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Pool Boy Pt. I
by Rebecca

Linda was thirty, and she didn't enjoy that fact. Even though it was just a number, she was depressed by it and by the fact that she had married her husband more for his money then for love. She didn't know it at the time, but now after four dull years of marriage she began to find it hard to remember why she married him, except for his money, Barry was a total bore in bed and she longed for a real man, for a real fucking. When it came to sex they both seemed bored.

Then one Sunday morning Barry woke to find that Linda wasn't in bed. It wasn't like her to be up before 10 on a Sunday, so he got up to make sure she was alright. Unlike Linda, Barry truly loved his beautiful wife. He knew he was lucky to have married her. Linda was 5'6" 110lbs with blonde hair and green eyes and a shapely 34B-23-36 figure. He tried to please her in bed, he would perform cunnilingus on her for 45 minutes sometimes before making love to her. He knew he was very average in the cock department and he also knew he was no great stud, often cumming within five minutes. He wanted to know what he could do to spice up their love making but Linda seemed to have already given up.

He stopped when he saw his wife staring out the backdoor. He could tell by the movement of her right arm that she was fingering herself as she looked out. He quietly moved a little closer. Linda seemed to be watching Brian, the pool boy. Brian was 19 and he did this during the summer to earn extra money for college. I'd spoken to him a few times and he seemed like a good kid. He was tall and he was on his college swim team and had a good, muscular body. Barry watched his wife, his cock beginning to twitch. When he saw her panties drop to her ankles he knew he should move in and help her out.

He tip-toed behind her, she was so into watching the young man vacuum the pool that she didn't notice him until he pressed his body against her. She jumped at first, not sure if he would be angry at what she was obviously doing. Then she felt his hard cock rubbing against her ass. She smiled to herself. "What are you doing?" he whispered in her ear, she didn't answer but moaned a little when he reached around and cupped her breasts. Her nipples were hard as erasers already. He let his hand wander down her belly until he was touching her hand which was already rubbing her mound. She pressed her wonderful ass against Barry's crotch and smiled at his hardness.

Barry started to slip her robe off of her shoulders but she stopped him. They were already doing to much in front of the double glass doors. He then went to kneel behind her but again she stopped him "No... fuck me" she whispered. He was a little surprised by her using the term "fuck me" but he was also turned on by it. He stood back up and lifted her robe. She arched her ass back at him, giving him better access to her golden-haired pussy. He was surprised at how easily he slid into her wet pussy, all the way on the first stroke. He'd forgotten how tight and hot and wet her pussy was because for some reason she got on the kick of using condoms the past 6 months because she didn't want to risk getting pregnant.

Barry was grateful to get to fuck her with deep, slow strokes because he knew he could last longer the way she usually liked to be fucked (hard and fast). He reached around and started pulling her nipples, not too hard but hard enough for her to make her nipples tingle. He never remembered her ever being so wet. She had her eyes glued on Brian, his shirt was off now and his chest sweaty and glistening. Barry knew she was imaging his cock belonged to another man but at that moment he didn't really care. What he cared about was the tremendous fucking he was giving and getting from Linda.

The deeper he stroked, the faster her hand moved over her clit. He felt like a stud for the first time in ages, Linda's motions and reactions to his fucking were awesome. She was so wet he felt her juices dripping down his balls. "That's it, fuck me lover. Shove your big cock in my hot pussy" she was fucking the pool boy in her mind. "Oh yes, baby...cumming...I'm cumming" and all of a sudden Linda started pounding her ass back and burying Barry's cock to the hilt as she came, her voice louder then he ever remembered during sex. His hand replaced hers and he rubbed her clit hard as he continued to fuck her, feeling his balls beginning to tighten up.

Linda leaned her head back to kiss her husband. She always loved deep, sloppy kisses while she was cumming. That's when Barry realized that Brian was watching them. He wasn't sure how much the kid could see but he was definitely staring at them through the glass. Linda was still cumming, her entire body was feeling it and this time she didn't stop Barry from tearing open her robe. If Brian could see, he might as well give him enough ammo to fuel a few jerk off sessions.

Barry was getting really close to cumming now. Linda's orgasm had subsided but she was still insatiable. "I'm close," he whispered in her ear. Linda fell to her knees in front of him, at first he was upset that his cock was no longer in her wet cunt, but his mood changed when she grabbed him and put him in her mouth. She sucked hard on his cock which was coated in her love juice while she fondled his balls. He kept his eyes open, looking over her at Brian. The pool boy was rubbing the lump in his shorts. Then Barry went blind. His cock exploded with such force his knees buckled. Linda kept her mouth over the head of his cock while she pumped the juice from his balls. He came more then he ever had before in his life and his horny wife was there, swallowing every creamy drop of his jizz. Linda was still fingering herself and she came again while he was emptying his nuts down her throat. He opened his eyes in time to see Brian move quickly across the backyard, carrying the long vacuum hose over his shoulder. He wondered if the kid had cum in his pants watching him fuck Linda.

Linda fell back against the floor, glowing and smiling and telling him it was never better then that. He smiled, he agreed with his gorgeous wife, smiling, a drop of his cum on her lip and cheek. "Maybe he should service the pool more often," Barry said to her. She stood up and hugged her husband, feeling a closeness she hadn't felt in ages. She was turned on again knowing that Barry knew she was thinking of someone else but he still gave her the fucking of her lifetime. Suddenly his 5 1/2" cock was more than enough for her.

The two of them did something else they hadn't done in a few years, they spent a lazy Sunday in bed reading the paper and fucking, then taking a shower and fucking some more. Neither one got dressed until work the next morning. All this good loving thanks to the pool boy.

To Be Continued...


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