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by Indy

I stood behind Terri with my arms around her waist and my chin rested on her shoulder as we looked out the window at the ocean. The sun slowly crept toward the horizon. 

"I'm going to miss this place," she said wistfully.

"We'll be back," I told her.

"I hope so. Leslie, honey, can we watch one last sunset before we have to leave tomorrow?" she asked sweetly.

"Hmmm ... I'd love to," I murmured. I tilted my head to kiss her neck and reluctantly dropped my hands from her waist. "But we better get moving before this overwhelming urge to take you back to bed gets the better of me."

Terri giggled as she turned and wrapped her arms around my neck and brought her lips to mine in a deeply passionate kiss. As she pulled her lips from mine, she whispered huskily, "Hummm ... decisions, decisions...." 

We smiled at each other as we separated our bodies to get dressed. I grabbed a blanket as we left our room. 

We walked down the beach, hand in hand, as we'd done almost every night since our arrival, toward our favorite spot. A lone palm tree in the middle of the beach was our sunset haven. We spread the blanket on the sand and took our positions. I leaned my back against the tree, and Terri sat between my legs, leaning against me, my arms draped over her shoulders holding my hands.

We sat in silence, watching the waves break on the shore ... completely at ease with each other. We saw a family of dolphins as they played. Jumping out of the water, just to dive back in. They seemed to be putting on a show just for us. The seagulls scurried around on the shore, ran up to the water, only to dart back to the dry sand with every incoming wave. 

The sky was a myriad of colors. All the blues, pinks, oranges and reds seemed to put on a display for our enjoyment alone. This was paradise. Our paradise. Everyone else in the world seemed oblivious to the beauty and serenity of it all. It always amazed me that no one else took time out of their busy day to stop and enjoy this. We were all alone.

As the sun touched the water, I dipped my head to place a kiss on the top of Terri's head, my lips lingered for a moment to feel the texture of her hair against them. I closed my eyes and drank in the sweet smell of her.

She turned herself sideways, her profile shadowed by the diminishing light, and looked into my eyes. All the love I had for her was reflected in her eyes, and I kissed her. A deep, lingering kiss, that seemed to last an eternity, but was gone in an instant. Her arm came up to hold my shoulder as mine wrapped around her. We were there in a lover's embrace, our lips melted into one... tasting, feeling, exploring each other's mouths, becoming one once again. I gently bore her to the blanket beneath me, my arms continued to hold her precious body to me. My lips left hers only to travel down her neck, kissing and tasting her smooth skin. My lips moved to her earlobes, sucking and gently nibbling, then back down her neck to her collar. Her hands came up to the back of my head, rubbing my hair and massaging my neck. I felt her begin to move under me... gentle hip gyrations, encouraging me to continue. My hands slid down her back and under her hips pulling her toward me as my own hips moved to match her strokes. My mouth left her shoulder and began to slowly move down her arm to her bent elbow, then back up, across her breastbone, to the other side and down to her other elbow. I moved my head to graze across her breasts very lightly with my lips. Her nipples were erect, stretching the fabric of her shirt. I brought my hands up and began loosening the buttons, opening it just enough to allow my head to enter and begin an exploration of the treasure that awaited my eager mouth. I traced tiny circles around each nipple, making wider and wider circles, only to move back up to the crest. As I reached the tip, my mouth opened wider and using only my lips, slid my mouth over her entire breast, dipping my head to reach the base, then lifted it as my lips lightly touched her skin. She arched her back as my lips withdrew, not wanting me to stop. My lips closed around her nipple as my teeth gently nibbled, and my tongue began licking the raised peaks. I knew this drove her wild, and knew she was very wet. I brought my hand up to caress this side as I lifted my mouth to focus on the other breast. I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger as I repeated my actions on the other breast with my mouth. Her hips were grinding into mine as her passion mounted. I slid my other hand around her hip and up her side to briefly hold the breast I had in my mouth, then let it trail over her silky smooth skin under her shirt and down to the top of her shorts. I ran my fingers around her waistband and dipped inside of her shorts. I felt the smoothness of her firm stomach as my hand caressed it and slid further down to the dark triangle I knew awaited. My fingers trailed over her bush as my fingernails gently scratched the skin underneath. She thrust her hips upward, causing my hand to slide between the downy softness of her lips where a river of wetness greeted my fingers. My mouth hungrily sucked and licked her breast as my fingers became saturated with her wetness. 

I pulled my head from her chest to glance around to be certain we were alone on this stretch of beach. The sun had dipped far below its watery haven and the sky was ash black, illuminated by a radiant half moon and sprinkling of stars. We were protected from the casual view by our palm tree, our silhouettes not even casting a shadow. 

