The Best Erotic Stories.

Part I: Dotti Finds a New Cousin
by R.Neal

Introduction: Pi (short for Pilar) is a newly discovered character in the Momeyer (Mo-Me-Yea) Family. Although Pi was briefly introduced in Dotti Part 13, Her story will be told a separate series. There will be some linking To the Dotti series. Readers are encouraged to keep up with both series, to be Fully informed.

* * * * *

Preface: Mother Momeyer informs the family she has arranged for Pi, their recently discovered cousin, to come to Oakland, and asked them to come up and welcome her.

Monday Evening, E-Mail from Mother Momeyer.

Lucy, Brandy & Family. Mother M has asked me to send the following message: Roger.

Hello. Rogers friend in the State Dept. has been very successful, and Pi is scheduled to arrive in San Francisco, this coming Thursday. We would like all four of you to come up this weekend to welcome her.

He worked with the Tahiti Government and has officially changed Pií name to Momeyer, and set her age at 19. This age makes her an adult, and makes entry into the U.S. easier. In addition, it allows me to be her sponsor, instead of her guardian. Both of these are in her best interests, it will speed up the citizenship procedures

They sent me some pictures, and she certainly looks like us. Sheís small. Has black hair, and it appears her skin is just a bit lighter than mine. In any event, she is quite pretty.

Roger has arranged, through a friend of his at Airwest, for the four of you to fly up Saturday at an excursion rate, which is very low. He will be sending you the details.

I am so looking forward to seeing all of you, and especially Dotti.

Love, Mother M.

"Mother, Mother, look what we just got from Mother M!" Brandy read the E-Mail and said, "Oh my. This is exciting. Run and get your father." Dan came in, read the mail and said, "This is great. Itís been a long time since weíve been up there, and this will be quite an occasion."

Saturday Afternoon, The family flies to Oakland.

Roger meets them, and after shaking Danís hand, hugging Brandy & Dotti, he looks deeply into Lucyís eyes. The love he feels for her shows, and after a bit Lucy smiles and hugs her husband.

During the drive, Roger updates them on Pi. "Pi arrived in fine shape physically, but it appears she does have some emotional problems. Mother M is asking you to be very gentle with her, and not push her in any way."

Brandy asks, "Just how bad is it?" "Well, the real problem is, she doesnít talk much. She absolutely refuses to discuss her past. So, weíre just, letting her go at her own pace."

Lucy asks, "Just what do you know about her?" Roger continues, "Not much. The government documents we received say she just showed up one day with a note saying that John and Mary Momeyer in Oakland California should be contacted. The only name on the note was Eno. Mother M remembers that was the name of the village girl, who was impregnated by her brotherís son." "And what do we know about them?" Brandy asked. "Not much. The brother was killed, and the son disappeared when he found out he was going to be a father. Apparently, Pi was raised by Eno and her parents, and what happened to them, no one knows."

Dotti asks, "What have you found out about her schooling?"

"She claims to have gone through the 9th grade, which would support her claim of being 15."

At the Family Mansion, We Meet Pi.

Brandy and Lucy enter the main room, with Dotti close behind. Roger and Dan park the car and lay back to let the women enter first, so as not to overwhelm Pi. Mother M and Pi are waiting on the couch, and they stand as the girls enter. Mother M is in one of her elegant full-length gowns, and Pi is wearing a neat little light yellow pants suit, which hi-lights her dark skin. She is short, maybe 4í 10", and while the pants suit didnít show much, her full figure was evident. A nice rear, and what appeared to be a full bosom, separated her from the normal Momeyer mold.

As Mother M greets them with, "Oh my dear children. What a joy to see you," Pi runs to Dotti, wraps her arms around her and starts to cry. At first, Dotti is shocked and doesnít know what to do. Then she wraps her arms around Pi, and while stroking her hair, comforts her with, "Now, Now. Youíre ok."

Both Brandy and Lucy put their arms around the pair, and soon Pi is quiet, taking comfort in the arms of her two new aunts, and cousin. Mother M smiles and nods her head in approval thinking, (looks like everything is going to be OK). Then Mother M broke the ice with, "I think a sip of sherry would be in order. Shall we?" Everyone smiled, and headed for the den.

