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Proliferate Afternoon (Chapter I)
by Jimi Linden


* * * * *

Even before he spoke, I could feel him behind me.

His greeting was cheerful and friendly, perhaps even almost too friendly. I realized he could, from his standing position slightly behind me as I hunched forward over my computer terminal, see far down my blouse. Never one to tease, I bent slightly further down, thus assuring him of a clear view of my black-bra clad cleavage.

Recently hired from another Air National Guard Unit, David came into our caretaker force from a flight maintenance section. His command of an office full of females was a pleasant change for him and gave him ample opportunity to indulge his voyeuristic proclivity. Though our Civil Service classifications were equal, he seemed a bit autocratic. I was quite complimented he singled my charms as worth investigating but did not intend to allow him dominance.

We talked of nothing particular other than the work related computer screen before me, each tactfully avoiding observation of the display upon which he was actually concentrating. (Would he panic and run screaming down the hall should I guide his hand inside my black lingerie? Or would he, as I secretly desired, caress my nipple with tender strokes until it responded to rock hard attention?) I squirmed in my chair and hoped he would interpret it as discomfort from my lengthy time seated. Actually, I was trying to relieve the tingling wetness developing between my legs.

All too soon David wandered on and my fantasies returned to the boredom of my day. The memory of sitting in his recently acquired sexy red sports car earlier in the week kept me wiggling in my seat for the rest of the afternoon. The limitations of what we might do in the cramped two-seat cockpit taxed my imagination but did nothing to relieve my anxieties.

Quitting time arrived with a mass exodus into a humid June afternoon of low clouds and drizzling rain. With only slightly soaked hair and a clinging dress, I ground my car's battery to death after only couple of quick turns of the key. Cursing my own procrastination, (the battery had been weak for some time) I ran back into the building to phone for help.

"Please leave a message after the tone" echoed in my ear from our home phone telling me my significant dildo was not on site sixty miles away. I tried his alternate haunt, his mother's apartment on the outskirts of the city and received another irritating, recorded brush off. My mother-in-law was on a summer cruise so I resigned myself to interminable calls until my wayward spouse answered one or the other of the phones.

David found me dejectedly cursing both my unfaithful steed and my wandering hubby as I slowly began to dry from my recent dousing. Only when I noticed his eyes repeatedly straying to my chest did I realize how wet both my outer and under garments had become. Looking down, I could clearly distinguish the dark areolas of my breasts. Already stiffened by the cold my nipples rose to truly elevated dimensions. Concern oozing from every pore he asked, "Troubles, Susie?"

When I explained my problems, he immediately offered to drive me home. The attractiveness of that idea foreshadowed my concern at being alone with him. Exactly which of us I didn't trust was a question definitely worthy of investigation. The sixty-mile distance, which I assumed would temper his offer, did not discourage him at all. Obviously, speaking of his sports car, he assured me, "I love playing with my new toy!" When I mentioned the much closer apartment, he said that would be acceptable also, though he would have preferred the lengthier drive. Either way, he absolutely would not take no for an answer.

Sports cars are not made for ladies in skirts (or perhaps they are)! Impossible to enter and exit in a dignified manner, they certainly offer opportunities for maximum exposure. Not that David was crude enough to stare, but I felt he examined both my undergarments and my navel as he assisted me into the depths. The feeling of energy that throbbed from the metal up my legs and thighs as we jaunted down the freeway was absolutely erotic! Conversation was difficult over the pervading thrum of the omnipotent engine but I didn't mind at all. My voice would have strained anyway had I tried to speak while attempting to ignore my excitement generated by both the vehicle and our isolation together. Each time the gearshift moved, and David enjoyed gear control, his knuckles would brush my bare leg. Had he suspected how much I wanted him to caress the inside of my leg he would have creamed his pants.

The men had never met, but had spoken on the phone, so when Leo's car was parked at the apartment David accompanied me inside. I had, quite innocently, mentioned David several times in idle conversation with my spouse. Always quick to pick up on my hidden dreams Leo had been surreptitiously cataloging my comments in his ever-evil little mind. There are times I wish my dear husband wasn't quite so proficient at hearing what I don't say!

Leo served Diet Pepsi and we sat discussing how fast grass grows, or something equally benign, until he suddenly dropped a blockbuster which brought an involuntary gasp from my usually shock proof lips. Twenty years married to a mate who began his career as a "dirty old man" before he was out of diapers normally prevented me from being startled by anything, but this time he succeeded in astounding me. He said, as calmly as if he was discussing the time of day, "Susie tells me you peer down her blouse every chance you get. Fantastic view, isn't it? Ever been able to actually see her nipples or have you just seen her bra so far?"

