The Best Erotic Stories.

Prey For Me
Pt. II: Supernatural Seductions
by Dvora Sosan

Danel continued to drive toward Death Valley Junction. Laurie asked him to stop at the next gas station so she could use the bathroom. They bought soft drinks out of the machine and sat on the hood of a junked car.

"Where are we going from here, Danel? C'mon, give me a hint."

"In your dreams; your fantasies. Where would you like to go, Laurie?"

"With you, Danel. Wherever you want to take me. I'm game!"

"It's the desert then. That's where my friends are. I would like very much for you to meet them."

"Oh, I'd love to!"

"Let me warn you, Laurie. My friends are very religious. You might be shocked."

"Religious I'm used to. I been there and done that. Marvin, my husband, well, you know, he's a preacher. I don't even want to talk about him and his church. Most of it is so, so ... phony. Kind of like my fake orgasms when I'm with him."

"I think I'll change the subject," Danel responded tactfully. "Enough religion. We have to get you some new duds if we are braving the desert. You can't wear that dress and those high heels where we are going. OK?"

"Sure, but I don't have much money with me."

"Not to worry. I have plenty. There is a little clothing store just a half mile down the road. I'd love to dress you."

Jeremiah McClain's little store was a pleasure. Not only western wear but many antiques and other items of historical interest. He was over eighty and didn't get many customers. Several friends would usually stop in to chat at some point in the day and buy a little something but he didn't see many strangers. Jeremiah immediately liked Laurie and Danel and they engaged in witty conversation about nothing in particular. He was quite pleased to have the company.

Danel picked out a wide-brimmed hat and hiking boots for Laurie. She was taking her time looking over the shirts and jeans when Jeremiah asked, "Do you two mind if I run down to that little restaurant down the street and get a sandwich? I sort of got tied up and missed lunch. Would you stay here until I get back? It's not like I'm expecting many customers. You two are only the second and third today."

"Sure, Jeremiah, you take your time," Laurie responded. "We're in no hurry."

After he left, Danel joked, "Laurie, this isn't a fashion show, just pick out something to wear."

"OK, OK," and she pulled a pair of jeans and a shirt off the rack. "I best try these on," and she went into the bathroom that doubled as the dressing room.

"Danel, come in here and tell me how you think these fit."

He opened the bathroom door. Laurie had slipped off her dress and tugged on the tight jeans, but she hadn't put the shirt on and she had left her bra at home.

"Well, what do you think of these?" she asked coyly as she turned around to face him.

"Uh, they seem to fit pretty good," Danel stuttered.

"No, I mean these!" she exclaimed as she placed her hands under her breasts and pushed them up.

"Very, very nice" he managed to whisper as he moved towards them.

Just then they heard Jeremiah return with his sandwich and Laurie quickly put the shirt on.

Danel paid the bill with two hundred dollar bills and told Jeremiah to keep the change. They bid warm goodbyes and got on the Harley and headed on toward Death Valley.

Laurie soon whispered in Danel's ear that she had to pee again. He pulled off on a very rugged dirt road that appeared to lead nowhere.

After she took care of her business she asked if they could rest for awhile. Danel had a bag on the back of the Harley with a blanket and some other items in it. As Danel pulled out the blanket, Laurie noticed he had two books in the bag. One was a bible, King James Version. The other was something called The Perfumed Garden of Sheik Nefzaoui. "Bring the books Danel, please. I love being read to!"

They found a small clearing and spread the blanket. Laurie was exhausted. She rested on her back with her arms under her head. "OK, Danel, please read to me. Whatever you like. Just pick something."

He started with the Bible, the Song of Solomon, and got through the first three chapters without much of a response from Laurie. Her eyes were closed and he thought she might be asleep. He began reading the fourth chapter.

Danel read verse 5, "Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins, which feed among the lilies." Laurie sat up, removed her shirt, never said a word and lay back down.

When Danel read the ending of verse 16, " ... Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits," he paused and closed the Bible. Laurie unbuttoned her jeans, lifted up her legs, slipped them off and never said a word.

"Danel, please read to me from that other book. Tell me what it is all about first. I never heard of it before." Danel, looking at Laurie reclining on the blanket clad only in panties, was somewhat reluctant to begin another book, but he did.