Just as they were parting, Roger and Dan came in, ......... "Whatís, .... Whatís going on?" Brandy takes Danís arm, whispering, "Not now. Later." Roger and Lucy followed them. Dotti with Pi still clinging to her, followed.

While the adults sipped their sherry and chatter at the bar, Dotti and Pi sat on the couch. Dotti tried to get her to talk, but all Pi would do was look at the floor. Dotti, who seldom drank, decided she could handle a sherry, and asked Pi if she would like one. Finally, Pi spoke. "What is it?" Dotti said, "Iíll get one and you can taste it."

Dotti returned with the sherry and offered it to Pi saying, "Just take a little sip. Itís kinda strong." PI Took a little sip and smiled, saying, "It is strong, but good," as she took a second sip. Dotti was glad not to have Pi hanging on her and went to the bar for a tray of snacks. She felt they would soften the effect of the sherry, which would help Pi.

For the first time, Dotti attempted to hold a conversation and said, "Weíve all really been looking forward to meeting you. Iím sure itís hard for you, but when you get to know us, youíll find our family to be very loving and caring." Pi reached for a snack, took a little sip of sherry, and returned her gaze to the floor.

Dotti continued to try and open her up with, "As for me, I would like to know how I can help you to be more comfortable." Dotti paused, giving Pi the opportunity to reply. Finally, Pi just shrugged her shoulders and continued looking down. While Dotti was searching for something to say, the cook came in and announced, dinner was ready.

Dotti got up, reached down and offered her hand. Pi looked up, smiled, and they walked hand-in-hand into the dinning room. All the while, the adults just ignored them.

Dinner was pleasant, and Pi ate heartily. Mother M had noticed that all through dinner, Pi kept looking at her. Finally, she said, "Is there something you want to say?" At first Pi looked panicky, then looking at Mother M said, "Can I go home with Dotti?" It cast a pall over dinner, and everyone just froze.

Brandy looked at Dan. He smiled and nodded his approval. Brandy looked at Mother M asking, "Would it be OK with the officials?" Mother M asked Roger, "Well what say you? Youíre the expert." "Her green card allows her to go anywhere in the U.S. She doesnít have a birth certificate, but Iím working on it. Sheíll need it to get other documents like, a driverís license, school registration, etc. I guess I could handle it through the mail."

Mother M got up, walked around the table, and did something completely out of character. She knelt beside Piís chair, took her hands in hers and said, "Pi, believe me when I say all of us only want whatís best for you." She leaned forward, kissed Pi on the forehead.

Raising, she said, "Pi, would you please show Dotti where she is going to sleep tonight, and help her unpack?" We will see what has to be done for you to go home with Dotti and her parents." Without a word, Pi jumped down, took Dotti by the hand and they were off.

In the Den, Piís Future.

The adults retired to the den, for an after dinner brandy. Mother M was first to speak. "I havenít had a chance to talk to you about this, but I want to revise our grandchildrenís trust fund account to include Pi. Is this Ok with all of you?" Everyone agreed.

"Iíll make no secret of it, I am disappointed. I had so looked forward to having the warmth and companionship of a new grand child. However, itís obvious Pi is troubled, and for whatever reason has formed an attachment to Dotti. Maybe this relationship can help identify Piís problems, and help her to accept life openly, so she can raise to what ever level she is capable of!"

Mother M continued, "Sheís only been her a little over one day, and weíve not had much opportunity to get her any clothes. "Lucy, would you mind if Roger opened an account for Pi in your bank?í "No, not at all." "Good. Roger, would you take care of that first thing Monday morning?" "Yes Mother, Iíd be happy to."

"I would suggest the account be in Brandyís name, since I feel Pi should be with them, in view of her attachment to Dotti." Everyone agreed. "You know, Dotti is still in school, which positions her to help Pi." "Roger, would you phone the airline and make a reservation for Pi to return with them? Also please give Brandy $1,000 in cash, from my account, to get started."

"One final note," Mother M called for. "Letís retire and consider all this. I certainly would appreciate anyoneís comments on what we can do for Pi. Good night." Mother M turned and retired.

No one else had anything to offer, so they too retired.

The Bedroom, Dotti & Pi Get Aquatinted.

