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Prey For Me
Pt. VII: Cowgirls & Indians
by Dvora Sosan

Brett and Caitlin chatted incessantly on the return flight to Cleveland where they left their cars. Mostly he wanted to talk about the case and she wanted to talk about Jack Davis.

"Brett, please tell me more about Jack. I know some of the story. Forty-something. Navy Seal and then the C.I.A. One of the most respected P.I.'s in the business. That's obvious by the way the police talk to him. What about his family?'

"I've known Jack for more than twenty years. I don't really want to go into how we met, but in a few words, I owe him my life. That story does not bring back fond memories. Jack has never been married. An only child and his parents are deceased. He doesn't really have any family other than some distant cousins he only occasionally talks to. A handful of close friends like me. He doesn't talk about personal relationships much although I'm sure you noticed women seem to be attracted to him like magnets."

"Yeah, I know," Caitlin responded, "I slept with him last night. Does that shock you?"

"No, Caitlin. I could sense the mutual attraction. Like two dangerous animals feeling each other before they attack," Brett chuckled as he spoke.

"Well, I really like him, Brett. I can't help it. Shit happens and don't I just sound like some school girl with a crush."

"Caitlin, I really like him too although I never thought about having sex with him." Brett was way beyond chuckling now and was giggling. "Hey, he's da man as far as I am concerned. Someone's best friend or worst enemy. I'm glad he's my best friend. I love the guy."

"Maybe I do, too, Brett. Let's change the subject. What would you like to talk about?"

"Tell me more Indian stories, Caitlin. I'm rather ignorant of Native American history."

"Sure. Here's one you probably never heard before about what might have been the most important and unknown military engagement of the Revolutionary War. The Sullivan Campaign of 1779.

"General John Sullivan waged a campaign strategically planned by General Washington which in effect broke the Iroquois Confederation and contributed more to the victory of the Continental Army than just about anything. The Iroquois made what probably should be considered a fatal mistake in siding with the British. They did so because they believed that a British victory would save their homelands in central New York. Had the Iroquois remained neutral in the war which was their initial intention they would have likely survived the war with the Iroquois Confederacy and their homes basically intact. The Sullivan Campaign destroyed about forty Iroquois villages and left them without food for the following winter. They fled to areas under British protection. Because the British then had to support the Iroquois with food and other necessities, their war effort elsewhere was hampered. The Iroquois continued their raiding and hostile activities throughout the war but were not nearly as powerful and much less a significant threat as they were before the Sullivan campaign.

"The instigator of the Iroquois alliance with the British and the ultimate downfall of the Six Nations was Joseph Brandt. I mentioned him to Jack last night after you left, Brett. He was the grandson of the tattooed chief, Sa Ga Yeath Qua Piewth who was the subject of the famous portrait painted by John Verelst in the court of Queen Anne in 1710. Sir William Johnson was the British Indian Commissioner in 1774 while he suffered a stroke as he was delivering a rabble-rousing speech to the Mohawk, attempting to persuade them to war against the Americans. He died a couple days after the stroke. It just so happens that Joseph Brant’s sister Molly was the Mohawk wife of Sir William Johnson. Brant became like a son to Sir William and that relationship led to the downfall of the Iroquois.

"Joseph Brant, educated at Dartmouth and fluent in several languages, accepted a British officer’s commission and began to wage war. Two of the Six Nations broke rank because of Brant’s militancy and fanatical devotion to the British. The Oneida joined forces with the Americans and in August, 1777, the Oneida fought with the Americans at the Battle of Oriskany against the British who were joined by the Mohawk and the Seneca. Iroquois brothers killing each other. The Oneida, a few months later, were scouts in the American victory over Burgoyne at Saratoga. The Oneida brought the food and supplies to Washington at Valley Forge and fought under Lafayette at the Battle of Barren Hill.

"Monster Brant, as he became to be known, continued to promote attrocities against Americans. The Cherry Valley Massacre and numerous mass scalping incidents prompted General Washington to launch the Sullivan Campaign. Brant even blocked repeated efforts by the Seneca chief, Red Jacket, to make peace with the Americans."

