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Prey For Me
Pt. XIV: The Bait
by Dvora Sosan

Jack persuaded Kim to pick up Caitlin at McCarran International Airport. "It will give you a chance to get to know one another. I'm going to meet with the governor's daughter, Sal Bridge."

"Sure Jack, I'll go get her. I feel like I already know her quite well. Do you think Caitlin made reservations at a hotel?"

"I doubt it, why do you ask, Kim? Caitlin most likely assumes I will get her a room at my hotel, which I certainly will do if that's what she wants."

"My friends, Andrea and her husband, are on vacation and in Hawaii for two weeks. I have the entire house to myself. I thought Caitlin might like to stay with me."

"That's a good idea, Kim, see what she says about it."

Jack met Sal Bridge at the zoo, the Southern Nevada Zoological Park on North Rancho Drive. He had no idea why she would pick that spot and thought he just might ask her. Not much of a zoo Jack recalled, certainly not the likes of the San Diego Zoo. But then, Las Vegas is a gambling town he said to himself, with over 100-degree heat in the summer and not an environment suited to many animal habitats.

According to Jack's sources, Sal Bridge had an MBA from Stanford, worked as her father's administrative assistant and was extremely bright and talented. "Kind of a Hilary Clinton but with real beauty and brains," is what one of Jack's Republican friends joked. That friend also told him nobody called the lady Sally to her face except her family. To everybody else she was Sal or Ms. Bridge.

Jack greeted Ms. Bridge with "Hello, Sally." In return she gave him a look that could fry ice. Despite that, he considered her to be one of the most beautiful creatures God ever made. Tall, long blonde, almost white hair, and the milkiest skin he had ever seen. She could almost pass for an albino but for her eyes. The kind of skin that would never tan and Jack wondered about her past bouts with sun poisoning.

"Please, Mr. Davis," were the gorgeous lady's first words, "can we stand over there in the shade?" Sal had said to meet her at the Barbary Ape exhibit. She seemed fascinated by the tailless monkeys.

"See how they pout?" Sal pointed out. "A warning to keep your distance. See how their teeth chatter? They do this to calm down and make-up after confrontations. They are also known to eat their own kind.

"Cannibals, 'eh?" Jack responded. "I've been hearing a lot about cannibals lately."

"Yes, I know, Mr. Davis. You have been under electronic surveillance. By me. I'm rather an expert at it, actually. Nobody knows but me."

Jack was too shocked to say anything at the moment. His hotel room had been swept for bugs several times.

Sal took his silence as a sign to continue.

"Mr. Davis, no Jack, I think I know you well enough to call you by your first name, do you always sleep with your employees?

"Jack, the late Thomas Peterson paid you $25,000 on behalf of my father. Due to Mr. Peterson's unfortunate recent demise, you now deal with me. Here is another $25,000 to assure you we are even more interested than before to secure your assistance in this matter.

"Like I said, Jack, I bugged you. I know about your trip to Reno. I know about your meeting with the yakuza Nobura Isaka at the restaurant. I know what you know, at least what you have said you know.

"What I want to know now is what is your next move? Lilith has likely left the scene of the assignations since she now has what she wanted, this 'leshonah' or Golden Wedge of Ophir."

"Yes, Sal, I am afraid you are right. Lilith may be difficult to find. Until she surfaces again, I think the best idea I have at the moment is to get hot on the trail of these 'locusts' on Harleys who are causing the mysterious disappearance of the lovely ladies."

"Do you have a plan, Jack?"

"Yes, yes I certainly do, Sal. I plan to use bait. Caitlin and Kim."

"I want to be involved in this, Jack. Could you use me as bait also?"

"Funny, I don't really think you are asking, Sal, more like telling. It's your money and it's your call. This could be dangerous."

"I like dangerous, Jack."

"Kim is picking up Caitlin at the airport. I'll tell the three of you together my plan."

