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Paramour of Pleasure
by Wine N. Roses

I am the woman that other women fear, envy and hate. I am the epitome of stolen pleasure, the circumstance of forbidden fantasy, and the discoverer of lost desire. I am the vessel of delightful sensuality, the mentor of carnal knowledge, and the traveler of erogenous zones. I am the other woman, a thief of his heart, a sorceress of magical love potions that steal his affection, and an enchantress of his sexuality. I share ancient sinful secrets of longing and cravings with him. His poorly chosen mate fails where I succeed in satisfied triumph. She holds his commitments and vows prisoner, while I free his desires and love. I have chosen this wicked route of eroticism. Many may damn me, but I am a willing voyager of this ill reputed life style. He comes to me tonight.

Two hours before he is due to arrive, I sit at my vanity, mystifying and beautifying for his intimate pleasure. I savor this sensual preliminary foreplay. I apply tonight's chosen scent of jasmine to my soft creamy skin strategically in places, such as, my temples, wrists, inner elbow, the nape of my neck, underneath my bountiful breast, the crook of my knee and my soft inner thighs. I brush my hair until its red-brown curls glisten with fiery highlights. My full lips are the color of rubies, red and tempting. Powdering my nose, I mentally review my erotic wardrobe of the finest of silks, satins, velvets and lace with the spectrum of colors from the palest of soft mute pastels to the deep rich colors of gems. I chose a flowing hunter green silk peignoir set with black sheer thigh high stockings and black heels with ankle wrap ties. The French cut panties that I wear are emerald green Thai silk. My secret-keeping eyes change in hue from sublime blue-gray to pale cat-eye green, reflecting lightly the color of jealousy and envy that I wear.

Bemused with my thoughts, I arch one sculptured eyebrow at my reflection. What shall tonight's entertainment consist of? How shall I entice his desire and saturate his yearnings? My lover stated no preference, only his urgent need of me. I go into the bedroom to stage the set of our erotic drama. I remove the peach scented candles from last week's play and replace them with unscented ones. I didn't want distraction from his concentration of my scent. The sheets are of ivory satin, with plush pillows. On the bedside table, I have an array of massage oils and lotions to soothe the mind and excite the body, a feather to tickle the senses, and four silk scarves to bind him, if I choose. I leave the room, to prepare the outer sanctum.

In the receiving parlor, I have wine, chilling, along with some fruit and cheese. He will not hunger, because his wishes are mine to grant. Sweet Billie Holiday's voice soothes the four walls in her most seductive musical voice. The lighting is low and inviting. I fluff the pillows on the sofa. All is set, the web is spun and I am waiting for my fly to appear. The ringing of the door chimes tells me it is time for the show to begin. My heart is pounding in response, as my love for this man is true and adoring.

My darling lover greets me with a wet deep passionate kiss, as his hands caress my soft curls. He breathes into my ear, "I have missed you." I kiss him with a light tenderness, pulling him within the security of my welcoming arms. "Come inside, love," the spider tells the fly. He steps into the foyer, his arm around my waist. I herd him into the parlor, pour him some wine, feed him some grapes, loosen his tie and remove his shoes, to give his feet the relaxation that he craves, by massaging his tiredness away. I listen to him pour out his frustrations regarding life and his unhappiness, in sympathy with an occasional kiss to his brow. I know that soon he will tire of conversation. I wait with patience and barely concealed excitement.

After several glasses of wine, he relaxes, letting desire for me fill his thoughts. I smile as his eyes dance over my attractive, seductive and alluring essence. "Sit here, pet," he tells me, pointing to the vacant place beside him on the sofa. My clinging gown's abundant skirt flows around me as I sit, with only my ankles showing. He traces the fabric on my knee with his fingertips. "Have you missed me?" He asks. I hid a smile, answering, "Yes, darling, more than words can say." My answer pleases him. He leans forward to kiss the beauty mark that lives on my neck above the left collarbone. His trimmed moustache tickles, sending shivers down my arms. "Then show me," he replies. I stand, offering my hand to him so that I might lead him into the inner sanctum of pleasure, the room that holds the heart of this house-the heat of our passion.