The flight landed, Brett and Caitlin retrieved their luggage and walked to their cars. They agreed to talk at length in a day or two after they sorted out their thoughts. Caitlin kissed him warmly goodbye and they went their separate ways.

Jack didn't wait for Caitlin's phone call like he had said he would because when he returned to his room he had what sounded like a frantic message from Sam Hanson. He immediately called Sam. "Jack, two more women have mysteriously disappeared. They were friends and friendly with two of our tall dark Harley riding strangers. Both women are married to big-shot doctors and these guys are raising hell with my boss. I need your help. Now! Meet me at Kady's Coffee Shop at the Riviera in a half hour and I'll fill you in, OK?"

"Yeah, OK Sam, but make it an hour. I got to make some phone calls and cancel some appointments."

Sam was already sitting at a table at Kady's forty-five minutes later when Jack arrived. Sam seemed engrossed with several young nubile ladies who were splashing in the pool. It was that or the bagel he was munching on because he didn't even seem to notice Jack until he sat down and started talking.

"Sam. Sam! Wake the hell up and what's up?"

"Oh, sorry Jack. Deep in thought."

"Yeah, right. With what? What's the story here?" Sam and Jack had talked often over the past several weeks and were fast becoming good friends.

"The two women were staying here for a little vacation, the rodeo, shopping spree, whatever," Sam began. "Their husbands let them shake loose for this Vegas rodeo thing because that is where the guys met the girls two years ago. The girls insisted they still get to go to the rodeo. I think it was in their pre-nuptial agreement. And if you ever saw these two chiquitas, who would argue anyway?"

"Candace Pike Martin lives in Los Angeles. Her husband Bernard is an orthopedic surgeon on staff at the Los Angeles Shriners Hospital. Dr. Martin is affiliated with the Al Malaikah Temple of L.A. Roxanne "Blue Duck" Alexander lives in Sacramento. Her husband Henry is an orthopedic surgeon on staff at the Northern California Shriners Hospital. Dr. Alexander is affiliated with the Ben Ali Temple of Sacramento."

"Now, this story gets real complex. I mean really. Both women are in their mid-twenties and gorgeous. They have known each other for five years or so, long before they met their husbands. The ladies met their doctor husbands right here, in Vegas, at the National Finals Rodeo two years ago. The cowgirls were participating in the rodeo and the doctors, who were in Vegas for some big wig meeting at the Zelzah Shrine Temple here, were watching. It was love at first sight I suspect. The cowgirls loved their doctor’s money and prestige and the doctors loved their cowgirl’s bodies. That's usually how it works, right?"

"Right, Sam, I guess. Before you go any further, let me tell you a little story. This is totally off the record. Between you and me. The politicos don't want the police involved in this one."

Jack didn’t get to continue. At that moment an awesome creature walked into Kady's and stood at Sam and Jack's table. "Hello, I'm Carmelita Sanchez." She was wearing the tightest fitting jeans Jack had ever seen, boots, denim shirt unbuttoned just enough to reveal considerable cleavage, a leather vest and a black hat. About five-foot five, jet black long hair, big brown bedroom eyes and luscious painted red lips. Definitely a hot tamale, thought Jack.

Carmelita knew who was who and spoke to Sam, "You asked me to meet you here, Mr. Hanson. Here I am. I want to find out what happened to Candy and Roxie even more than you two do, I suspect. So I'll help you any way I can. Those girls have been my best friends since we first met five years ago. Do you want the short story or the long version?" She asked as she sat down.

"Tell us everything from the beginning, Carmelita," Sam insisted. "From when you first met your two friends until the last time you saw them, which I believe you said was the day before yesterday."

