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Photogenic Barry
by Savage

My wife and I have been married for three years. While we were dating we use to discuss our fantasies and our past experiences. Mine favorite fantasy has always been photographing my partner with a Blackman. Hers was to sleep with a woman. Then when she told me that she had really sucked off a black dick when she was in high school I got real excited. I ask her if she would do a black man for me while I watched and took photos and she always turned me down flat.

We ended up married after two years of dating and we have one child. Every time I would bring this up to her during our sex session she would always get so excited and it would make her come, she too would talk about how big Drew's cock was and that would always send me over the edge. But when I brought it up too her away from the bedroom it would almost start a fight so I just let it remain a fantasy.

I work for company that sends me to seminars every few months. Sometimes Missy goes with me if we can get her mom to watch our young one. Well, on the last trip Missy decided to come along. We checked into the hotel and I went off to the seminar to get my education. Missy stayed behind in the hotel and waited for me to get back from the local collage. I told Missy she should enjoy the pool while I was gone and told her I would be back around 5:00.

I got back to the hotel room around 5:20 but Missy was nowhere to be found. I went down to the pool to look for her but she was not there either. I went back to the room to see if I miss a note that she had left but found nothing. I decided I would check the front desk for messages. I passed the hotel bar on the way to the front desk so I decided to take look inside for her. She was in there at the bar and from the looks of her she was getting quite drunk. This was highly unusual for her; she has never so much as took a sip of alcohol since I have known her. She was still in her bikini and had the towel wrapped around her bottom half. She was talking to a black man that was on the tall side. He was leaning over while talking and he did not hide the fact that he was looking inside her bikini top to see what she could see.

I walked up to her. "I finally found you, I was getting worried."

"I am a big girl and I can take care of myself," She slurred.

The Blackman excused himself and left us alone to discuss what was going on. I grabbed Missy and we walked towards our room.

"What were you two talking about and how long were you talking." I asked

"I thought you always wanted to see me with a Blackman. Are you getting jealous?" she retorted.

I had to admit I was feeling a little pain in my stomach but at the same time I had a hard on and Missy didn't miss that. She went down on knees and sucked me off. I fucked her before we went to dinner and she told me all about how she wanted to fuck Barry, the Blackman from the bar. I came so quickly it was unreal. I was totally into it and I believe Missy was to because at dinner she was still talking about it.

After about the 3rd day there Missy told me that she had saw Barry by the pool again and they were talking again. She told me that Barry had asked if I got upset about the other night at the bar. Missy told him a little but that I ended up fucking her thinking about them two fucking each other. She told me that must have mad him a little braver because he pulled his dick out under the water and had her fill it. She said the thing was huge, almost twice as big as mine. The biggest she had ever felt. She was telling me that she could not resist the temptation of this big massive dick and that she suggested that they go to her room, as I wouldn't be back until 5:00 or so.

Once in our room she sucked him and had him cum in her mouth, (That made me jealous as she never does that for me) and then he fucked her. She told him not to come in her because she wasn't using birth control so he pulled out and ended up coming all over my pillow. She told me that he had just left about 30 minutes before I arrived. I could see the pillow was still wet. Missy could see that I had a huge hard on again.

"I knew you wasn't going to be mad." she said as she remove her towel that she was wearing from the shower she had just taking.

She spread out on the bed and I saw her pussy was still gapping open. That must have been one huge dick I thought. We fuck, showered and went to dinner. There at the restaurant Missy had choosing was Barry. Barry came over and shook my hand.

"I hear you would like to watch a Blackman screwing your wife." He said.

"I would like to photograph it also." I said.

I can't do that as I am married and can't risk it, but I will let you watch." Barry said

"Missy, if you are comfortable with it, I say lets do it." I said

She replied "You may not be comfortable with it after it is all said and done, but I want him again and I am sure you will too, when we are done."

I really didn't know what she meant by that but I was to excited to think about much. Barry ate dinner with us then we were off to the hotel. Barry had to go to his room to check for messages and call his wife if she had left a message. About 20 minutes later he knocked on the door.

Missy was in the bathroom freshening up. I made Barry a drink and had him to sit down. Missy came out wearing a completely see through white nightgown. You could see her hard nipples and brown areolas through the gown easily. Her fine blond pussy hair was just visible also. She went to her pocket book and got the digital camera. She told Barry that she wanted to take a picture of him fully clothed so she could remember him after this was all said and done.

After Missy had taken a few shots of Barry she put the camera down on the desk and went over to Barry and started to massage his manhood. I was curious as to how big he actually was. Missy unzipped his shorts and pulled him by his penis over to the bed. She sat on the bed and started to suck him. I was just starring at his huge dick, Man that thing was pushing 11 inches and seem to be as big around as Missy's wrist. I was totally amazed. Barry then removed his dick from her mouth and told her to get on the bed. He then moved down to Missy's pussy and started licking her clit. Missy shaves the bottom half of her pussy and Barry was lapping it good. I had the hardest hard on of my life and I was getting real uncomfortable down there so I remove all my clothes. Barry never looked up; he was just concentrating on pleasing Missy. Missy started to come just after I had got my clothes off. I was a little jealous, as I always had to work really hard to get Missy off that way.