Pi takes Dotti to a guestroom with twin beds. "Which one is mine?" Pi points to one in the center of the room. She then sits on the one against the wall. "Iím going in to change. OK?" Pi nods yes. Dotti enters the adjoining bathroom, removes all her clothing, changes into her baby dolls, and returns saying, "Your turn."

PI picks a tee shirt from her suitcase and walks to the bathroom. "Is that all you have to sleep in?" Dotti asks. "Yes. He gave it to me." Dotti assumed she meant Roger, and offered her an extra nightgown she had brought with her. PI shook her head no, and went into the bathroom to change. She closed the door, so Dotti couldnít see anything. Pi emerged, wearing just the tee shirt and panties.

Dotti noticed, that without a bra (she guessed she was wearing one, She couldnít tell for sure) Piís breasts stood out nicely under the shirt. Pi pulled the covers back and went to bed. "Pi, is there anything you would like to talk about?" Pi shook her head no. Dotti turned out the light, slipped between the covers, and went to sleep.

Sometime later, Dotti was awakened by the sound of soft crying, and discovered Pi had slipped in behind her. Piís arm was around Dotti, and her hand was softly cupping her breast. Piís hand felt good, squeezing her breasts, and she wanted to lay back and enjoy it, but couldnít because of the crying.

Dotti rolled over saying, "Hey, Hey, whatís wrong?" Pi just shock her head, nothing. Dotti put her arm around her pulling her head to her chest, trying to comfort her. Piís once again moved her hand to Dottiís right breast, and moved her face just over her left.

As Dotti stroked her hair, Pi moved her mouth over Dottiís left breast and began to run her lips over the nipple, through her top. Pi had stopped crying, and Dotti was beginning to enjoy the attention to her breasts. Dotti reached down, raised her top, inviting Pi to have her left breast naked.

Pi immediately took the nipple into her mouth, and began to offer a first class job of sucking. Dotti gently pushed her head against her breast saying, "Oh my. You are good. Where did you learn to do that?" Pi replied, "Eno." "Eno? Isnít that your mother?" Pi, not bothering to take her mouth off the nipple, grunted "Uh Huh."

In a bit, Pi lifted her head and looked at Dottiís one-inch long nipples. Dotti said, "Long, arenít they?" Pi smiled and said, "Cute." And went back to her sucking in earnest. Dotti had wanted to ask to see Piís nipples (and her breasts) but Pi was too quick for her, and she decided to just sit back and enjoy.

It wasnít long until Dotti felt a tingling in her pussy, and reached down to rub it. Pi seemed to sense Dottiís feelings, and moved her left leg over Dottiís, allowing her crotch to touch Dottiís leg. Soon, Pi began to slowly rub her vagina against Dottiís thigh.

Sensing Piís excitement, she pushed Piís head harder to her breast, and started to push her thigh against Piís vagina. Dotti pulled Piís face up to hers and said, "You are really making me feel good. Can I kiss you?" Piís reply was to move her face towards Dotti, clearly inviting the kiss.

Dotti put both hands on Piís face, pulling it to her. Dotti gently placed a light sweet kiss on Piís lips, backed off looked into her eyes, and seeing a clear want and need, started to run her tongue around Piís lips. Pi responded with her tongue, and soon they were kissing deeply.

As they continued to kiss, Dotti moved her hand to Piís breast finding it to be very nice, firm, round, about the size of a large orange. Pi responded nicely, appearing to enjoy the attention. Dotti reached down, lifted her tee shirt, and moved up to feel her naked breasts.

Dotti gasped and pulled away from Piís mouth. She just had to see those nipples. Yes, her fingers were right! Piís aureoles were the largest she had ever seen. They were very black, 3 to 4 inches across, and seemed to cover her entire breast. "Oh my. Those are the most beautiful nipples I've ever seen! Can I suck them?" Pi smiled most proudly and shook her head yes.

Dotti raised Piís tee shirt. Preparing to get real serious with her breasts, when she stopped. "Letís take all our clothes off. I want to see all of you." Pi readily complied, and removed both her shirt and panties. At the same time, Dotti lost no time in shedding both her top and bottoms. Dotti closed the bathroom door, to prevent an interruption from the adjoining bedroom. There was a small night light their room, which provided enough light to see each other clearly.

