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Prey For Me
Pt. IX: Assignations
by Dvora Sosan

Jack called Caitlin before he left for Pahrump. It was 5:30 a.m. his time which meant 8:30 her time. He excused his failure to be there as he said he would be when she called with the report of the urgent message from Sam Hanson. Jack briefly reported on the two new additions to the list of women who mysteriously disappeared, Candace Pike Martin and Roxanne "Blue Duck" Alexander. Jack said he was next going to Pahrump to talk to Joshua Marshall, Rachael and Caitlin’s Native American friend, Nathaniel, the first persons to see the tall strangers and Lilith. He mentioned the stolen Harleys and suggested the perpetrators might have headed back exactly the way they came from, via way of Pahrump and Joshua’s place.

"That makes perfect sense to me, Jack," Caitlin responded to his report. "Back to the desert. Just the possibility we talked about. Well, please call me when you get back, or whatever, but stay in touch. I’m looking forward to returning to Vegas for New Years and helping you with the case. It’s so strange and intriguing. I miss you already. Can I schedule an assignation with you?"

"I miss you too, Caitlin." Jack was feeling just a little guilty about Carmelita and the instant attraction he had toward Kim. "And whatever exactly an assignation is, I think I have an idea, I’ll be looking forward with great anticipation to whatever you have in mind."

At 6:00 Jack pulled in the driveway of the address Kim had given him. She immediately came running out of the house. "Unbelievable; a woman who is on time," Jack mumbled to himself as she approached his car.

"Good morning, Jack," Kim said warmly as she opened the door and entered his Mercedes.

"Hi, Kim. It will take us around an hour to get to Pahrump, depending on the traffic. I have a lot to tell you before we get there. You said you wanted to know about Lilith, so I’ll begin. When we talk to Joshua, much more will fall into place for you. On the way home I’ll fill in any blanks you still have. By the end of the day you will know what I know. I promise. A person has to trust somebody and I have decided to trust you. Besides, you are working for me now."

"This Joshua Marshall who we are soon to visit was the first to see our Lilith. He and his little galpal Rachael, and old Indian buddy Nathaniel. They were also the first to meet Lilith’s associate, Danel, a tall Harley riding ‘locust.’ Danel is one of several of a band of ‘locusts.’ The strangest motorcycle gang I have ever heard tell of." He proceeded to tell Kim the entire story. From the accounts of Joshua, Rachael and Nathaniel and the disappearance of Rachael’s mother, Laurie Johnston, to the similar disappearances of Alicia Dunn, Kathleen Murray, Rebecca Ziegler, Candace Pike Martin and Roxanne Alexander.

Kim listened in awe and scribbled notes. When Jack paused, she just shook her head and blurted, "This story is just incredible!"

"Yeah it is," Jack replied. "You already know about the three Lilith murders. I suspect there may be activities by our Lilith we do not yet know about. I also suspect there may be more women who have mysteriously disappeared we likewise do not yet know about."

They arrived in Pahrump and Joshua and Nathaniel were anxiously waiting for them. Rachael had left for school.

Jack warmly greeted Joshua and Nathaniel and introduced Kim. "I’m glad in a way that Rachael is not here. I’d sure like to see her and may hang around until she gets home from school. I don’t think what we are going to talk about is subject matter for an eleven year old." Jack had been talking with Joshua occasionally by phone, updating him on what was happening. He had not yet told Joshua of the last disappearances, Candace and Roxanne, so he related that story while relying on his notes as necessary.

Joshua did not seem the least bit surprised. "I know what you are going to ask, Jack. I did see the two women, I’m sure of that. I saw the four of them riding the two Harleys you described, the Softails, the red with blue flame trike and the other one with a sidecar. Who could miss them? They rode right past here."

Jack explained the theory suggested by Caitlin that they were heading into the desert, Death Valley. "When Brett and Caitlin return to Las Vegas around New Years we just might venture into the desert and look for them. Depends on what happens between now and then."

The four of them talked for hours about various aspects of the case. Nathaniel expounded to Kim about his various Lilith theories. Then he began telling her of the Olmec. He told her how his ancestors came to North America across the Bering Strait many thousands of years ago. He told her of how his people and the Iroquois defeated the Olmec and drove them south. He told her of how the Olmec, the giants, built pyramids and ate human flesh and were obsessed with skulls and bones and symbols of death. He told her of how they were also obsessed with phallic symbols.