He is pleased with the setting of our carnal playpen. I don't think that Eros, God of love could appreciate it as much. I slowly undress him, removing his shirt, pausing to kiss the flesh as it becomes exposed to the candle's flickering glow. Standing, while I undo his belt, he slides the silk robe off my shoulders, to place kisses on the softness of my neck. I kneel before him, looking up at him, while I release the fly, saying, "Lover, I want you to lie back and let me make you forget your hectic day, as my mouth sends you above the heights of heaven." I kiss his lower stomach, before I push his pants down to his feet. I tug down his briefs in one fluid movement. With a playful laugh, I push him back onto the bed with a bounce. I strip him completely. His arousal is a beautiful lustful sight. I slide my tender lips down the shaft, eliciting a torrid response.

I stand by the side of the bed, letting my hands trace the muscles of his upper body. Watching him as my gentle hands touch him, I suddenly know what his need is for tonight. I place my fingers onto his mouth, outlining the shape of his lips. With his eyes closed, he opens his lips slightly, so that I may insert my finger for him to suckle. With my other hand, I take two of the silk scarves and loosely intertwine them amongst the posts of the headboard. His eyes still closed, he lovingly takes my hand at his mouth within his own to kiss the open palm. I remove my hand to brace myself as I straddle him, letting my silk tent over our bodies. His strong hands cup my breasts through the supple fabric. I remove his hands, so that I might interlock our fingers. I lean down onto his upper body, so that my breasts are pressing into his chest. I kiss him hungrily, allowing him to feel my desire for him. I move our joined hands above his head. With one hand I hold his hands together, then quickly wrap the silk scarves around his wrists, bonding him to the headboard posts.

He laughs, "You cunning vixen, what are you up to?" I smile, "Pleasure, Milord." I press my body over his, once again, to kiss his lips. Leaning up from him, my hair tickles his nose, giving me an idea. I climb off him to stand by the bed. I slowly strip until I am scantily clad in my Thai silk panty, stockings and heels, as he watches with intense desire. "I want to touch you, Angel." He says, "Untie me." I cup my full breasts with my hands momentarily, before tugging my tawny nipples into tautness, as I smile, arching an eyebrow, saying, "In due time! Sir, I think that what you really want is for someone to strip away all your power, taking from you the responsibility of life itself. I am the woman to do the job, thoroughly and sensually. Tonight, you will completely submit to me."

His eyes narrow, as he watches me pause by the bedside table. I stand with head bent, contemplating what method that I would employ, to commence his sensual journey on the pathway to submission that he had unknowing hitched a ride to. "Ma Cherie, I want you. Untie me this instant." He struggles with the silk scarves. I laugh, "Dear, your purchases for me are always of the finest quality. Those silk scarves will not rip very easily." I test the knots, as I say, "My Darling fly, the more you tug the more tangled that you become in my web." His struggles increase, as if testing my bond to him. Amused, I watch, knowing that I will need to soothe his mind, before I can continue. His pleasure was my utmost concern, not his torture.

I reach for the kiwi flavored massage oil, to lightly rub some onto my pert nipples. He is distracted by my bondage of him. Touching his face, I gently say, "Taste me," as I offer my breasts to his mouth. I brush one nipple across his lips. He relaxes to a small degree, as he hungrily suckles it, making cooing sounds in his throat. I move my breast from within his lip's reach. I ask, "Do you want more?" He replies, licking his lips, "Yes, Angel! Your taste is exquisite." I coyly say, "Maybe later!" "You minx," he says. His voice is thick with concealed humor, "Payback will be hell." Laughing, I counter, "I live in hell without you. It is nothing that I cannot handle, Mon Cher!" His struggle with the scarves resumes.

