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Peggy's First Blow Job
by Peggy & Bob L.

I really enjoy sucking cock. It's my favorite thing to do for a man. My husband tells me I have the perfect mouth for cocksucking, full, generous lips, and a very active tongue. But the reason he thinks I'm such a good little cocksucker is because I love doing it. And I guess he's right. The first time I did it was such an erotic experience for me that I have loved doing it ever since.

I had just turned 16, and I had big tits even then, so guys were always looking at them, and saying things that embarrassed me, but I liked the attention, especially when the older boys flirted with me. My older sister Linda was going steady with the cutest guy in the world, and he was really cool, played football and basketball and all that. All the girls had a crush on him, and he used to flirt with me every time he came over to see my sister.

One weekend, my parents went to visit my aunt and they left my sister Linda in charge. They told us we couldn't have any boys over and no parties, and so on. Linda told them not to worry, that we would behave ourselves, and then as soon as they drove off, Linda called all her friends and told them she was having a party at our house. I couldn't believe she would be so bad, but she was sort of wild.

Anyway, that night all her friends came over and they were drinking beer and having a good time, but I couldn't enjoy any of it because Linda told me I had to stay in my room. I agreed to that because she always let me have time with my friends and never bothered us. But that night I kept going out into the kitchen to get something to drink or eat because I wanted to see what everybody was doing. I wore a little t-shirt that only came down to my midriff and a pair of shorts. Some of the guys would flirt with me and try to get a peek at my breasts, and that would kind of excite me and make me tingle. Linda saw me talking with some of her friends and embarrassed me by ordering me back to my room like I was a little kid or something, so I told her I was going to tell Mom and Dad about the party.

At around eleven O'clock Linda came into my room with her boyfriend whose name was Dan. She tried to make up to me so I wouldn't tell Mom and Dad, but I didn't care about that, I was just so thrilled to have Dan there in my room. We talked and I flirted with Dan and then Linda asked me if I wanted to make out with him. I knew she was just trying to get me to say I wouldn't tell Mom and Dad and that made me kind of mad, so I told her I was still going to tell on her. But then Dan sat on the bed beside me and put his arm around me and asked me if I would mind if he kissed me and I almost fainted. I let him kiss me and I kissed him back and then we really started making out. I was so excited and so lightheaded!

Then I heard Linda say, "Show him your boobs." And I just about died. It was so sexy thinking of showing this boy my tits! I knew they were beautiful and he would really like them, but I didn't want him to think I was a slut, so I said no. But then Linda got up on the bed and she held my arms behind me. I think I could have gotten free, but I really didn't want to. I wanted Dan to see my boobs and while Linda held me, he lifted my t-shirt and unfastened my bra.

I kept saying, "No, don't ...don't." But I was so excited when I saw the look in his eyes. He pulled my bra away from my tits and started playing with them and I wanted to scream it felt so good, but I kind of bit my tongue to keep from letting it go. He kissed them and sucked my nipples and made me feel so hot! After awhile Linda let go of my arms, but I didn't try to get away. I just leaned back on my elbows and let Dan play with my boobs. And then Linda moved over to sit beside Dan and she started rubbing his cock through his pants. I was so amazed to see her do that in front of me. I could see how big it was underneath his Levis and Linda asked me if I wanted to see it. I told her no, but she knew I wanted to. So she unzipped Dan's pants and took his cock out to show me.

I had only seen one other guy's cock. A boy I went out with made me jack him off at a drive-in but Dan's cock was so much bigger. Linda played with it while I watched and then Dan made me put my hand on it and I started doing it for him. I loved what it felt like, so big and thick and warm! I felt like a real woman jacking off an older boy. I did that for about two minutes and then Linda told me to kiss it. I had never ever had my mouth on a guy's cock, and had heard about blow jobs, but I was sure I would never do that for a guy. But just kissing that big hard cock seemed like a sexy thing to do, so I just kind of leaned down and kissed his cock for him.

I kissed the head and I could smell his cock, it was such a sexy, male smell. It smelled meaty and hot and sort of sweaty. I kissed the shaft for him and then I started kissing it all over and the more I kissed it the bigger it got. It just kept getting thicker and thicker. And then Linda told me to blow him, but I said I wouldn't do that. I told her I liked kissing it, but I wasn't going to give him a blow job. Just saying the words, "blow job" got me excited. Dan asked me if I would make him cum with my hand and I said that I would. So he stood up in front of me with his big cock pointing right at my face and I started jacking him off. He reached down and played with my tits while I did it. I sat there and jacked him off and I got so wet!

He kept teasing my nipples and squeezing my tits together and pretty soon I could feel his cock getting bigger in my hand and then all of a sudden this hot thick stream of cum spurted out of his cock and splattered all over my face! I was so shocked!! I remember that I sort of gasped, and I stopped jacking him off, but he put his hand over mine and made me go on. His cum went all over the place, on my face, on my breasts, in my hair! I just never realized how much cum a guy could have in him! Finally it stopped spurting all over and it was just sort of oozing out of the head, and he tried to get me to lick it off but I wouldn't. He wiped his cock around on my face and on my tits and I was sort of in a daze. I wanted to cum too, but I didn't know how to ask him, or tell him what I wanted. Linda had her hand between her legs and her legs crossed and I know she was using her legs to squeeze her hand up against her puss. Anyway, Dan used my hair to wipe his cock off and I thought that was really sexy and dirty and it made me feel like such a hot little slut! He wiped his cum off my face and breasts with the sheet on the bed, and kept telling me how beautiful and sexy I was.

