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Pain and Punishment
by Misty Angel 77

As the guest arrived, Nathan quickly ran to greet them dressed in attire his Master had picked out. A pair of leather briefs with a zipper down the front for easy access. A leather vest opened down the front and bare feet. Beneath the briefs he wore a cock ring and ball separator which kept him erect and noticeable to all who looked at him.

The guest who had just arrived was a Master known as Sir Alan, he was huge, a chubby stomach strained against the leather outfit he wore, at his side his slave Mark was dressed in a skin tight pair of pants with snaps down each side, and no shirt, bare feet.

"Welcome Sir to my Masters home, please come in." said Nathan as he ushered them to the playroom downstairs. An array of toys hung about the room, whips, chains and a special chair sat in the middle of the room as well as a cross and a gynecologist table complete with stirrups. Master Alan seated himself on the sofa in the corner with his slave kneeling at his feet. Nathan rushed back upstairs to prepare a tray of drinks and snacks. Returning he found his Master talking to Master Alan. Offering the guest his choice of drinks and food he returned to his Master and knelt at his feet.

"Have you ever wondered just how much pain a slave will endure to receive the pleasure of cumin?" asked Master Michael. "Oh yes, many times I have had Mark beg me to punish him in order to receive pleasure. It's quite amazing what he will do to get the privilege of cumin. What did you have in mind?" replied Master Alan.

"I think we should let our slaves bring each other close to the point of cumin then in order to be granted permission, they will endure whatever we decide to impose upon them. To use them any way we feel like it and to show gratitude for our doing so." said Master Michael with a grin.

Taking Nathan by the hand, Master Michael lead him to the gynecologist table and placed him with his feet in the stirrups. " Mark, come here and suck Nathan's cock and balls!" Standing between Nathan's legs, Mark reached up and lowered the zipper, exposing Nathan's bound flesh. Looking to Master Michael for approval, he slowly removed the cock ring and ball separator, bringing a sigh of relief from Nathan. Placing his hands on Nathan's inner thighs he lowered his mouth to Nathan's balls and softly sucked. Nathan gripped the sides of the bed as he languished in the pleasure Mark's hot wet mouth was imposing on him. Leaving Nathan's balls, he worked his way to his cock and swiftly sucked it deep into his throat as he sucked and let his tongue roam over the shaft, pulling free and using his tongue to tease Nathan's cock head. His fingers reaching up to toy with Nathan's nipples, pinching and pulling, twisting them on occasion. Nathan was so close, his eyes closed, his hips lifting to meet the lips that encircled his cock.

"Enough Mark, remove your pants, now climb on top on the table and place your legs over Nathan's head, lower your balls to his mouth." ordered Master Michael.

The heavy dangling balls slowly drifted downward to meet the open lips of Nathan, sucking like a starved animal, Nathan engulfed them entirely. Mark's eyes rolled in the back of his head as Nathan reached up and begin to stroke Mark's aching cock as well. The sucking of his balls and the pulling on is cock so, had Mark moaning wildly. His need to cum growing with no boundary.

"Stop! Do you slave's desire to shoot a hot load of cum into each others tight ass holes, to fuck in and out and feel your balls smacking against each other?" asked Master Alan.

"Oh yes Master, please allow us permission to cum in such a manner? they said almost in unison.

"You will beg us to use you for our pleasure first, to punish you before you receive pleasure in anyway we see fit." demanded Master Alan.

"Please Sir's, what ever you desire to do with us to bring pleasure to yourself and for us to receive the reward of cumin is what we desire as well. Please use us," said Nathan.

"He is correct Sir's, your pleasure comes first. I also wish you to use us to find pleasure for yourselves. To grant us permission to receive the gift of cumin afterwards," replied Mark.

"In the middle of the floor slaves, ass to ass on all fours!" ordered Master Alan. Once the slaves were in position, Master Alan took a rope and begin to wind both slaves balls with a piece of cord, leaving them four inches between the rope. Master Alan slowly begin to shower Marks chest with the flogger causing him to jerk and in return to tug harshly at the ropes on his and Nathan's balls. The swats continued their way down, smacking the inner thighs of both slaves and occasionally landing against their bound balls, screams echoed through out the room.

Releasing the slaves, they were taken to the chair, Nathan was seated first. It was a bit uncomfortable as the seat had a ring cut out in it. He was strapped in and Alan was placed between his legs. "Suck his limp cock and get him nice and hard slave. He is going to bury that huge piece of meat inside that tight hole of yours!" announced Master Alan. The words of Master Alan alone seem to excite Nathan, soon his cock had a raging hard on. Placing Mark facing Nathan with his legs wrapped around Nathan's waist he slowly lowered his unlubricated ass hole onto Nathan's hard cock. Inch after inch of Nathan's cock entered Mark, making him whimper as it stretched his rectum to its limit.

Cuffing Marks hands behind his back caused him to have little control of his stability. Master Michael attached the end of a pair of nipple clips to Nathan's right nipple and Marks left nipple, then using another pair he did the same with the remaining nipples, now if either of them moved it tugged on both their nipples. Using some hot ointment, Master Michael spread it over the head of Marks cock and then just inside Nathan's ass hole. Shortly both slaves begin to squirm, jerking the nipple clips and bringing groans as the pain in their nipples combined with the heat of their cock and ass hole. Slipping beneath the chairs bottom, Master Alan begin to slowly insert a butt plug into Nathan's gaping hole. Once it was in place, the lights were turned out and the slaves were left to simmer in their bondage and pain.

Upon their return, both slaves were in tears, their nipples had changed colors and both were aching from the invasion of their ass holes. Releasing them, they were taken to an upstairs bedroom where they were given a sponge bath and held by their Masters. "You slaves did well and deserve the night to please each other with no interruptions," said Master Michael as he slowly kissed their foreheads. Master Alan circled both with his arms and gave them a huge hug. Slipping out of the room, the slaves were left alone to enjoy each other for the remainder of the night, they had earned the right with no doubt.


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