"That's fine, Jack. In the meantime, take me to your hotel room. I will remove the bugs. Since we are working together now, no need for that. Besides as you know it is quite illegal. I don't want to be tossed in jail and lose my panties, like what's her name, Binion's girlfriend."

When they got to the hotel and Jack opened the door to his room, Sal said, "Wait outside while I remove the bugs, Jack. This is top secret stuff. I don't want you learning all my tricks just yet, not until I am sure I can trust you. You come in the room in ten minutes."

Ten minutes later when Jack entered the room, Sal was in the bed. Her clothes were neatly folded on a chair.

"What do you think you are doing, young lady?" Jack asked in astonishment.

"Hey, Jack, I just want to show you what good bait I can be."

"Well, Sal, since you are paying for my time I don't suppose I can say 'no' now can I?"

Sal laughed and pulled the covers down, exposing her luscious breasts, and motioned for him to come on over.

Kim and Caitlin hit it off from the moment they set eyes on one another at the airport. Caitlin said she was starving and uttered, "Let's go to the Pamplemousse Restaurant, Kim. I've never been there but a friend told me it is the best French in Las Vegas."

"That's funny, Caitlin, Jack told me you do the best French in Vegas."

"Yeah, right, Kim, he said the same thing about you.

They both knew then that the other had been sleeping with Jack. Their knowing smiles told the other they had a mutual understanding that it was not a problem and not a barrier to their budding friendship. In fact, it bonded them closer together.

After Kim made a left turn on Swenson and headed north she handed her cellular phone to Caitlin. "Call Jack and tell him where we are going."

Jack just caught his breath after a most erotically intense hour with Sal when he picked up the phone. He and Caitlin exchanged very warm greetings.

"Caitlin, don't start talking about the case until we get there. Right, we. I'm bringing Sal Bridge with me, daughter of the governor."

Caitlin told Kim what Jack had said. "Kim, I wonder if Jack is sleeping with Sal Bridge."

"Probably," Kim replied with a silly grin.

"What up with the shit eating grin, Kim?"

"Oh I was just thinking about something Jack said. He was talking about the two of us. I believe his exact words were, 'Like Caitlin, you have a wonderful voice, Kim. I mean, awesome. You and Caitlin should form a duet, the Horny Girls or some such thing. Both of you play the flute quite well.' He is quite the comedian."

"Yeah, really. Hey, if we get bored tonight, let's go somewhere and do some karaoke."

Kim made the rest of her way to the Pamplemousse on East Sahara Avenue with ease. It was just a block east of the Strip and the Sahara and she had been there before. She decided not to tell Caitlin she was a culinary critic before she was an investigative reporter with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, but she knew Maitre D' John would surely give her away.

Kim was right. Maitre D' John swooned all over her as soon as they walked into the Pamplemousse. He led them to his best table and announced he would be pleased to be their personal waiter for the evening. He brought them a drink and they said they would wait until the others arrived to order.

Maitre D' John escorted Jack and Sal to the table fifteen minutes later. Caitlin pressed up against Jack and kissed him passionately, much to the surprise of Kim and Sal.

"Jack, you smell of another woman," Caitlin said innocently.

Jack looked sheepish and rather astounded by the boldness of her comment.

Caitlin broke out laughing, Kim smirked gleefully and even Sal began to smile.

"OK," Jack started, "Let's quit the monkey business, Sal will tell you about the Barbary apes, and get down to the real business. I'm not staying. Sam Hanson and I are leaving for a return trip to Reno in ten minutes. A loose end has surfaced up there on this Peterson murder. What I want you three to do is go over the case, in minute detail, particularly for Sal's benefit. Also, Caitlin, Kim will fill you in on what you haven't heard yet. Tomorrow morning I will call you from Reno and tell you the plan."

"How about telling us the plan, now, Jack?" Caitlin asked rather insistently. Curiosity killed the pussy if you get my drift."

