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Perfect Feet
by Ambrosious

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Drew and I am 23 years old. I live in Atlanta, Georgia in a one-bedroom apartment. I have two sisters, Lisa, who is 20 and Carmen, who is 18. My story begins when my sisters decide to move to Atlanta with me to find their fortunes. We come from a small town in Virginia so a move to the big city is a big deal, and I was as excited to have relative nearby, as my sisters were to be moving here.

The day of the move finally arrived and I spent the day anxiously watching the street for their cars. They pulled up in separate vehicles and were both beaming with excitement. Both girls had huge grins that made their faces seem beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I thought that both of my sisters were pretty and had even eyed them in the past. They jumped out of the cars and ran to the door of my apartment and we all nearly jumped with glee and happiness. I led my sisters into the apartment and we began the daunting tasks of rearranging things to accommodate their belongings, and tried to work out the sleeping arrangements. I finally offered up my king sized bed to Carmen and Lisa, thinking that I would take the couch. Total nonsense according to Lisa, as they had bought blow up mattresses and would not be taking my bed. That worked out, we began to get ready for the evening. I had plans to show my sisters the big city.

When Carmen and Lisa came out of my bedroom dressed for the evening, I realized how much they had grown since our last get together. Maybe I had never noticed before but both girls were incredible young women now. Lisa has dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, stands 5'6" and was wearing an ensemble that made me think thoughts a brother shouldn't have about his sister. A transparent top that showed off her under wire bra and breasts nicely, a mini skirt that enhanced her legs, and stripy summer sandals that showed off her perfectly pedicured toes made up Lisa's outfit for the evening. Carmen was a lot less flashy, wearing a silk ankle length skirt, a cotton t-shirt that strained against her breasts, and Carmen also had perfectly pedicured feet that were encased in minimal sandals.

We set out to see the big city. I took the girls out to dinner first at a restaurant in Virginia Highlands, then on to Buckhead to play in the bars. Our choices were limited due to Carmen's age, but the only thing that mattered to me was that I was spending time with my family. It was strange to see my sisters being hit on and I had to reign in my protective feelings, realizing that they could handle themselves. We all had a fantastic time and headed back to the apartment at about midnight. Lisa was a little intoxicated and was giggling all the way back to the apartment. Carmen rode in the backseat and soon started giggling to herself as well. I chalked it up to the infectious giggling that came from the front seat.

At last we arrived at the apartment and Lisa dug out a bottle of vodka from her bags, poured us all drinks and we sat down to reminisce. Both girls sat on the couch and propped their now bare feet on the coffee table and I sat in the chair across from them in a recliner. Having a foot fetish, my eyes kept straying to the delectable soles on display like a buffet. Let me make it clear that my staring at their soles was a habit formed from the years looking at the feet of beautiful girls and not sexually motivated in any way.

After several mixed drinks and a couple of hours had gone by Carmen suggested that the three of us play a game. Well I didn't have any board games or even a deck of cards so Lisa and Carmen started playing paper, scissors, and rock while I watched with quite a buzz due to the alcohol. My eyes kept playing over their feet and legs as they contorted into different positions while playing the game. Soon tiring of the juvenile game, Lisa suggested a more adult game. Both Carmen and I expected a drinking game so you can imagine the shock that registered on our faces when Lisa suggested Truth or Dare.

I was dumbfounded even more when Carmen, after her shock, excitedly agreed. I had played Truth or Dare as a kid and never with my sisters. My mind reeled at what was happening. Even though I never expected anything sexual to happen, I agreed knowing that I would learn a few secrets about my sisters. Lisa went first since she had come up with the idea and Carmen was her first victim. Carmen picked truth, of course, and was asked about the state of her virginity.

"I lost my virginity at 16 with Buck McClintock," she stated. That revelation floored me as I had went to school with his older brother and had never thought of Buck as grown up. Carmen picked Lisa next and the room got deathly quiet when Lisa picked a dare.

"O.K. Lisa," Carmen said, I want you to stand up and do a mock strip tease. Dance like you would if you were a stripper."

Lisa stood up and went to the stereo and put on a light jazz station. She started a slow bump and grind and slowly inched her mini up her butt. I saw with blurred vision that my sister wore a thong. She has a marvelous butt and I started to think of my sister in a whole new light. Lisa's next move was to proceed over to the recliner where I sat and started to dance exclusively for me. I enjoyed every minute of the three minute strip tease and secretly wished that she had went further than pulling up her skirt. Now it was Lisa's turn and she picked me.

