The Best Erotic Stories.

Prey For Me
Pt. VI: The Screech Owl
by Dvora Sosan

During the short ride to the scene of the crime, or at least where the victim was discovered, Caitlin did all the talking. "Do you know Las Vegas is by far the fastest growing city and has grown 55% in the past eight years? Do you know over 150 people move to Las Vegas every day? Do you know Las Vegas has four churches for every casino?" On and on she went. Jack was getting slightly irritated at her incessant yapping but Brett didn't mind at all. She was sitting on his lap again in the Mercedes convertible.

Miyuki Huang's body was found in a synagogue, a traditional chabad, on the southern outskirts of Las Vegas. The late Mr. Huang was missing his penis and his body was drained of blood. He had last been seen in the company of a beautiful woman at the Comdex Convention on November 16.

Sam Hanson, the unofficial but very much in charge police liaison had already prepared a preliminary report by the time Jack Davis, Brett Sanderson and Caitlin Cornplanter arrived. Sam permitted them to view the badly decomposed body. Mr. Huang had been deceased for more than two weeks. Jack asked Caitlin if she wanted to wait outside the morgue but she insisted on viewing the corpse.

"I'll summarize what I have learned in the past two weeks about our friend Mr. Huang here," Sam began. "He was a yakuza. Japanese mafia. His interest in Comdex was technology. Rumor has it he was looking to purchase something in particular but nobody could quite put a finger on exactly what for me. Here's a copy of the entire report and all the witness statements. You can see for yourself what they said about the woman. I suggest you talk to his associate, Kazua Masuda, supposedly his computer guru. I don't understand most of the lingo they were spouting about Comdex."

"Jack, please, can we go?" Caitlin said abruptly. "I don't feel well." She was kicking him subtly in the shin. Jack didn't think she looked upset when she viewed the very ripe Mr. Huang.

"What is your problem, woman?" Jack chortled as they got back in his Mercedes.

"I'll tell you. Let's stop at a bar. I need some firewater."

"It's a little early for a shot of tequila and a beer, young lady," Jack chastised kindly. "I know a place. You can have one glass of merlot."

"Oh, you are giving me orders now? You want me to kiss and tell, buy me a bottle. And cabernet sauvignon not merlot."

The place was off the beaten path in a shopping center off the I-95 Lake Mead Boulevard West exit. A cafe and wine bar. Caitlin was starved as usual and ordered poached salmon and a bottle of Peju. She ordered a bottle of Gaulach Bundschu for the boys and steamed little neck clams and New Zealand mussels for both of them, only because they frowned when she said salmon. "Hey guys, it's on me. If you don't like it, I'll eat and drink it."

They drank the wine and chatted amicably until Caitlin, and they were waiting for her to get to whatever it was she was going to get to, got a very serious look on her face.

"It was the tebori tattoo on Mr. Huang's right hand that shocked me," Caitlin began. "Tebori as you may know is the Japanese word for hand tattooing practiced there for more than four centuries. Tattooing has a very long history in Japan dating back to 5,000 BC or older. Clay figures from that era with faces engraved to represent tattoo marks were discovered in tombs. I won't bore you with all history but tattooing in Japan became illegal. The yakuza relished tattooing because it was illegal and enhanced their reputation as outlaws."

Caitlin continued her dissertation. "The great ancient Japanese tattooists were given the title 'hori' and thought to be supernaturally gifted. As you observed Mr. Huang's body was covered with many tattoos. One was of utmost interest to me for two reasons. First, it was fresh. Probably a couple weeks' old at most. Fresh tattoos shed and stain clothing and such. When you went through his personal effects, didn't you notice the stains on his pants, on the right knee? The police report indicates his hand was resting knuckles down on his right knee. You get my drift here? Perhaps it was our beautiful perpetrator who gave Mr. Huang the new tattoo, either shortly before or even after she murdered him. Second, it was the nature of that tattoo on his right hand that particularly intrigued me. The tattoo was that of an asherah, an ancient phallic symbol. According to ancient Jewish pseudepigraphical literature, the same tattoo was found on a brother of Goliath named Lahmi."