"Let me say this, ladies. The plan involves bait for the trap. You three are the bait. Do you think you can, well, how should I put this, interest some Harley riding 'locusts' in your, 'uh, personalities?"

The three beautiful women looked at each other and began winking and making lewd gestures. Just then Sam walked in and Jack left with him.

Maitre D' John came back to the table shortly and asked if they ready to order.

"John, let us see the wine list, please," Sal requested. He obliged quickly.

"Hmmm," Sal continued, "Domaine Romanee Conti, 1977, and only $850 a bottle. Bring us three. This is going to be a long night. Hey, girls, dinner is on me. I just gave your Mr. Davis another $25,000, a few more thousand isn't going to make much difference."

Caitlin order the Norwegian salmon filet, seared with a fresh orange curry beurre blanc. Kim ordered the roasted duckling au poivre vert. Sal ordered the veal medaillon sause moutarde.

For three hours they thoroughly enjoyed their dinner and went over every detail of the case.

Finally, at Maitre D's John's fourth inquiry, they decided on desert. John brought the coupe maison for all three.

"How would you two like to spend the rest of the evening?" Sal asked. "Gambling, a show, dancing, what's your pleasure? Remember, this night is on me."

"None of that for me, thanks," Caitlin responded. "I'd rather just hang out with you two, talking or whatever."

"Yeah, I'll second that," Kim added. "Let's take a couple more bottles of this cheap wine and go to my place. Well, it's not my place, but my friends are in Hawaii."

An hour later the three had shed their clothes and relaxed in the Jacuzzi, sipping from the bottles they had brought with them from the restaurant. Kim had printed some stories from an erotic web site, Literotica, which they were reading.

"Now, keep both hands on the stories, girls, we don't want them getting wet," Kim chided. "And don't pee or cum in the water because the water will turn red. This Jacuzzi is protected by pee and cum detector, you know."

When they got out they toweled each other off, looking over each other's bodies and marveling how different physically they each were.

"Kim, you are so smooth down there," Caitlin whispered as she nibbled her ear and felt between her legs. "What are you using?"

"A depilatory called Magic. Best stuff I ever used; very mild. You two should try some. On second thought, maybe not." Kim paused as she admired Sal and Caitlin with her eyes and then with her fingers. Their nether hair matched the hair on their heads and she knew it wasn't from some bottle. Sal was so almost white blonde and Caitlin was so flaming red.

"Kim?" Sal asked, "do you have any toys?"

"No, 'uh, but I like toys. Do you have any, Sal?"

"This is your lucky day." Sal fetched her large purse and pulled out her toy, a thirteen-inch flexible double dong with a penis head at each end. "I call this dude Big Bob."

Caitlin and Kim squealed almost in unison and giggled uncontrollably.

They played with Big Bob and each other for hours. At one point Sal and Kim each had one end of the double dong inside herself and they were smacking their asses up against the other and keeping the good old boy from slipping out with their fingers. Caitlin began laughing hysterically.

"Uh, uh," Kim could barely talk, "what the fuck is so funny, Caitlin?"

"I dunno. OK, yes I do. I was just thinking about what a great advertisement this would make for racial harmony. With pictures. Big Bob brings a white girl and a black girl together, bumping butts. That's it! The cure for ending racial tension and discrimination. Big Bob!"

"Shut up, Doc, you stupid squaw!" Kim shouted.

"Kim, I told you the word squaw is of Algonquin origin that means prostitute or female genitalia."

"Yeah, well bring your squaw over here, girl, and I'll take care of it for you, again."

Caitlin did and slid under Kim who was still mostly connected to Sal by Big Bob.

Kim began to lick and kiss Caitlin's tattoo between her navel and her breasts. She was fascinated by the exotic blue-eyed wolf, and Caitlin was fascinated by Kim's darting tongue.