Pi was sitting naked on the bed waiting for Dotti. Dotti sat down next to her, took both hands in hers and said, "Thereís something very important you need to know! Iím sure you donít know it yet, but you are very fortunate. Everyone youíve met; Mother M, Roger, my mother, my dad, and my aunt Lucy are the kindest most wonderful people on the face of this earth. You couldnít be in better hands."

"And for me, Iíve always wanted a sister. While Iím not sure if youíre my big sister, or my little sister, it doesnít mater. Iím just so happy to have a sister." Pi reached forward and put her arms around Dotti, and began to cry softly. Dotti softly stroked her hair saying, "Iím so glad youíve come into our life, and I know we will grow to love you very much."

"Now I want to see more of you. No, I want to see all of you," Dotti said as she pushed her down on the bed. Piís breasts were set just a bit apart, and when she laid back, they did flow under her arms, just a bit, but still remain somewhat firm, very nicely supporting her huge black aureoles.

Dotti once again started to rub and roll her aureoles, still not believing how beautiful and soft they were. Pi also continued her interest in Dottiís rather unusual nipples. It wasnít long until they were both getting excited when Dotti rose up, smiled, and put her hand on Piís pussy saying, "Is it OK if I check this out?" Pi smiled and stroke her head, yes. Pi had black hair from above her vagina clear down between her legs.

Dotti gently pulled Piís legs apart, and was pleased to find a pair of very large puffy lips. As she started to insert her finger, Pi too moved her hand down to Dottiís vagina, and finding no hair sat up saying, "Whereís you hair?" Dotti smiled and replied, "I keep it shaved. I like it better that way."

Pi rubbed Dottiís smooth lips, and when she let a finger slip inside, she found Dottiís one-inch long clitoris. Pi removed her hand saying, "Whatís that?" "Itís my clitoris. I call it my little man. Here, you can feel it. It gets big and hard, just like a manís ... well you know." Pi knowingly shook her head, and let Dotti guide her hand back to it.

As Pi rubbed the little man, she started rolling Dottiís left nipple between her fingers. Dotti said, "Itís too bad you donít have three hands." Pi smiled and said, "I donít need three hands." Pi moved over and took Dottiís other nipple in her mouth. Now she was entertaining both nipples, and the clitoris. Dotti was pleased at this openness, and smiled to her self, (Iím sure you are going to be fine).

After a bit, Dotti reached down to rub Piís pussy, but couldnít reach it. She rubbed Piís stomach with her fingers, and understanding what Dotti wanted, she moved over, opened her legs letting Dottiís fingers slip in between her lips. They now had two fingers in each other and were now concentrating on pleasing each other.

Pi left Dottiís breasts, and moved up to give Dotti better access to her pussy. Dotti sensed Pi was close and rolled her over on her back. Pi spread her legs wide to give Dotti full access. Dotti pulled her fingers out, rolled her clitoris between her fingers saying, "Can I kiss you down here?" Pi responded by pushing Dottiís head down, making it clear just what she wanted.

Pi was very wet, and her pussy had a very sweet taste. Dotti ran her tongue in between Piís lips, and finally focused on sucking and gently biting her clitoris. PI was pushing Dottiís head against her pussy with both hands, and soon had a very strong orgasm. It must have been a release for a lot of pent up emotion, as she was squeezing Dottiís head so tight between her thighs, it was hurting. But Dotti understood, and continued sucking her clitoris, wanting her to be completely satisfied.

Pi finally relaxed, pulled Dottiís head up to hers, and hugged her tightly. "Oh Dotti, Oh Dotti," she kept saying.

Pi reached down to Dottiís pussy. Dotti took her hand away saying, "Iím Ok. I just want you to relax and be happy." Dotti laid down beside Pi, and gently kissed her eyes, nose, and mouth, saying "Good night my sister." As Dotti drifted off to sleep she thought, (this young girl will change her life forever).

Sunday Morning, By the Dawnís Early Light. It was early morning, and there was light coming in through the little window, high on the wall over their beds. Dotti awoke feeling funny. She was a bit cold, being naked and uncovered, but she also noticed Pi head was down between her open thighs. "Good morning," Dotti said, "What are you doing?í

PI looked up with a bit of a guilty grin saying, "I wanted to see your little man in the daylight, and I wanted to satisfy you like you did for me last night." Dotti replied, "I got a great deal of satisfaction pleasing you, and just having you talk to me is all the satisfaction I need, right now."

