The Best Erotic Stories.

by Rachel Baldwin

He is lying on a pool chair, legs out in front of him, basking in the sun. It is humid and hot. No rain in days. The pool's water can be heard lapping near his side. Softly flowing by, his hand drifts back and forth in the cool water....drawing figure 8's with his fingers.....his mind drifting off. He hasn't had a day off in a while, and this much needed rest in the sun is perfect. In his mind, he is swirling off the waves of a distant beach, the white sands tickling his toes as he ambles through the waves as they crest and fall on the shore. This ocean water is warm, not like the pool, but his mind cannot tell the difference.

And then she moved closer. Her body rippling the pools surface as her shape breaks through the currents. Slowly approaching him, she is silent. Lowering her body deeper into the water, shoulder depth, her jaw jutted forward ready to float towards her prey, those circling fingers.... As she nears her target, she opens her pouting mouth, bares her teeth and waits for the moment when the hand stops making one figure and moves to the next. Then she attacks. Bites his index finger with her front teeth, the pull is light but intense. He doesn't struggle, he has heard her approach, smiling to himself that she has found him here by the pool. His eyes remain closed, imagining what little she is wearing. The bite has changed to a suck, which produces a larger smile on the prey, as he slowly retracts his hand from the pool, attacker attached and intact. His hand guides her out of the pool and standing next to him on the deck. Her body drips with the remaining of the liquid of the pool, creating a puddle around his chair, as it grows, and runs toward shelter, his feet get wet. She releases her jaws and sits at his feet.

She has seen his hat is adorning his loins while the rest of his body bakes in the sun to a golden bronze tone. His skin looks so soft and supple, but a bit cracked and dry at the same time. She sees a bottle of tanning oil, reaches it, and begins to apply it liberally on his thigh, then down to the ankles, one leg at a time. No one is speaking, except the pool, lapping its soft language, to no ears listening.

Satisfied with her lubrication, she spreads his feet apart on the bench, and sits between the feet. Touching her hands on his knees and squeezing slightly on them, making him open his eyes for the next intent, he is delighted to see she has worn his favorite suit, the one she keeps with her at all times. She gives him the oil, directing his hands to her massive bosom, to prepare her chest for tanning. He rubs in the oil with the hands of a well trained masseuse. Carefully outlining the curves of her shape, taking note of the differing textures and sensations to pursue, he rubs firmly, so firmly that she must lean into him for fear of loosing her perch. Her pussy is growing impatient with the owner and impulses her to move closer to her goal- the hat.

Taking the hat off his loins, and placing it on her own head, she is greeted by a smiling cock, directed up at her. Stepping over his legs one by one, turning her body away from his and placing it between his legs and chest, she sets her pussy down on his hard shaft, easing it in with perfection. Her growing smile reveals her loins delight, and the hands caressing her shape bring her to immediate orgasm. She loves it when his hands take her from behind, it always produces extremely satisfying results. Standing up slightly to allow the cock some air, the friction of the bodies is easy to be felt, she plunges down harder on his anxious pole. Repeating these moves, the juices of her vault proceed in multitude, causing squishing and squeaking noises from their joining.

His hands are all over her tits. Grabbing the nipples between his strong fingers, they instantly stand at attention, begging for release. Rock hard, the breasts seize slightly under the pressure. He bows his head onto her neck, kissing her lightly. She tips her head back to cradle his efforts...pleading for more. She cums again. Cock riding, juices flowing, balls growing, people moaning in delight. His hands hit her harder as the impulses begin to churn in his groin. Rhythmically he times his rejoices in his groins to those of his hands, together pleasing them both. He is close to cumming, and stops his movements.

He grabs her by the shoulders, and lies her back on the chair, lying then on top of her, her legs spread eagle around his waist. Pumping and churning deeper still into her hole, his cock is growing. He can feel the chasms building as he maneuvers on top of her. He opens his eyes and sees her smiling up at him. Her hands reach for the cool water in the pool, and drenches them with the refreshing fluids. Their bodies doubly glistening from their efforts and the chlorine. His ass moves through the air, up and down, back and forth, even sideways as he attempts to reach her mouth with his cock, by way of her pussy. She is so wet, her pussy is cleansing the oil from her labors off of him, mixing into a strange solution as seen on his legs.

He is close to cumming and she can sense it. She pulls herself up to sitting, flips his legs over behind her ass, and begins to sit on top of his cock, while he lays stunned and gazes at her. Never before has any woman moved so fluidly, and with such fucking grace, from one position to the next, he wonders where he will finally fuck her. And then he can see, she is guiding him into the pool, to fuck under the currents of the depths beside them. Easing herself off of him, backing her ass away, pointing at her empty pussy, curling her fingers to make him follow, he is lead by his huge fucking cock. More buoyant as one, they float together, rejoined in the pool, causing new ripples and currents in the water, as it laps along the edges of the foundation.

The coolness of the water refreshes their warm bodies, prolonging their fucking and longing for the climax. Anchored on the side of the pool, her arms out like a T, her legs spread floating out before her. On his stomach, floating there in front of her pussy, he eats and drinks her in. His tongue explores her hidden caverns, searching for that one spot that brings her to ecstasy. Sensing he is close, he looks up at her for direction, but gets none orally. He can see plainly on her face that he is already at that junction, between pleasure and delight, her face has given her away. He sucks with force, seeing her devoured from his view. His cock grows harder still, and craves her loins once more.

Grabbing the ornate detailing at the edge of the pool for leverage, he places his cock once more in that warm wet pussy he loves so much. Draped on top of her, his arms holding steady just above her own, he rams his cock deeper still into her awaiting hole. They are both close now, the rocking of their bodies has created waves of love in the pool. Pulsing with the joy of a good fuck, his balls begin to churn his love juice, shooting it further, and filling his hard cock with his efforts. He is ready to explode, and looks down on His prey....he leans forward to kiss her at the moment of climax. Holding onto her face and the side of the pool, he releases his load, again and again and again,.....spilling out of her into the light blue sea in the pool. A small trail of creamy honey is released from the lovers as the lay together, joined at the groin, fucking as one body. They remain kissing with the passion of life long lovers, the waves of their movements bubbling past their entwined bodies, caressing them, cooling them, and finally joining them.

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