After Caitlin quickly climaxed, she explained the wolf. "I am of the wolf clan of the Seneca. The wolf thrives in a pack ruled by an alpha male and an alpha female who are the only ones who mate. All others are subordinate. Many famous Iroquois were tattooed, including Sa Ga Yeath Qua Piewth Tow. That chief was captured in all his tattooed glory at the court of Queen Anne in 1710 in a portrait by John Verelst. My tattoo is to show respect for the ancient traditions of the Iroquois, particularly the Seneca and the Mohawk, and it is a blue-eyed wolf because I am the alpha female."

Kim moved again into Caitlin's red forest and began to tease and tantalize. Ten minutes later when Caitlin was beyond the height of orgasm, Kim stuck her tongue as deep in her as she could when Kim in turn was banged up against by Sal. As Kim continued her different kind of tongue tricks, Caitlin began mumbling again in some Native tongue the other two couldn't understand.

"Hen, hen, hen!" Caitlin moaned. Kim and Sal later found out this meant "yes!" Caitlin bore down and grunted louder and louder with each probe by Kim's tongue and soon went over the edge in a powerful contraction of her whole insides which was very different than a clitoral orgasm.

Hours later they lay entwined in each other's arms in Kim's king size bed talking softly. "Hey, Caitlin," Kim asked, "you got that book, The Perfumed Garden of Sheik Nefzaoui, with you?"

"Yeah, it's in my suitcase."

"Well, go get it, and read to us will ya? That stuff is a riot."

Caitlin got up and retrieved the book. "I'll read some of my favorite portions I highlighted with my yellow marker.

"This is from Chapter Four, About Women Who Are To Be Held in Contempt ...

'And again to be despised is the woman of a sombre, frowning nature, and one who is prolific in talk; the woman who is light-headed in her relations with men, or contentious, or fond of tittle-tattle and unable to keep her husband's secrets, or who is malicious. The woman of a malicious nature talks only to tell lies; if she makes a promise she does so only to break it, and if anybody confides in her, she betrays him; she is debauched, thievish, a scold, coarse and violent; she cannot give good advice; she is always occupied with the affairs of other people, and with such as bring harm, and is always on the watch for frivolous news; she is fond of repose, but not of work; she uses unbecoming words in addressing her husband; invectives are always at her tongue's end; she exhales a bad odour which infects you, and sticks to you even after you have left her.'

"Kim," Caitlin paused, "now that reminds me of you!"

"Fuck you, Caitlin. Get to the good stuff. You know, the stuff those Harley riding 'locusts' read to the girls who up and vanished."

"OK, OK, let's see. This is from Chapter 5, Relating to the Act of Generation ...

'Woman is like a fruit, which will not yield its sweetness until you rub it between your hands. Look at the basil plant; if you do not rub it warm with your fingers it will not emit any scent. Do you not know that the amber, unless it be handled and warmed, keeps hidden within its pores the aroma contained in it. It is the same with woman. If you do not animate her with your toying, intermixed with kissing, nibbling and touching, you will not obtain from her what you are wishing; you will feel no enjoyment when you share her coouch, and you will waken in her heart neither inclination nor affection, nor love for you; all her qualities will remain hidden.'

"What do you suppose that is all about, girls?" Caitlin asked, "foreplay?"

"Pretty boring stuff," Sal concluded. "You mean to tell me these 'locust' dudes turned these ladies on with this drivel? Isn't there something a little more provocative in that book."

"OK, here's one you might like. From Chapter 6, Concerning Everything That Is Favourable to the Act of Coition ...

'Without kissing, no kind of position or movement procures the fullest pleasure; and those positions in which the kiss is not practicable are not entirely satisfactory, considering that the kiss is one of the most powerful stimulants to the work of love.

'I have said in verse:

The languishing eye

Puts in connection soul with soul,

And the tender kiss

Takes the message from member to vulva.

'The kiss is assumed to be an integral part of coition. The best kiss is the one impressed on humid lips combined with the suction of the lips and tongue, which latter particularly provokes the flow of sweet and fresh saliva. It is for the man to bring this about by slightly and softly nibbling his partner's tongue, when her saliva will flow sweet and exquisite, more pleasant than refined honey, and which will not mix with the saliva of her mouth. This manoeuvre will give the man a trembling sensation, which will run all through his body, and is more intoxicating than wine drink to excess.'