"First," Danel began, "let me tell you a little bit about the history of the The Perfumed Garden of Sheik Nefzaoui. It was written by, who else, Sheik Nefzaoui, in the sixteenth century. This work of erotica was translated into French sometime in the mid-nineteenth century. The infamous English translation was published in 1886 by Sir Richard Francis Burton. Sir Richard also published such noteworthy works as Vikram and the Vampire, Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo, The Kama Sutra of Vatsayana and many others."

"Let me just begin at the beginning, the Introduction, General Remarks about Coition, to give you a flavor for the work. Here are a few excerpts ... 'So let us praise and exalt him who has created woman and her beauties, with her appetizing flesh; who has given her hails, a beautiful figure, a bosom with breasts which are swelling, and amorous ways, which awaken desires. The Master of the Universe has bestowed upon them the empire of seduction; all men, weak or strong, and subjected to a weakness for the love of woman.' What do you think, Laurie?"

"Pretty boring. Does it get better?"

"Oh, yes, much. Here is a little something from Chapter 6, Concerning Everything That Is Favourable to the Act of Coition, 'If you desire, place the woman on the ground, cling closely to her bosom, with her lips close to yours; then clasp her to you, suck her breath, bite her; kiss her breasts, her stomach, her flanks, press her close in your arms, so as to make her faint with pleasure; when you see her so far gone, then push your member into her. If you have done as I said, the enjoyment will come to both of you simultaneously. This it is which makes the pleasure of the woman so sweet. But if you neglect my advice the woman will not be satisfied and you will not have procured her any pleasure.' Did you like that part, Laurie?" With that, Danel rested his head between her breasts and began to kiss them.

"Get away! Geez, you are going to have to do better that, dude," Laurie said sarcastically but at the same time couldn't help but smile.

"OK, OK, you are one tough cookie. How about this, from Chapter 9, Sundry Names Given to the Sexual Organs of Women, 'The window, taga, and the shoe, medassa, reminds you of women. The vulva resembles in fact, when invaded by the verge, a window with a man putting his head in to look about, or a shoe that is being put on. Consequently, he who sees himself in dreaming in the act of going in at a window, or putting on a shoe, has the certainty of getting possession of a young woman or a virgin, if the window is newly built, or the shoe new and in good condition; but that woman will be old according to the state of the window or shoe.' Now, isn't that very erotic, Laurie?"

"Shut up! Tell me something new. And what's this stuff you have in your canteen?" she asked as she took a swig. "Very strange tasting."

"That's Angeldew; my own special brew that doesn't require refrigeration. How about this, the book deals mostly with sexual intercourse. There are missing chapters that were never translated into the English. By some stroke of good fortune I have come into possession of these chapters. One deals with cunnilingus. Would you like me to read it to you?"


"No? I don't understand."

"What part of 'No' don't you understand? Don't read it to me. Show me." Laurie lifted her legs and slid off her panties.

He gave her a few little licks. "Yum, yum. You smell and taste wonderful. What do you douche with?"

"I douche with rat poison you fucking pervert!" she screamed at him, unable to stifle her raucous chuckles.

He laughed and went back to licking her softly and gently. "Oh my, and aren't we getting more than just a little wet here? I don't think I'll be needing these," he said as he pulled from his pocket a handful of small samplers of Vagisal Intimate Moisturizer and other lubricants. He put them away and plunged his face back into her very moist triangle.

He separated her wet lips with his fingers and spread her wide open. First he licked under her clitoris and inner labia and occasionally swirled her in his mouth. Then he alternated with his tongue, slow flat licks, and with his lips, sucking gently.

Soon she was squirming with pleasure. Finally she lost it as he licked her essence with harder and more demanding strokes. Thrusting her hips upward with excitement, she exploded in a powerful climax she felt from her head to the tips of her toes. "Yes! Yes!" she cried as she squirted all over his face. He continued to lick her gently as she came down from the most wonderful orgasm she had ever had and he could feel her entire body shuddering right through her clitoris which he still held in his lips.

"Please stop! Please. No more. Not right now."

"Whatever you say, Little Miss Smarty Panties," he said and smirked as he pulled his face away from her. "You are a funny girl. You got a big mouth. A nice big mouth."

