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Prey For Me
Pt. X: Motive
by Dvora Sosan

Kim and Jack road to the scene of the fourth Lilith murder in Sam Hanson's Cadillac. It was a brand new Catera Sport. Ebony on the outside; and charcoal soft leather on the inside. Jack sat in the back and rather liked the way it handled. Sam rambled about all the features and specifications and Jack wondered why he did not get to the more pressing business at hand. He soon got an inkling as Sam headed up Route 95. Jack had a feeling this was going to be a long ride.

Sam filled them in on the way. "Dr. Michael Lewiston was Controller of the Desert Research Institute, commonly referred to as the DRI. The DRI was created more than forty years ago by an act of the legislature to be part of the University of Nevada. In 1968 the DRI became an autonomous nonprofit division of the University and Community College System which includes the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the University of Nevada, Reno, the Community College of Southern Nevada, Great Basin College, Truckee Meadows Community College and Western Nevada Community College.

"The DRI is principally involved in international environmental research and employs several hundred scientists and technicians. Many graduate students, particularly doctoral candidates work on funded research projects in conjunction with obtaining their degrees.

"Of course the DRI is involved in anthropology and archeological research, in addition to paleaecology, vadose zone hydrology and the like. Not that I know much about all that. I got that terminology from Dr. Lewiston's staff. What I do know is that this late doctor was somewhat involved in ongoing projects in Mexico, California and Egypt. He also was in frequent contact with professors at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Alquads University.

"The doctor in his position as Controller also was ultimately responsible for the Operation of the Office of Technology Transfer. The mission of that office is to facilitate the dissemination of DRI research results and also to generate income to perpetuate innovative solutions to global problems.

"We are on our way to Reno where we will find the beginnings of the Dandini Research Park, a research and development park overlooking the city and surrounded by snow covered mountains. This is the latest DRI project to enhance collaboration among leading scientists around the world.

"Although Dr Lewiston resided in Las Vegas, he had a luxury two-story suite at the largest hotel and casino in Reno so that he could spend several days a week in Reno and oversee the Dandini Research Park project. Actually he had two suites. He also used the suite as an office and two employees assisted him. One is his secretary Nancy Strong. The other is his administrative assistant, Jerry Bannister.

"This late doctor was murdered in this office apparently. Two of my friends were the first on the scene. Jim Doyle is Washoe County Sheriff. He was formerly Chief of the Reno Police Department until he was elected as sheriff several years ago. One of his biggest supporters is my other friend, Tom Jordan, Deputy Chief, Detective Division, Reno Police Department. Both will be on the scene when we arrive and they will update us on their investigation.

"I asked Tom to check Dr. Lewiston's computer files in his office. The doctor's secretary, Nancy Strong, gave him the password and helped him muddle through the files. And you will never guess what he found. You will never guess who he was communicating with; the late Dr. Masterson, the late Dr. Moroski and the late Miyuki Huang. Tom forwarded the e-mails to me and I printed them out. Here they are." Sam handed Jack and Kim each a large stack of paper. "I only perused them briefly and wasn't making much sense of it all.

Sam continued, "I'll keep talking while you read. I spoke to Dr. Lewiston's administrative assistant, Jerry Bannister. He told me one of the late doctor's greatest interests was ancient phallic symbols. Penis amulets and charmstones. I understand many of these charmstones are thousands of years old which have been found all over South and Central America and many have been discovered in northern coastal California, not all that far from Reno, actually.

"That's very interesting, Sam, the interest in phallic worship," Jack interrupted. "Joshua Marshall's Native American friend Nathaniel insists Lilith, the original, was into phallic worship. He said Lilith was the inspiration for the legend of Ishtar and quoted from something called the Akkadian hymn, ' ... in lips she is sweet; life is in her mouth' and asked who does that sound like? According to him the worship of Ishtar centered around holy harlots, transvestites and phallic symbols. Nathaniel also insisted Lilith was also Medusa of Greek mythology and referred to Greek sculpture and painting frequently displayed the nude Medusa partially reclining or kneeling below the standing Perseus with her mouth open. He made the joke that beheading would be new terminology to describe what they both had in mind. Well, if our Lilith is a Medusa I guess she has her own concept of beheading. Talk about reversal of roles.