"You like that better, Sal?" Caitlin asked coyly.

"A little. I should read that to a few guys I know, what with all the times I've been fucked but not kissed. Where has all the romance gone?"

Caitin interrupted with, "I'm hungry!"

Kim replied with a slight bit of irritation, "Well go look in the refrigerator!"

Caitlin put the Big Bob dildo in her mouth and began sucking the head. "I could go for some pizza. Definitely with anchovies. I'm also in the mood for sucking cock. I always get that way after I've cum so many times I can't cum any more."

"Well," Sal said sarcastically, "you just take my Land Cruiser and go out and get some pizza or some cock or whatever it is you want. Just don't wake us up when you get back."

Kim added, "We are getting up early tomorrow. Jack will be calling and we don't want to be sleeping when he does. We do have a job besides a blowjob to do you know. You fucking squaws are crazy."

Caitlin got up from the bed, dressed quickly, picked up Sal's keys off the dresser and left. An hour later she was back with the pizza which which half gone. She slipped off her clothes and got back in bed with Kim and Sal and tried to snuggle up.

"Get your face away from me!" Kim blurted. "You smell like anchovies. And what is in your hair? It looks like cum. Oh no, you didn't?"

"Yeah, I did, but I'm not telling you, bitch. You won't even kiss me. You weren't so fucking shy a couple hours ago."

"Caitlin," Sal demanded, "now you tell us what happened.

"Well, there were these two cute guys in the pizza shop waiting for theirs. Freshmen at the local institution of higher learning just down the road. I ordered mine and then and sat and talked to them. Bright guys but geeks. They would have just died if they knew I was a professor. I told them I was a dancer at one of the hotel-casinos.

"So the pizzas are ready and I asked them if they wanted a lift back to their dorm. I pulled up to their building a couple blocks away and we are just sitting there gobbling down the pizza and talking and laughing. Really nice guys these two. I doubt either one had ever been laid but I wasn't rude enough to ask that." Caitlin paused and grabbed another piece of pizza out of the box and started chewing.

"Geez, Caitlin," Kim spat, "would you please just fucking tell us!"

"You may have noticed I was in such a hurry to go get the pizza I didn't put on my bra. These guys are just talking away about mostly nothing when I unbuttoned my blouse and gave them a gander. All the talk stopped. I put out my hand on the dude next to me, right in his crotch. Then I reached over and put my other hand on the other one, same place. I told them to get out of the truck." Caitlin paused again and took one more piece of pizza out of the box.

"I bid them goodnight and you should have seen the looks on their faces as they sulked away. Well, I let them go a ways and then called them back. They walked over to my side of the Land Cruiser and I got out. I pushed them both up against the truck, fondled their crotches again and asked seductively, 'Do coeds give good head?' The bulges in their pants got bigger and felt like they were going to bust right out. So I helped matters along. I unzipped them, pulled out their best friends and let them get some air." Caitlin stopped again. She was so stuffed now that she was just eating the anchovies off the pizza.

"Yeah, yeah, then what?" Kim urged.

"I kneeled and put them both in my mouth at once and sucked and slurped. And then I fucking bit them off and here they are!" Caitlin pulled out the Big Bob dildo that she held in the middle and stuck it in the faces of Kim and Sal and laughed so hard she was crying and gasping for air.

"You are one asshole bitch!" Sal screamed.

"Yeah, well," Caitlin responded, still struggling to maintain control, "this Lilith did bite off these dudes' dicks, didn't she? You two think you are super sleuths? Oh my, I also have some prime land in the Everglades I'd like to sell you two. And you two think you are going to find this Lilith? Good fucking luck!"