He stood up, pulled Laurie to her knees and lowered his pants and shorts. Grabbing her hair with both hands, he pulled her onto him. He did most of the work and it didn't take him long. Back and forth and up and down he jerked her head. When he really was going he had one hand on the top of her head, the other under her chin, lifted up her face and just rammed it as far down her throat as he could.

He exploded down her throat and let out a yell that sounded like somebody being tortured. He pulled out and shot all over her face and rubbed his gushing member on her lips. Down to the last few drops, she opened her mouth again and slurped on him, sucking and licking up every last drop. She put him all the way back in her mouth and felt him shudder as he came down from his orgasm, just as he had one for her.

When he finally could talk again he said, "I know you have clitoral orgasms, but did you ever have a cervical-pubococcygeal orgasm, a vaginal orgasm?"

"Well, yeah. I know a little bit about Kegel exercises and such. I think I have had vaginal orgasms."

"What do you mean, you think you have had vaginal orgasms? Either you have or you haven't. Now, I'm going to explain this all to you and I want you to pay attention very carefully. But first ... " and he began to lick her again.

Ten minutes and another great orgasm later, Danel began his lecture and the show and tell on vaginal orgasms. Laurie thought she had about five vaginal orgasms in an hour. Somehow she lost count.

They closed their eyes in exhaustion and held each other for an hour. "Laurie," Danel explained, "my sole objective is to set women free. No one knows how to find the woman within, better than me. No one knows how to hold that tender heart, better than me."

They got back on the Harley and continued their journey into the depths of Death Valley. Danel took State Road 190 to the west entrance to the park. He took a backcountry road to Dante's view. They got off the Harley and hiked to near the top. Up over 5,000 feet where the air is 25 degrees lower than the floor of the Valley, they looked down on the sweltering salt flats of Badwater.

And then she saw them a few hundred yards away. About two dozen men and women. The men were all tall and muscular like Danel. The women were all very beautiful. They were all naked and participating in some sort of ritualistic ceremony. Danel and Laurie joined them.

Joshua and Rachael had returned from their Las Vegas overnighter about noon. They were sitting on his porch eating micro-waved macaroni and cheese for lunch. Rachael had not yet been home. Joshua's neighbor and best friend, Nathaniel, joined them.

Nathaniel was also known to his friends and within his tribe as Little Beaver. A name quite appropriate because of his small stature and Delaware heritage.

They saw Danel coming from half a mile away on the Grey Ghost. He had a passenger. Long shiny black waist-long hair was flowing and blowing, and she was not wearing a helmet in spite of the law.

When they pulled in the driveway and got off the Harley, Joshua and Nathaniel were speechless. She was the most incredible looking woman they had ever seen. Beautiful is not the word they would have used to describe her. Something beyond beautiful; something almost supernatural.

Nathaniel whispered to Joshua, "She looks like an angel, and I don't mean a good angel. An angel of death, maybe."

The woman looked like she owned the world as she got off the back of Danel's bike. She wore a red vinyl mini-dress which contrasted with her black Chippewa lace up motorcycle boots. A green cape covered her shoulders, and her long claw-like fingernails matched the color of the dress perfectly. Very tall, long black shiny hair, green eyes and a strange beauty mark on her forehead and the face of a devilish angel.

Rachael stared and never the one for a loss of words, asked, "Are you a goddess?"

The woman smiled and Joshua shivered, thinking the word he would have used to describe that smile was sinister. Nathaniel seemed to be thoroughly enjoying this scene. His eyes were riveted on her breasts and her protruding nipples. "No bra" he said under his breath and smirked at Joshua.

Danel introduced her as Lilith and she just nodded, nary a word. No sooner had Joshua given Danel the paperwork and the keys for the Panhead, she was on the bike. Her mini-dress was hiked up so far the lace was visible on her garter belt. She roared off before anyone could react other than with a look of astonishment bordering on shock.

Lilith headed for where Joshua and Rachael had just been, Las Vegas. She, however, had an entirely different itinerary. Her mind was on making quite the impression on the strip this night. It was an impression quite worthy of the Queen of Hearts.

As Danel went to mount the Grey Ghost, Joshua asked, "Where are you off to?" Rachael added innocently "Where's my mom?"

The giant just shrugged, got on the bike and he was gone.