"You will find Lahmi in, I believe 1 Chronicles, chapter 20, which describes his slaying. Lahmi was of the Rephaim, a branch of the Nephilim according to the legend. The Rephaim, the living dead. Og of Bashan was also of the Rephraim, a Hebrew word which actually means deceased yet they live."

"And just how would I know about tebori?" Caitlin asked. She pulled her flannel shirt out of her jeans and up to her bra and exposed the tattoo above her navel. She tried to distract their shock at her public display with, "Of course you are familiar with the earliest sacrilegious tattooing. Jehoaikim defied God by having his mistress tattoo the Sacred Name on his penis and then he had incestuous sexual encounters with members of his family. What's with you two guys? I can't tell if you are bug-eyed because of my tattoo or because of what I said."

Jack wasn't about to touch this one. He could tell Brett was trying to speak so Jack decided he would let good old Brett put his foot in his mouth instead of himself.

Brett stammered, "Well, uh, yeah, and wouldn't I just love to be the tattooist who did that one. I can see your tattoo is obviously a wolf, a blue-eyed wolf. Are you going to tell us about it?"

"Sure, I'll tell you. You know I'm a Seneca. One of the clans of the Seneca Nations of Indians is the Wolf. I am of the Wolf clan. What color are my eyes? Thus the blue-eyed wolf. You have heard of the limikkin, have you not? The skin walkers. She-wolves." Caitlin startled both the men when she abruptly growled, very realistically, and then burst out laughing. "It's even a little more complicated than that, but that will have to be good enough for now."

"Uh, Ok, Caitlin, thanks for sharing," Brett continued as Jack guffawed. "What exactly was that tattoo on Huang's right hand again? I wasn't sure what you were talking about."

"It was an asherah is what I said," Caitlin explained. "A phallic symbol. It is rather obvious it is not a bunch of trees being talked about in the approximately 40 verses in the King James Version where the Hebrew word 'asherah' is translated to 'grove' or 'groves.' Translators attempted to correct the error somewhat in subsequent bibles like the NRSV translates 'asherah' to 'sacred poles' and other translations make similar attempts at correcting the error."

Brett then asked, "What do you suppose is the significance of this asherah which our Lilith may have tattooed on our victim do you think?'

"I don't know, Brett," Caitlin responded. "She removes the man's penis with either her teeth or some sort of knife and tattoos an ancient phallic symbol on his right hand. Pretty weird!"

"You know, what you said about the stain on Huang's pants," Jack wondered aloud, "and the blood all around the zipper and on the crotch of his underwear makes me think he was probably murdered some place where it was not expedient for him to remove his clothing. Professor Moroski's body was discovered in his car and the evidence clearly indicated that is where he was murdered. He also was wearing his clothing. Now Huang, he was moved to where he was found. Where was he mutilated and murdered? The police report indicates he was last seen getting on the woman's motorcycle. They probably pulled over somewhere and Lilith gave him a quickie, in more ways than one."

"Let's go talk to Kazua Masuda, the computer guru," Jack suggested. "But first, let me explain a little bit about the yakuza. I have been involved in several cases involving them. They are like our mafia of years ago and are being kicked out of Japan. So what do they do? They establish an incredible presence in the United States. Thousands of shell corporations involved in everything from money laundering to nanotechnology. No doubt they soon will merge with Microsoft. I'm kidding, I'm kidding."

To Brett's surprise Mr. Masuda was very eager to meet with them. Jack was not surprised. Several other yakuza were present. One was Noburu Isaka, the senior advisor to the oyabun, the head of this particular and most deadly yakuza clan.

Isaka began the conversation. "We are very eager to find the killer of our brother Miyuki Huang, Mr. Davis. As you probably know, he was the so-honbucho, the territory chief. He was responsible not only for Las Vegas but all of California and every other thing west of the Mississippi River. Mr. Davis, I know of your previous engagements with us. I give you my word that we will help you if you help us."

"Mr. Isaka," Jack responded, " I am just as eager to solve this mystery as you are. It seems to be part of a grander scheme. You no doubt are aware to the other similar murders. I give you my word that I will help you if you help us."

"Mr. Davis, ask anything you wish," Isaka said to conclude the matter.