With my heart racing and my palms becoming sweaty, I picked dare. I couldn't let my sisters think of me as chicken. Lisa floored me with her request.

"Drew," Lisa said, "after dancing all night, my feet hurt really bad and I'm sure Carmen's do too. I want you to come over here and give us both a relaxing foot massage."

It seemed like such a simple request as I sat on the floor at their feet and took Lisa's feet into my hands. Carmen placed her feet on my lap to await her turn and her feet were inches from my dick. I kept telling myself that these were my sisters as I began to rub their feet. I alternated between the girls and culd tell they were enjoying themselves by the moans coming from their throats. After a few minutes, Lisa happened to brush her foot across my crotch. I panicked, knowing that she felt my erection. No reaction from her after a while led me to believe that she had missed my obvious excitement.

"We can continue the game while Drew rubs our feet, can't we?" Carmen asked.

"Of course we can," Lisa said, "in fact it's Drew's turn."

"Carmen," I said, "truth or dare?"

"Dare," she stated with a challenging look on her face. I stepped up to the challenge by daring her to remove her top and bra for the remainder of the game. Lisa didn't bat an eye as she removed both items. Carmen giggled at our bravado and my penis stirred in my pants once more. Lisa was now up and I worried about any revenge she might extract for my last dare. My worry was misplaced as Lisa now challenged Carmen.

"Dare," Carmen said huskily and I wondered if the alcohol was getting to her.

"I want you to take off all your clothes and leave them off for the rest of the game," Lisa said. Suddenly the stakes went higher and I wanted to call off the game. I didn't though because I knew that we would not go far. After all we were related!

Carmen stood up and removed her silk skirt first and Lisa and I realized that Carmen wasn't wearing any panties. She swayed seductively in front of me an I stared at her pussy blatantly. Her lips were puffy and she had no hair on her pussy at all. I became even more aroused as she removed her top and bra. Her breasts were on the small side, I would guess a 32-B, and were slightly upturned. Her nipples were bright pink and erect either from the excitement of what we were doing or the cool air circulating in the apartment. She sat back down and replaced her feet in my lap and I continued giving her the foot massage. Every time I rubbed her arch, she would moan appreciatively. It was now Carmen's turn and she was the only one naked. I could just imagine the damage she was about to inflict on her sister or me.

"Drew," Carmen barely spoke, "truth or dare?"

"Dare," I challenged. This could get real interesting real quick.

"I want you to continue with the wonderful foot massage you have been giving us," she stated.

Well this seemed like I was getting off easy, until she added a stipulation.

"You have to continue the foot massage, but you can't use your hands. I want you to massage our feet with your tongue," she stated. Lisa almost spit out the vodka and orange juice she had just sipped, and then burst out laughing. I was shocked, to say the least and was worried that my sister knew about my foot fetish.

"What a wonderful idea sis," Lisa said, "by the way he's been checking out our tootsies, I'll bet he's going to love this."

I know I turned every shade of red in the book as I realized that Lisa knew about my fetish. I was also worried about the sexual feelings I was starting to have now that I would be allowed to indulge in my favorite sexual activity with my own sisters.

"You can start with me since it is my idea," Carmen told me. I reached into my own lap and took her left foot in my hand. I knew the rules and did not rub her foot in any way but brought her foot closer to my face. I could see every line on her sole as I examined my prize and could even see the tiniest traces of dirt where she had worn her sandals for the evening. Her foot looked to be a size 7 and her nails were done to perfection with a mint colored polish on her toes. I slowly and teasingly brought her foot closer and closer to my lips and tried to steady my hands as I was about to give into a bout of trembling.

I stuck out my tongue and both of my sisters drew in their breath. I think Lisa was just as excited as either Carmen or me and she was just watching. I slowly let my tongue trace a path along Carmen's arch, as this seemed to be a sensitive spot. Carmen moaned and instructed me to press my tongue harder into her arch. I did so with amazing results. Carmen moaned loudly and raised her buttocks off of the couch ever so slightly. Attentively I traced the ball of her foot and up to her toes. The sensation was incredible. I felt the charge in the room as I stuck my tongue between her baby and forth toe. I sucked her last two toes into my mouth and gently tugged on the bottoms of her toes with my tongue. I heard Carmen moan loudly again and realized that I was quickly losing control myself. I shut my eyes and continued along the path of her toes. The slight pungent smell went strait to my brain and set off a buzzing. Her toes tasted incredible and my straining erection grew even larger as I continued to suck in each and every toe.