Nathaniel caused Joshua reason for concern with his frequent "twilight zone" tales.

Joshua said to Rachael, "Run over to your house and see what your mom is doing. Maybe she would like to join us for lunch." It wasn't so much Laurie's appetite Joshua was concerned about, he didn't want Rachael to hear whatever wild story Nathaniel was going to tell. Joshua had seen that gleam in Nathaniel's eye many times before.

As soon as Rachael ran off, Nathaniel started. "Lilith! Lilith is her name. Why not Aswang, the vampire of the Phillipines who feeds on blood with her long hollow thin tongue and looks pregnant after drinking? Why not Baobhan Sith, the Scottish vampire who appears as a lovely maiden clad in green? Why not Dearg-due, Langsuir or Rakshasi? What about the Strigoica with two hearts? I bet our Lilith has two hearts!" Joshua was doubling over in laughter and forced out what words he could, "You best shut up about her, or she'll be sucking your neck next!"

That didn't stop Nathaniel, not much did. "And of course you know that Lilith was the inspiration for the legend of Ishtar. In the Akkadian hymn, 'Praise to Ishtar,' who does ' ... in lips she is sweet; life is in her mouth' sound like? The worship of Ishtar centered around holy harlots, transvestites and phallic symbols. The Sumerian goddess Inanna was in reality Lilith and she did take on the dragon Kur, also known as Satan, but not to kill him. Lilith was also Medusa of Greek mythology. Greek sculpture and painting frequently displays the nude Medusa partially reclining or kneeling below the standing Perseus with her mouth open. Beheading would be new terminology to describe what they both had in mind."

"Little Beaver my ass," Joshua said in frustration. "They should have named you Little Brain. I told you to lay off that hashish or whatever it is you smoke in that peace pipe of yours."

Just then Rachael returned. "My mom is still sleeping. She missed work today. I tried to get her up, but she told me to come back over here Pappy."

"That's fine honey. Let her sleep. She must have had some adventure yesterday, just like we did. Nathaniel was just telling more of his stories, you know, his fairy tales like Snow White and The Wizard of Oz. He was just telling me all about witches."

"Oh Nathaniel!" she blurted, "please tell me again about the Delaware Indians."

"I came here as I have told you before from Oklahoma, where most of the Delaware now live. My grandfathers came from Pennsylvania along the Delaware River. The Delaware are known in our own language as the Lenni Lanape. Our ancient history, 'The Red Record,' tells the story in words and pictures of my grandfather's grandfathers."

"My ancestors came from Asia across the Bering Strait into North American thousands of years ago. When they arrived, American was already inhabited. The giants, the Olmec, were pyramid builders and obsessed with skulls and bones and other symbols of death. They practiced cannibalism. My people and the Mengwe, the Iroquois, defeated the Olmec and drove them far south and out of North America."

"Pappy, wake up!" Rachael cried at the snoozing Joshua. "Remember yesterday when we were reading about the giants in Genesis?" She picked up his bible and opened it to the bookmark and read Chapter 6, verse 4, "And there were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."

Nathaniel had also fallen asleep. Rachael threw her hands up in the air and went into the house to play Nintendo.

Joseph Masterson, Ph.D., was a professor of religious studies at a major university in Ohio. He was a trim, alert handsome man of forty-three with a thin moustache, sharp eyes and impeccably dressed. He flashed around big-time money and had quite the eye for the ladies. Which is why Las Vegas was his favorite place and he made it a point to visit every few months.

Lilith was playing Blackjack at Joseph's favorite inn when he first saw her. He thought she was way out his league, and everybody else's for that matter. She was something beyond beautiful he thought. Very tall, long black shiny hair, green eyes, a strange beauty mark on her forehead and the face of a devilish angel. A goddess. Her shiny and sleek stretchable vinyl red mini-dress was so skin tight it looked like it was painted on. It had an open back with a multi-tipped wicked collar.

The lady was winning and seemed to have real skill at the game. Joseph was not doing well as usual. He took a break from the table when she did, and he followed her into the lounge.

"Do you mind if I join you?" he asked politely as she sat at a small table in the back.

"Please do, I like company. You didn't seem to be doing well at the table. My name is Lilith."