"Hey Jack," Kim blurted, "didn't you say the second professor murdered by Lilith, Dr. Moroski, taught anthropology and courses about magic, witchcraft, Native American religions and such at a college in Phoenix? This e-mail between Moroski and Lewiston talks about the Olmec and jade artifacts. Sam, this Nathaniel was just telling us about the same thing earlier today. Jack wasn't paying much attention at the time.

"Well, listen to this one," Jack offered. "In this e-mail Lewiston and Masterson, the first professor murdered are talking about the Nephilim, those giants of the bible, and those other giants, the Olmec. Kim, see if you can find any e-mails between Lewiston and Huang, the third murder victim. Huang didn't seem to be the intellectual type. I wonder what his connection was."

After ten minutes of silence, Kim spoke up. "This one is not from Miyuki Huang but it is from Kazua Masuda, Huang's computer guru. A string of e-mails between Masuda and Lewiston regarding something called the Golden Wedge of Ophir."

"I wonder what that is?" Jack asked. "You know, I thought the story those yakuza told about Huang having some secret software to create an unsolvable computer virus was bullshit. That's not what our Lilith wanted, even if the software does exist, which I doubt. This Golden Wedge of Ophir, whatever it is, might be more of a possible motive. It does tie Huang and Lewiston together. Do those messages say anything else of interest, Kim?"

"Need I remind you," Sam commented, "that Dr. Lewiston resided in Las Vegas most of the time. Perhaps Huang was actually in Vegas to meet Lewiston."

Another fifteen minutes went by before Kim exclaimed, "Yes, yes! The last message from Masuda to Lewiston says to meet Huang at the Comdex Convention on November 16 to make the exchange. Jack, isn't that the same date Huang disappeared with our Lilith?"

"Yes it surely is. I see now that this Golden Wedge of Ophir is also mentioned once in a message between Moroski and Lewiston, but all it says is something about 'the Wedge will soon be in our possession' and that is from Lewiston to Moroski shortly before he was murdered. I wonder if the exchange of this object was ever made. Sam, pull off at the next rest stop. I want to call Caitlin and ask her about this.

Sam pulled off Route 95 at the Beatty exit and Jack called Caitlin while the other two used the rest rooms and bought coffee. She was sleeping but quickly became very alert at Jack's new revelations.

"Jack, there is a biblical person named Ophir, the son of Joktan, mentioned in Genesis. There is also a biblical place called Ophir; the land of gold and jewels. Most say Ophir was in Arabia or India. A few say Ophir was in South or Central America."

"The 'golden wedge of Ophir' is also a biblical expression which appears in the book of Isaiah. Numerous controversies exist over what it means. Here is the quotation exactly, Isaiah 13:12, 'I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir.' This thirteenth chapter of Isaiah mainly refers to the day of God's wrath. The end times.

"The Hebrew word for 'wedge' is 'leshonah' which means tongue or fork of flame or evil speaker or sceptre. Something like that. There is a legend of the ancient Incas that the Golden Wedge of Ophir was a golden sceptre wielded by Manco Capac who founded the city of Cuzco.

"Based upon what I just said, I would bet that this Golden Wedge of Ophir refers to some object of great value. Made partly of gold one would surely surmise. Perhaps also containing rare jewels found in Ophir, wherever that might be. The object in some way might resemble or be symbolic of a man. I say that because in that verse in Isaiah the wedge is compared to a man. 'I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir' to reiterate.

"Jack, remember the tattoo on the hand of Miyuki Huang, the third Lilith victim. It was an asherah, a phallic symbol. It was he same tattoo found on the brother of Goliath, Lahmi. Goliath and Lahmi, the giants. We didn't talk much about that tattoo on Huang. Now it seems to take on more significance.

"In the King James version of the bible the word 'asherah' appears forty times. It is translated to 'grove' or 'groves' in every instance. Unquestionably this is a mistranslation which many have since admitted. It was corrected somewhat in later English versions of the bible, which translate 'asherah' to 'sacred pillar' and 'sacred pole.' The asherah is associated with the goddess Ashtoreth but is not that goddess. The asherah was a phallic symbol that became an object of worship.

"This Golden Wedge of Ophir you are talking about brings to mind a verse in Ezekiel. Verse 16:17, 'Thou hast also taken thy fair jewels of my gold and my silver which I have given thee, and madest to thyself images of men, and didst commit whoredom with them.' Images of men. Phallic symbols of gold and silver and jewels.

