The Best Erotic Stories.

Prey For Me
Pt. XV: Biker Babes
by Dvora Sosan

The bait rode to see Spike in Sal's Land Cruiser. Obviously the three women would not fit very well in Kim's Miata. Caitlin mentioned the time she sat on Brett's lap in Jack's Mercedes SLK convertible.

"I'm looking forward to getting on a bike again," Caitlin reminisced. "It has been awhile. There is something about riding a motorcycle that makes me real horny. I don't know if it's the vibration I feel between my legs or just what. A real rush."

"What doesn't make you horny, Caitlin?" Kim asked sarcastically.

Caitlin ignored her and continued with, "I always had a nice bike. I started with a little pink tricycle with streamers on the handlebars and moved on to a red, white and blue two-wheeler with training wheels. When I was twelve, my grandfather, much to the chagrin of my mother, started me on little Yamaha dirt bikes. When I was fourteen he let me ride the real stuff, those old Indians."

Spike, an intriguing character, had wrinkled and tanned skin that looked like well-used leather and several prominent scars on his face. Quite fitting for an ancient ex-Hell's Angel. He purchased a Harley-Davidson dealership when he gave up the wild lifestyle, at the insistence of his new wife. He sold the dealership at a large profit and now he owned a little shop where he just rebuilt and reconditioned old Harleys when in the mood.

"What beauty pageant did you girls escape from?" were the first words out of Spike's mouth.

"Well, Mr. Spike," Caitlin blurted excitedly, "where are these Harleys we are gonna ride? Those?" She pointed to the three old Harleys that were sitting in the middle of the garage.

"The 'those' you are pointing to, missy, are a 1935 VLD Twin Carb TNT, a 1933 VLD 74 Special Sport and a 1938 UL 74. None are ready for the road yet. That one, the 1938 UL 74, cost around $400 brand-new in 1938. When I am done with it, $40,000 couldn't buy it. No missy, not those bikes, not for you girls. You get brand spanking new Harleys."

"Read my lips, Mr. Spike," Caitlin pouted, "just where are these brand spanking new Harleys we are gonna ride?"

"You can't ride a Harley in those clothes, young lady. I'll have to dress you girls properly first, I suppose."

"Hey, dude, I got my riding clothes in the overnight bag in the back of the Land Cruiser. If I put them on, will you show me my Harley?"

"Only if I can watch you change," Spike joked.

"No problem, Mr. Spike. With that scraggly hair and beard, you look like an old goat. Too old. If you ever touched me you know where I bet you would just up and croak. But I bet you still like to watch, honey, don't you?"

"Well, uh, uh, yes I certainly do," Spike stammered.

"Alrighty then," Sal added, "show us our Harleys and then you can watch us change. Promise."

Kim nodded in agreement and offered, "But Sal and I need riding clothes. We also need riding lessons."

"No problem, girls," I'll take care of all that. The Harleys are out back. Let's go take a look."

Caitlin let out a little squeal when she saw the bikes. "I'm getting horny just looking at these machines!"

"These are brand new ..." Spike tried to begin.

"Yeah, Softails," Caitlin interrupted.

Caitlin kicked off her high heels, slipped off her pantyhose and removed her blazer. She got on the red Softail, started it and took off in a cloud of dust wearing only a very short skirt and a halter top; barefoot and no helmet, illegal of course in Nevada.

Spike was in shock momentarily. "Well, I guess Caitlin picked out the one she wanted. These bikes are all the same except for the color. The one she just took off on was 'luxury rich red pearl' and I suppose that you, Kim, get the ‘vivid black’ one and you, Sal, get the 'white pearl' one." Kim and Sal nodded in affirmation.

"These Harleys are 2000 FLSTC Heritage Softail Classics. Here is your electronic speedometer with odometer and resettable trip meter. Here are your fuel gauge, oil pressure indicator lamp and engine diagnostic light." Spike spent the next two hours explaining every feature and the operating basics to Kim and Sal.

"OK," Spike continued, "when Caitlin gets back, we'll go for a little ride. I'll ride up on behind one of you and Caitlin can ride up on behind the other."

"You can ride with me, Spike," Sal insisted, "that Caitlin is too wacko for me." Kim started to protest but then just shrugged and laughed.

"Well, let's go get you girls some riding clothes. Caitlin already has hers so she said although she certainly didn't bother putting them on. I wonder where the hell she went?"