Lisa decided to get into the act then by brushing her foot along my crotch again. Her toes danced on my erection and I reached out to grab her foot. She pulled away and reminded me of the dare's rules: no hands. She raised her foot to my face and I now had two delectable feet inches from my eyes. Lisa's toes were polished a deep burgundy and the pad along the ball of her foot was placed on my nose while I still sucked on Carmen's toes. I had moved along her toes with incredible slowness and was now sucking and licking Carmen's middle toe with abandon. I opened my eyes to discover that Carmen now had her legs spread and my sight was drawn to her shaved pussy and the juices starting to form on her thighs. Carmen's nipples were fully erect and her breasts had swollen slightly, just as her pussy lips had swollen. I withdrew her middle toe from my mouth long enough to continue our game. After all, it was my turn and I now had plans for my younger sisters. The foot sucking had gotten to me and had broken any taboos I previously held about incest. We were three consenting adults, right? Now if Lisa would just consent to my next idea.

"Lisa," I said, "truth or dare?"

"Dare," she replied with a grin.

"I want you to take off your remaining clothes and straddle Carmen," I told her. This would give me access to the bottoms of her feet while I worked on the tops of Carmen's feet. Lisa stood up and removed her mini-skirt and I went back to work on Carmen, this time with her right foot. Lisa then removed her panties and I noticed with glee that she had also shaved all the hair off her puss. Her lips were larger than Carmen's and her pussy was a deeper red. She placed her panties under my nose and I could smell her excitement and could see the damp spot in the center of her panties. Carmen opened her arms and Lisa straddled her. I was blessed with the sight of two pussies inches from each other. Lisa laid her head on Carmen's shoulder.

I worked my way over Carmen's toes and spent a long time on her middle and big toes. Carmen continued moaning and her juices kept flowing. It was a special experience and my mind was overwhelmed with what I was doing to my own sisters. If I kept a slow pace and worked both girls to a fever pitch, there was no telling where this episode might end up. I now hoped for a session in the bedroom with my sisters. Only an hour ago no such thought would've crossed my mind. Carmen was really getting into the scene now and her pussy swelled visibly. Several times while I stroked my tongue along her arch Carmen would reach down to touch herself but always stopped before actual contact between her hand and her pussy. Maybe the fact that her brother and sister were in the room kept her from openly masturbating.

I decided to switch partners and moved closer to the couch so I could reach Lisa's feet. I could feel the heat coming from my sister's bodies even though neither had moved an inch. They looked beautiful together and I kept glancing back and forth between my sisters, still surprised that things had gone this far. My tongue found Lisa's left foot and I could smell the sweat from the night of dancing. Lisa sucked in her breath as my tongue traced the space under her toes. I nibbled on the balls of her feet and she really seemed to enjoy this action.

"Harder," she requested, "bite my foot harder!"

I complied and increased the pressure steadily until she moaned out load.

"Yes, that's it," she said. "You can bite my toes as hard as you like also. Carmen, truth or dare?" she asked.

"Dare," Carmen replied.

"I want you to bite my nipples. Bite them long and hard. Make them hurt for me. If you can make me cry out in pain, I will become your sexual slave for the remainder of the week."

Carmen smiled and took one of Lisa's nipples into her mouth, the right one I think. I continued to work on Lisa's left foot, biting and chewing along the pads of her heel and ball. I took her big toe into my mouth and nibbled gently. Lisa wiggled her toe in my mouth impatiently and I knew that she wanted some more of the biting action. I withheld, hoping to bring her to a state of arousal that would allow me access to her body. Carmen bit down on Lisa's nipple enough to illicit a response, however it was a moan, and not a cry of pain. Carmen switched breast and took Lisa's other nipple between her teeth. Carmen bit down on the nipple in her mouth and once again Lisa moaned. I caught on that Lisa enjoyed a little pain with her pleasure and found this highly exciting. How I wished that I was the one biting on her nipples.

To make her happy, I started biting on Lisa's big toe. She moaned even more. I decided it was time to switch feet again and moved over to Lisa's right foot. Not wasting any time, I took her big toe into her mouth and bit down hard, I mean real hard. I wanted to cause Lisa the pain she desired. I wanted to be the one to make her cry out. It worked magically.

"Damn!" Lisa exclaimed with a little squeal. I did it. I made her yell out. I knew the deal that she had offered Carmen and hoped that the same deal applied to me.

