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Paul and The Hawk
by Paul Bridgeman Jr.

It seemed unbelievable to me that I had only been walking in the woods that morning. Now sitting here in the deepest dungeons of The Hawks castle, with only the memory of light to see by, I was scared and cold and not a little hungry. I wondered if my family had heard that I was here, locked in this black pit. All for want of a few stray pheasant that belonged to The Hawk.

I wondered how long I had been sitting here, the guards had stripped me and were familiar with me in ways I can not talk about, because they were casual and cruel and not done without malice. I had spent what seemed like hours pacing the floor, cursing my fate and praying for another chance. It was with these very prayers on my lips that I heard the sounds of steps echoing off the dark, dank walls outside my cell. The guards had returned or would it be worse? Was I to meet The Hawk? Other men of our village had been held here before I ever was and none would speak of what was done to them and none of them had ever poached from his lands again.

The door swung open, banging against the walls and echoing away down the corridor to the stairs. I was roughly grabbed and pulled along the hallway towards the steep stairs that lead to the hall. I was so ashamed of my nakedness and this was made worse when one of the guards pushed his finger inside of me. The pain felt immense and he had worked another into me by the time I realised that we were moving upstairs.

"Devil" I said to him and spat in his face.

He laughed and said "You'll thank me later, make no mistake."

The other guard smiled at me then slapped my face hard enough to rock my head back. "Don't mark him!" warned the older guard as he worked on my already sore arsehole. The younger guard looked scared and rubbed his hand on his leathers as if this would remove the evidence of his having hit me and no-one spoke again until we reached the chambers of The Hawk.

I had plenty of time to ponder this and all I had heard of him whilst in the cell, but to see the door to his chamber, so big and strong was terrifying. The Guards banged on the door and a deep voice boomed out that we should enter, my legs felt weak with horror, what was it that was done to you that was so horrible that the village men never stole again.

Throwing open the doors to the chamber, They dragged me inside. In the middle of the room was a wood hewn thrown, it's surfaces artistic, but rough, masculine looking. All over the room were a variety of odd devices. Some had an obvious purpose and others were beyond my imagination. Sitting on the throne, dressed in floor length bearskins was The Hawk. All that I had heard was that he was a big man and popular with the ladies. I had not expected to find such a handsome man. His eyes glowed with intelligence and he wore a smile that was at once friendly and a warning. I lowered my head in deference to his power.

"So, stealing my fowl, ay boy?!" he roared, "We will have to find something special to do for you, but first a small show."

With this the guards lowered a set of manacles from the ceiling and I was hurriedly chained one of the guards took out a small piece of woven leather, obviously it was a kind of whip. He began to whip my arse, the pain was not as bad as I expected, but the sting was there all the same.

As the guard whipped me I looked up and saw that The Hawk had opened his furs, his body was beautiful, covered in shiney golden hair and his tattoos were also beautiful, many them very old and some that looked foreign. My eyes seemed to return over and over to his hips a roughly fashioned undergarment rested there and The Hawk squeezed his manhood through it gently as he sat there.

"You like the look of my dragon?" he asked, moving the cloth so that I could see his cock and instead of speaking my own dragon rose and answered for me. The Hawk roared with laughter as my dick twitched with excitement at the site off his engorged cock. He ordered the guards to prepare me and one of them went to get a jar of oil and the other a device that looked like a very high chair but with manacles. I was lifted into the chair and pushed back with my legs raised and the guards began to oil my arse up.

As the oil began to get more plentiful their fingers ceased hurting me and I began to enjoy their attentions, I moaned aloud and looked directly at the Hawk for a moment. His eyes were bright as he watched his men violating me. "Fuck him," he barked and they lifted me down, the older man moved behind me and I gasped as he roughly pushed his cock into me, his breath hot in my ear as he grunted and pushed into me. The younger guard moved in front of me and Pushed his cock against my mouth, but I would not open my mouth.

"Come on boy, suck him or it will be worse for you" demanded the hawk. I opened my mouth and the guard slid into me. I was shocked and disgusted, the guard although clean was ugly and I resented being made to suck this ugly man's dick, but suck it I did and like I was enjoying it too. The old guard behind me began to get faster and slid his dick in and out of me effortlessly now, I chanced another look at The Hawk, his cock was beautiful and the head had a droplet of pre-semen at it's tip.