"OK. We all met a little more than five hears ago when we all joined up with a new wild-west show called Cowgirls and Indians. It went out of business two years ago when the head cowboy and owner, Wild Bill Bannister, was killed in a plane crash. After that, Candy and Roxie went off and married those two doctors and I went on to do real rodeo full time, which is why I am in Vegas, for the National Rodeo Finals. And why Candy and Roxie were here. Not to compete this time, but to hang out with me and some of our other old friends. Both of them in previous years competed here and at the Professional Women's Rodeo Association championships in Fort Worth every November.

"We did all the usual wild-west show routines with Cowgirls and Indians. Besides the horse stunts, we did fancy gun spinning and shooting, tomahawk and knife throwing and target whipping. I can real whip up a storm in case you two would like a demonstration." Carmelita paused for a reaction as she smirked seductively.

"We played so many gigs. Buffalo Bill's Casino four times a year. Also the New Frontier Casino here in Vegas. We went as far as Atlantic City to do Bally's a couple times. We put on shows at festivals and country and western concerts all over the southwest. One of my favorites was the Gene Autry Music Festival in Gene Autry, Oklahoma.

"Did you ever see Bronco Billy with Clint Eastwood? Well, let me tell you we put on a much better show than he did. Not only would we occasionally ride bareback, we'd ride bare-assed. It just depended on the audience and the money. Sometimes skimpy halter tops, sometimes topless, once in awhile totally natural except for the hat. Of course we didn't do that sort of thing in front of kids and of course that sort of thing cost extra, much extra. And, for a real special treat, we'd do the horse." She paused again to test the reaction and burst out laughing at Sam and Jack's stunned silence. "Lighten up dudes. I also do a stand-up comedy routine. When I'm too old to ride and give you guys a hard on I'll just make you laugh.

"Not only can the three of us shoot and ride, we each have a unique and incredibly interesting story about our genealogy. As far as I know, this is all true. At least nobody could ever prove otherwise and this information was printed in our flyers and advertisements.

"I am a descendant of Francisco ‘Pancho’ Villa. Pancho Villa's real name was Doroteo Arango. His parents were Agustin Arango and Micaela Arambula. My great-great grandmother's name was Maria Arambula. She married Diego Sanchez in 1907. According to one of my great-great grandmother's stories passed on from generation to generation, Doroteo changed his name to disguise his identity. He took the name of Francisco Villa due in part because his father was the illegitimate offspring of one Jesus Villa, also an outlaw. Maybe that's where Pancho got it. It was in the blood.

"There are many Robin Hood stories about Pancho Villa, many written by the famous correspondent John Reed. We of Mexican heritage have a litany of songs and ballads celebrating Pancho's notorious exploits. I'd tell you some of the more entertaining ones but you wouldn't believe me anyway. You know, stories like Pancho was a German agent. Just because $340,000 was traced to him which came from the German government. And where is Pancho Villa's head at? He was assassinated in 1923 while driving to a baptism with his bodyguards. Everyone in the car was killed and sixteen bullets were found in his body. Someone broke into Pancho's grave three years after his death and stole his skull. So nobody knows where Pancho's head is. We do know the famous General John "Black Jack" Pershing waged a massive campaign to capture or exterminate Pancho Villa but Pershing never got the job done.

"Moving on to Candy. Candace Pike, now Candace Pick Martin. She is a descendant of Albert Pike. As you may know he was a Confederate general, an attorney, a poet and writer, an Indian advocate and sympathizer and the most infamous Freemason of his era. Some say he founded the K.K.K.

"I'm sure you already have a description of Candy. About five six and twenty-six. Dark brown hair and gray eyes. 36D-22-35. We did a lot of shopping together. Her left nipple is pierced and she has a tattoo of a gray owl on her right thigh. Candy was of the Bird clan as was Naomi Ross of whom I will soon speak."

Jack was paying mind to Carmelita before, especially to her nipples which in their bra-less environment looked like they were going to burst right through her shirt, but her mention of Freemasony and the owl brought him right to attention. Brought back instant memories of Caitlin and what she had said.