"But as to my little man, look all you want." Pi went back down and spread her lips, and began to roll and pull on it. "Hey, I said look." She pulled Pi up and hugged her. "Can you keep a secret?í Pi eagerly shook her head yes. Dotti confided, "Aunt Lucy also has long nipples like mine. But, Iím the only one I know of with a big little man."

"Pi, can we talk?" Pi just looked down and shrugged. "Now donít clam up on me. I can be your best friend and all I want is what best for you." "It would appear your mother loved you very much. Right?" Pi nodded yes. "And, she shared her body with you. I mean you were lovers. You know what I mean." Again Pi nodded yes. "Were you ever abused by a man."

Pi jumped up, went into the bathroom and closed the door. Dotti waited, and after a bit, she heard the toilet flush. Pi came out and sat down on the bed, next to Dotti, still looking at the floor. "Please forgive me. Please donít clam up on me. Itís very important that you talk to me. I wonít pry anymore, but you canít blame us for being curious about your background."

"Iíd like to bring my mother in. Would you like to talk to her?" "Maybe," Pi replied. Dotti got up, through Piís tee shirt and panties to her, as she put on her baby dolls.

Dotti thought her parents were in the connecting bedroom, went to the door, and knocked, "Mom, Mom, are you in there?" The door opened and Brandy said good morning. "Good morning mother. Iíd like you to come over and say good morning to Pi. Weíve had a nice night, and have talked a little bit. I think she wantís to say something to you."

"Good morning Pi," Brandy said as she took Piís hand. "I hope you had a good night?" "Yes, I did." Pi replied. Brandy then says, "Dotti said you might have something to say to me." Pi looked down at the floor, then up into Brandyís eyes. "Iím looking forward to spending time with my new sister, and am looking forward to going home with you. I hope itís Ok with you and Dottiís Dad."

Brandy couldnít help but shed a few tears, took Pi in her arms and said, "My dear. You have no idea how wonderful it is to hear those words from you. Of course youíre welcome to becoming part of our family." Pi hugged back, also shed a tear or two.

Brandy broke off saying, "Now letís all get cleaned up, and go down for some breakfast. OK?" "You bet!" Dotti said, "I could eat a horse." Apparently, Pi had never heard this expression before and gave her a puzzled look. Dotti noticed and said, "Itís an old American expression. Youíll get used to them."

Sunday Morning Breakfast. Things Begin to Come Together. "Hello Dear," Mother M greeted Brandy as she entered the kitchen. "Hello Mother." After a little peck on the cheek, Brandy says, "I have good news. It looks like Dotti has got Pi to loosen up a bit." "Really?" "Yes. In fact, she talked with me this morning." "Thatís wonderful! What did she say?" "She called Dotti her sister, and said she was looking forward to being part of our family."

Lucy came in. "Hi everyone." "Good morning," Mother M says, as she hands Lucy a cup of coffee. Mother M puts both arms around her two girls saying, "You have no idea how it pleases me to have you both here. And Dotti. What a lady!" Brandy replies, "Well, she can be a pistol." "Yes," Lucy adds, "But thatís her spirit, and sheís very bright."

Mother M guides them both to the table. "Letís set down. We have a lot to talk bout, and some of it is best said, without the men present. I make no secret of it; I was looking forward to having Pi here with me. But in view of her condition, and her taking to Dotti, going with Brandyís family would certainly appear to be the best choice."

Lucy frowned and looked down. Mother M took her hand and said, "I know you would have liked to have her with you. She can still help when the baby comes. But remember, this arrangement isnít forever."

"Now, we have to look at what has to be done," Mother M said as she opened a folder of papers. "Roger is working on her social security number, and her birth certificate. She will not be able to go to school, without them. Roger is sending $10,000 to Piís account, and you will have to take Pi into the bank so both of you can sign signature cards. Until I release it, only your signatures will be valid on her checks, or withdrawals." She handed the cards to Brandy.