Never before had I seen anyone choke so efficiently on a mouthful of liquid. We all jumped up and Leo grabbed paper towels from the kitchen. In the same calm manner he continued, "Sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you." Then he wrapped his arms around me from behind and said, "To make up for it, how 'bout if I share a better view with you than you've been able to get up to now?"

Knowing what was coming and being able to stop him were two entirely opposite realities. Still restraining me with his arms, he began unbuttoning my dress down the front. When it was open to the waist he gently forced it from my shoulders and allowed the material to pool around my middle. My breasts strained against the black cloth of their halter and despite my best intentions the nipples sprang to attention. David's shocked stare, so filled with longing, did nothing to relieve my personal anxiety.

I tried to pull away, which proved to be a mistake as Leo used the space gained to grip the hook ends of my bra. Ignoring my, "Leo, stop," command he quickly disengaged the clasps and pulled me tightly against him as he slipped my modesty from my arms. Cupping each mound separately, he leered at David and asked, "They look even better in person, don't they? I don't suppose if I asked you nicely, you might be willing to suckle them and help me make Susie happy! So soft and full, it makes a man hard just seeing them doesn't it?"

As Leo asked this last I looked at the front of David's pants and realized how totally he agreed. Motivated by Leo's invitation, he promptly crossed to us and took my nipple into his warm mouth. Nibbling and nursing first one, then the other straining orb, he devoured each with uniform intensity. At first, Leo palpated whichever nipple David left free, then he transferred his hands to my waist and slithered my dress to my ankles. Standing between these two eager males with no clothing except my panties and heels, the center of my being inaugurated its wanton lubrication. When Leo pushed the final silky fabric from my hips, I was nude save my jewelry and shoes. His strong hands lifted and kneaded my lower stomach muscles causing the already rampant stream between my legs to flow faster. Soon a slithering digit parted the lips of my desire to trail an electrifying thrill across my hardened bud. Then David slowly kissed down my body until his tongue replaced Leo's fingertip.

How the three of us traversed as a welded entity to the bedroom defies description! As I stepped from my shoes onto the mattress both masculine torsos hastily were exposed revealing two enthusiastic lances pointed at me with unquestionable lust. Wantonly stretching my legs in unrestricted welcome, I acknowledged my appetite.

David resumed suckling my erect little mound. My ever-perceptive spouse skewered his tongue against the roof of my mouth mimicking the cadence of David's attentions. Two sets of hands kneaded and tweaked my breasts further exciting their already aching tautness.

The entry of David's tongue into my most private womanhood induced me to rise from the bed to meet his welcome invasion. Tonguing deeply into the entire length of my blissful slit, he ended each caress with a moment of powerful suction around my clit. The wet spot developing below my hips was forgotten in the heat of the wonderful sensations coursing through my body! Entry of David's pulsating erection might have been anticlimactic had Leo not stroked my tonsils at the same instant.

Our frenzied acrobatics lasted barely long enough for me to feel the first tingling of my suppressed excitement before I was filled with a joyous flood of carnal warmth. Fortunately, before I betrayed my lack of satisfaction Leo filled my nadir with hard flesh tipping me toward ecstasy. Because I was already filled with warm cum I knew his excitement would be magnified.

Soon his wonderfully educated digit was also electrifying my clitoris while David earnestly renewed his rapture with my upthrust breasts. Each gave me multiple thrills as they came several times more. Two lovers, totally concentrating on my satisfaction, ultimately elicited a stupendous orgasm! Both devotees refused to suppress their attack until I had repeated my explosive eruptions twice more. Only when I actually ejaculated sweet nectar during my final sensational climax did they allow me to relax into an exhausted spread eagle.

Two hours passed as only a moment before I woke to the delicious scent of dinner being prepared by my loving lover. David had already departed to his evening after soliciting a promise for repeated enchanting encounters. Leo had countered with the suggestion that a morning appetizer each day would start my day with harmony. Informing him of my penchant for group sex would have future consequences of which I hadn't yet dreamt.

David had titillated Leo with the suggestion of a possible reciprocal rendezvous with his wife. When presented with information about our life style David indicated they had been talking about swinging for some time. Knowing my husband as I do, I knew he had assured David no such action was expected. I also knew, beyond a doubt, that I would do everything in my power to initiate such an encounter.

We ate in blissful silence reviewing the erotic diversion brought to us by my rebellious car and David's philanthropy!


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