Joseph introduced himself and said "No, I wasn't doing very well but you are an incredible player. Of course, you have a distinct advantage. Who can pay attention to cards when you are at the table?"

Lilith laughed and said, "Maybe, but it might help if you did things like play to seventeen when the dealer's up card is a seven or higher, play to twelve and stop when the dealer's card is a six or lower but higher than a three, and stuff like that."

They ordered a drink. "Yours would of course be a Bloody Mary," he joked.

Joseph was thoroughly impressed by Lilith's obvious intelligence and razor sharp wit. Very different than the coeds who frequented his classes he thought, but not much older. He was astounded by her knowledge of history, religion and scripture.

Joseph was not sure if she was actually flirting with him or just teasing and tantalizing him in a friendly way. He said to himself he had to keep her interest if he was going to get anywhere with this one.

"You know of course that Lilith was the first vampire and invented fellatio. Her goal in life was to suck the life force out of a man, his blood and his semen."

That being said, Joseph paused, and Lilith roared in laughter. He took that as a cue to continue.

"Lilith was a parasitical predator who used her greatest weapons, her incredible beauty, her aura of sensuality and the skills taught her by supernatural beings to lure men into her snare." Joseph quoted passages from the bible, Isaiah 34:14 and elsewhere, to document his statements. He also said he had copies of Dead Sea Scroll fragments that clinched it.

"Oh, you are simply a shit! Not again! A chick who rides a Harley always gets stereotyped."

"You got a Harley?" he stammered. "Never been on one but I would love it."

"Yeah, right" but are you sure? "It's right outside. Let's go!" She picked up her cape on the way out. Actually it was a distressed brown long leather duster she had dyed green. Large front pockets, back-slit with snaps, adjustable cuffs, leg straps and a removable cape.

Joseph couldn't back down now, it wouldn't be the manly thing to do, much to his chagrin.

"That's quite a bike," was all he could say when he saw the old Panhead, and that he said rather weakly. He put on one of the German army helmets with the Y-strap and she put on the other.

Joseph definitely did not take well to Lilith's wheelies and leaning on the curves. He was holding on for dear life and not even in a sensual way.

"Those aren't life preservers," she yelled over her shoulder as Joseph kept squeezing her breasts in a death grip.

Lilith couldn't tell whatever it was Joseph had for lunch. It just looked like vomit to her. But she was quite sure the beetle juice would work better on an empty stomach, and because she had achieved her objective, she turned around and headed back to the hotel.

"You are definitely no biker!" she said to Joseph and chuckled. He was relieved the lady was not ticked off he had barfed on her green cape, which looked very expensive.

"The Dead Sea Scrolls?" she asked, her interest still piqued as they returned to the bar and ordered another drink.

"Yes, yes" he eagerly attempted to continue.

"Wait, wait" she interrupted him. Joseph didn't notice Lilith pull on the waist of her mini-dress to display even more cleavage. As he gazed down the front, he was not about to argue with anything she said.

Lilith knew he was looking and Joseph knew she knew. "Well, you squeezed the hell out of them when we on my bike, so I guess it's OK if you take a real good look." She broke out in laughter again. "Joseph, I said 'wait' before you start about the Dead Sea Scrolls because my left foot is itching like crazy, would you scratch it for me, please?"

He hit his head on the table on his eagerness to get under there and play with her tootsies and was glad she couldn't see his red face.

"Oh my! You have such a nice soft tickling touch," she said so erotically he thought.

"What are you doing under there Joseph," she finally said as people began to stare. "I knew I should have worn panties."

When Joseph finally came up for air, Lilith said, "Hurry up and finish your drink. I'll buy you dinner. I'm famished!"

Joseph's drink looked cloudy as he sat at the table once again. "Did you put something in my drink?"

"Well sure I did!" and she laughed loudly and he couldn't help join her in the mirth.

"I put some beetle juice in your drink. Pulverized emerald green blister beetles, you know, the Cantharis Vesicatoria, more commonly known as the Spanish Fly."

"Huh?" was about all he could muster up at that.

"Do you not know that the Marquis de Sade utilized a concoction of the same pulverized beetles to entice young ladies to participate in his orgies. Unfortunately he occasionally used a little too much and poisoned his feminine friends."

"Really?" he responded in as he regained his composure somewhat.