Missy then got up off the bed and had Barry lay back. Missy then straddled him. She was up on her feet playing with his massive dick. I moved around behind her so I could watch this big black monster enter her. She rested the tip at the opening and then turns to look straight into my eyes as she squatted down on him. She moaned loudly. Barry trusted up to meet her hips. I couldn't believe she took it all in one stroke. She then started riding it. She got real vocal.

"This is the best and biggest dick I have ever fuck. Mmmmmm. I love black cock. You like to see me take black cock don't you? I am going to cum so good, again." She said

Missy had always gotten vocal while in bed with me and it always sent me over the edge. This time was no exception either. I came right then and there and didn't even touch myself. Missy didn't miss it either. She reached over for my dick and started to suck and lick the remaining cum from me. She had never tasted my cum before so I thought this was a real treat.

Barry then rolled her over onto her back and started to pound away at my wife's blond pussy. He was fucking her harder than she had ever been fucked before. He started to get vocal between strokes.

"You like"

"Black dick"

"Don't you"


Then he started telling her to tell him how much she loved black dick and how good he was. She was loving it. She had yet another orgasm then.

"I cuming you black fucker!! Mmmm! Ugh! Oh Yes. You are by far the best I ever had and want your cock in me at all times!!!" She exclaimed

All this talking got me hard again and it must have had some effect on Barry as he started to cum. My little young wife held him in her and had him come inside her. He didn't have a rubber or anything.

"Fill me up with cum, Oh I want your seed in me. Yes, It is so hot!!!" she screamed.

"Not in her!!!!" I said

It was way to late, he had filled her up. I was a little worried but Missy said that she didn't care she wanted him cum in her from beginning. I just let that incident go and got down between her legs after Barry had moved. Her pussy was wide open. I could see the cum inside her. I scooped some of it out with my fingers and fed to my well-fucked wife. The cum was running out of her and down the crack of her ass. I really wanted a picture of this so I grabbed the camera and took a few shots while Barry was the bathroom.

Barry soon came out of the bathroom, so I put the camera away. The strange thing about Barry was that his dick was still hard. It had lost a little of the erectness but for the most part his length was still there. Missy pulled him over on the bed and started kissing him. She whispered something in his ear and he was all smiles. She then got up on all fours and he positioned himself behind her. He was going to try and stick that black pole in her ass and she had apparently asked him to do so. I had to get a picture of that. He shoved his dick in a little at a time. After about a dozen strokes he was all the in. Missy couldn't say anything, as she was almost breathless. Barry gently started sawing in and out of her tight asshole. I took a few pictures. I got some real good ones to. Barry shouted "No!! I will kick your ass!" I put the camera down.

Barry pulled out of her ass and demanded that I give him the film. I told him that there wasn't any film. I didn't let him know that I could erase it. He took the camera and searched for the film. He couldn't find it. Missy told him that we wouldn't miss use the photos. He was still quite mad. The funny thing was he never truly lost his hard on the entire time.

Missy then said she had an idea. She told him that she could take a picture of me sucking his dick. He thought about it for a while and then agreed that we would never get the film developed (Apparently he still thought we had to get the photo's developed.) if I was photographed eating his cum from Missy and even sucking his dick. Everyone was in agreement but me, but what could I do.

Missy was lying on the bed with her legs spread. He roughly told to eat his cum from her pussy. I did as I was told humbly. At first I didn't much like it, but it wasn't that bad as most of the juice was hers. Then Barry started clicking away. He really enjoyed getting to see the photo in the camera screen after it was taking. Then I felt a pair of hands on my now hard dick.

"You like eating my cum don't you? He said.

"Eat us you basterd," demanded my wife. "Lick me clean."

My wife know had the camera and was clicking away. She got a real nice shot of the white goo all over my face. Barry was still behind me playing with my dick. Then I couldn't believe what happen next. Barry was rubbing my but. He stuck his thumb in it. I was in total shock. My wife sled away from my face. She got up and was taking pictures of that. Man I was in a whirlwind. I didn't know what to think. I did know that my dick was still hard so I just let things go.

"I would suggest you suck my dick and get it real wet." Stated Barry.

He moved around and put his dick in front of my face. My wife was taking pictures the whole time this was going on. There was no way I could get my mouth around the damn thing. I didn't know what to do but when he tapped the dick up against my lips I just automatically opened my mouth. I suck him the best I could. Missy was telling me to look at her. She was taking pictures and playing with her gapping pussy at the same time. Missy then went around to my ass and started spitting on it.

"Trust me I know, your going to hurt so good." She said

"Come on Barry, go ahead and fuck him, I believe he wants it." Missy cooed.

Barry then moved around and placed his dick at my asshole. I could feel Missy hands guiding it into me. It felt like it was going to split me open. Then the head finally pop though. I felt a little better. I looked back and saw Missy kissing him and stoking his dick. Then Missy slapped him on the ass and said. "Make him love it like me." Then Barry started to really slam it into me. It was really painful at first but I really started to get into it. Missy was cheering him on and taking pictures and I was stroking my own dick. I came before Barry and Missy scooped it up and feed it to me. Missy then got down behind Barry and started to lick his balls and asshole. Barry finally came in my ass. I was so glad too as I was getting pretty damn raw. When Barry pulled out, my asshole remained open. I felt sort of empty with out it there.

Barry again went to the bathroom and Missy climbed up on me to cuddle. She told me that this was the best and wildest night that she has ever experienced and she hoped we could do it again. When Barry left for his room he told Missy that he would see her tomorrow. I may fill you in on that at another time.


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