"The Olmec were the earliest civilization in Mesoamerica, concentrated mainly in the Mexican provinces of Veracruz and Tabasco. No one can pinpoint exactly when they first existed, somewhere around 1500 BC, give or take a few centuries. They painted murals in caves and sculpted jade. Perhaps the most incredible legacy of the Olmecs is the colossal stone heads now on display in La Venta Park, an outdoor museum. Some of these heads are over ten feet high and weigh over twenty tons.

"La Venta was the Olmec’s principal place of ceremony and worship. There you will find the remnants of a three hundred-foot pyramid. The Olmec who built this and other similar pyramids were gigantic men of deformed stature, or so the legends say. Much like the legends surrounding the construction of the pyramids in Egypt."

Jack didn’t seem to be getting any new insights from the discussion. He excused himself to use Joshua’s phone to check his messages and had one from Thomas Peterson, a name he recognized.

Thomas Peterson’s message indicated he wanted to see Jack as soon as possible regarding an urgent confidential matter. Jack knew that he was Chief Executive Officer of International Indemnity, an insurance and financial conglomerate. Jack also knew he was a major contributor to Governor Daniel Bridge's campaigns and other political endeavors and also played a more important role as far as the governor was concerned. Jack reflected on what he had heard about the governor. The rumors in Vegas were that Peterson arranged assignations for the governor; wild and kinky sex with beautiful young women. He, as the stories went, often paid these women several thousand dollars for a few hours of accommodating the governor's increasingly bizarre fantasies. The governor had become impatient of late because he was becoming bored with the usual fare of Vegas dancers and strippers.

Daniel Bridge was in his second and last term as governor of a large eastern state. Everyone knew of his vice presidential aspirations for 2000. He was thought by many to be the most interesting person in national Republican politics other than the presidential candidates themselves. If they only knew just how interesting he was. The current political thinking was that if the GOP should not win the White House, the governor would go back into his favored underdog position and run for president himself in 2004.

The governor, members of his staff and the rest of his menagerie had been in Silicon Valley investigating various hardware and software alternative strategies that the governor could employ on a statewide basis, or nationally if the opportunity arose. Thomas Peterson had initially suggested the ploy to garner national media attention and as a jab at that candidate from the other party who claimed he invented the Internet. Peterson also had set up a weekend in Redmond, Washington at the unearthly $50 million abode of the world’s richest person and most famous CEO.

Governor Bridge, Thomas Peterson, and their cronies and security people were staying in a famous hotel overlooking the Strip and adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center. They occupied the entire top floor, mostly for security purposes. The governor's suite alone cost Peterson over $1,500 a night.

"Kim, we have to go," Jack demanded as he interrupted her conversation with Nathaniel. They immediately embarked on the return trip to Las Vegas to meet Thomas Peterson at Café Nicolle where Peterson said in the message he would be waiting, all night if necessary. The message also said he had been in contact with Sam Hanson, who urged him to talk to Jack, who he knew only by reputation.

An hour later Kim and Jack walked into Café Nicolle and to the outside dining area where they found Peterson. Sitting under an umbrella near the Mediterranean fountain, he was absorbed in files he was reading. No one else was outside which Jack immediately realized that Peterson must have arranged for privacy purposes.

Brief introductions were made and Kim and Jack sat. "Let me get right to the point, Mr. Davis. I am representing Governor Thomas Bridge in a certain very confidential and sensitive matter. It is related to the case you are currently investigating, involving a woman known as Lilith. We believe Governor Bridge is about to be blackmailed."

Peterson handed Jack a check for $25,000. "This is an incentive for you to take our case. Over and above your normal fee and expenses."

"Mr. Peterson," Jack replied, "I will accept your case under certain conditions. First, you will tell me everything you know, and if I ask a question, you will give me a straight answer. And if you avoid my questions or fail to disclose information, you are history, governor or no governor. I also may need to speak to Governor Bridge himself at some point."

"Agreed Mr. Davis."

"Fine then. Let’s get started. Tell me your story. First, though, Ms. Wright and I are hungry. I have the feeling this is going to be a rather long tale." Jack beckoned the waiter.