"Pike was an explorer and trapper before the Civil War and spent much time amongst the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and the Seminole, the Five Civilized Tribes. He fathered a child with a Cherokee woman, Naomi Ross, also known as Grey Owl. Naomi was the sister of Chief John Ross of the Cherokee. Only through Naomi's influence would her brother finally agree to sign a treaty with the Confederacy and fight for the cause.

"General Pike led these tribes in a famous Civil War battle, the Battle of Pea Ridge, also known as the Battle of Eikhorn Tavern. It occurred over several days in March 1862 and Pike, the Rebels and the Indians got their asses kicked. About 1,400 Union soldiers were killed and 4,600 of the Confederates died. The result of the battle was the Union gained control of Missouri and the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and were able to protect the arsenal at St. Louis and supply Grant's Vicksburg campaign.

"How do I know all this Civil War stuff? It's practically all Candy and her husband Benjamin talked about before they were married. A descendant of Benjamin Martin's fought in this very same battle and penned a song, The Battle of Elkhorn Tavern, which I have heard at least a hundred times and I know it by heart. I'll sing it for you."

"Oh no, not another babe who sings," Jack quipped.

"What's up with that, Jack?" Carmelita asked.

"Nothing much. Just kidding. A Seneca maiden named Caitlin sang to me recently. That's all. Go ahead and sing, Carmelita. Please."

"My name is Daniel Martin, I'se borned in Arkansas; I fled from those base rebels Who fear not God or law.

I left my aged father And my beloved wife; I'se forced to go to Rollie For to try to save my life.

I jined in Phillips' regiment I'm not ashamed to tell. My colonel and my officer They treated me mighty well.

I served four months at Rollie Through sleet, snow, and ice, And next received my orders: Go meet old Sterling Price.

That old secession traitor He didn't like the fun; He gathered up his rebel band, To Arkansas he run.

We were close pursuing them By night and by day, And a many of those base rebels We killed upon the way.

We followed through to Pea Ridge, And there we stopped our chase; But that poor frightened rebel band Rolled on in mighty haste.

They joined old Ben McCullough, Old Mackintosh and Rain, And they mustered eighty thousand, And here they come again.

They marched through pomp and splendor Led on by brave Van Dorn, And there they found us waiting At a tavern called Elkhorn.

They threw themselves around us In the dark shade of night And planted out their batteries And waited till daylight.

We opened up our batteries, Which made the mountain roar, And on the ground in many a place Was red with human gore.

We shot old Ben McCullough, Old Slack and Macintosh, And shot old Sterling in the arm And sent him in a rush.

Reckon what secesh will think When we tell'em of our rhyme About old Sterling Price He's a getting on quick time.

Segal's after him In a might purty gait; He wants to whip the old secesh And drive him from our state."

Jack and Sam clapped politely and softly at the end of Carmelita's singing. She was actually quite good Jack thought. Not like Caitlin but very good.

"Candy and Roxie talked incessantly of their Cherokee heritage and were damn proud of it," Carmelita continued. "They both were rather friendly with Wilma Mankiller, who was elected first female chief of the Cherokee Nation a few years back.

"Now, Roxie is the real wild and crazy one. Not Candy and not me although we have had our moments. Roxanne ‘Blue Duck’ Alexander, what's the song she sang, "Wild Women Do" or some such thing?

"Roxie is all of that and more. Again, I'm sure you have a description there, but Roxie is tall, about five-foot ten, a natural strawberry blonde. Hazel eyes, long, long legs and you should see her in a short skirt. Very long and lanky, small perky breasts. Definitely she could have been a very successful model but she said that shit was way too boring. Definitely the tomboy type. Rox also has a tattoo on her right thigh, of what else, a blue duck. She, like Candy, is of the Cherokee Bird Clan.

"Roxie's history is even more interesting than Candy's and mine if you can believe that. No doubt you two on occasion watch old western movies, all about Jesse and Frank James, Cole Younger and Belle Star. No doubt you have seen Lonesome Dove and may have read Larry McMurtry's book of the same name featuring the notorious Indian outlaw Blue Duck. Would you like to hear the rest of the story? Well, sure you would.