"How about it sis? I made you yell out in pain. Do I get the same offer as Carmen?"

"Well..." Lisa thought out loud. "If I give myself over to you, you understand that it will be for sexual purposes only, right? I won't be doing laundry or the dishes, o.k.?"

I readily agreed and saw the look that Carmen shot my way. She wasn't happy, to say the least. I winked at her and thought to myself that I would soon have both of my sisters in a way a brother isn't supposed to.

"First things first," I said, "I need to get out of these clothes and I think Lisa should undress me."

Lisa smiled and stood up. She reached for my hand and I gave it to her, excited by even this innocent touch. Lisa helped me to my feet and I looked down at Carmen and could see the impression left on her legs by Lisa when she straddled Carmen. Carmen rearranged herself to get more comfortable and Lisa removed my shirt. I took her head in my hand, wrapping her hair in my fingers, and forced her face to my chest. Instinctively, Lisa stuck out her tongue and flicked it across my nipple. My head drew back in pleasure and I held her there for a little longer. She continued to lick and suck my nipple as her hands found their way to the waistband of my pants. Gently she tugged on my trousers. I moved my hips slightly to give the pants freedom to come down my legs. I let go of Lisa's hair and she stood upright. I was left in the middle of the floor in only my underwear with my two naked sisters ogling me. I felt fantastic. It was a sexual high like none I had never felt before.

I sat down on the sofa next to Carmen, leaving Lisa standing. Carmen moved closer to me and Lisa bent over to remove my briefs. Carmen glued her eyes to my crotch and I decided that now would be a good time to make my move on her. Lisa's hands made contact with my waist as my hand made contact with Carmen's breast. As Lisa tugged my briefs down, her hand made slight contact with my erection. My cock twitched at this unexpected contact. I pulled on Carmen's nipple and watched with fascination as she arched her back and her eyes rolled up in her head. Carmen was so excited that I could have probably had my way with her right on the spot. I held back any advances I might have made because I had bigger plans for her and my other sister Lisa.

While I was intent on watching Carmen and was busy pulling on her nipple, Lisa had succeeded in pulling off my underwear. Now all three of us were completely naked. I had Lisa knell in front of Carmen and I on the floor. I instructed her to interweave her hands behind her head. The effects of this simple action on her tight body were incredible. Her breast pointed to one o'clock and her stomach tightened. I rubbed my hands down Carmen's body, closer to her pussy. I couldn't wait to actually touch the baldness between her legs. Lisa watched with lust and she and Carmen locked eyes for a few seconds. Slowly I worked my way down Carmen's stomach. I made contact with the upper lip of her pussy and she drew in her breath. The sound excited me and I proceeded to go even lower. I reached the cleft of Carmen's pussy and could feel the heat radiating from the depths of her. Lisa started to sway rhythmically back and forth. I knew that she was getting tired of the pose she was holding, so I decided to ease her pain.

"Lisa," I said, "I want you to spread your legs a little further and put your hands down." She did, however her legs weren't far enough apart for me. "Spread your leg even more," I commanded. "I want to see your pussy, I want to see inside of you, I want to see the cooze dripping down your legs." Lisa flushed at this last statement and the thrill it gave me inspired me even more. This was going to be a great night!

The whole time I was giving Lisa her instructions, my hand played with Carmen's pussy. The wetness of her twat was making my fingers slippery. Carmen was moaning and bucking against my hand. I refused to bring her any satisfaction, ignoring her pleas and kept away from her clit and the entrance to her depths. I laid my head on her left breast and flicked my tongue across her nipple. I sucked it into my mouth and tugged on it with my teeth. I sucked the areole gently, then bit down fiercely on it. Carmen thrashed her head and yipped out in pain, but made no effort to move from me or my teeth. I withdrew her nipple from her mouth and leaned up to kiss her. I found her mouth open and receptive and quickly our tongues entered into combat. I ran my tongue over every crook and crevice inside her mouth as hers tried to wrap hers around mine. I withdrew my mouth from hers and still hadn't touched the areas of her pussy craving attention. I looked down at Lisa and noticed that she had laid down on the floor and was now furiously fingering herself. Motioning for Carmen to be quiet, we sat back to watch the show. Lisa was panting and moaning and I could tell that she was getting closer to orgasm, so I decided to establish the rules.

"Lisa!" I shouted. "What do you think you're doing? Did I give you permission to touch yourself?"

"No," she barely whispered.