Jack pointed at Masuda. "Tell me, you were with Huang at Comdex. You saw the woman. Tell me about her."

"Well, we were at Comdex investigating technology. We also had some of our own we were attempting to sell. It was top secret software that only Mr. Huang had access to the original program source and object code. Not to get overly technical, but this was a molecular system nanotechnology application. Specifically, what we believe this software will do is create an unsolvable self-perpetuating computer virus. Mr. Huang told us he had made one copy and had it in a safe place. We can not locate either the original or the copy. We can only believe the woman who murdered him has something to do with this mystery."

"The woman," Kazua Masuda continued, "I don't exactly know how to describe her accurately. Like an angel but yet like a devil. Beautiful but dangerous looking. She was walking through the Comdex exhibits and really got our attention along with everybody else's actually. Everybody was ogling her. Mr. Huang sent two bodyguards to fetch her. One made the mistake of grabbing her arm and she dropped him with a very quick kick to the stomach. Obviously some sort of martial arts. The other bodyguard backed off and talked to her quietly and she soon walked over to us."

"Very tall, well over six feet in those spiked heels. Platinum blonde hair although I'm pretty sure it was a wig, green eyes and a strange beauty mark on her forehead. Seemed to have some sort of shape although I couldn't make it out. Wearing this incredible neon green lace dress with a g-string. You could see right through it. Absolutely stunning."

"She introduced herself to Mr. Huang as Eileen MacGregor and produced identification although she said her professional name was Lilith. Said she was a model from AdultDex which was going on at the same time as Comdex and also had starred in very exclusive porn films that were only available to select clientele."

"Mr. Huang was addicted to kinky sex with gorgeous and willing young ladies, mostly Vegas dancers and strippers. When he found one he wanted he would pay whatever they asked for whatever he said he wanted. He never went anywhere without his bodyguards, even when he arranged and also consummated these liaisons. This one, this Lilith, was going to make the rules which was obvious from the start."

"One thing which may be of interest to you is that when Mr. Huang asked her if she did kinky, her response was she was a Baobhan Sith, an evil Scottish fairie who appears as a beautiful young woman dressed in green, dances with a man until he is exhausted and then feeds upon him. Well, Mr. Huang was totally infatuated with this one. I had never seen him like this. Lilith whispered something in his ear and then he said he was leaving with her with no bodyguards. We protested but he was very insistent. She said she had transportation, a motorcycle. They left and that was the last I saw Mr. Huang alive."

"Anything else unusual you can think of, Mr. Masuda?" Jack asked.

"Yes. Shortly before our bodyguards fetched her, this Lilith was approached by a man I recognized. Thomas Peterson. I believe he is head honcho of some major insurance outfit. I don't recall the name at the moment. I have seen him occasionally in Las Vegas in the company of Governor Daniel Bridge. Peterson and the woman talked briefly and exchanged notes or something. He gave her something and she reached into her purse and was showing him something."

Jack spoke directly to Noburu Isaka. "Mr. Isaka, I have heard quite enough. The murder of your associate Mr. Huang is part of some bizarre conspiracy. Also involved is the mysterious disappearance of several women who were seen in the company of this Lilith's known associates, members of a cultist motorcycle gang I surmise. I will prepare a full report for you with the details. In return, I will most likely call upon you for investigative assistance and, if a confrontation becomes inevitable, who knows what else."

Isaka nodded solemnly and motioned toward the door and Jack, Brett and Caitlin took their invitation to leave.

"What's next, Jack Davis, Private Investigator?" Caitlin asked as they returned to their hotel.

Jack shrugged and replied, "Let's check our telephone messages and e-mail and see what's cooking. Search the Missing Persons Index to see if we have any additional missing persons due to our suspects. Talk to our sources. If I were a betting man I'd bet there are some new developments. You two have any other ideas?"

"Well," Caitlin spoke up, "it seems to me that at some point here we should try to figure out where this Lilith and these big Harley dudes are going to make an appearance next. To do that we have to figure out who or what they want next and why. They seem to have particular victims picked out for whatever reason. This isn't random selection. I suggest we go over all the pertinent information and try to make some sense out of all this."