Kim joked, "She probably got busted by the cops!" Spike, Kim and Sal walked next door to a place called Spike and Son's Lewd Leather Emporium. Spike put the key in the door and let them in with, "We are not open for business yet. The grand opening will be in two weeks when everything is ready and we have fully stocked inventory. So what exactly do you girls need?"

"Everything Spike," Kim responded, "the whole works. You got to turn us classy ladies into down and dirty biker babes, and quickly."

"I can do that," Spike said, nodding his head like a woodpecker. "What should we start with?"

Kim unsnapped the front of her Australian oilskin waterproof washed back canvas overalls. It looked like a snowmobile suit except much lighter and more comfortable.

There wasn't much under the duster that covered almost everything until it came off except for, well, undergarments. Kim was wearing only a stretch mesh string bikini and matching demi bra. She was bulging out a little on the bottom and a lot on the top.

"Uh, uh, uh," muttered Spike quite dumbstruck, "what color is that skimpy outfit?"

"Honolulu Melon, Mr. Spike."

"What color are you wearing, Sal my dear?" Spike asked.

Sal was wearing a tweed skirt, matching jacket and cream silk blouse. Great outfit for a governor's administrative assistant but zilch in the biker and leather underground. She shed the garments quickly.

"Wildcat Blue I am wearing, Mr. Spike. Matches my eyes, right? I might also point out that the size of my top is 38 D as opposed to Kim's which is 36 C. Not important, just trivia, but here I'll show you." Sal slid the adjustable straps off her shoulders and unfastened the back close.

"Uh, uh, uh." That was all Spike could muster. He was beginning to sound like a broken record.

"Oh, fuck you bitch!" Kim screamed in jest. Why don't you brag about your tits, 'eh? Hey Spike, find her something fast to cover up those slut puppies with, will ya?"

"Uh, uh, OK. Here's a little something you might like." He pulled a black leather vest off the rack. It had a full collar, lapels and front zipper closure so one could show as much cleavage as one wanted. Sal tried it on.

"Awesome!" Spike cried. "Here are some matching leather shorts."

Sal slipped off her Wildcat Blue mesh string bikini and flung it at Spike. He sniffed it and began making panting noises. He couldn't help staring at Sal's neatly trimmed almost white triangle that matched the hair on her head.

"Dun, duh, da, daaang girl, you got some long legs," was all Spike could sputter as his eyes continued to focus on that particular center of attention.

"Spike," Sal chided as a precautionary measure, "you are foaming at the mouth. Now settle down a little bit here, boy. We don't want to be doing CPR on you, ya know."

"Why not, Sal?" Kim asked demurely. "I think he's kinda cute. I find older men incredibly attractive, full of wit and wisdom."

"Shut the hell up, Kim," Sal demanded with a smirk. "Spike here is older than dirt. One step away from a nursing home. He couldn't get it up with enough Viagra to kill everybody in Las Vegas."

"Yeah, Sal, I still say he's a cutie!" With that Kim pinched his cheeks and tickled his beard.

Kim slipped off her Honolulu Melon mesh string bikini panty and unhooked her matching demi bra and let it drop to the floor. She slipped on a pair of leather shorts and a vest like the one Sal was wearing, but she didn't bother to zip up the front.

"Hey sexy dude," Kim cooed, "how much for the vest and shorts?"

"Spike's eyes were rolling in the sockets and his tongue was hanging out like a very hot and thirsty dog. "For you, doll, nothing, as long as I can keep the panties and bra you were wearing."

"Hey, no problem Spikeroo, sounds like the real deal to me although I don't think they will fit you very well. Oh, by the way, you might want to wash them before you put them on. I been wearing them for two days. No time to do laundry lately."

Spike caught the panties Kim had flung at him, stuck them under his nose and took an exaggerated whiff. "I don't think washing them will be necessary. They smell just fine to me."

"OK, Kim," Sal interrupted, "what else to we need?"

"Some chaps, girlfriend. They are like, well, open in both the front and in the back. Show her, Spike." He fetched the black leather fancy fringed chaps. They had a front buckle and zippered sides that were obscured by the fringe. Braids hung from the waist of the open rear.

Sal slipped out of the leather shorts. "I want to see what these look like without anything underneath."

"Talk about showing some ass and some beaver," Kim snickered. "No need to get naked and cold. All you got to do is bend over."

