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Pool Boy Pt. II
by Rebecca

When we last left Barry and Linda, they had just had the greatest sex of their ho-hum marriage thanks in part to the pool boy Brian. Linda had imagined the young nineteen-year-old fucking her while her husband did the deed. That was three weeks ago. That was three Sundays ago and the two of them had fucked by the double glass windows each of those Sundays while Brian vacuumed the pool, pretending not to watch. So here's where we pick up, on the fourth Sunday, 8:30 a.m.

Barry awoke at 7 am, knowing his wife would wake up soon enough and want to get downstairs and get fucking in front of those double glass doors. The Sunday before she had her period but they still put on a performance for Brian, the pool boy which ended with Linda jerking Barry off and letting his cum splash against the glass door. It was also the first time that Brian had acknowledged their performance. Waving to them as he left the backyard. That little wave had really set the two of them off.

Unbeknownst to Linda, Barry had been fantasizing about her sucking off the young stud while he fucked her. Not just an occasional fantasy, but he was obsessed with the image. He wondered what Linda would do if Brian walked in and presented her with his young cock. She had imagined it a million times this past month. Wondering what it would look like, smell like, taste like, feel like... it kept her pussy in a constant state of arousal and Barry was the lucky recipient of her inflamed libido.

Linda was still asleep at 8 am when Barry heard Brian's van pull into their driveway. He tiptoed from the room and made his way downstairs. Brian looked nervous when Barry walked out to meet him even though Barry was smiling. He held out his hand and said hi and asked him how things were going. Brian, not really sure what to make of all this started to apologize saying he didn't mean to look at him and his wife, but he couldn't help it. Barry laughed and told him to relax. He was asking Brian questions about Linda that were both arousing Brian and making him a little uncomfortable. Brian nearly fell over when Barry asked him if he would like Linda to give him some head?

"Are you serious?"

"Very," Barry said, "and trust me. My wife knows how to suck cock if you hadn't noticed." So while Linda slept, he made plans for Brian to do a little more then watch. He just made Brian promise that he would walk away quietly if he figured Linda wrong, meaning if his wife freaked, the deal was off. Brian's mind raced but he agreed. Since April, when he first saw Linda he had lusted after her. He hadn't had sex since he left school, promising his girlfriend he wouldn't fuck anyone else while he was home for the summer.

Barry was making a pot of coffee when Linda walked downstairs. He noticed she had washed her face and fixed her hair and he also noticed by her minty breath that she had brushed her teeth to rid herself of morning breath. "How's our boy this morning?" she asked, looking out the kitchen window at Brian who was already shirtless wearing a pair of cut off denim shorts. His tan body glistened, like a bronze god as he worked the skimmer. "Mmm, he looks wonderful, doesn't he?"

Barry smiled at his wife and walked over and kissed her. "So what's under that robe?" he asked, playfully pulling it open. He was surprised that she had dressed for the occasion this morning because she usually just wore the panties she slept in. This morning she wore French cut panties and a matching black bra. Barry figured since Brian acknowledged them last week, she wanted to look her best... and she did look hot.

"My my... I think we should head over to those glass doors and show the pool boy how nice you look" Barry touched her ass, letting his fingers linger on her perfect skin. Linda dropped the robe and walked hand in hand with her husband to thier usual spot by the glass doors.

Linda leaned against the door, Barry standing behind her, his warm body pressing against her. He let his hands gently touch her body as they watched the well toned body of Brian walk around the pool, testing the water with his little chemical kit. Barry couldn't blame his wife for having the hots for Brian, he was a real good looking guy. Barry's mind flashed back to college when he had his first and only homosexual experience. He had never told Linda about it, he never told anyone about it.

He and his roommate had rented a porno movie and both had gotten too excited. The two of them sat side by side jerking off. Curiously, Barry had reached for his roommates cock and held it, then jerked it until his roommate exploded all over his own stomach. Barry remembered being shocked when his roommate leaned over and took his cock in his mouth. Barry came immediately. It never happened again and was never talked about. They graduated a month later and that was that. Barry considered himself 100% straight but he did give his cock and occasional jerk off thinking about that night in his dorm nearly 12 years ago.