Jack, Brett and Caitlin returned to the hotel and spent the next six hours on line. They made numerous phone calls and sent numerous e-mails. Seven more incidents of missing women had been reported where the circumstances fit the pattern of the mysterious disappearances that Jack had personally investigated.

Caitlin began rambling. "First mysterious disappearance, Laurie Johnston. Wife of a fundamentalist preacher. A preacher who also just happens to run a software consulting firm. Second mysterious disappearance, Alicia Dunn. Wife of a religious zealot of a mostly Mormon nature and a polygamist. Rich dude with computer related companies. Third mysterious disappearance, Kathleen Murray. Sister of a Catholic priest. The good Father spreads pornography all over the internet. Fourth mysterious disappearance, Rebecca Ziegler. Wife of the Chief Executive Officer of a major Internet Service Provider who is also a prominent figure in Promise Keepers. Now you have more mysterious disappearances which fit the same pattern. What's up with that?"

"Let's see," Caitlin continued, "What are the obvious similarities of these mysterious disappearances? Beautiful women with family, a husband, brother, whatever, of a religious persuasion and somehow involved with some aspect of computer technology. The women were seduced by large men who ride Harleys and spout about erotic literature. None of these women have been found. No bodies. No one has seen them. Where are they? "

On a real roll, Caitlin just kept right on rolling. "And what about the three murder victims? Joseph Masterson, professor of religious studies. Into Sasquatch and Nephilim and Lilith legend and lore. Joseph Moroski, another professor. Let's see, this is what it says in your report, he taught Magic, Witchcraft and Healing, American Indian Religions and Women and Religion. Then we have Mikuki Huang, a yakuza. He was into kinky sex and was peddling some supposedly unsolvable computer virus-generating program. These men had something, some information, that this Lilith creature either wanted to obtain or prevent from becoming public knowledge."

"Let's talk about geography a moment," Jack interjected. "The four mysterious disappearances I personally investigated occurred in Pahrup, near Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver and Albuquerque. Of the other seven we now know about, five happened in and around Los Angeles, two in San Francisco, one in Reno and three more right here in Las Vegas. Two of the murders occurred in Las Vegas and the other in Phoenix. We seem to have a sphere of activity here, geographically speaking."

Caitlin found herself becoming more and more attracted to Jack and not only intellectually. He was perhaps the most intelligent man she had ever met she thought. But in a very down-to-earth and different way than most of the professor types she had known and been intimate with. And he was so mysterious, introspective and guarded. Jack was equally infatuated with Caitlin but he had decided from the first moment he met her he would let this one make the first move if there was one. She decided to keep talking until the matter became clearer in her mind.

"And what do we have in the middle of this sphere of activity?" Caitlin interrupted. "The desert. Death Valley." The three looked at each other pensively.

Caitlin pulled the King James Version out of the dresser drawer, opened it to Isaiah 34:14 and read, 'The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow; the screech owl also rest there, and find for herself a place of rest.' Some bibles like the King James translate the Hebrew word 'Lilith' to 'screech owl.' Other bibles transliterate to 'Lilith' which is as it should be. The creature of the night. The Otus Asio, the screech owl, whose color changes from red to gray, then red, then gray, depending on the season or the result of the night's hunting. The screech of this owl is used to attract the male. She is extremely secretive especially while breeding and she hides the whereabouts of her nest."

"The word 'Lilith' is a hapax legomenon," Caitlin continued. "A word that only appears once in the Hebrew bible so we can not determine it's meaning by comparison to other uses in the bible. There is a Dea Sea Scroll fragment that pertains to the Liliths. Plural. More than one. You know, like the man, the adam named Adam. Lilith and her sisters and daughters. An entirely different breed of female? Some say so."

"A different breed is right," Jack interjected. "The isoenzyme and serum protein analysis, electrophoresis, esoelectric focus and DNA typing that Brett had done on saliva, hair and blood samples found from the Masterson murder hinted that this Lilith was not human or unlike any human we know. Similar samples from the Moroski murder confirmed our theory. Brett is taking samples from the Huang murder when you two leave tomorrow. Anybody want to bet they don't tell us the same story?"

Not looking surprised at all, Caitlin responded, "I would have bet you she is not human in our sense of the word even if you hadn't done the testing."

