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Passionate Encounter
by Carl East

Their eyes met across a crowded courtroom, and nothing could have prepared Stephen for the encounter he was about to have. He was there to see a Linda Mitchell, having been told that she could be found in court. He needed an attorney, and she had been recommended. All he knew was that she was taking the case that he now witnessed coming to a conclusion, but as there were two female attorneys he didn't know which one was Linda.

Patiently waiting for the courtroom to clear, he approached the first attorney to head towards the exit.

"Miss Mitchell," he said, stepping in front of her.

"Yes, can I help you?"

Stephen looked into her eyes, knowing that they had watched him enter the courtroom, he felt something for this woman, and he actually found it hard to utter the words, as he continued to stare into her green eyes.

"Is something wrong?" she said, bringing him out of the gaze.

"Um, sorry, I um...I was told you could help me," he replied, getting flustered. "My name is Stephen Clark."

"Yes, and who told you I could help?"

"I phoned your office, your secretary told me that you had a case coming to a conclusion, and that I might find you here if I hurried."

"Well, what can I do for you?" she replied, noticing his smile.

"I've been accused of stealing by my employers, and need some legal advice."

Linda checked her watch, then reaching into her brief case she brought out a business card, then handed it over.

"Give me a call tomorrow, and I'll arrange a meeting to discuss it."

Stephen thanked her, and watched, as she left the courtroom, her beautiful long legs making it hard not to stare once more, then he placed the card in his pocket and followed her lead.

By the time he phoned the next day, Linda had just been prepared to leave the office, heading once again for the court. She remembered his gaze, and decided to invite him to the office, after work. With that she left, heading out for another session in court.

By the evening Linda was very tired and didn't really want to work anymore, but upon reaching her office, she discovered Stephen waiting patiently outside.

"Oh, Mr. Clark, I'm sorry, I forgot you were coming to see me."

"I can call again tomorrow if you like," he replied, making a move to leave.

"No, you're here now, so I'll take down a few particulars, then arrange an appointment for another meeting."

They entered the office, with Stephen opening the door for her, which was something she liked, for there weren't enough people with manners anymore. Getting inside, she decided to treat this as an informal meeting, and offered him a drink.

"I'll have a scotch if you've got one?" he said, taking a seat.

Linda poured the drinks, then sat next to him, noticing his eyes move away from her body as she sat down. For the first time in ages she had erotic thoughts, just wondering what he would be like in bed, then discovering she was guilty of doing something he had done earlier, she was staring.

"Is something wrong?" he asked.

"Sorry, I was miles away."

"I know what you mean, I did the exact same thing to you this morning, remember?"

Linda looked at him again, remembering his eyes, and wondered why she hadn't spotted it before; his eyes were deep blue. Then she got down to business, by taking some details from him, and refilling his glass a couple of times. By the time they had finished they were feeling a bit merry, and were staring at each other even more.

Linda wanted to kiss him, but had a rule, never to mix business with pleasure. Stephen on the other hand was not so hampered, for he suddenly leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, taking her totally by surprise. At first she looked stunned, but soon realised that she'd wanted this to happen, and decided to kiss him back.

Their lips met, and his right hand gently caressed her cheek as their tongues found each other's. Stephen placed his left hand onto her thigh, making her open her legs slightly, then moved it upward. She felt his fingers brushing against her panties, as the kiss became even more passionate, placing her own left hand around his neck to draw him nearer.

Stephen circled her panties with one finger, feeling a wet patch starting to develop, then proceeded to pull the seam of her panties to one side. Linda was enjoying this, and sighed as his finger touched her moist pussy lips for the very first time. The kiss becoming even more heated as he pressed a finger firmly against her opening, then suddenly finding it's way into her body.

Stephen then broke off the kiss, then getting down onto the floor and between her legs, he quickly pulled her panties down and off. She looked down knowing what he was about to do, and getting even wetter as he pulled her legs apart, and leaned forward to kiss her soft white skin, mere inches away from her pussy.

Linda placed both hands behind his head, gently pulling him onto her waiting pussy lips, then moaned out loud as his tongue flicked her clitoris. Stephen held her firm then pulled her towards him, getting a better access as her butt rested on the edge of the couch.

He decided to bring a finger into the equation, making her writhe on the couch as it probed her insides, then using it to scoop out her juices and lick it off. Linda started to have her first orgasm at that point; feeling incredibly turned on by watching him perform this act of pure lust.

Then he stopped, and standing up he started to remove his clothes, never taking his eyes off of Linda as she copied him. When he was naked, his impressive cock stood proud and erect, making Linda lick her lips, as she removed her final garment. Her bra hit the floor just as she leaned forward to suck the tip of this thick long cock.