Brandy, "As for school, I understand there is a series of tests that will indicate what grade Pi would be qualified for. I assume you can arrange this at Dottiís school" "Yes Mother. We can do that," Brandy confirmed.

Mother M continued, "Lucy, would you like to be responsible for Piís medical items?" A little surprised Lucy replied, "Why, yes. Of Course." Again, Mother M continued, "She will need a complete physical, with full blood tests. Iím sure your doctor would have the forms. Just tell him itís for the immigration service." Brandy thought (how convenient. Does Mother know about my situation with Lyn, and is protecting me. I wouldnít put it past her.)

Mother M looked at her girls and said, "Have we left anything out?" Just then Dan and Roger came in. "Hello everyone," they both said. Brandy updated them on her talk with Pi, and Mother M recapped the to-do-list. Roger confirmed, Pi had a reservation to go back with them this afternoon. Mother M said, "Looks like everything is in order, let have breakfast."

"Good morning everyone," Dotti said, and Pi just smiled. Pi looked cute in a top and shorts, Dotti had loaned her. Dotti rearranged the chairs so Pi could set next to her, then they sat down. There was some small talk, and Pi did say a few things, but nothing key.

After breakfast, Roger, Dan, and Mother M went into the den to review the legal and financial aspects of Piís situation. Brandy, Lucy, took the girls shopping to pick up a few things for Pi.

When they arrived home, Mother M asked to speak to Pi alone. She took Pi into the office, and closed the door. They sat on the couch, took both her hands in hers and said, "Pi, Itís very important to me that you understand our family, and how you can fit into it. The Momeyer name is a proud one, with generations of fine honorable successful people. We are all proud of our name and its history, which means each family member has the obligation to live up to those traditions."

"What this means to you is, we all want you to be part of our family, share our love, and let us help you to fulfill your dreams. All you have to do is live up to our expectations, develop your own potential, and make us proud."

Pi looked a little scared. Mother M noticed and said, "Donít worry. You couldnít have better people to guide you than Brandy and Lucy. Dotti also will be a help, but she is young, and can be a bit impetuous. If it comes down to Dotti or them, go with them." She gave Pi a hug and closed with, "I wish you well and want to see you often. Goodbye, and good luck."

Sunday Afternoon, On The Plane. Dotti and Pi were able to get adjoining seats at the back, away from the parents. After they were in the air, Dotti asked, "How about a little wine?" "Oh, I donít know. As you sure it will be OK?" "Sure. Why not? This is a very special occasion. I donít get a new sister every day. Red or white?" "I donít know. I donít know anything about wine. I donít like bitter wines." "Then Iíll get you a sweet white."

After relaxing and a few sips of wine, Dotti took Piís hand in hers and said, "You know, you really need to talk to us, so we know how to help you. You know, sooner or later and now is a good a time as any." Pi looked down, "I know youíre right, but itís not easy." Dotti tried to help with, "Letís start with your age. Just how old do you think you are, and why."

Pi took a deep breath, "Iíve been saying 15, because Iíd finished the 9th grade book I was using. My Mom wasnít educated, so she had trouble with numbers. My grandfather (Mother Mís brother, I guess) said I was 19, and there was some sort of paper they had, that said I was 19. But by then, he has passed away and when Mom went, there was no one to verify anything."

"What about your teachers. Couldnít they help?í "Not much. We moved a lot and the last ones I had were only for the last year. A lot of the learning was at home, by my self."

Dotti offered, "Itís hard to believe youíre only 15." Pi, puzzled, "Why do you say that?" "Well, for one thing, your body is bit more developed than most 15 year olds." Dotti looked around to make sure no one was looking, and gave one of Piís breasts a little squeeze. "Oh you." Pi said as she blushed and looked down. "For another," Dotti continued, "In addition to having a ĎTo-Die-For Bodyí, your vocabulary is way above any 15 year old Iíve run across," again giving her breast another little squeeze.

"And finally, you carry yourself with a certain poise, or class, that again, you donít find in a 15 year old." Pi, surprised said, "How can you tell? Every since I got here, Iíve been scared to death, and spent most of the time looking down at the floor." Dotti squeezed her hands and said, "Trust me. I do know class when I see it!"