"Really. And two thousand years ago the Roman whore, Livia, who was married to one of the Nero boys and also Augustus, used a little of the stuff to flavor the food. No wonder the entire imperial family engaged in many sexual indiscretions and perversions she later used against them."

"What about the Spanish Fly results in death?" Joseph asked as he was becoming more and more intrigued. This girl can spin some yarns as good as I can he thought.

"Cantharidin is the poisonous substance in these pulverized beetles. Normally two grams will certainly result in a fatality within a few hours. Not to get medically technical, but prior to death the preliminary symtom is priapism. You know, a hard on that won't go away no matter what."

Joseph felt as though he was getting one of those hardons at that very moment so he suggested they go into the dining room.

"I can't let her monopolize the conversation," Joseph said to himself as they were contemplating the menu. She will mesmerize me with that sultry voice he thought. "Change the subject?" was his foremost thought and "How can a woman get the best of me intellectually? I'm a doctor of philosophy. I'm the man!"

Joseph suspected he could divert Lilith's attention from talking about sexual matters by expounding upon his "Sasquatch" theory. Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, the common Native American terminology, was his peculiar fetish. He was quite pleased when Lilith asked to order for both of them.

The waiter was Jewish and spoke Hebrew. And so did Lilith! Joseph couldn't believe his ears. Of course, he was fluent in Hebrew and joined the conversation. She was so kind as to let him order the wine.

"We would like the Shepherd's Pie," she instructed the waiter. "Salad and an appetizer, you pick, surprise us." The Jewish waiter was just as infatuated with this woman as Joseph was, he was hanging on her every word.

"What is Shepherd's Pie, exactly?" Joseph asked.

"It's delicious! I've had it here before and it is absolutely my favorite. Irish potatoes and Hebrew meatballs."

Lilith smirked devilishly and continued, "Hebrew meatballs are goat's testicles boiled in milk. The recipe comes from the 'Kama Sutra' where it states the delicacy dramatically increases sexual vigor."

Joseph gasped and almost fainted in shock at this revelation.

"Oh Joseph, you are so much fun to tease! Lighten up will ya?"

They thoroughly enjoyed their long and leisurely dinner. Joseph did most of the talking. Lilith seemed captivated by his talk of the Sasquatch. He thought himself quite witty when he started off on the subject with, "Are the tabloid headlines like 'Beautiful Women Help to Lure Bigfoot' and 'Sasquatch Likes to Study the Ladies' true?"

Joseph asked questions like, "Is the Bigfoot a man, beast or an aberration that resulted from the sexual perversions of the fallen angels thousands of years ago? Why do Native American legends abound regarding bigfoot like creatures? The Sasquatch of our country, the Yeti of Asia, the Mapinguari of the Amazon region, the Yowie of Australia, the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas are all what?"

And then he answered his own questions. "Bigfoot are mutants. Their ancestors are Nephilim, fallen angels. The fallen angels who came to earth and copulated with women. Bigfoot, Sasquatch, are giants. Descendants of the giants of the bible like Goliath and Og of Bashan. A dormant recessive supernatural gene has caused significant genetic damage over the past 6,000 years. They remain, however, incredibly intelligent despite their outward appearance. There are numerous photographs and footprints of Bigfoot in evidence. Sightings are increasing but they are extremely elusive and dispose of the remains of the dearly departed."

"Of course you can prove all this," Lilith interrupted.

"Sure can. One of my colleagues has obtained a hair sample from a Sasquatch and has isolated a sequenced mitochrondial gene fragment to determine the phylogenetic affiliation of the creature."

"What does that mean in plain English?" she interrupted again.

"The research has determined conclusively that Sasquatch is far more human than ape. My colleague and others like him are afraid to publish their research lest they be subject to great public ridicule, despite the overwhelming evidence."

Lilith interjected with a seductive smile, "And of course you were correct about yours truly. I am a vampire; I am Lilith the original demon of the dark although I'm a little old for you dude, as in more than six thousand birthdays."

"C'mon dude, let's dance, all this talk and food is making me fat," she declared emphatically. There was a small band playing some good tunes.

Joseph was a very practiced devotee of the dance floor and every eye in the room was on them, dance after dance. Finally, the leader of the band announced they were taking a short break.