"Jack, something tells me that what Lilith was after is a priceless phallic symbol made of gold and jewels which is many thousands of years old. I suspect that in the ancient world somewhere it was an object of venerable worship."

"Thanks, Caitlin, that helps considerably. Now I have some idea what we might be looking for. I'll call you again when I know more."

Sam and Kim were waiting in the Cadillac and they returned to the highway as Jack repeated his conversation with Caitlin. "Let's go back to reading these e-mails," Jack suggested.

"Hey guys, here's something of interest," Kim finally broke the silence of twenty minutes with. "This is in another string of messages between Moroski and Lewiston. Sir Richard Francis Burton, remember him? Those books like The Perfumed Garden of Sheik Nafzaoui and Vikram and the Vampire that our group of women who mysteriously disappeared became obsessed with. Burton apparently traveled extensively throughout South and Central America. Lewiston refers to a work translated and published by Burton, Iracema: The Honey-lips: A Legend of Brazil. Lewiston refers to Burton's interest in our Golden Wedge of Ophir in the same message."

"Here's another interesting one," Jack offered. "Moroski and Lewiston are talking about penis amulets. Lewiston is saying he acquired a 'palad khik' which means 'honorable surrogate penis' from an associate in Thailand. That particular penis amulet got to Thailand via Cambodian monks in the 8th century AD. Apparently they brought that one and others from India. The monks used the penis amulets for religious ceremonies. Others used them for such things as to assure gambling luck and to attract women. There is a reference to another of Sir Francis Burton's work, Arranga-Ranga or The Hindu Art of Love which Burton translated from the Sanskrit."

"What about this one," Kim stated not asked with excitement, "Lewiston was a Shriner. He was a member of the Zelzah Shrine Temple in Las Vegas. You are not going to believe this! Here are messages between Lewiston and Dr. Bernard Martin. You know, Dr. Martin of the Los Angeles Shriners Hospital and Al Malaikah Temple; the husband of Candace Pike Martin, one of the women who mysteriously disappeared. They are talking about Freemasonry in these messages."

"This puzzle is all starting to fit together better," Jack responded. "Caitlin informed me that Sir Richard Burton was a Freemason. And that The Book of Enoch was of utmost importance to Freemasons. The Book of Enoch which talks of the Nephilim, the giants."

Sam added nonchalantly, "You know of course many consider Freemasonry to be a phallic cult."

"Candace Pike Martin was a descendant of Albert Pike," Jack interrupted as Sam paused. "I learned that from Candace's friend, Carmelita. Albert Pike was a Confederate General who also was by far the most significant Freemason of his era. "What else do these messages say, Kim?"

Ten minutes later Kim spoke. "This is weird and I don't quite get it. They are talking about 'The Maltese Falcon' of movie and book fame. Lewiston is recounting to Martin the story of the Maltese Falcon, as it was told in the movie. I'm quoting here, 'In 1539, the Knights Templar of Malta paid tribute to Charles V of Spain by sending him a Golden Falcon encrusted from beak to claw with rarest jewels ... but pirates seized the galley carrying this priceless token and the fate of the Maltese Falcon remains a mystery to this day.' What's the connection here? Stay tuned.

"Then Lewiston is talking about the Aztecs and chalchiuitl, jade. He relates an alleged conversation between Montezuma and Cortez that goes like this, 'Montezuma's words when making a presentation of jade to Cortez are very revealing: I will give you a very valuable stone which you will send to him (Charles V of Spain) in my name; it is chalchiuitl and gold and emeralds and is not to be given to anyone else but to him, your great prince. It was worshipped by our ancestors, the Olmec.' And then Lewiston says, 'The Golden Wedge of Ophir will soon be ours.' Yeow! The Golden Wedge of Ophir is another Maltese Falcon? That's about it from these messages. Not much else of interest."

Jack broke the long silence with, "Here are some interesting messages between the newly deceased Dr. Lewiston and our first Lilith victim, Dr. Masterson. You will recall Masterson was very interested in the Nephilim and the Sasquatch. They are discussing The Book of Enoch in this message.