"Dinner is on me, of course," Peterson insisted. He selected a bottle of Bollini Riserva white wine and Badia A Coltibuono red wine. Kim ordered the gulf shrimp and peared scallops, Jack the lamb chops a la greque and Thomas the swordfish arugula.

Peterson began the story. "Governor Bridge has received a video tape from his very strange liaison with this Lilith. What I am about to tell you are details from that tape, and from the governor’s account of the incident, which he has told only to me. Also of my own conversations with Lilith."

"We spotted this Lilith strolling through the Comdex exhibits on November 16th. She was beyond description were our first thoughts because she looked like an angel but yet like a devil. Extraordinarily beautiful she was, but dangerous looking. Eyes followed her like magnets. Very tall, well over six foot in those spiked heels. Platinum blonde hair although I was pretty sure it was a wig. Green eyes and a strange beauty mark on her forehead. Wearing an incredible neon green lace dress with a g-string. You could see right through it; absolutely stunning.

"I approached her at the insistence of the governor and handed her five one hundred dollar bills along with my business card and said the money was for a brief conversation. I asked her to give me her vital statistics, so to speak, in twenty-five words or less.

"The woman introduced herself as Eileen MacGregor and produced identification, although she said her professional name was Lilith. She said she was a model from AdultDex, which was going on at the same time as Comdex. This lady said she starred in very exclusive porn films that were only available to select clientele. I asked her if she did kinky. Her response was, ‘I am a Baobhan Sith, an evil Scottish fairie who appears as a beautiful young woman dressed in green who dances with a man until he is exhausted and then feeds upon him.’ I knew I had found the right one and that the governor would be very pleased. I made arrangements with this Lilith for the next night because she insisted she had prior commitments for the remainder of the day. At this point I told her no details other than I would pay her $10,000 for an evening’s adventure.

"I asked this Lilith to meet me in the hotel's nightclub at 9:00 PM and to ask for my table. I was anxiously staring at my Rolex and fidgeting nervously because the governor does not like to be kept waiting. Finally she made her grand appearance at 9:30 PM. She was wearing an elegant designer green satin, floor-length dress with a plunging "V" lace back. Slit high in front and strapless, with a sweetheart neckline, it left her shoulders beautifully bare. An Iron Cross on a chain hung from her neck. I could tell it was authentic and recognized it as the 1939 edition by the swastika although I could not actually read the date without my glasses.

"I was mesmerized and almost speechless at the sight of this demonic diva. The color of the satin dress matched her eyes perfectly I thought; flaming green. I got right to business because he knew the governor would be angry because of the delay.

"I slipped Lilith the envelope containing the $10,000, ‘I want you to entertain my friend the governor. Discretion is of utmost importance. We agreed on kinky. I'll leave the details of that requirement to what I assume is your unimaginable imagination. Should this evening prove, well, mutually rewarding, there could be future assignations.’ She had this look on her face, which I can only describe as deadly.

"Lilith stared me down, smirked seductively and replied, ‘This will be a night your friend the governor will never forget.’ I was not about to debate with this one about anything. I can never remember being so intimidated by someone.

"But at the same time I was incredibly attracted to her. I sighed and thought if only it were me who was about to enjoy whatever divine revelations this very strange and very exotic beauty had in mind. I warned her about what was next. ‘I have no doubt. When we get up to the governor's room you will be searched by security, patted down. Your purse, anything you want to remove now?’ Again, she seemed to be laughing at me and not with me if you know what I mean.

"Lilith replied with a mocking impish grin, ‘Well, what about my, you know, special equipment?’ Out of her very large purse, it was more like a small suitcase, she pulled out the prisoner of love set of four fur and satin cuffs and the wrist to thigh restraints. And then the 18" round braided cat o-nine whip. An artillery shell butt plug, an oriental love ring, a strap-on dildo and various other interesting items were included in her arsenal. I suspect she had already slipped the miniature-tube, color lipstick video camera into the crotch of her fishnet suspender pantyhose.

"I asked, laughing carefully, ‘And what are you going to do with those? That’s nothing the security people haven’t seen before. I just want to make sure you don’t have a gun or drugs or a tape recorder or some such thing in your purse.’ She just nodded and now had this cold detached look in her eyes.

"We went up to the top floor. Lilith passed the security check with flying colors and flashing tits. It may have been slipping the top of her dress down to her waist and demanding, ‘Search me!’ which melted the ice and the business-like look on the faces of these hard cases. She left the governor’s security and other staff who caught her act gasping for breath.

