to purr seductively. "Hey, wait a second." You think to yourself, "How did he slip his fingers in so easily?" The answer horrifies and excites you. You realize your pussy is soaking wet.

You stand up slowly and tell me, "Master, you look like you could use another beer. May I get you one?" The words surprise you, but you decide that you want to fulfill my every desire.

"Sure, I think I could use another one."

This time as you spin around, you notice the breeze and enjoy it. You hurriedly get the beer and take off that confining skirt. You want to be naked for the eyes that enjoyed your breasts. You are glad you decided to shave your pussy this morning, giving you the feeling of complete nudity you know I will enjoy.

You bend down on one knee and present me my beer. You lick your lips and breathily ask me if there is ANYTHING else you can do for me. You glance down at my crotch and hope I ask you to suck the obvious bulge your brazen actions has caused. I look at my friends and decide to let them enjoy the sight of you with me. "Go get some of your favorite toys. I want to see you fuck yourself."

As you walk to your room, you reach into a shoebox even your lover doesn't know about and get out a long, thick dildo and a pocket rocket vibrator. You return to see the coffee table cleared off and me, Ed and Dave spread out on your large couch. You sit on the coffee table and spread your legs. Your mouth takes in the long fake cock and the vibrator buzzes over your nipples. Oh, My Gawd, you look like you could deep throat the guy in Boogie Nights.

You look into my eyes and say, "Anything worth doing is worth doing ...nasty, Master." After getting the fake cock wet with your saliva, you let it run between your breasts and down to your bald pussy. You pause at the entrance of your pussy for dramatic effect, then push the thickness into your slit. You try to keep your eyes focused on mine but as you bring the pocket rocket down to your clit, you can't help but throw your head back. The sound coming from your lips can only be described as pure, animal lust. Having an audience that close to your most private moment is overwhelming. It motivates you to perform at your sexiest. Finally, Ed stands up and drops his pants in front of your face. It seems so natural to take his cock into your mouth and suck it. You are determined to give me the best show possible and sucking my friend's cock seemed like the best way to do that. You make sure you don't neglect your pussy as you suck Ed's cock, but you put down the vibrator. You take the base of his cock in your free hand and stroke him as your head bobs up and down on the top half of his long cock.

Not to be left out, Dave takes the vibrator and resumes it's pressure on your clit. It doesn't take long for you to feel the pressure of a HUGE orgasm building up. You push the dildo in and out of your pussy faster and harder, wondering what it looks like from my angle. You start to meet the dildo with your hip thrusts and suck harder on Ed's cock, hoping to milk his cock of it's seed as you cum. Finally, the pressure is too great and you cum all over the fake cock in your pussy. You release Ed's cock and growl. "I'm cumming, Master. I'm cumming for you."

Dave pulled the vibrator from your clit and you immediately put your fingers there to replace it. Rubbing the sensitive bud like that turned me on, but you didn't notice. Your eyes were closed and your mouth open. "Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh...."

You didn't have much time to recover as Dave took the dildo from your pussy and pulled you on top of him as he sat on the couch. He guided his now unsheathed cock into your wet pussy. Your breasts fell into his face and he nipped at the points of your tits. Ed once again placed his cock into your mouth. You pulled it into your mouth passionately and sucked as if it was an all day sucker that you wanted to finish in a few minutes. A few minutes into this scene, you notice I am the only one who hasn't tasted your charms.

"Master, don't you want me?" you ask in an almost hurt tone.

"You just keep fucking them. I am about to take you the way I want to." I take off my clothes and put my finger into your ass. It is soaking with your juices and I have no problem with fingering your ass. Keeping my finger there just long enough to loosen up your tight ass, I pull it out and replace it with my cock. My dick is so hard I could use it as a crowbar. You have to concentrate so you don't bite Ed's cock as I enter your ass. I push into your ass slowly but the width of my cock stretches out your sphincter deliciously. The sight is too much for Ed and he unleashes his seed into your mouth without warning. You struggle to keep his juice in your mouth, feeling the jets hit the back of your throat. Sucking and swallowing is the center of your universe, despite Dave and I pushing into your tight holes. Ed finishing his thrusts and slumps back into the couch.

Once again you feel Dave and I trading strokes in your body. As Dave strokes in, I stroke out. This delicious rhythm continues until Dave's strokes become erratic and he pushes all the way into your pussy. He pulls you down by your shoulders and thrusts upward. You feel him so deep in you. His hot seed shot into your belly. His mouth finds your tits and sucks them passionately. Pushing, pushing......pushing into your pussy. His cock withers and falls from your cunt.

I pull my dick from your ass and order you onto your back. "I want to see your face as I fuck your ass!" I say, leaving no room for any questions. You stand up and Dave moves off the couch. You lay on your back and pull your legs above your chest, opening up your gorgeous ass. I put my cock at the entrance of your slightly stretched asshole and thrust myself in without a second thought.

I enjoy watching your face twist with the pleasure of my entering your most intimate hole. I begin to thrust in and out, making your firm breasts bounce each time. You reach down to play with your clit and soon you are in the throes of another huge orgasm. I can feel you tighten up while I am in your ass and it proves too much for me. I pull my cock from your ass and stroke it as I hold it before your open mouth. Faster and faster, I stroke my cock until it erupts. My aim is true and my cum enters your mouth. A total of six squirts pour forth from my cock and only one misses your mouth. It hits your chin and the thick cream stays right there.

As I move to my knees and lovingly stroke your body in the rich afterglow, you venture a look at your lover. He is slumped back in his chair with a pool of jism around his pubic area.

"So, Honey. When is the next poker game?"


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