"What about this business about the connection between the Nephilim and the Sasquatch, Caitlin" Brett asked. "Sasquatch, a Native American word for Bigfoot. Don't even tell me you haven't given this some thought. What do you make of all that?"

"Who knows?" she replied with a shrug of her head and shoulders. I read a very interesting research paper recently which maintained that scientific facts verify that the Neanderthal were in fact one and the same as the ancient race, the Nephilim. That paper presented archeological evidence that Neanderthals lived side by side with humans and they had general culture similar but not the same as humans. The paper concluded the Nephilim inherited part human culture from mothers and part from metamorphosed fathers. Neanderthal coexisted with humans about 4,500 years ago according to corrected Carbon 14 dating. Nephilim lived during this same time period according to chronological manuscripts. Do I believe it? I just don't know. We talked before about Leonard Nimoy and the show about Bigfoot and some possible connection to the Nephilim. Maybe. Just maybe."

"Why was our Lilith interest in Sasquatch?" Caitlin asked the two men. "Or perhaps better phrased, why was our Lilith interested in the first man she murdered, Dr. Joseph Masterson? He was some sort of Sasquatch aficionado. What did Lilith want from Masterson? Information? What information? Or to silence him? Or both? These are not random murders. We have to understand the why."

On that note," Brett rose and bid adieu, "I'm beat and I'm calling it a night. Caitlin, we have an early flight home in the morning."

"Yes, I know," she replied. "I'm planning on returning for New Year's Eve, ringing in the new millennium Las Vegas style. I'm totally intrigued by this case. What about you, Brett, are you returning?"

"Damn right! My classes don't begin until mid-January. Let's fly back together. I'll ring your room in the morning when I wake just to make sure you get up and going."

Caitlin walked Brett to the door and as soon as she closed it, turned around and whistled at Jack. A mournful, quavering guttural whistle descending in pitch.

"What the hell was that?" Jack asked. "Are you ill?"

"No, you silly boy. That was the wail of the screech owl calling for a mate. The call of Lilith. Are you interested?"

Jack was rather too stunned to answer and wasn't exactly sure what this beautiful and most intelligent woman had in mind.

Caitlin broke the silence with, "Just don't call me a squaw. Squaw is a word of Algonquin origin which has connotations of prostitute and female genitalia."

"That's interesting, I never knew that. Tell me about your Native American heritage, Caitlin. I know you are a Seneca and a descendant of Chief Cornplanter. Tell me more." Jack was buying time until he had to think over this situation. He was wondering if this woman who he was infatuated with was trying to seduce him or just innocently flirting.

"Ok. Would you rub my back while I'm talking? I'm all tensed up after the incredible events of this day." She sat up for a moment and removed her flannel shirt. She was wearing a Victoria's Secret seamless racerback bra with adjustable straps which Jack had seen the bottom of when she displayed her tattoo earlier.

Jack began by smoothing down the back muscles on both sides of Caitlin's back. He used equal pressure with his fingers and heels of his hands along her side, shoulders and neck. He moved along her side and faced her head and repeated the long smoothing strokes, going slightly deeper with each pass. Next he split his index finger and middle finger, placing his hand over her spine, with each finger in the groove between her spine and Erector Spinae muscles, and placed his other hand over the bottom one.

"The Seneca were one of the original Five Nations of the Iroquois. The others were the Mohawk, the Onondaga, the Oneida and the Cayuga. The Tuscarora were later adopted as the sixth nation. Did you ever hear of Catherine Tekawitha, the Lily of the Mohawk? The name Iroquois was given these nations by their enemy, the Algonquin. They called them Iroqu which means rattlesnakes. The French added the Gallic suffix "ois" and hence Iroquois. The Iroquois called themselves Haudenosaunee, which means the people of the long house."

"Caitlin, undo your jeans if that's Ok with you." She undid the buttons and began to pull her jeans down and Jack helped her slide them off. Her white panty thong matched the bra. He began to work her buttocks area by pushing down with the heel of his hand and then pulling back with his fingers in large fluid circular motions.