I was shocked by an urge to go to him and lick it from the head as he gently wanked the length. As this thought hit me the young guard pulled his cock out of my mouth and as I opened my mouth to ask what he was doing he shot over my face his hot cum partially entering my mouth was hot and salty, he pushed his cum from my cheeks into my mouth and I sucked his finger when he did this. I was shocked to hear Hawk moan and as the old guard shot his hot spunk into me, I saw another pearl of pre-cum slide down over his helmet.

"Change places!" he called and the guards did so rapidly. The old man's cock in my mouth seemed saltier than the boys, it was also larger and he held me by the hair as he used my mouth like a cunt, ramming into me until I gagged, the boy already hard again was fucking my arse and I was amazed that his strokes were so frantic, then he fell on my back and I felt his juice drip onto my legs. The Hawk laughed out loud, "Are you ready for a real man now Sonny", he said. Frightened though I was I said that I was ready. The Hawks cock was so swollen and shiney that my butt twitched just thinking about having him inside me. When the guards made me kneel before him, he smiled and told me to lick his feet. I did as I was told, licking and sucking his toes and kissing my way up his strong, well defined calves. I thought that my dick would burst soon it had become so hard. By the time I reached his knees and began to kiss his thighs I was delirious with a need to suck that huge dripping cock. Was I imagining it or did his skin smell of sex and sweat.

Whether it did or not there was no doubting that I wanted his cock and as I began to lick his huge dangling balls, I was rewarded with a long low moan. Encouraged I took his balls into my mouth, one at a time and then together twirling my tongue around them as I sucked. The Hawk grabbed me by the hair and forced my head down, making me lick his hot sweaty asshole. I ate hungrily, occasionally licking up to his balls again.

"Suck my nob with that pretty mouth of yours boy!" he ordered and finally I took his helmet to my lips, licking away the salty water that rested there I moaned.

"Do you like that?" he asked. "Do you like my cock in your mouth?"

"Yes,..Yes" I gasped licking and sucking the helmet now. Hawk put his head back and moaned. Grabbing my hair again he pushed his cock into my mouth, deeper and deeper until I gagged on the thick brute that invaded me. Still he didn't stop and pushed further again, I adjusted my breathing and found that I could still suck him after all. All the way in he went until I smelled the rich scent of his manliness on his pubic hair and I sucked harder, moving my tongue in what little room was left to do so. Hawk began to moan, his shafting became furious and I couldn't breathe anymore, with a long roar he poured his spunk into my mouth and throat, so much that it ran out of my mouth and I greedily pushed it back into my mouth as I sucked.

His balls rested on my chin as his groaning subsided and still I sucked greedy for every drop that this handsome man could give me. Slowly he withdrew his dick and rubbed it playfully against my lips. "Come sit up here boy" he said his voice thick with sex as he pulled me onto his lap. His fingers were huge and even with the oil and cum from the guards it was hard not to cry out as he entered me with his index finger.

Once more I saw his cock begin to stiffen and he positioned me over it fingering my arse and squeezing the skin around it at the same time. I began to get scared, it had been hard sucking him and now he would put that huge cock into my arse, I felt myself clench, but he continued pushing. Then with a quick jerk the head was inside me, he inched his way into me rubbing and teasing as he did so, all the while he held my eyes and smiled at me as if daring me to try to stop him getting all the way into me.

Unable to stand anymore, I began to move with him, moaning and saying "Fuck me Hawk, shaft my arse with that beautiful fucking cock". With this he lifted me up, still shafting me and laid me down on the floor, driving his cock right into my arse. Bucking and slapping his balls against me as I lay pinned to the floor by that amazing dick. He roared as he pushed his cock all the way into me his balls seemed to be trying to get inside me too and my cock spasmed shooting jism all over my chest as Hawk poured his cum into me and fell fully onto me, grinding his hips as he subsided.

When he stood up the guards grabbed me and dragged me through the castle covered in sperm and bruised and bleeding from the whipping I had received. I had to walk to my home naked and abused.

Unlike the others in my village I seemed to get caught poaching a lot after that, surprising huh?


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