"Well then don't you think there should be some consequences for breaking the rules?"

"What do you mean?" Lisa asked me mischievously. "What do you think I mean?" I asked.

"Do we get to punish her?" asked Carmen.

"Yes," with that simple word, I set the tone for the evening.

Lisa looked at us with dread in her eyes. I, however planned on a punishment that involved no pain. The only thing I planned to do was drive both of my sisters to a state of sexual excitement that neither had experienced before. Looking into Carmen's eyes I set my plan in motion.

I kissed Carmen deeply again while pulling on her nipples. I also kept an eye on Lisa. Soon enough, Lisa touched her pussy again. I reached down and took her hand in mine. I brought her hand to my lips and tasted her juices. She tasted sweet. Carmen moaned because I stopped paying her attention. I made her place her hand by her side. I leaned over and stuck a finger in Carmen's wet pussy, while reacquainting myself with her mouth. We kissed for quite awhile and Carmen was groaning and moving her hips in a circular motion in time with my manipulations. Lisa had finally caught on to the rules and did not touch herself but she was moving her hips in time with her sister's. I continued to work Carmen to a fevered pitch. Just as she began to orgasm, I removed my hand from her sopping cunt. She almost screamed in frustration.

Before any one could react, I grabbed Lisa by her hair and pulled her face toward Carmen's crotch. I could tell by the look on Lisa's face that she had not seen this development coming at all. Carmen's face registered shock as well but that look was replaced with one of pleasure as Lisa's lips made first contact with Carmen's pussy. It didn't take either sister long to get into it and soon enough Lisa's tongue was lapping at the wetness on Carmen's thighs. My plan had worked perfectly. Lisa continued to orally please our little sister and Carmen was close to orgasm rather quickly. I let Lisa lick Carmen through her first orgasm and Carmen nearly passed out from the intense pleasure that she was receiving. I sat and watched with a glazed look in my eyes, I'm sure!

I couldn't take anymore of just watching. I needed release and I needed it bad. I took Carmen and raised her off of the couch. I had Lisa lie on her back on the floor and positioned Carmen over her sister in a sixty-nine position. Lisa happily went back to licking Carmen and I positioned myself behind Carmen. I told Lisa that she was not to please herself and that her only function for the next few minutes was to please us. If she did a satisfactory job. I would allow her to come.

I pushed the tip of my cock into Carmen's pussy. She laid her head on Lisa's thighs and sighed out loud. I thrust deeper and Lisa continued her expert oral manipulations on Carmen's clit. I slowly pulled out of Carmen and pushed back in. I quickly developed a rhythm and was pounding her cunt so hard every time I sunk into her up to my balls, the motion would cause our bodies to rock forward and Lisa's tongue would brush over my scrotum. Due to the frenzied state I had worked myself into, I knew that I would not last long at all. Carmen was breathing harder, but had become real quiet as I pounded her tight pussy. The shaved lips of her woman felt like a pair of satin gloves gripping my dick with velvety smoothness. I had barely worked up a sweat when I felt the undeniable need to come. I thrust as hard and as fast as I could and dumped my load into Carmen's pussy. Carmen moved to extricate herself from Lisa and I, but I had other ideas.

"Carmen, stay right where you are," I pleaded, "Lisa will clean your pussy for you."

Lisa smiled and Carmen looked sharply up at me, then sat up slightly as to allow my juices to flow easier into Lisa's mouth.

"If you clean out her pussy real good," I said to Lisa, "you will be pleased by the two of us for one hour, any way you want."

"Yeah," Carmen said, "lick all of the come out of my pussy and you can have us. Lick me. Lick me clean slut."

Carmen was really getting into dominating her sister and moaned as Lisa's tongue dipped into her pussy for the first time. A big dollop of my come leaked out and around Lisa's tongue and she swallowed it with gusto. Again and again, Lisa's tongue dipped into Carmen's pussy and brought out a load of my come. I felt the stirrings of another erection beginning as I watched my sisters degrading acts. Carmen kept calling Lisa names like slut and whore and kept encouraging her with filthy talk. After a few minutes and more that one orgasm from Carmen, Lisa decided that she had cleaned all that she could out of Carmen's pussy. She sat up after, slithering out from under her sister and sat on the floor in front of the couch and in front of me. Lisa knelt up and kissed my cock tenderly. I shuddered and scooted down on the couch to allow better access to my manhood.