"I opened the door to the governor’s room, let Lilith enter and shut the door behind her. I went back down to the nightclub and sat at the bar, nursing a scotch and soda, puzzled and mulling over something Lilith had said. A bible quotation as I recall. Something about the life of the soul resides in the blood. I chuckled to myself. If I believed in vampires she would have been a likely candidate is what I was thinking at that moment; an evil Scottish fairie who feeds on men indeed.

"The following account of events, again, is what I have pieced together from what the governor told me and my review of the videotape. It is a rather incredible story.

"Daniel Bridge was stunned by the entrance of this woman into his room. His jaw dropped and his eyes bulged. He was grasping for words when she spoke first, ‘My name is Lilith. Mistress Darkness to you.’

"Daniel is fairly tall, six foot four inches. Lilith was taller in her five-inch patent leather spikes. He is fifty-four and prides himself on his physical condition. She pushed him effortlessly against the wall, grabbed him by the necktie and ground her lips against his. He could taste his own blood on his tongue.

"Daniel said ‘Lil, Lilith … ’ is all he could stammer.

"Clutching him by the throat with both hands, she pushed his head up and spat in his face, ‘My name is Mistress Darkness.’ She bit his neck hard and he could feel her teeth puncture his skin and he could see the blood dripping on his white shirt.

"Suddenly Lilith released him and startled him with, ‘Let’s dance! But first some of that champagne?’ and she pointed to the ice bucket. Opening the bottle and pouring two glasses, she slipped the juice of the emerald green blister beetle, the cantharis vesicatoria, into his drink. It was a rather large dosage of the Spanish Fly, and she anticipated it would not take very long to begin to have an effect. We know it was Spanish Fly, because we had the residue tested after the incident.

"Lilith flipped on the TV to MTV and started gyrating to ‘Got Cha Money’ by Ol’ Dirty Bastard. ‘Say hey! Baby I got cha money. Say hey! Baby I got cha money,’ she sang as she danced. Daniel was soon doing the same. ‘Breathe and Stop’ by Q-tip was next and Lilith picked up the pace. Fifteen minutes later Daniel was exhausted from trying to follow her lead and sat on the bed to catch his breath.

"Daniel said her next words were, ‘Mistress Darkness demands you take off your clothes. All of them.’ She helped him off with his shirt and pants and pulled his boxer shorts off in a smooth motion as he lifted his legs. Just as quickly and smoothly Lilith had him in the cuffs and wrist to thigh restraints before he even had time to think about what was happening.

"Next she commanded, ‘Stay there on the bed. Don’t move!’ Lilith retrieved the oriental love ring with the dangling ties for scrotum stimulation from her bag. Daniel’s penis was soft now due more to fear and apprehension than lack of interest. She easily slipped on the cock ring and began to suck him slowly and softly until he began to show signs of life. Once he was sufficiently rigid she stopped. She stood up and slipped off the green satin dress; no bra. Daniel stared at her ripe breasts with lustful admiration is what he told me and said the very erect tips of her nipples seemed to be pointing right at him saying ‘suck me’ and he did. Who wouldn’t?

"Lilith reached in the front of her fishnet suspender pantyhose and pulled out the miniature tube lipstick video camera and set it on the dresser facing the bed and turned it on. Daniel began to protest and she slapped his face hard. ‘Do not speak unless Mistress Darkness commands you to do so,’ she ordered and punched him in the ribs with a left hook.

"The platinum blonde wig came off next and Lilith let her long black shining tresses flow down her back and over her shoulders. She put the wig on the governor and adjusted it. Next she fetched the real tube of bright red lipstick from her bag and colored his lips. Then she pulled out the black silk brassiere and stuffed it with wash cloths from the bathroom. ‘Oh my, governor," she cooed at him as she put it on him, "don’t you just make a sweet little thing! I think I’m going to bang you silly. Your name is now Danielle and you are going to get it right up the bum, girlfriend.’ Daniel said this is the point he actually began to be apprehensive.

"The governor began to protest again. Lilith slapped him harder and screamed, ‘I said shut up, bitch! Now get on all fours on the bed, stick your ass up in the air and stay that way.’ She laid a few strokes with the whip across his bare bottom as he yelped in pain. Red welts soon appeared on his pale skin.