Then he kissed me some more and played with my tits again while Linda reached over and played with his cock. It was all soft and everything, and I didn't think he could do it again, so I wondered why Linda was playing with it. The more he kissed me and played with me, the more excited I got and I knew my little puss was just dripping. I had been finger fucked before, twice, by two different guys and it really felt good, so I was wondering if he would try to do that to me. I was hoping he would at least get on me and dry fuck me, but he just kept playing with my tits, and then he asked me if I would let some of the other guys look at them.

I said no, but he kept kissing me and talking so softly into my ear, asking me if I would please just let a couple of his friends see my "jugs." After awhile I said, "I don't know ..." and then I said, "Maybe." He said something to Linda and she left the room and I closed my eyes while he sucked my nipples. I heard the door open and I thought it was Linda, but when I opened my eyes she had two of Dan's friends with him. They were watching Dan play with my tits and I could see how excited it made them, so I didn't say anything. Dan asked me if they could touch my "jugs," and I said no, but he kept asking me and finally I just stopped saying "no."

He had them sit on either side of me while I was leaning back on the bed, and they started playing with my boobs. Dad had gotten behind me and was leaning over me, kissing me and sucking my tongue. I was so hot I could hardly stand it. I watched them play with my tits and kiss them and stuff, and then Dan said they could jack off if they wanted to. I almost stopped breathing when they unzipped their pants and took their cocks out. They sort of half-reclined on the bed, on either side of me and jacked themselves off while they kissed and sucked my tits. Dan told me to do it for them and I said no. He told me I was a hot little slut and he knew I liked playing with a guy's cock, so go ahead and do it, or they would fuck me.

Hearing him say those things just made me crazy. I felt this heat spreading all through my body and my nipples got so hard they hurt! His friends put my hands on their cocks and I started to jack them off while they kept playing with my tits. Dan got down off the bed and he sort of stood between my legs and he took his cock out again and I was surprised to see it was hard again. He leaned down and started to dry fuck me, rubbing his cock up and down on my crotch, pressing it hard against my pussy. I really started breathing hard and then one of the guys said, let's play with her cunt. I had never heard anyone use the word cunt like that. It was always used as an insult before, and now to hear them use it to describe my puss just really got to me.

Dan pulled my shorts down but I managed to keep my panties on. They pushed my hands away and one of them slipped his fingers under my panties and found my puss. It was so wet and sloppy that his middle finger just slid right up me. He finger fucked me for awhile, and then the other guy had his turn. I was so hot and wet, I just wish they had known where to touch me to make me cum, but none of them had a clue. Then Dan finger fucked me, and he told Linda to do it, too, but she said no. She was jacking Dan off while I jacked off the other two guys. They kept taking turns sliding their fingers in and out of my puss, and it felt so good, and it was so tight then.

Pretty soon the guy on my left started spurting cum in my hand. It was all warm and thick, and then the guy on my right got up on his knees beside me so that he could spurt on my tits. He really came a lot!! There must have six or seven big spurts of really thick, white sperm. It went all over my breasts, and my stomach and on my arm, and on the bed, and everywhere. I had so much cum on me, that Dan made me get up and he walked me into the bathroom and shut the door. I remember thinking how funny it looked with is cock sticking straight out in front of him.

He told me wash myself off and I did with a wash cloth and then he said he wanted to fuck me, and I said no, that I was still a virgin. Then he said he just had to have something besides a hand job and asked me to blow him. I said no, but he kept asking me, and kissing me, and sliding his finger up my pussy and sucking my tits, and it made me so weak I could hardly stand up. It was so easy for him to push me down on my knees and I saw myself in the mirror, with my tits all firm and proud, the nipples so thick and hard. His cock was right in front of my face and I thought I was the sexiest woman alive at that moment. I really felt like a grown up woman.

He had his hand in my hair and he was holding me while he rubbed his cock around on my lips. He kept saying, "C'mon, Peggy ...blow me ...suck my cock for me it it slut. Suck me." Then he was forcing it into my mouth and I could taste his cock on my tongue, and then he was making me move my mouth up and down on it and every time I took a breath I could smell his cock and taste it and I loved it! He started to moan really loud and at first I thought I was hurting him, but then all of a sudden he grabbed me with both hands in my hair and he started cumming in my mouth. What a surprise that was!! It was thick and hot and tasted sort of tart and sweet at the same time. I was afraid to swallow it because I thought it might somehow make me pregnant, so I just let him cum and cum until he was through and I did my best to hold it all in my mouth, but there was so much of it, that when he pulled out, I just sort of gagged on it and spit it all down my chin and it kind of oozed onto my tits.

I was so turned on that I just pushed my hand underneath my panties and found that swollen area that felt so good and rubbed it all around until I was shaking so bad I could hardly stand it. I came so hard that I pulled a muscle in my stomach and couldn't go to school for over a week. Afterwards, Dan's friends would ask me out, and I would go out with them, not together, but separately and I would always jack them off and let them play with my breasts. I let guys finger fuck me until I was a senior in high school and then I let Dan fuck me when he came home from college. He had broken up with my sister by then and whenever he came home on a holiday or something, we would go out and I'd let him fuck me, or I'd blow him. I gave him a lot of blow jobs and he taught me to swallow cum.

One night, my sister was home when he came to see me and we all went out together and he fucked us both. We let him do us up on Mulholland Drive. He fucked us up against the car. He did it to me first, then to Linda. Then he got us to blow him and we shared his cum. That was the first time I had ever had another woman kiss me and pass me a guy's cum from her mouth to mine. I love doing that now. And my husband loves watching me do it. Anyway, that's the story of my first blow job. I loved the whole experience, and it has made me quite a hot little cocksucker, according to my husband. He loves watching me do it to another guy, and I love showing off for him. Let me know what you think of this story. I know it sounds kind of fanciful, but it's all true.

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