"That's why we have you along, Doc, "Sal replied. "Now snuggle up and get some sleep. I'll even put up with your anchovy breath if you shut up."

"Hey, Kim?" Caitlin asked softly, "can we change Big Bob's name?"

"OK, I'm renaming him Little Bob. I mean, I suspect these Harley riding 'locusts' are bigger than Little Bob."

"Well then, Little Bob it is and where is good old Little Bob, by the way?" Kim inquired.

"Half of him is between my legs. Anybody want the other half?"

"Shut the fuck up, Caitlin!" Sal raged and covered her head with a pillow.

"Now sleeeep, sleeeep, sleeeep, Doc," Kim whispered. "Your eyes are getting heavy, very heavy. No fucking wonder the white eyes like Sal sent all you redskins to the reservation. Let's get some sleeeep, pleeese."

Jack called at almost noon. Kim put him on the speak-phone. The three women had just woken and still lounged in the bedroom, wiping the sleepies from their eyes.

"Did you girls have fun last night?" Jack asked innocently. All he could hear was giggling in the background. "It sure sounds like you did."

"I have a lead on these Harley riding 'locusts' I do believe," Jack continued. "Several of the brothers of those who are seducing our ladies who mysteriously disappear have been frequenting a biker bar just outside of Reno. I'm going to pursue this lead further in the next couple days."

"Jack, do you want us to come up there?" Sal asked.

"Yes, but not just yet. Like I said, we need bait. You three are the bait. I want you to spend the next few days becoming biker babes. Have any of you actually ever driven a motorcycle?"

Caitlin looked at Kim and Sal and they indicated they had not. "Not Kim or Sal, Jack, but I have. I rode an old Indian all throughout the Allegheny Indian Reservation in western New York for years."

"OK, girls, this is what I want you to do. Go see an old friend of Joshua Marshall's named Spike in South Las Vegas. He is expecting you." Jack gave them the address. Spike will give you everything you need, Harleys, clothes, guns."

"I have a gun, Jack," Caitlin interjected.

"Yes, Caitlin, I remember the .357 Smith & Wesson 686 Plus L-Frame with the Altamont grips I found in your purse. Something a little smaller would be more appropriate. Something you can more readily carry on your person."

"OK, Jack," Caitlin answered, "we'll go see Spike and then head up to Reno in a couple days. See ya later and stay out of trouble until we get there." Jack hung up.

"Just what I always wanted to be, a biker babe," Sal joked. "This isn't going to do much for my image."

"Yeah, Sal, but you two can get some of those fake tattoos and be like me," Caitlin added with a chuckle.

"Caitlin," Sal asked seriously, "what did you mean by that comment that you 'rode an old Indian' I wonder? Is that some sort of sexual innuendo?"

"No, no, Sal. Indian is a motorcycle. The first actually. Before Harley-Davidson there was the Indian Motorcycle Company of Springfield, Massachusetts. They started up around the turn of the century. The two founders put engines on bicycles and raced them.

"My grandfather bought four Indian Military Model 841 motorcycles right after World War II. A little over a thousand were produced to compete with the German BMW's but they never made it to the big war because it ended. The cycles were sold as surplus right out of the Indian warehouse in Springfield for $500 apiece.

"My grandfather and father stripped down the Indians and they and my brother rode them in the woods. You know, dirt bikes. Sal, you got a lot to learn about motorcycles. This could take two years rather than two days."

"Caitlin, you are such a snotty bitch," Sal snapped in jest. "Teach me to ride and maybe I'll teach you a few things, like about Big Bob, or whatever his name is now."

"I wonder if we'll have to fuck and suck these biker dudes to get their attention?" Kim pondered aloud.

"Whatever it takes, right, girls?" Sal responded with a question.

"I wonder how these biker dudes seduced these women so easily?" Kim pondered again.

"It's up to us to turn the tables on them and do the seducing, it seems to me," Sal concluded.

"Well, let's go see Spike," the three said one after the other.

To Be Continued...


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