"Bluford 'Blue' Duck was a Cherokee. His Cherokee name was Shacongah Kawwannu. A book written in 1926 by Zoe Tilghman entitled ‘Outlaw Days: A True History of Early Day Oklahoma Characters’ tells of an episode in 1880 when Belle Starr interrupted a poker game in Dodge City by pulling out her pistol and taking all the money off the table. She interrupted the poker game, according to this book, because her lover, Blue Duck, was losing big-time. A rather famous picture exists of Blue Duck and Belle Starr taken while he was in prison serving a life sentence. He was eventually pardoned by President Grover Cleveland and nobody was ever able to provide a plausible explanation why that occurred.

"Belle Starr was born in 1848 as Myra Belle Shirley in Missouri. Her family moved to Texas near Dallas. Now, many say Cole Younger fathered Belle's daughter Rosie, better known as Pearl, who was born in September 1868. Cole Younger, however, maintained he first met Belle in 1864 while he was on the lam and didn't see her again until early summer 1868, at which time she was six months pregnant. You go figure. Belle never said with certainty who the father was, although at the time the evidence appears to indicate she was legally married to one Jim Reed. Other evidence appears to indicate she had the name Younger on Pearl's birth record.

"Many Cherokee have always believed Blue Duck was Pearl's father. The memoirs of the same General Albert Pike confirms this allegation. Not only was Pike personally aware of the relationship between Blue Duck and Belle, it was also spoken of on numerous occasions by Chief John Ross and others. Belle had many lovers and several husbands, but her one true love was Blue Duck or so the story goes. Belle eventually married another Cherokee, Sam Starr, in 1880; thus the name Starr. There are also legal records that she married Bruce Younger, uncle of Cole, earlier in 1880. But throughout her life Blue Duck kept making an appearance here and there.

"Belle was ambushed while on horseback by shotgun blasts on February 3, 1889. The murderer was never apprehended although there were numerous suspects including even her daughter Pearl and son Eddie, who both had threatened their mother publicly on occasion. Among other things, Belle had wrecked havoc with Pearl's planned marriage and conspired to have Pearl's first illegitimate daughter placed in an orphanage. After Belle died Pearl ended up penniless and homeless, made a living in a bordello and had another illegitimate daughter named Ruth who she gave up for adoption. Roxie has quite convincingly traced her genealogy back to this Ruth. Pearl later became somewhat of an outlaw herself but never matched her mother's legendary fame.

"Well guys, I guess that's enough reminiscing. Let me get to the event's of the past few days."

"Those are just incredible stories, Carmelita," Jack couldn't help but say. He was very impressed with her yarns but did want to get to the business and hand. "But yes, we better get to it before the trail gets cold. I have the feeling you could spin tales for hours and hours and hours."

"OK, Jack-off, don't be rude now!" she spat in mock anger and all three of them were laughing heartily.

"Candy and Roxie," Carmelita continued, "were not, how should I put this, monogamous. They never were and never will be. Those two had other sexual partners besides their husbands and the doctor dudes understood that from day one. I'd put it this way, it was a mutually beneficial arrangement for Candy and Roxie and their husbands. Both these guys are in their late forties with grown children. Bernard's wife died a year before he met Candy and Henry had been divorced for several years before he met Roxie. What Bernard and Henry got was beautiful much younger wives, an occasional sexual partner and a trophy to show off to their friends. What Candy and Roxie got was money, security and a life of leisure and play. Cruises, exotic vacations, furs, jewelry, a fabulous home and intelligent conversation and companionship.

"Sounds like a pretty good deal for all concerned to me and they all seemed to be quite pleased with their relationships. I almost bought into this deal myself but for the fact that I was already married which would have complicated matters significantly. I did have a torrid fling with one of Henry's friends, a gynecologist of all things. I'm now divorced from the guy I was married to at that time, went back to my maiden name and have a new main man, a biker. Not that I don't play around." With that, Carmelita winked at Jack, which was intentionally obvious and incredibly funny to Sam.