"Do you think he has a big cock?" Barry whispered into his wife's ear, his hand wandering down over her lacey bra.

"I bet he does," she said, leaning her ass back and pleased to find her husband was already hard.

"Could you imagine that young, hard cock in your mouth while I fucked you?" she moaned and pressed her ass against him harder. His hand ran down her flat belly and he touched her panties, feeling the wetness. "You just licking his balls, sucking him... I bet he never had his cock sucked by anyone as good as you." Barry knew by her response, her breathing becoming heavier, her ass grinding a little harder. She was tweaking her own nipples through the bra. God, Barry was making her so hot she thought she'd cum before they even got started.

Barry slipped his hand into her panties and touched her wet slit. Since this whole thing started with the pool boy, he was amazed at how wet his wife could get. Barry reached over his wife and opened the glass doors "what the hell are you doing?" she asked, her mood had changed to panic.

"What you've wanted me to do for weeks... what I've fantasized about doing," and then he called out to Brian and told him to come in for a minute.

He said, "Sure thing," and headed over. He adjusted the obvious bulge in his snug shorts, his cock had been semi hard since his conversation with Barry earlier in the backyard. Linda went to get her robe but Barry grabbed her gently by the wrist.

"Come on, baby, You wore this for him... let him enjoy it," he said.

"Just what do you have in mind?" she asked nervously, suddenly feeling more self conscious then sexy.

"I want to watch you suck his cock... to lick his balls.... I want to see him cum all over you while I cum in your pussy," and just like that Linda felt weak in the knees. Brian was standing by the door. "Come in" Barry said.

Several things were obvious right away. The tent in Barry's boxers, the rather impressive bulge in Brians shorts, and the two spikes protruding from Linda's black bra. Brian was staring at Linda, his mouth was suddenly dry, his heart was pounding in his chest and his cock began to ache.

Barry had his wife turn around and show her perfect ass to Brian and when he asked Brian if that was the sweetest ass he'd ever seen the young man responded "yes" quickly. When she was facing Brian again Barry touched her breasts, making her jump a little. "I think Brian would love to see these," Barry said as he unsnapped her bra, letting it fall from her shoulders. Her pink nipples were so hard and so taught, they looked amazing. Barry leaned forward and took one of her hard buds into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. He removed his mouth much to Linda's dismay but invited Brian to help himself to the other pink nipple. Of course he took the invitation and soon they were both sucking her tits and she could feel her pussy dripping, soaking her panties.

The three of them stood there like that for several minutes. Linda the passive participant, her arms at her side. Then Barry guided her hand to the lump in Brian's shorts. He guided her hands along its length and was surprised that his erection was tilted sideways and almost reaching his hip. Of course by keeping her hand between him and Brian's cock, he couldn't be accused of anything. He moved his hand away and Linda continued to stroke Brian. Finally, her knees were too weak and she sat down on the couch. Barry dropped to his knees and rubbed her legs until she parted them slightly. The crotch of her panties were as wet as if she had pee'd in them.

He rubbed her covered pussy for a minute or two, by this time Linda was in heaven. She lay back and relaxed and Brian sat on the couch next to her and began sucking her tits again. She reached down and rubbed his cock through his shorts. She was dying to see it but her curiosity vanished as Barry pushed the wet crotch of her panties aside and started licking her wet slit. He was careful not to touch her clit right away. She pressed Brian's mouth harder against her chest and he kept sucking eagerly. Brian wasn't sure at first what was happening when Linda's hips shot off the couch and she almost screamed as she was overtaken with her first orgasm. Barry kept his mouth locked over her clit as she humped his face until her orgasm subsided.

Barry stood up and looked at Brian who was smiling, amazed. His girlfriend had orgasms but he'd never seen her react like that. Linda was relaxing for a moment in total bliss, this being by far the best orgasm of her life. What she didn't know was that they would get better... and very soon.

To Be Continued...


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