"Masterson is referring to Azazel and suggesting he was the leader of the Nephilim. He talks of demonic possession and the like. Quoting from Enoch 8:13, he says, 'And Azazel taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds of costly stones, and all colouring tinctures. And there arose much godlessness, and they committed fornication and they were led astray, and became corrupt in all their ways.' I wonder what these 'costly stones' were and what the 'fornication' that follows was all about.

"Dr. Masterson quotes some other verses from The Book of Enoch. Enoch 9:6-7, 'Thou seest what Azazel hath done, who hath taught all unrighteousness on earth and revealed the eternal secrets which were in heaven, which men were striving to learn.' Enoch 10:4-9, 'And again the Lord said to Raphael: Bind Azazel hand and foot, and cast him into the darkness: and make an opening in the desert which is in Dudael, and cast him therein. And place upon him rough and jagged rocks, and cover him with darkness, and let him abide there for ever, and cover his face that he may not see light. And on the day of the great judgement he shall be cast in the fire.' The desert? Isn't that where we suspect our women who have mysteriously disappeared with the strangers might be?

"Then Lewiston quotes from the bible, Leviticus 16:8, 'And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats; one lot for the LORD, and the other lot for the scapegoat.' He says 'scapegoat' is translated in the King James version from the Hebrew 'azazel.' Azazel is derived from two other words, 'ez' which means strong and obstinate and 'azal' which means to disappear or depart. Hence, 'Azazel' means the strong obstinate one who disappears.

"Oh, here's something else. They are talking about Isaiah 34:14, the one verse in the bible where Lilith, the screech owl, appears. The word 'satyr' also appears in that verse and Masterson is telling Lewiston that 'satyr' means 'devil goat' or 'Azazel.' Masterson also points out that the word 'desert' also appears in this verse, as in that is where these characters live. Pretty wierd!"

"What did I tell you, Kim?" Jack asked sardonically. "Where did I say we were going to find this Lilith and these Harley riding strangers who absconded with these beautiful women? The desert!"

"Yeah right, Jack," Kim replied sarcastically. "I'll believe that when I see it. Well, that's about it for these messages."

After many minutes of silence Sam expressed what he had been mulling over. "I don't know all that much about this Freemasonry business. But I have a friend who is very involved in anti-mason activities. We can talk to him some time if you want to. I do recall him telling me the Knights Templar in medieval times practiced phallic worship of the Baphomet goat god, also known as the goat of Mendes. Sodomy was supposedly a rite of the Templar initiation in those days."

"Kim?" Jack asked, "what was that crazy story Nathaniel was telling us about sodomy and the bible?"

"It went something like this. Due to subversive activity by the Nephilim, sodomy became prevalent amongst men in placed like Sodom and Gomorrha. Nephilim who survived the Flood, descendents of the fallen angels and Lilith and her sisters, particularly the Rephaim, developed an obsessive compulsion for sodomy. Nathaniel quoted the 19th chapter of Genesis, verse 1, 'And there came two angels to Sodom ...' God sent two angels to Sodom to see what was going on and they stayed at Lot's place. He quoted verse 5, 'And they (men of Sodom) came unto Lot, and said unto him, where are the men (angels) which came in to thee this night? Bring them out that we may know them.' The Sodomites wanted to engage in sodomy with the two angels. Then he quoted verse 8, 'Behold now, I have two daughters which have not known man ... ' Nathaniel began to rant at that point with 'what kind of knowing are we talking about here?' and such. He insisted Lot offered up his two virgin daughters to dissuade the Sodomites, but was turned down, because the Sodomites had such fond memories of past liaisons with the Rephaim."

"Ah, yes," Jack signed. "I'm taking a nap the rest of the way to Reno."

"Me too!" Kim chimed in. "I'm brain dead after all this."

"Would you two mind if I did too?" Sam laughed. "That's OK, I'm fine. I already took a nap today. I do every afternoon."

When Sam arrived in Silver Springs, not far from Reno, he stopped and called Tom Jordan, Deputy Chief, Detective Division, Reno Police Department, and told him they would arrive in about half an hour and to have the witnesses and everyone involved assembled in the late Dr. Lewiston's suite.

Tom Jordan met Sam, Jack and Kim in the lobby and filled them in on what had happened before they went up to the suite and talked to the others. "The murder of Dr. Lewiston was much like the murder of Dr. Masterson you told me about, Sam. He was found lying on the canopy bed by his secretary, Nancy Strong. All the blood had been drained from his body and his penis had been amputated. He met the perpetrator, this Lilith, in the casino. They soon departed for his suite. Lewiston's administrative assistant, Jerry Bannister, you will meet in a few minutes. He actually met this Lilith because he was still up in the suite working late when Lewiston brought her up."