I watch him for a moment, smiling. I squeeze my thighs together, enjoying the feel of my silk panty clinging to my nether lips. I am wet with absolute power and carnal desire. I plan to use him as one does a utensil. As I am the wanton cistern for his pleasure releasing orgasms, I will reverse the roles so that he will become my erotic climatic tool. Tonight I have the audacity to unleash the hungry wanton bestial side of me that he has yet to witness. My stomach flutters at the thought of the tempestuous abandonment that we will utilize with orgasmic vigor this eve. As my mind whirls with these thoughts, I slide a supple finger over the silk material of my panty's crotch. I massage my pubic mound, enjoying the feel of the dampened silk against my fingertips.

My lover's struggles cease, as my debauched masturbatory activity catches his eye. I stop for a moment to prop his head up comfortably on some pillows, because I want him to view my show of self-indulgence. I straddle his body, grinding my panty-covered crotch against his hard cock, while I kiss him fervently. He protests when I climb off to lie beside him with my head pointing at his feet. I pretend not to notice him, as I continue masturbating. His protests stop with a sharp intake of breath. He is silent as my deft digits do their duty. I continue to massage my pussy through the silk with the fabric darkening from the wetness of my nether regions. I grow excited, knowing that my show is making my lover's cock hard and rigid. When my orgasm erupts, it does so in song, and I come loudly with much turbulence. I remove my wet panty and boldly place it on his chest, knowing that the silk's emanation of my womanly scent will entice his hunger for me.

I kneel facing him on the bed. As I caress my breasts, stomach and thighs, my nimble fingers delve the dewy folds of my pussy, gathering wetness on them. In silence, I offer my glistening fingers to him. With his eyes locked on mine, he licks them clean. I remove one of the pillows so that his head is almost flat on the bed. I place a knee on each side of his head so that my pussy is above his face. He says, "Yes, Angel feed me your pussy." I smile, as I say, "We shall see." Inches away from his face, I tease my clit and nether lips. The wetness of my desire and my rapid breathing were the only sound in the room. Ever so often, I give him the privilege of licking my fingers before moving them back to my mound of Venus. The taste of me drives him crazy with need. He cries in torture, "Love, let me lick you. You taste is so exquisite. Please, I need to pleasure you with my lips and my mouth." I ignore his pleas, as I ride my hand to blissful climax. My juices run with abundance over my fingers. I once again, allow him a taste.

I move down his body until my pussy lips encase his cock. He is torrid and heated with need. With my wet dew as lubricant, I slide my lips up and down the backside of his shaft; letting the sculptured rim of the head of his cock hit my clit. As I ride his rail, he begs, "Please slide me in, Darling! You are driving me insane with this mindless teasing." With urgent carnal wiles, I rub my pink swollen pussy lips, faster and faster on his cock's shaft. Caressing my breasts, my eyes close, as my red hair whips around, and I lose myself once again in climatic heaven. My orgasmic song is loud and exhilarating with joy. As it abates, I notice that he has resumed his battle with the enemy scarves. I laugh, taking the discarded panty and placing it in his mouth. To my surprise, he sucks hungrily on the saturated fabric, savoring my flavor. Taking pity on him, I lick my juices off his thick shaft. It feels alive under the dance of my tongue. He moans with enjoyment. I remove the panty so that I can kiss him deeply, allowing him the pleasure of my taste.

I leave the sanctuary of the bed, to view my assortment of sensual providing tools, waiting on the bedside table. Within the bedside table's top drawer is an erotic surprise for my darling, which I obtained via the wonders of the Internet, without leaving the sanctuary of my humble home. I caress the item with my supple fingers, thinking how his submission to me is almost complete. I smile before I proceed with the final scenario of lust and pleasure. I place the surprise, a latex penis hood with its vibrating bullet over the fat mushroom cap of his throbbing cock. With the remote control in my delicate hand, my nimble thumb flicks the on switch to low speed. I say to my love, "Milord, shall we dance?"

With a torturous but happy voice, my love replies. "My Angel, My Vixen, My Demon are a delight, a wonder, a thrill...I adore you and I am yours!"


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