It was Stephen's turn to sigh now, as he looked down and watched her mouth moving back and fourth, his cock pulsating as the blood that kept it hard pumped into the veins. He had never known a blowjob to feel so intense, and felt his knees buckle slightly as she tried to engulf his entire cock down her throat, but only managing to take seven inches.

She used her tongue repeatedly on the tiny slit at the end of his cock, darting in and out, then sliding his joint back into her mouth, and making him moan with pleasure. Bringing her right hand up to grasp his hardness, she pumped him gently, moving her hand in time with her mouth, and wanting to make him cum.

Stephen knew he was close to cumming, but decided he didn't want to cum in her mouth, he wanted to feel the closeness that making love could bring. So, he stopped her, then reached down to grab her hands. She pulled herself up with his support, then they kissed again, and their bodies touched as their tongues played the game once more.

Stephen's engorged cock rubbed against her thigh, as her breasts pressed into his chest, then he lowered her onto the floor, eager to penetrate her pussy. Lying on her back she looked up, as he positioned himself between her legs, then knelt down before her, his cock finding the entrance in an instant.

Linda took a deep breath, as the end of his cock pushed forward, and stretched her slightly. He was in and moving forward, his nine-inch cock going slowly and being stopped only when their bodies met. He stayed there for a few seconds, wanting to enjoy the moment, and gazed into her eyes, they shone from the light he had kindled, making him aware that she was receiving a lot of pleasure from this encounter.

The love making then took on a whole new meaning, for Stephen started to speed up, making her cry out as he plunged his cock in as fast as he could, her second orgasm coming very quickly, followed closely by her third. She had always been multi-orgasmic, but found this moment a particular pleasure, as she placed her hands onto his butt, in an effort to aid him in his pleasure-seeking quest.

Linda looked down between their bodies, and watched as his magnificent cock came out then disappeared back in, that one erotic moment making her orgasm again. She started to wonder why he hadn't cum yet, but not for long, for she was enjoying this moment far too much.

Then he stopped, and leaned forward to whisper in her ear.

"Have you ever had anal sex?"

"Yes, would you like to do that?"

Stephen just smiled, then gently removed his cock, making her sigh as the end brushed her clitoris upon exit. She quickly got to her knees, looking back as Stephen positioned himself, and then she felt his hardness pressing against her anal passage. His cock was well lubricated, as he felt the tip enter her tight hole, her juices surrounded his member making it almost easy to fuck her tight ring piece.

Then he was in, and she yelled out with the pleasure she felt, his hand coming around to service her clitoris at the same time. He made sure she could take it before speeding up, and when he did she pushed her butt back to meet his thrusts. Her, orgasms were coming thick and fast once more, as he plunged into her body. His finger, vigorously rubbing her clit to stimulate her next orgasm.

The sweat was, by now, running down his chest, as the pounding continued, having never experienced anyone as tight as she felt, and once again he felt that he was about to cum. This time he never held back, the excitement of this moment was just too great, but he did pull out before exploding onto her back, his first stream of sperm nearly hitting her hair, and running off her shoulder.

They relaxed a little after that, with Linda telling him she had a shower out the back, for times when she stayed a little too late at work, and wanted to freshen up before going home. Stephen took her by the hand, asking her which way, and finding the shower room pretty quickly.

Standing under it, he adjusted the settings, making the water feel just right, as they lathered each other's bodies with soap. He concentrated on her breasts, noticing that she got aroused whenever he tweaked her nipples between two fingers. She concentrated on his cock, liking how big he felt as she rubbed his length.

Then he pressed her against the shower wall, his hands slipping off her breasts and reaching for her hips. Bending his knees, he found it easy to enter her pussy again, as she reached over for a fixed hook on the shower wall, wanting to help by pulling herself up slightly. Their passion as he fucked her making them both feel hot, as yet another orgasm struck her body.

"OH GOD...OH YES...FUCK are everything I ever dreamed of," she shouted, as his cock hit the back of her damp pussy once more.

He was finding this position hard to maintain, but as he was close to coming, he was determined to keep it up. Then he came, not slowing down for an instant, and wanting to feel his own juices being pumped deep inside her body. She moaned once more, feeling his cock erupt, and trying to grasp it with her vaginal wall muscles, just to add that little more pleasure for that moment in time.

They both then relaxed, with his cock slipping out, and her breasts rubbing his chest once more as he stood up fully. Sliding down she took his cock into her mouth, wanting to taste his cum on her tongue. Stephen's cock jerked as she sucked the end, his cum still trickling out and into her waiting mouth, then she stopped and stood up. She kissed him gently, then leaned towards his left ear.

"Thank you, that was wonderful, I haven't enjoyed sex as much as that for years."

He never said a word; he just kissed her lips tenderly knowing that this could be the start of something big.

- The End -


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