"I might add, well, I don't see why this matters, but Candy and Roxie are not entirely heterosexual and neither am I. We used to party with one another on occasion and simply had a swell time. You know, girls playing with girls. I mean, why should we limit ourselves to half the population when we can have it all? We even have partied with gay dudes. Hey, if you hitch up the strap-on, give a great blow-job, and what's the diff? We got into some real kinky stuff and would do tricks if the money was right.

"My boyfriend Hector was with me when we met Candy and Roxie and their new acquaintances for dinner on Sunday. My girlfriends had already been in Vegas for a couple days. I didn't come into town until Sunday because I wasn't competing until Monday afternoon, yesterday, and I didn't want to get too trashed up before my event. The girls had already been with Rameel and Turel as they called them for a couple days. I had never seen Candy and Roxie so infatuated with guys before. I mean, the girls were hanging all over them. Hector didn't like these guys at all. I thought they were going to get into a spat.

"Rameel was about six foot seven, long black hair, clean shaven and his face reminded me of Tom Cruise. The other one, Turel, was even taller and they looked like brothers, although they said they weren't. Now, Hector is big, but these guys were huge, very muscular and rugged looking. Hector has no fear though and I'm sure he was packing his piece as usual.

"Dinner did not go particularly well. The girlfriends barely talked to me because they were totally engrossed in every word their escorts spouted. The dudes were talking about erotic literature which was totally boring Hector. He is more of a slam, bam, thank you ma'am kinda guy. The dudes were talking about some books written by a guy named Sir Richard Burton or some such thing. They didn't mention Cleopatra, 'er I mean Elizabeth Taylor, though.

"Anyway, after dinner I made Hector promise to be good with various bribes and we all decided to go honky-tonking, at a place where Candy, Roxie and I used to hang out. I had ridden with Hector on his bike, a 1998 Harley Dyna Wide Glide, a 95th Anniversary Edition as he continually pointed out to me. I swear, that dude loves that bike more than pussy. But he liked the strangers' bikes better. He never drooled over me like he did those bikes."

Carmelita reached into her purse and pulled out a small tablet. "I had Hector describe these bikes and I wrote it down so I would know what the hell I was talking about. Rameel was riding a 1985 Softail with a sidecar. Red with blue flame. Turel was also riding a Softail, a Custom Trike, also red with blue flame. Hector said both bikes were easily worth over $30,000."

"The girls got on up behind the dudes and we burned to our favorite honky-tonk. I tried to pull Candy and Roxie off these dudes, to talk to them, and ask some questions. You know, curiosity killed the kitty. The girls just wouldn't leave those dudes for a second and didn't really show much interest in talking to me. We all danced and danced and finally sat down to quench our thirst.

"What happened next was not all that strange no matter how it sounds. Not like we never did stuff like this before just for kicks. Roxie suggested we blow our boyfriends right there in that honky-tonk. First thing I heard all night Hector smiled about. Hector is fairly long and really thick, but these dudes were totally huge. I was really getting off watching Candy and Roxie stroke and suck those monster dicks. I was playing with myself like crazy and at the same time trying to concentrate on Hector. Well, it wasn't long before cum was shooting all over the place. The look on the faces of some of the people who were watching was rather incredible.

"Soon after that Candy and Roxie wanted to leave. Roxie remarked 'Now it's my turn and I'm not spreading my legs and screaming my lungs out in this place.' We agreed to meet for breakfast the next morning at our favorite grits and grease place and we all split. Candy and Roxie and their boyfriends never showed up and then I got the message later that morning they had up and disappeared."

"Damn Carmelita, that is one hell of a tale," Sam said as she paused out of breath. "It's all true?"

"I believe you, darlin," Jack was quick to say. "It all just fits if you get my drift. Carmelita, anything else these two guys did, wore, said that struck you as very unusual?"

"Yeah, they kept chewing on dandelions, roots and all. They had their pockets filled with them. Very weird."