By now, the wine was gone, and without asking Pi, Dotti reordered. After the wine arrived, Dotti asked, "Which age would you prefer?" "Iím not sure what you mean." Pi said. Dotti said, "Well, there advantages for being both ages. For instance, at 15 people will expect less of you. There will be less pressure. But at 19, you will be considered an adult, and will have more freedom. But, you may not have the education to carry off the 19."

"What age would you recommend?" Pi asked Dotti. Dotti explained how she was in the 11th grade at age 18, the privileges it brought, and how comfortable she was. After some conversation, they agreed Pi should be 17 and in the 10th grade.

They were half way into their second glass of wine, and Dotti said, "We really need to talk about sex." Pi bristled, and looked away. "As Iíve said before, I can be a big help to you, but Iíve got to understand where youíre coming from, what is OK with you, and what is not. Iíll make you a promise. Anything you tell me will stay with me, and if I feel my Mom or someone needs to know something, Iíll ask your permission first. OK?"

Pi still didnít speak. Dotti started with, "OK, let me tell what I believe I know. First, it appears your Mother comforted you by sharing her body with you. Second, I suspect, that since you never knew your father, you followed the island tradition, and serviced your grandfather sexually." Pi looked up sharply!

Dotti put her hand on her arm saying, "Now, Now, Both my Mother and Lucy serviced their father, and ...... " PI interrupted, "And what about you and your Dad?" Dotti whispered, "Can this be one of our little secrets?" Pi nodded yes, and Dotti said, "OK, I went to my fatherís bed just a few weeks ago, when I turned 18." "Really? Did your Mother know?" Dotti assured her, "Not only did she know, she arranged it."

"Now, how about you?" Pi looked down, then up into Dottiís eyes and shook her head yes, saying, "Yes. It started when I was much younger than 18. I hadnít started to bleed yet. I guess I was 8 or 9. Who knows?" "Was it enjoyable?" "Not at first, but when my Mom joined in, and I was older, it was OK."

Dotti was holding her hand again and said, "Were there others?" Pi jerked her hand away, put her hands to her face and started to cry. Dotti put her arms around her saying, "Oh Pi, I didnít want to hurt you. I could love you very much, If youíll just let me. All I want to do is help you to be happy, but youíve got to help!" Pi turned and put her arms around Dotti, and continued to cry.

The flight attendant came over and asked if there was anything she could do. Dotti told her there had just been a death in the family, and they were returning from the funeral. The attendant was so moved, she gave them two more glasses of wine, no charge. After the attendant left, Pi dried her eyes, grinned and said, "Youíre a devil." "Yes," Dotti said, "But Iím a good devil."

They were well into their third glass of wine when Dotti asked, "Have you ever had any good sex?" "It was good with my mother, but not as good with you last night. Thatís the best yet." "Well" Dotti offered, "Thereís plenty more where that came from."

Pi, At Her New Home in LA

Pi was put in a guestroom, just down the hall from Dotti. She would share a bathroom with Dotti, and since she was an evening shower person, it would fit fine with Dottiís preference for the morning. While she unpacked, and showered, the rest of the women were downstairs planning Piís itinerary for the upcoming week. Lucy would arrange for a visit to Dr. Cox, and Dotti would look into the testing situation, at her school, and Brandy would handle the banking.

Dotti went upstairs and went to say goodnight to Pi. Pi appeared to be asleep, which was understandable, in view of what she had been thru in the last few days. She leaned down to put a light kiss on Piís forehead, when Pi grabbed her and kissed her full on the mouth. They both giggled which broke the kiss. "I thought you were asleep." Pi replied, "Almost, but not before I said goodnight to my new sister."

Pi asked, "Are you in a hurry to go to bed?" "Not really. Why." Pi replied, "I have something to show you." She took Dotti hand and pushed it down under her bottoms to her crotch. Dotti soon discovered the surprise. "YOUíVE SHAVED!" Pi smiled, "Yes. I wanted to be cool like my big sister." "How do you know Iím youíre big sister. I might be your little sister." Pi said, "Youíll always be my Big sister."

Dotti got up and closed the bedroom door. She returned to Piís bed, pulled off her baby dolls, laid down and took Pi in her arms. As she guided Piís mouth to her nipple, she said, "Iíve always got time to make time my little sister has a good nightís sleep.

To Be Continued...


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