The Best Erotic Stories.

Pool Fun
Pt. IV: Out of Water
by MsGoldenGirl

John and Amber were fast asleep at the foot of Liz's bed when the door opened and in walked Tim, Liz's husband. John awoke with a start expecting to be thrown out of the room. If only he had know the fun was only just beginning.

"Liz, why didn't you tell me I'd miss the party!"

Liz awoke to her husband's voice. "Tim, I thought you weren't coming home until next week. I was hoping to get this new slave trained for your homecoming." Liz turned to John, "SIT"

"I can see he needs more training. Are you a virgin, boy?" John looked up in to Tim's face. As he started to answer he was smacked across the face.

"A slave is never to look into their master's face with out permission! Understood?"

John unused to being treated as such nodded his head hoping the punishment would end. He was quickly disappointed as Tim slapped him again. "You are to answer 'yes Master' when asked a question. Nothing else is excepted. Understood?"

"Yes Sir. ummm I mean.." John was unable to finish before being smacked yet again.

"Slave you need a lot of training. It's yes Master, not yes Sir. I'm being very lenient. After all tonight is your first lessons with me!"

"Yes Master."

John was smacked harder this time. "Slave I do not remember asking you another question. Silence is expected. Liz, It's time for him to be taught. Take him to our special room and ready him for me."

John was getting rather worried about the events unfolding before his very eyes. All he'd wanted from the beginning was to get into Amber's panties. He'd never dreamed of becoming a slave to Liz's husband. After all the man was a giant to say the least. At 6'4", 280 Tim was well respected on sight and very scary to a boy who'd only become a man a couple of hours before.

Liz watched the expressions cross John's face. As if seeing the look of dread she ran her hands through his hair. Just as he began to feel relieved Liz pulled his head back so he was looking up into her face. "John, my dear little slave, you will learn a great many things here today. All you have to do is relax and trust me. Do you trust me?" John had known Liz his entire life. Of the few people his mother knew, Liz was her most trusted and closest friend.

"Yes Master." Liz pulled a little harder on his head. "I'm to be called Mistress. Now I want you on all fours and following me."

Tim had left the room a few moments before. John was still rather worried about Tim. For all the time John had known Liz he'd hardly ever been around Tim. Liz he knew he could trust, but Tim, he was unsure of. Liz instructed Amber to follow John close and if he was to get out of line he was to be bitten on the bottom. John thought it was rather a funny thing for her to be doing. So he purposely slowed down only to be bitten rather hard on his rump.

"Ouch! I don't think she wants blood drawn." As the words pass through John's mouth he quickly learned not to do it again. Liz turns on John. "Did I say you could talk. What a bad BAD SLAVE!" As she says the words she circles John. "I will not stand for a disobedient slave in my presence. I think we will have to start with the straps." Liz was laughing as she said the last part.

John was becoming even more scared of the whole situation. Crawling around naked was one thing but straps. What the hell was she going to do with those? John worried to himself as he crawled to the special room. As the door to the room opened Johns eyes opened wide in surprise. The room was painted black with pictures of people doing many sex acts painted in red and white. It took John a few minutes to realize what the pictures were. In that amount of time Liz was able to tie John to a table in the middle of the room. He was lying face down on the table and Liz was strapping his ankles apart.

"Now my new little slave you will learn to be quiet!" As she was saying this she walked over to the wall of tools. John had thought that the things on the wall were to be used as decoration only. If only he'd known how wrong he was.

Liz returned to John with what looked like a ball and ribbon. "Well my little slave if you can't keep your mouth shut, I will just have to keep it closed for you." Liz pushed the ball into John's mouth and tied the ribbon about his head.

John was terrified. All he'd wanted was a good fuck. Not to be turned into someone's toy. His whole body began to tense with the realization of what was going to befall him.

"Your not scared of me are you slave?" Liz looked into John's face all John could do was shake his head in response.

"Amber, come here."

Amber had been waiting patiently by the door. As instructed she crawled over to where Liz was. "Make my new slave feel more comfortable. More relaxed."

Amber jumped at the chance to help. Amber ran her hands up John's legs. John jumped a little when she first touched him, but it didn't take long for his body to relax at Amber's touch. Amber's hands knew all the right places to make John feel good. John was just becoming over excited when Liz told Amber to stop.

"We don't want our new toy to like this too much." Liz loved the feeling of control she now had.

To Be Continued...

Thanks to everyone who has written and told me what they think of my writing. I love to hear from everyone. I hope to be able to write more in the coming months.


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