Sam looked puzzled but Jack didn't and said to him, "Makes sense to me. A young girl named Rachael told me the first of these big bikers, Danel, chewed dandelions. She told me that because the leaves of the dandelion look like a lion's teeth, the French named it 'dent de lion' which became dandelion in our language."

"The French also eat the dandelion. Rachael prompted me to do a little research. Dandelions are an excellent diuretic when digested, purging wastes from the body. The leaves are rich in iron, potassium and many vitamins. I recently ordered a salad for lunch with dandelion leaves, spinach, radishes, mustard greens, sweet onions all covered with a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil which was exquisitely delectable. The root is also edible and is beneficial for skin problems and arthritic conditions and used to prevent gallstones. Also it has been proven effective for yeast infections. Carmelita, perhaps you should have ate some?"

"No, I don't have that problem, Jack. And who would have known what people think is just a bothersome weed in their lawn is good for all that stuff?"

"Oh, there's more," Jack continued. "Good for snake bites. You of course can make wine with the leaves and a coffee substitute, although a mite bitter, with the roots. Ray Bradbury, of science fiction and ‘The Martian Chronicles’ fame, wrote a novel entitled ‘Dandelion Wine’ about a twelve-year old boy growing up in the summer of 1928. One of our Apollo astronauts like that book so much he named the Dandelion Crater on the Moon after it."

Jack paused and changed the subject slightly, "And I'll bet you, Carmelita, these two guys were wearing iron crosses, swastikas, around their necks. And they had scorpion insignias on the back of the black leather dusters they put on when they got on their bikes. Right?"

"Yeah, right, Jack. What, are you telepathic?"

"No, no, just good guessing based on some other reports. Anything else you can think of?"

Just then Sam’s beeper beckoned him. "I have to run out to my car and make a call on my cell phone. I’m sure this is the man I work for wanting information from the report that is in my briefcase on the front passenger seat."

As soon as Sam left, Carmelita crept under the table and was hidden by the tablecloth. No one saw her disappearing act. She unzipped Jack’s pants and pulled out his flaccid penis and put it all the way in her mouth. It didn’t take him long to stir. She gave him a fast and furious blow-job and he came within minutes. He was even surprised himself at how quickly he reached orgasm, but then he had always found that, thinking about Caitlin and the previous night, the more sex he had the more sex he wanted.

Carmelita crept back out from under the table, wiping the cum from her chin with her sleeve.

"What in the world was that for, Carmelita? But thanks!"

"I don’t exactly know, to tell you the truth, Jack. I’m very impulsive. I was just in the mood, ya know? Obviously you were, too," she said with a sly smile. "And you …"

Carmelita didn’t get to finish her sentence because she saw Sam returning. "Sorry I took so long," Sam apologized. "What have you two been talking about?"

"Just chatting, Sam," Carmelita replied. "I have to go. I’m already late for work.

"Carmelita, thanks for everything," Jack said with a wink to her that Sam missed. "We'll call you if we have any questions or whatever after we soak all this in."

"Jack, you call me any time you want, for whatever you want," she responded with a dead serious look on her face, got up from the table and walked out of the place.

Sam and Jack just sat there for minutes shaking their heads and mumbling. Finally Jack spoke. "I think I know where they are headed. I think I know who might have seen them. I'm going to check it out. Do you want to come with me, Sam?"

"I can't, Jack. I have to testify in court in two hours. But stay in touch, and I mean like on the hour or whatever. Whenever one of us can reach the other. This thing is starting to move faster and faster." They got up and walked out.

"One more thing, Jack," Sam said as they stood by their cars. "We have another little problem. A reporter has gotten wind of the murders, the two that occurred here in Vegas anyway. She doesn't know about the one in Phoenix yet. Her name is Kim Wright and here is her card. I gave her your name because I thought you would like to handle this yourself. I didn't tell her much of anything."

"Wonderful, Sam. I suppose it was just a matter of time. Well, I guess I'll just play that one by ear and check her out. She could be a big help or a big pain in the ass." They both got in their cars and went their separate ways.

To Be Continued...


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