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Physical, Fun?
by SM402

It was once again that time, to get my physical. This usually really was uncomfortable because some Doctor, which was always an old guy who just went in an checked you over and made you feel all sick when you came out. This was exactly why I dreaded going into these stupid physicals that I was required to take. Like the other times I made an appointment a week before and told my employer that I was taking the stupid physical. As usual I just woke up, took a shower and drove over to the clinic where they gave the physical.

That morning it was pretty quiet since it was a weekday and it was 8:00 , so there was only about five people. I walked over to the desk and told them that I was there and gave them all my information. As I waited I looked through some magazines until a pretty young nurse came out through the door and called me in.

"Mr. Smith, Tom Smith, please follow me sir, please go ahead and take a seat right there," the nurse said as we walked into a little room with a table on which I sat and waited.

I waited in that little room, sort of nervous, for about ten, fifteen minutes till the nurse walked back in.

"Mr. Smith, the doctor isn't coming in today, so if you want you can reschedule or I can give you the physical?"

"Well, go ahead and give me the physical, I really can't reschedule and anyway I'm already here."

"Well Mr. Smith my name is Mary Richardson, and to be completely honest this will be the first time I give a physical to a guy, I know how it's done, but this is the first time I do it myself. So why don't we get started why don't you take a seat on the table," she said as she put her latex gloves on.

I did as she instructed. This nurse was in her early twenties, she was very attractive. She had long brunette hair, brown eyes, light skin, nicely sized breasts, and as she leaned over to pick up one of her gloves I noticed she had a nice firm tight ass.

"Okay Mr. Smith open your mouth and say ahhh, now let me check your eyes, okay, and finally your ears, and that's okay," she said as she checked my ears, mouth, and ears.

"Well Mr. Smith, why don't you take of your shirt so that I may check your heart rate and your stomach, and for any abdomen abnormalities."

I took of my shirt and laid down while she took my heart rate and checked my breathing.

"I see you stay in good shape Mr. Smith, you seem to be alright, your heart rate is good and I can't see any abnormalities," the nurse said as she felt around my abdomen.

"So are you a first year nurse here?"

"Yeah, I've been on the job for only about a month, so I'm not really experienced in all this stuff."

"That's okay, you'll eventually get used to it."

"Okay Mr. Smith why don't you go ahead and take of your pants so that I can examine your lower body," she said as she wrote on the clipboard she carried.

When she said this I took my pants off to reveal only my boxers. She then told me to sit down and she checked my legs and then she finally went to the part to which I dreaded most times, but know somehow looked forward to.

"Mr. Smith can you please stand up and pull your underwear down."

"Okay," I said as I pulled my boxers down, which now meant I was completely naked in front of this woman.

She looked kind of uncomfortable doing this, she slowly grabbed on of my balls checked for any abnormalities. She then took the other one and checked it. She would just stare at my penis, just licking her lips as she examined me. I tried to think of unsexy thoughts and not look at this sexy figure touch my privates. But then the most embarrassing thing happened. I peered over to see what the nurse was doing then as I peered I noticed that I could clearly see the nurse's bra which gave me an almost automatic erection.

"Oh I'm so sorry about that," I said as I tried to cover my erection with my hands.

"Don't worry about it, it's completely normal," she said to my surprise as she looked at my erection.

I just stood there kind of uncomfortable trying to get my penis down. The nurse just kept on examining, which seemed to me for a long time. She then finally did the thing that I would of never expected. She took my fully erect penis and started to lick it.

"Can I do this, I mean this is wrong, but I can't help it," the nurse said as she licked the head of my dick.

"Oh, yeah I guess," I said not believing at all what was just happening.

She then started to suck on my dick. She took the head and licked all around it. She then started to take half of it and as she put my dick in her mouth she would circle my whole dick with her tongue. She then would pull it in and out of her mouth and would suck it harder each time she went farther. She was literally gagging as she would put my whole dick into her lips and suck on it. She then would take my dick out of her lips and she moved to my balls and sucked on them, kissing them and then sucking on them. Before I came she stopped sucking on my dick and then she stood up and started to strip.

She took off the white overcoat she was wearing. She then took of her top and her pants. This revealed a tremendous body, she had a beautiful body. She then took of her bra and panties to reveal a trimmed pussy and tits that were firm and nicely sized. She then went walked towards me and then pushed me to sit down. She then wrapped her legs around me so that my dick went directly into her pussy.

"Fuck me Mr. Smith, I bet you've never had a physical this good, I want you to cum in me," she said as she started moving back and forth.

"Oh yeah nurse, this has to be the best ever," I said as I also joined her in moving back and forth.

This woman was incredible, she was unbelievably tight, which gave me the best sensation ever. She would fuck faster each time, with her pussy getting tighter every time. My balls would bang against her pussy as she would moan louder each time my dick went in faster. As I fucked her I grabbed on to her ass as she came closer to an orgasm. I then started to kiss her neck and then I moved down to her tits, to which I licked and fondled.

"Oh Mr. Smith, your so good, I'm almost there fuck me hard, now."

"Nurse, umm...cumming, oh yeah, uhhhh, oh, your so tight, uhhh, there," I said as I let out a load of cum in her pussy and she screamed as she reached an orgasm, pressing my dick tighter, which only made me cum harder.

"Mr. Smith, oh, your so good, I think we should get together some other time in order to have another physical," the nurse said as she laid on me exhausted.

"I think so too, nurse," I said as I kissed her.

We both laid on the table for about five minutes, then the nurse got up and put her clothes back on and wrote her number on a piece of paper and told me to call her later for a follow up on the physical.


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