Sam had been to this fabulous hotel casino before and had seen both the Safari Super Suite and Lewiston's, the Roman Super Suite. But Jack and Kim were quite impressed. The Roman Super Suite was a two-story penthouse of more than 4,000 square feet. There was a dramatic circular stairway, three luxurious bedrooms and five baths. The master bedroom had hand carved classic Italian marble statues of Roman heroes and gold gilded hand carved furniture. Two cast bronze lions were at the foot of the lavish canopied bed. The formal dining room had cut stone arches, marble columns and gold leafed Corinthian capitals and frieze rims, imported Italian Bottocino marble floors and walls with gold tile features and hand made mosaic murals. Some of the furniture in the living room had been removed and replaced with the computer equipment and office furniture.

Those present in the living room were Nancy Strong, the secretary, Jerry Bannister, the administrative assistant, and Sam's other good friend, Jim Doyle, the Washoe County Sheriff. Sam greeted Jim warmly and introductions were made all around.

"Jack," Tom said, "Jim and Sam and I have already discussed this. This is your show. You ask the questions. I suspect you can help us more than we can help you."

"OK, thanks, Tom. First, Jerry, are these pictures the woman you saw with Dr. Lewiston?"

"Yes, they sure are, Jack. No question about it. That's her."

Sam was quite startled by Jack producing the pictures that he did not know existed. He wasnít about to ask about them in front of the others and knew he would receive some logical explanation when then were alone.

"This may be repetitive and no doubt you have already told it to Jim and Tom, but tell me everything that happened from the moment she walked in the suite until the moment you walked out. What she was wearing. What she said. What Lewiston said."

"Well," Jerry began, "she did look like she looks in that picture except she was wearing a dress. Struts in here in a black short mini bandeau. No straps, all you could see were curves and it molded perfectly with her body and contrasted dramatically with her pale skin. A very beautiful woman but strange. I don't know how to describe it. She looked like somebody you wouldn't want to mess with, man or woman. Her platinum blonde hair looked like it looks in that picture." He pointed to the one where she was wearing the wig.

"Lilith, that's what you call her? Dr. Lewiston introduced her as Eileen MacGregor. She didn't say anything to me but 'hello' and I said likewise to her. Dr. Lewiston then gave me the high sign to leave and I did. The doctor brought women up to the suite before and I knew the routine. Beat it."

"Jerry," Jack interrupted, "what is in that safe over there in the corner?"

Jerry paused nervously before answering. "Confidential papers. Money. Contracts. That sort of thing?"

"Do you have the combination?"

"No, Jack, I don't."

"I think you do, Jerry, but it doesn't matter." Jack walked over to the safe. It was a DXF7234-TL-30, a little over six foot high and a little over two and a half foot wide. He was very familiar with this particular safe and it took him about five minutes to determine the combination and open it. Not much in it but papers and petty cash. After he did, Jack looked at him with a no nonsense glare. "Now, Jerry what was in that safe before this Lilith was up here in the suite? Before you answer, we know about the Golden Wedge of Ophir."

Jerry stammered, "How did you know about that? I didn't tell Sheriff Doyle or Deputy Chief Jordan. I wasn't sure if I should until I checked with Dr. Lewiston's partner."

"His partner? Who is his partner?" Jack demanded.

"Thomas Peterson," Jerry replied. "He called him his partner. They talked on the phone several times a day."

Jack looked knowingly at Kim. "I know Thomas Peterson. I spoke to him recently and I believe he is in Las Vegas at the moment." Sam looked puzzled. Jack looked at the Sheriff and the Deputy Chief. "Jim, Tom, when we get back Sam and I will talk to Peterson and find out what he knows about all this."

"Back to this Golden Wedge of Ophir, Jerry, tell us everything you know about it. Describe it. Are there pictures? Who did Dr. Lewiston get it from? And don't bullshit me because I know some of the answers already. I just want to see if you do."