"Daniel said, then she really began to mock him. ‘Oh poor baby! Poor Danielle! Did Mistress Darkness hurt you? I’ll make it all better.’ Next she got the jar of cold cream, coated her hands and began to massage it into his buns and over the welts, cooling the burn. Dipping into the jar with her middle finger, she pulled it out thoroughly coated and with a big dab on the tip. ‘Let me ask you, Danielle my dearest, did you ever take it up the bum?’ Now Daniel was really getting frightened and actually began to pray is what he told me.

"Lilith ran her white finger down his crack and thrust it wickedly into his puckered hole as he cried out in shock. ‘Oh, I can tell. Somebody has been spreading your cheeks, girlfriend.’ Twisting her finger back and forth and pushing it further and further inside him, she said, ‘You got room for a big bad dick. We are going to find out just how big!’ Daniel said he never felt so close to death.

"Then Lilith brought out the artillery shell butt plug. It was made of soft, resilient golden jelly. She inserted it into the governor’s already well-lubricated rectal cavity. As she teased and tortured his nerve clusters and prostate, she told him stories.

"Lilith began with, ‘You know, of course, that in some societies anal rape of a defeated male enemy was considered almost the duty of the victor in battle as proof of the finality of the defeat. A male who is humiliated in this manner can no longer rule. He must defer to the rule of the one who has subdued him.’ All he could do was nod his head.

"The wild woman continued, ‘Lawrence of Arabia was afforded such treatment when he was captured by the Turks; only one of many such episodes throughout history. It all goes back to Sodom and Gomorrha. Nephilim who survived the Flood, descendents of the fallen angels and the first Lilith and her sisters, developed an obsessive compulsion for sodomy. Are you familiar with the 19th chapter of Genesis? Lot offers up his two virgin daughters to dissuade the Sodomites but they are more interested in homosexual relations with the two strangers. And now it’s your turn to be humiliated, governor, and from this day on Mistress Darkness will be your master.’ Daniel said he just continued to nod profusely.

"Out of Lilith’s bag now came the strap-on harness and she put it on and securely fastened the huge ding dong dildo. She got up on behind the governor. He had slumped down slightly, and she screamed, ‘Get your ass up in the air, bitch!’ and he did quickly. ‘Now, I want you to beg. I want to hear you beg me to fuck you over and over and over. If you stop I will hurt you.’ The governor began to chant the required words. ‘Louder, Danielle, you fucking slut. You dumb cunt. Louder!’ He complied.

"Lilith kept pounding away in the governor’s ass, at the same time biting his neck and ears until they bled. With her left hand she steadied the monster she was sticking inside him and reached her other long arm underneath him and stroked his cock with her right hand. He was squealing and squirming and whimpering but, being restrained as he was and because of her strength and frenzied energy, he had no chance of shaking loose from the brutal butt bumping he was enduring.

"Finally it became obvious to Lilith that despite the pain and humiliation, the governor was close to orgasm. ‘Oh oh, is Danielle gonna cum? Hold on honey, not just yet.’ She suddenly pulled the monster dildo out and took it off quickly. Sliding beneath him, she licked and nibbled the tip of his cock and demanded, ‘Fuck my mouth, fuck my mouth hard!’

"Lilith opened those luscious inviting lips to accept him and he thrust down her throat as far as he could in some sort of act of revenge. Best he could muster at the moment. He is quite well endowed and said he was amazed his entire cock disappeared. He pounded her mouth hard just as she had pounded his ass. Faster and faster and harder and harder until he exploded down her throat as he screamed in ecstasy with the most intense and incredible orgasm he had ever experienced, or so he told me.

"As he began to cum Lilith bit the base of his cock and shook her head violently like a tiger dispensing with a chunk of raw meat. She released the grip with her teeth and pulled his bleeding member in and out of her mouth as he came and came and she licked and swallowed every bit of it.

"Lilith pushed him off her face and onto his side on the bed. Quickly dressing, she yanked the platinum blonde wig from the governor and put it back on her own head. She turned off the miniature tube-lipstick video camera and put it back down the front of her fishnet suspender pantyhose. Then she removed the envelope containing the $10,000 from her purse and threw it on the bed and walked out the door, leaving the governor in his state of restraint.

