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Pool Fun III
by MsGoldenGirl

John had just emptied his load into Amber for what seemed like the hundredth time when they were interrupted by Liz.

John wasn't sure what to do when he saw Liz. Until Liz approached him and laid her hand on his limp dick. "Very nice package!"

John couldn't believe his ears. All this time he'd thought of his mothers friend as a prude and here she was with her hand on his dick. John didn't know what to do. Here he was with two beautiful women, one of which he'd had the time of his life with and the other who was holding his dick.

"Amber you are so lucky to have spent the afternoon with this in you." After saying this to her sister she leaned in and kissed her. John felt the life going back into his penis at the sight of this.

"Oh John! You like to see me kiss Amber? How about if I was to lick her wet pussy? What would that do to you?" Liz didn't have to wait long to see the effects of her words. John was as hard as a rock in her hand. Even after coming so many times already that afternoon John was ready for more.

Liz let go of John and moved her hand to her sisters swaying breasts. "John, your mother said she would pick you up in the morning. I told her I wanted you to do some work around the house and it would take you a while. So I thought it would be best if you stayed the night. Especially with Tim out of town. I need a man at home to keep me safe and warm."

John was to busy watching Liz play with Amber to hear much of what had been said to him. He only smiled and licked his lips. Liz thought the look upon his face was rather hilarious so she licked Ambers nipple to see if he could look any more horny. Liz giggled at his reaction and proceeded to lick her way down her sisters body. Amber didn't resist at all.

Liz was licking Ambers bellybutton when she felt John's hands on her ass. He was pulling at her pants. "John! A little impatient I see. Sit over there by the picnic table and watch. No more hands on me until I say so."

John was obedient and sat at the picnic table. "John I said sit by the table not at it. ON THE GROUND NOW!!" John jumped at her tone and sat in the grass in front of the table.

Amber was laughing at the way John was being treated. Liz turned to her and slapped her. "Did I say you could laugh? NO I didn't so shut up and take my clothes off!"

Amber raised to her knees and began to undress her boss of a sister. "Now lick my clit and do a good job of it."

Amber leaned into her sister and began to lick Liz's waiting clit. Amber loved the taste and smell of her sister. So much like herself and yet even better. She ran her tongue over Liz's slit and began to make her sister moan. Amber loved to bring pleasure to Liz. After all they'd been lovers since they were little girls experimenting.

Amber inserted a finger in to Liz. Liz moaned louder. "More give me more you Bitch!" Amber loved it when Liz called her dirty names. She quickly began to insert more fingers until they were all going in and out of her soaked pussy. All the while Amber was licking Liz's clit back and forth.

Liz felt as if she was going to collapse with so much pleasure going into her body. She felt the first orgasm run through her body and screamed.

John sat watching and playing with his rock hard cock. Never even in the magazines he found under his fathers bed had he ever seen anything so erotic as these sisters. He hoped that Liz would allow him to join in soon.

As if reading John's mind Liz called him over. "John I want to feel you in my ass now. Come here and lay down so I can be on top." John was never one to argue with his elders so he did as he'd been told. Liz was quick to position herself over his cock. Amber never left Liz's wet pussy as Liz inserted John's cock in her empty ass. Liz was violently fucking Amber's fingers and John's cock all at the same time.

Amber felt as if her whole hand was at any moment going to be sucked up into her sister. As Liz pumped up and down on John's dick Amber's premonition was realized. Her whole hand was in her sister. Never had Amber seen Liz so hot as to be able to take all of Amber's hand. Ambers pussy was getting wetter just thinking about what it must feel like.

Amber started to notice that her sister was slowing down and John was beginning to look as if he might cum. Amber began to pump her hand at the pace her sister had set and began to lick her way over to John's balls. John jumped a little upon feeling her tongue, but the feel of her velvety smooth tongue on his balls was all he needed to make him blow. He started to pump as deep as he could into Liz's ass. Liz was screaming and shaking all over.

As John finished coming Liz pulled up so that John's cock came out of her ass and his last shot of cum went all over Amber's face. Amber felt as if she'd come just from all the pleasure of those around her. Her hand came out of her sister with a pop. Liz bent down and licked Ambers face.

"mmmmmm He tastes so good. Thank you my little slaves. For being so good just now. I'll allow you to both sleep at the foot of my bed." And with that Liz stood and walked into the house.

John and Amber were quick to follow not wanting to anger their master.


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