Lisa stuck out her tongue and wrapped it sideways around my dick. She slid her tongue up and down my shaft, but never put it in her mouth. I didn't care and was in heaven under her talented tongue. After a few minutes, Lisa stopped and declared me clean as well. I laughed and looked down at my swollen dick. She was right, I was spotless.

"If you did just as good of a job with Carmen's pussy, then you get to have us," I said.

"Why don't you inspect her and see for yourself," Lisa challenged. What a great idea. It seemed that my sisters could be as perverted as I was. I pulled Carmen back to the couch and placed her so that her butt was on the edge of the cushion. Carmen obligingly spread her legs to let me look. I tried hard to find any spunk left on Carmen's pussy. There was none I even grabbed Carmen's lips and pulled her pussy wide open. I saw her glorious pussy's depths. I saw how swollen my fucking had made her. I saw beads of sweat and clear pussy nectar. But I didn't see any of my own semen. Lisa looked at me with an expectant look on her face. She had done it and I told Carmen that we owed Lisa a full hour of pleasuring. I suggested that we take our activities to the bedroom. Both sisters jumped up and two perfect behinds led the way into my room.

Lisa propped herself on my bed and used pillows under her backside that raised her pussy slightly from the surface of the bed. I could see that Lisa's pussy was leaking slightly and knew that after all that had transpired so far, she needed some form of release. Lisa looked at her sister and me. The look on her face showed that she had plans for us.

Lisa reached up with her right hand and grabbed Carmen's head and guided it to her breasts. She then grabbed my head and guided it to her waiting pussy. I eagerly settled myself in for a long session of pussy eating. Carmen attacked Lisa's breast with gusto, taking first one then the other nipple between her teeth and gently pulling on them. I opened my sister's snatch with my tongue and applied my tongue to her clit with determination. I was determined to make her come. Lisa grabbed our heads again and forced us to switch places. As I bent my head to the task of worshipping Lisa's breast, I kept stealing glances at Carmen hard at work on Lisa's cat. The sounds of Carmen drinking Lisa's pussy juice down her throat was quite erotic.

Lisa only let us please her for a few moments this way before throwing me to the bed. She had Carmen straddle my head while she proceeded to mount herself on my erection. As Carmen's cunt made it's way down to my mouth, Lisa slowly slid my dick into her pussy. Once again, the shaved surface of a pussy slid down my dick with apparent ease. Carmen was still swollen and my tongue had no problem finding her clit. I slid my tongue all around her little nub and up into the entrance of her pussy. Lisa started to bounce on my dick and from the sounds coming from above, I concluded that my sisters had to be kissing each other. The thought of my sisters making out above me while I pleased both of them excited me in a perverse way.

I came closer and closer to going over the edge as Lisa pounded herself into my dick and balls. She reached behind her and squeezed my nut sac and gradually increased pressure. Surprisingly, this did not hurt like one would think and I found the sensation incredibly erotic. The squeezing spurred me on and I licked Carmen's pussy with abandon. I shot my tongue up into her depths and circled her clit. I sucked her lips into my mouth and licked her clean of her own juices. Closer and closer I came to cumming. As Lisa applied even more pressure to my balls, I exploded inside of her. The squeezing of my balls produced an intense orgasm and I shot spurt after spurt into Lisa's waiting snatch. I withdrew my tongue from Carmen's pussy as she had also climaxed during my own.

Lisa roughly pushed Carmen from my head and placed herself over me. She was just out of reach of my tongue and I wanted to lick her snatch for her. I know that she wanted me to clean her out like I had her clean out Carmen. My tongue unsuccessfully reached out again and again for her pussy, but it remained just out of reach. With no warning whatsoever Lisa spread her lips with both hands and my own cum started to drip out of her snatch. The only thing was that Lisa wouldn't allow me to clean her with my mouth. She preferred to drip it all over my face. She even inserted her fingers into her pussy and helped the thicker of my juices out.

What was left on her fingers, she fed me. Lisa stood up and ordered Carmen to clean my face. Carmen jumped right on me and started licking my come of my own face. I was in heaven and as Carmen cleaned my face I dozed in and out of sleep. The last thing I remember that evening was my sisters curling up beside me in bed. My only regret was that we had drunk too much to turn this into an all-nighter. We slept in the same bed for the first time since we were kids.

I woke up the next morning with Lisa and Carmen lying on either side of me. I looked down at them and reminisced about the previous evening and my face broke into a smile. You know what? That was their first day in town with me. Don't forget, they were planning on moving here! God, I was going to be a happy man.


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