"A security guard escorted her down the elevator and into the lobby. He made a call and the valet brought her transportation to the front entrance. She put on her classic German army helmet with the Y-strap, hiked up her dress and mounted her 1951 Panhead and roared off into the night.

"The governor was wondering when he would hear from Lilith again and now he has. All we received was a copy of the tape. No demands have yet been made."

Jack Davis stood and beckoned Kim to go. "Mr. Peterson, let me think on this and sort it all out. I may need to view the videotape, but I think I pretty well get the picture. What I will need immediately is for you to have some stills made of this Lilith I can use to facilitate identification." Peterson nodded and Jack and Kim departed.

"Jack," Kim asked, "What do you suppose that was all about? The other victims were murdered. This one was not."

"Kim, there is something about the motive for this Lilith’s activities we are missing here. We still don’t know what it is she is really after. Information it appears from the three men she murdered. What else could it be? The encounter with Governor Bridge may have been just seizing an opportunity on her part rather than being planned. That’s the way I see it. Her primary objective the day she met Thomas Peterson was not the governor. It was Miyuki Huang."

"Yes, I suppose so, Jack. Lilith wasn’t interested in the governor’s money, at least not a paltry $10,000. She must have a much larger dollar amount in mind or she will ask for some other concession. Perhaps information I would guess. Perhaps she will ask that the governor exert some political influence for one reason or another. There also must be some link between Masterson and Mr. Huang. Some connection; something the three shared."

"Well, Kim, I’m going to head back to my hotel and see if I can get in touch with Brett and Caitlin and see if they have any bright ideas. Would you like to join me?"

"Sure I would, Jack. Sound like fun to me."

Upon returning to his hotel, Jack was able to get in touch with Brett who said he would track down Caitlin and set up a conference call as soon as he could find her. Jack told Brett he would wait in the room until he called back.

"Kim," Jack requested more than insisted, "when Brett calls back I’ll put on the speaker but please just listen and don’t say anything. The only reason I ask is because I don’t want to take the time right now to explain who you are. Let’s wait until they get here, OK?"

Kim nodded in agreement. "I understand. Don’t want to waste time on introductions when there are more important matters to discuss. Jack?"

"Yes, Kim?"

"I wouldn’t mind spending the night with you."

"I wouldn’t mind spending the night with you either, Kim."

Brett interrupted their conversation with his return call. Caitlin was also on the line via conference call. Jack was informed them of the latest developments concerning Governor Bridge.

Next Brett proceeded to tell Jack and Caitlin some other stories he had heard about the governor. "The governor has been involved in several unsavory sexual escapades. The rumor is he once engaged in a brief assignation with a high school cheerleader who was underage. Her parents got wind of the sordid affair and are now quite financially well off. Apparently the governor thinks he can buy himself out of just about any kind of jam. The press has not given much play to any of the rumors."

Caitlin added, "Yes, I’ve heard many of the stories also. The way I hear it the saga of Monica pales in comparison to the no good the good governor is usually up to. Not only that, I have heard the governor’s wife has been involved in a long time lesbian relationship. Perhaps that is why she doesn’t pay much attention to his hanky panky. But I’ll bet he hasn’t told her about all the money he spends to keep his indiscretions quiet."

Just then there was a knock at the door. It was Sam Hanson.

Kim let Sam in and he blurted, "Jack! There has been another Lilith murder. This one just happened."

Jack told Brett and Caitlin what Sam said and hung up, saying he would get back to them in the morning.

"Let’s roll, Sam," Jack said with excitement. He knew he didn’t even have to ask Kim if she was coming because she was the first one out the door.

Brett and Caitlin stayed on the line talking to each other after Jack had hung up. "Brett, I’m not waiting for New Years. I’m on my way back to Las Vegas soon, Brett. I don’t know when except for soon. I can’t take much more of this suspense without being in on the action. What about you?"

"No, I can’t. My wife would divorce me and my kids would disown me if I missed Christmas with them. I’ll have to wait until after New Years. But if you decide for sure to go, please call me and let me know what’s going on."

"You know I will, Brett. I’m much more talkative than Jack is. You know what Jack was just saying about what exactly is this Lilith’s motive? I’ll just bet you this latest murder just might shed more light on that. Motive. If only we knew. Goodnight, Brett."

To Be Continued...


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