I returned my attention to the beauty before me. Her body still pressed against mine. I withdrew my hand from its wet perch, and finished unbuttoning her shirt. I spread the garment wide to allow the ocean breeze to flutter over her naked chest, then bent down to sample the delicious morsels again. She brought her hands up again and stroked my hair. I sucked her breast into my mouth, tonguing and sucking until she writhed in ecstasy. 

"Oh God! I love it when you do that!" she exclaimed.

I pulled my mouth from this side only to devour it's awaiting sister. My hand replaced my mouth on the previous breast and rolled the hardened nipple between my fingers, then ever-so-lightly let the nipple tickle the palm of my hand. I slid my hands down her sides to the top of her shorts and slid the elastic down her hips. I moved my body to assist in their removal. She spread her thighs wide as an invitation for me to be there, so I gladly slid my body back on top of hers between her legs.

"This has got to go," she said as she tugged at my T-shirt.

I smiled as I quickly doffed the garment and slid out of my shorts. 

The feel of the ocean breeze on my body was overwhelming. A total consummation of passion overtook me as I lay my body down on hers. Hungrily, I sucked her breast into my mouth, my hands massaged and kneaded the other side, rolled her nipple between my fingers, then lightly pinched it only to massage it again. I slid my mouth into the valley between her breasts....kissing and sucking as I slid down her stomach. My free hand found her wetness again and began gently exploring the folds and the softness of her womanhood. Before my mouth found the softness of her triangle, my fingers found the entrance to her utopia. As usual, the feel of her sent sparks through my body. I paused to take a deep breath before I gently slid my fingers inside. I closed my eyes, and visualized being inside her, loving the feel of her wetness.

She slid her hands to the back of my head, and rubbed my hair. My cheek rested on her bush while my fingers gently probed and felt her inside. She was moving her hips with the rhythm of my digits. Instinctively, I knew when to increase my movements, and buried my fingers deep inside her. My mouth moved down to her crease and found her hardened clitoris aching to be sucked. She grabbed my head and pulled me to her, pushing her hips up to meet my face. I flicked her clit and licked it with my tongue and slowed my movements inside her... I knew if I didn't, she would cum, and I wasn't ready for her to.... not yet. My fingers slowed, and almost stopped as my tongue eagerly lapped up her juices, then began teasing her clit with feather-soft movements, my tongue lightly caressed up and down... inside her lips, and dipped down to her opening. My tongue licked her inside, around my fingers. 

She wiggled under my tender assault. The need for release came upon me and I knew I was going to cum. She knew it too.

"You're going to cum, aren't you, Baby.." it wasn't a question, but a statement. One she knew was true. "Cum for me, Baby... ... oh yeah!"

I brought my tongue up to lick and suck on her clit and mumbled into her skin, "Uh-huh.. uh-huh ...UH-HUH!" It ended as a shriek as I sucked her clit into my mouth and licked and sucked and thrust my fingers deep inside her. My sucking and probing made her hold my head tighter to her, and she arched her back.

"Oh, God, I love it when you cum while eating me!" She started bucking her hips and pushing me further into her... I knew she was going to join my orgasm. Her pussy became wetter and wetter... and with every stroke inside her, her juices splattered over my chest. "Baby, I'm gonna cum," she said matter-of-factly... then more insistently, "I'm going to cum... Baby...I'M GONNA... OH GOD! I'M CUMMING!!!!" She pushed herself off the blanket while crushing my face into her. My mouth sucked as my tongue licked her clitoris, driving her wild with her orgasm. My own reaching its peak. 

As I started to come down, my fingers picked up speed and continued diving inside her. I lifted my face and murmured, "Cum for me baby.. ooohhh yeah! Cum for me... gimme all you have... oh yeah... oh yeah... Baby, I feel it!" Her pussy was quivering and pulsing on my fingers. It was all I could do to keep her hips under control so as not to lose my pace and keep her cumming. 

When her hips stopped their straining, I could still feel her pulsing on my fingers, and I slowed and stopped my thrusts. I dipped my head to kiss her clit. As my lips touched the sensitive organ, she jerked and grabbed my hair in both her hands and pulled. "You're evil," she said with a laugh.

I laughed with her and slid up her abdomen to kiss her lips. She threw her arms around me, and held me tight.

We held each other, there on the beach, listening to the waves crash on the shore. There was nothing or no one else on Earth, but my Terri and I ... and the ocean, and the beach.


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