"It was their political system that made the Iroquois unique and by far the most important Native American element. By the time explorers and colonists encountered the Iroquois nations they been established for many generations with a democratic government, a form of religion based upon a Creator in heaven and a strong sense of family controlled by the woman. Right, I said women! The Europeans brought male chauvinism to America." With that she playfully pinched his leg.

Then Jack began to use his elbows, working from her lower back to the top. Each stroke was deeper and slower than the previous one, but very gentle.

"Uhhhh, that feels good. Of course you know that the United States Constitution was modeled in great part after the Iroquois Constitution, called The Great Law of Peace. I won't go into all that in detail because it is quite well documented. Many of the Iroquois women had tattoos as did the men. They were equal partners with the men. Like the blue-eyed wolf on my navel. The women selected the chiefs, the sachems, and that's in the Iroquois Constitution. Go read it. Two famous leaders of the women's rights movement, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Matilda Joslyn Gage, often pointed to the greater rights of Iroquois women as opposed to the subordinate position of white women. Do you know where the first women's rights convention was held? In Seneca Falls, New York, just a little over 150 years ago."

"In 1848 Elizabeth Cady Stanton and several other women organized the first Women's Rights Convention in Seneca Falls. Some seventy-two years later, in 1920, women finally won the right to vote. The one single event which most prompted Ms. Stanton to address women's rights was the fact that she and other women from America were denied participation at the World Anti-Slavery Convention in London in 1840 because of their sex."

"Maltilda Joslyn Gage was adopted into the wolf clan of the Mohawk in 1893 and was known as Karonienhawi or Sky Carrier. Although she could not vote in white society, she could as a Mohawk. She published many newspaper articles regarding the Iroquois and the equal rights given their women."

"The word 'Indian' is a white man's word. Christopher Columbus erroneously believed he has discovered a new route to India when he found new world land and named the native inhabitants Indians. Jack, am I boring you?"

"No, no," Jack replied. "You can talk all you want as long as I can feel your body." He lifted Caitlin's arm and placed it behind her lower back. He lifted up her shoulder and used his fingers to work along the border of her shoulder blade and his thumb to push under it.

"Ouch! You brute! Yeow, that is a tender spot. You better start treating me like a queen. The ancients of the Senecas had a peace queen, the mother of nations. Her name was Jikonsaseh. Later all the Iroquois nations called this female spirit Sky-Woman. Women in the tribes were thought to be direct descendants of Sky-Woman and as a result were treated with great respect. When the white man came from patriarchal Europe and were exposed to the egalitarian Native American cultures, they were shocked. Over time Native American life and culture were dramatically affected by the white man's ideals of male dominance and female submissiveness."

Jack then used his knuckles smoothing her back over and over with gentle hand over hand feather-like strokes.

"I'm done. Stick a fork in me," Caitlin said as she turned over and sat up. Jack noticed a wet spot on the front of her panties. She took his right hand in hers. "You have very strong and but gentle hands. The best for a great massage. She placed her thumb on his palm and gently pressed and massaged the back of his hand with her fingers, rubbing between the tendons of his fingers. The soft area on his palm below the thumb and below each knuckle was next. Then she worked on the tips of his thumb and each finger, pressing and pulling tenderly.

All the while Caitlin continued to talk. "The story of Catherine Tekawitha, the Lily of the Mohawks, that is commonly told is pure Catholic propaganda. She is also known as the Genevieve of New France. They portray her as a Catholic virgin and declared her Venerable in 1943 and she was Beatified in 1980. She was the first Native American to be declared Blessed. Catherine's mother was a captured Algonquin and her father was a Mohawk chief. Thus she was of the Iroquois, like me. According to the Iroquois version of theory, the Lily of the Mohawks was a witch. Our ancestors tell us of her use of love potions to seduce her victims. Her favorite philtres was baked into a cake. She would get sweaty and clean off the sweat with flour. The flour was then mixed with oil, egg and ashes of burnt hair from all parts of her body. This concoction was then baked into a cake which she would feed to the object of her lust. Now Jack, really, who would you believe about this princess of the Iroquois nation, the Catholics or the Iroquois themselves?"