Lilith grabbed Joseph's hand and led him up to the band leader, a gentleman named Louie. "Do you take requests?" she asked demurely.

Louie's eyes also had been riveted on this gorgeous creature as she whirled and twirled. He winked as he said, "I'd do anything for you, honey. But the next set is country and western. Got to cater to the cowboys in the crowd."

"Cool!" she exclaimed and startled Louie with her enthusiasm. "Would you believe I'm a cowgirl and I can sing?"

Louie joined the pair at their table for a drink during the break. Lilith gave him a quick lesson on Dwight Yoakam's Buenas Noches From a Lonely Room , or She Wore Red Dresses.

Louie just loved the tune and asked Lilith to tell the band how to play it, and he insisted she join him on the stage.

Lilith helped Louie start off the song.

"She wore red dresses with her black shining hair."

"She had my baby and caused me to care," he sang. Lilith whispered in his ear, "I sure hope not, I take pills."

"Then coldly she left me to suffer and cry," he warbled. "The only thing you are crying about, Louie, is that you didn't get to stick it up my bum yet," she whispered and he laughed.

"She wore red dresses and told such sweet lies," and on that note Lilith did a "Who Me?" pantomime.

The audience went wild with this act and wanted much more, and so did Louie, but she begged off with "Maybe later. I got to get back to the Blackjack table and make some more moola."

But Blackjack was not the game she had in mind at the moment. She asked Joseph, "You have a room in this hotel, do you not? Can we go up so I can freshen up a bit?"

Joseph could not believe his good fortune. He never would have suggested such an idea but since it was her, what could a gentleman do but concur? Besides, he had been suffering from an incredible erection for hours which would have been rather visible had he not kept his long jacket buttoned.

At first, during dinner, Joseph thought Lilith was just joking with him when she took the leopard fur lined bondage cuffs out of her purse and put them around her wrists. "Quite the fashion accessory don't you think Joseph? Check out this velcro closure with the locking tongue roller buckle. I have a larger pair in my purse for ankles along with the straps to hook them up to whatever."

Joseph had a complimentary bottle of champagne in his room and they decided to imbibe. He was sitting on the bed and Lilith was sitting on a chair close to him.

Lilith took the cuffs off her wrists, took the larger pair out of her purse and asked seductively, "Would you like to try these on?"

"No, no" she corrected him when he eagerly stuck out his arms and lifted up his legs. "Take your clothes off except for your shorts," and he did so incredibly quickly.

Lilith attached the cuffs and the straps and hitched Joseph up to the bed. "You are at my mercy, as in, no mercy." She couldn't resist the temptation to walk on him with her boots still on and did so very gently. "I'm going to get into something more comfortable," and with that she picked up her purse and went into the bathroom.

Slipping her dress off quickly, she admired her image in just the garter belt and mesh stockings in the mirror. Her long painted red fingernails did look like claws.

The fangs were last. She had sculpted them herself with Fimo baked polymer clay and tooth dye. A little dental adhesive to hold them in place and she could bite even apples and other hard objects.

When she walked back in the room, Joseph gasped but he liked what he saw.

Lilith started by nibbling his neck with her fangs and raking her claws lightly over his chest and legs until she drew blood. She rubbed her stocking adorned feet all over his body.

Pulling on Joseph's boxer shorts, she got them down to his knees. "This isn't so easy when somebody is spread-eagled you know," she responded when he appeared amused by her struggling.

Lilith had Joseph in her mouth, all of him. She sucked him hard and fast and bit and nibbled until he screamed. This was a pleasure scream.

The vamp kept right on sucking and biting long after Joseph came; sucking and biting harder and harder. He began screaming again loudly. This was a terror scream. He told Lilith what she wanted to know, the "secret," and then she removed her mesh stockings and stuffed them in his mouth. Not even the stockings could muffle the cries of anguish as she finished the job. He convulsed in shock when she pulled up her head with his bloody member in her mouth and spat it out.

As Lilith walked out the door, she dropped a playing card on the bed. It was the card she had lifted from the deck while playing blackjack; the Queen of Hearts.

The next morning the maid found Joseph still spread-eagled and restrained to the bed. She was able to summon security before she crumpled in shock. It was soon discovered that Joseph's penis was missing and all the blood was drained from his body.

To Be Continued...


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