Jerry began, "I don't know all the details about it. Dr. Lewiston didn't like me to ask questions. I only know what he chose to tell me or didn't prevent me from overhearing. He brought the Golden Wedge to the suite and put it in the safe on November 17, I believe the date was. He told me it was a rare piece he had recently purchased. I wasn't surprised because he was always searching for and negotiating the purchase of such artifacts. He often sent me on missions to acquire such artifacts on his behalf. He often stored the artifacts in this safe temporarily."

"This Golden Wedge was about two foot long and eight inches in diameter. It was the shape of a penis. An ancient phallic symbol I would guess although he didn't tell me about its history. It had a flat base and stood on end. The head of the penis was jade. The rest was gold. Embedded in the gold were literally hundreds of emeralds. The emeralds appeared to be very rare and valuable. Very light green. The lighter the green the more valuable the emerald; the fewer inclusions and less chromium which provide the green color. I just can't imagine what these emeralds were worth but I will tell you that ones of this quality are rarer and worth more than diamonds of comparable quality and carat weight. There are no pictures of this object, at least that I am aware of. That's about all I know about any of this."

"OK, Jerry, thanks. Nancy, do you have anything to add?" Jack asked.

"No, not really, Mr. Davis. I saw the Golden Wedge when the safe was opened just as Jerry did. I also never asked Dr. Lewiston questions."

Jack was anxious to depart. He didn't think much more could be learned here. "Is there anything else either of you two can think of that may have any relevance whatsoever to the murder of Dr. Lewiston?" Both shook their heads. "Well, thank you. I think that will be all for now."

Tom Jordan escorted Jack, Sam and Kim back down to the lobby. He asked, "You don't want to go to the morgue and view the body?"

"That's not necessary," Jack replied. You can fax us the autopsy report and whatever else you think we should see. Please have a computer expert go over all Lewiston's files and make sure there are no more e-mails or anything else of possible significance. And please get all the phone records made from the suite. I'll talk to Thomas Peterson and find out what he knows about all this. Thanks, Tom."

Sam again was surprised at Jackís abruptness and eagerness to leave but didnít protest. He thought Jack must have very good reasons and he most likely would hear them very soon.

As soon as they were in Samís Cadillac and headed back to Las Vegas, Jack expressed his extreme displeasure with Thomas Peterson. I knew that son of a bitch was not telling me everything. Wait until I get my hands on his fucking skinny neck."

"What the hell are you talking about, Jack?" You havenít told me everything.

"No shit, Sam. Obviously you wondered where I got the Lilith pictures but were too damn smart to ask right then and there."

"Sure was, Jack. Extraordinary pictures; quite a beautiful woman. But she does look rather deadly. Those eyes!"

"Those pictures were made from a video tape. Our Lilith set up the operation of the camera during an assignation with Governor Daniel Bridge. The sexual liaison was arranged by Thomas Peterson. The assignation took place the day after Miyuki Huang was murdered by our Lilith although Peterson actually met Lilith the same day Huang did, and in the very same place, Comdex. Although blackmail appeared to be the preliminary motive, Iím now not so sure. I think Lilith was much more interest in Thomas Peterson than she was Governor Bridge.

"Sam, I was planning to tell you all this but the Lewiston murder took precedent and I didnít want our attention diverted from that. Also, I wasnít sure how exactly how the Bridge assignation was connected to the Lilith murders, other than the incident involved Lilith.

"Kim, please tell Sam everything we know about the assignation with Governor Bridge and the involvement of Thomas Peterson. Iím tired of talking."

Kim proceeded to tell the entire story from start to finish. When she finished, she declared, "Our Lilith sure gets around. What a social life."

"Yes, she sure does," Sam agreed, rather mentally exhausted by the recent turn of events. "Well, at least we now have a motive; the Golden Wedge of Ophir. I wonder who she will try to sell it to, Jack."

"Our Lilith wonít try to sell it I donít imagine, Sam. It must be worth many millions but who would she sell it to? Anyone purchasing such an ancient and valuable artifact would certainly question how she came to acquire it. And what is she going to say? Murder and mayhem? No, I think she wanted it for some other diabolical reason. Money is not her objective. Yes, the Golden Wedge of Ophir is the motive for her murdering ways. Now I wonder what she plans to do with it. If we can find the answer to that, we might find her. And find her friends, these Harley riding Ďlocusts.í And find the women who have mysteriously disappeared. The plot thickens."

To Be Continued...


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