Caitlin pulled Jack's shoes and socks off and started tickling his feet until he protested. Then she pressed and massaged the tendons on the back of his left foot, and then concentrated on the ball of his foot below his big toe and the soft area below his other toes. She worked on the first joint of each toe by pressing on the bottom and top with her index finger and thumb and gently pulled forward for a few seconds. He sighed when she began to rub his arch and heel expertly.

"And surely," Caitlin continued, "you have heard the legend of Godasiyo, the woman chief. In the beginning of time all the tribes could understand one another. But the great chief Godasiyo tragically drowned in the great river. Lacking her wise leadership, the Indians divided into many tribes and spread all across America and developed their own languages. And then we have Chie, the horny and fun-loving goddess who advised our people to live a life of fun, joy, laughter and much sexual freedom. This made Bochia, the god of laws, very angry and he turned her into an owl."

With that Caitlin began to whistle again the wail of the screech owl. At the same time she began to remove Jack's clothes. "Don't get excited. I'm just going to do your back like you did mine." She stopped when she got to his boxer shorts, pushed him playfully on his stomach on the bed and began the same techniques he had administered. She was surprised at how muscular he was. Not like a weightlifter but very hard and she could feel the power in his taut body as she massaged him.

"Hey," Caitlin asked after awhile, "you want to Indian wrestle? I'll show you how." She positioned their bodies so they were lying on the king-size bed on their sides facing each other with their feet touching. Caitlin's left foot was braced heel to toe against Jack's right foot and her right foot was hooked around his left foot and vice versa for his left foot. "Ok, now clasp your hands under your knees, and using only your left foot, you try to turn me over when I say go. Are you ready? Go!"

Caitlin flipped him three times and began to laugh so hard she was crying. "It's all in the technique," she whispered. "Speaking of technique, I have been reading The Perfumed Garden of Sheik Nefzaoui. You know, that book found in the possession of the women who mysteriously disappeared with those tall strangers. Her heart was racing, her mouth was absolutely dry and she could feel her entire body quivering. Jack was lying on his back and she reached over and kissed him passionately, moaning softly. They delighted in each other's lips and the warmth of their bodies.

Finally Caitlin broke the erotic silence with, "Jack, I can even quote verbatim from that book, 'If you desire coition, place the woman on the ground, cling closely to her bosom, with her lips close to yours; then clasp her to you, suck her breath, bite her; kiss her breasts, her stomach, her flanks, press her close in your arms, so as to make her faint with pleasure; when you see her so far gone, then push your member into her. If you have done as I said, the enjoyment will come to both of you simultaneously. This it is which makes the pleasure of the woman so sweet. But if you neglect my advice the woman will not be satisfied and you will not have procured her any pleasure.' So how about it Jack?"

They made love for hours. Caitlin insisted they try most of the positions in the book. El Mokkeurmeutt, with her legs in the air; El Modefeda, frog fashion; Nik el Kohoul, from the back; and on and on and on.

Jack feigned annoyance and whined tongue-in-cheek, "Caitlin, you keep looking at that book. Don't you have any positions of your own?"

"I've been saving mine for last. You think squaws aren't cowgirls? Didn't you ever hear of Princess Red Bird and Linda One Spot? They rode in wild west shows and rodeos, rode bucking broncs and brandished pistols. Do you want me to get that .357 you were admiring out of my purse?"

Caitlin got atop Jack. "Tontasatha'neta! That's Mohawk. I mean, I am the Lily of the Mohawks. Tontasatha'neta. It means let's do it again." She stroked him and kissed him and let him nibble on her dangling breasts until he became very hard again. Slipping him inside her, she leaned at just the right angle for her and started to gently move up and down. "Start bucking you horse's ass!" she demanded and he did. He gripped her hips and they soon were into a fluid rhythm. She began to grind in circular motions as he was deep inside her.

Jack did not understand Caitlin as she was moaning and crying out in that language he did not know again as she rocked and rolled more fervently. "Hen! hen! hen!" she screamed as she climaxed again, for what he thought was at least the fifth time. He was losing track. She rolled off him in exhaustion, lay by his side and fondled his hardness lovingly as she caught her breath.

"Tyihukwaes?" Caitlin asked coyly.

"What are you talking about now?" he asked impatiently. "And what does 'hen' mean?"

"I bet you thought 'hen' was a dirty word. The Mohawk word for 'yes' I guess. Tyihukwaes? Seneca for chipmunk, as in, would you like me to do my chipmunk imitation?"

Before Jack could answer Caitlin put her mouth on him and began to move him from one cheek to the other as she sucked. Once she had teased and tantalized him to the point of no return, she deepthroated him until he exploded spasmodically in her mouth. She pulled him out until the head of his cock rested on her lower lip and she swallowed his cum as he continued to gush and spurt and then put him back into her mouth and held him there until long after.

They lay entwined in each other's arms for an hour. Neither was talking and neither could sleep. Finally Jack spoke. "Please tell me another one of your stories, Caitlin. I can't sleep and it looks like you can't either."

"Well, Jack, just what kind of story would you like me to tell?"

Jack pulled the sheet down past their waists and gazed at the tattoo between Caitlin's navel and beautiful breasts. "Tell me about the blue wolf," he said as he licked it.

"OK, OK, but you can't tickle me while I'm talking. Stick that tongue back in your face. Didn't you see the movie The Last Temptation of Christ? Mary Magdalene had tattoos. So do sultry Seneca seductresses."

"Yeah, you are definitely one of those, girl."

"Where to start. Hmmm. I don't suppose you ever read the book Stewed, Screwed & Tattooed? That's how I feel right now." Caitlin looked to see if Jack was smiling and he was.

"Madame Chinchilla wrote that book and it is quite entertaining and informative. Another good read is Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo by Margot Mifflin."

"I take it you have never read either of those, Jack. You seem to be somewhat of a history scholar. Have you ever seen John Verelst's portrait of Sa Ga Yeath Qua Piewth Tow? Tow boy was the last Iroquois chief, actually a Mohawk, to be tattooed. Verelst captured the chief on canvas in all his tattooed glory in 1710 at the court of Queen Anne in London. While in London Tow boy was baptized Brant and was the grandfather of Joseph Brant, the famous Iroquois leader who went to school at Dartmouth and was fluent in Latin and Greek, in addition of course to English and several native languages. You know, like me. Dunno why he never did Hebrew, though. Anywho, when the Iroquois took sides with the British during the Revolutionary War era, tattooing and many other native practices were strongly discouraged. Totally uncivilized behavior."

"Now, about the wolf. The wolf is one of the clans of the Seneca and other tribes like I said before. Jack, are you a boy who cried wolf?" She looked again to see if he was smiling and he was.

"The wolf thrives in a pack. As Rudyard Kipling said, 'For the strength of the pack is in the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is in the pack.' The pack is governed by an alpha male and an alpha female who do the mating. All others are subordinate, well, you know, have sex. Wolves communicate mostly with body language. The alphas show their dominance by sticking their tails up in the air. Would you like me to stick my tail up in the air, Jack? Obviously I am an alpha female. Would you like me to demonstrate how the alphas mate?"

"Talking about sex and tattoos. How about this one? About sixty years ago there were several Freudian shrinks who wrote book and articles about tattooing and how it was a sexual thing. They had all kinds of theories about tattoos and schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and all sorts of weird stuff. In 1934 Albert Parry wrote and interesting article for Psychoanalytic Quarterly entitled Tattooing Among Prostitutes and Perverts."

Jack began to lick Caitlin's tattoo. "I love this blue-eyed wolf and I don't care if you are a prostitute or a pervert."

Caitlin grabbed his ears and pulled him lower. "Ahhhhhhh," she moaned. "Forget the tattoo, dude. Just keep doing what you are doing."

"Caitlin, you are so smooth down here," Jack remarked softly as he lifted his head up.

"It's Magic you silly boy. Please don't make me talk any more." She grabbed his ears again, this time with a much firmer grip, and pulled him back down on her. She lost herself in the moment.

Caitlin rose when Brett called the room. She showered quickly and dressed while Jack watched. She kissed him sweetly as he lay in the bed. "I have to go, Jack, but I'll see you for New Year's and I'll stay until you solve this case. I think you might need some bait. Me. I'll call you as soon as I get home in about six or seven hours."

To Be Continued...


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