"I think she looks lovely in the chaps," Spike offered, as he stared at Sal's behind showing through the opening.

"Here, Sal," Spike insisted, "you need these. He slipped the Bugz Tazar goggles with the silver lenses over her ears and adjusted the EZ Rider helmet on her head.

Sal picked out a nice pair of fingerless mesh gloves with leather palms. Before Spike put them on her, he began to slowly suck the middle finger of her right hand.

"Yum, yum, good. Where has that finger been, girl?" Spike inquired hopefully.

"Let me assure you, Spikeroo, some place warm and juicy. Here, I'll show you. All this leather is turning me on."

Sal lowered her hand into the large opening in the front of the chaps and stuck that long finger of hers Spike had been licking right up inside her. When she pulled it out a few moments later it was definitely glistening.

"Here, Spike, a treat for you. Taste it." He did and made a face like he just tasted caviar for the first time.

Next Sal picked out a pair of Chippewa 17" lace up motorcycle boots.

"Please don't put the books on yet," Spike begged. "You have the most exquisite feet I have ever seen."

"Would you like to feel them?" Sal asked. "I'll tell you what. You are so dang cool and nice I'll let you play with my feet. But for five minutes and that's it. I'm watching the clock over there. Absolutely nothing else but touching my feet because I don't want to be responsible for you dropping dead."

Spike began to massage Sal's feet when he was interrupted by Kim shouting at him.

"Who's that knocking at my door? Who's that knocking at my door? Spike, are you frigging deaf? There is somebody at your door. You better go see."

"Yeah, I'm sure it's my grandson, Woody, bringing over more inventory. I must have locked the door." Spike let his grandson in and Woody gazed upon Sal and Kim like he was looking at Penthouse.

"Hey," Woody remarked excitedly as he stared in particular at the opening in the front of the chaps Sal was wearing, "you babes are hot! What beauty pageant did you two escape from?"

"That's the same thing your grandfather said, Woody," Kim chided. "Did he give you lessons on how to win friends and influence girls?"

"Yeah, right," Woody boasted, "I talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to chicks. They call me the 'Babe Magnet' at school."

"What school?" Kim asked sarcastically, "kindergarten?"

"Woody, run out to my truck and get my tool box," Spike ordered.

When Woody walked out, Spike explained, "Please don't mind him. Just your typical very horny teenager with a big mouth. He has never had sex with anything but his hand. I'm the one he talks to about the birds and the bees. His mother is a holy roller and my son is a wimp. I promised Woody a real woman for his birthday next week, to break him in right and teach him all the right stuff. Hey, would one of you be interested? I'd pay you whatever you asked."

"No way!" Kim and Sal spat in unison.

"Well, do you know anyone who would be interested?"

"Maybe," Kim replied, "but it would cost you a grand, Spike. But she's worth it, very beautiful, and discreet and safe, if you get my drift. I doubt I could get you a discount. Dominique doesn't negotiate the fee for her services, but I probably could talk her into letting you watch."

"Yes! I like that idea. My grandson gets his first piece of ass and I get to see it all. Please, Kim, arrange it. In the meantime, when Woody comes back in, could you give him a little T & A show, like you do for me? Just to sort of tide him over until next week when he meets up with this Dominique."

"I dunno, Spike," Kim said with considerable uncertainty in her voice.

"Pretty please? If you do, you girls can have all the stuff you already picked out for free and you both can take one of those expensive leather jackets on the rack in front."

Sal and Kim looked at each other, shrugged and nodded.

Kim spoke first. "OK, we'll let him put the tattoos on us."

"The tattoos?" Spike asked.

"Yeah, Spike, biker chicks need tattoos. Ours just happen to be fake and you can't even hardly tell."

"Kim, he can put the tattoos on you," Sal corrected. "I didn't say I was doing tattoos.

As Woody came back in with the tool box and, Kim was slipping off the leather vest.

"Now, Woody," Sal queried, "how about you being da judge here?" She unzipped her leather vest so Woody could offer his opinion. "I was pointing out to your grandfather awhile ago that my breast are larger than Kim's. What do you think, Woody? Can you tell by just looking?"

Kim sat on a chair and beckoned Woody to come near and kneel in front of her. "Hers may be bigger but mine are firmer as you are about to find out, Woody. Put this butterfly tattoo right here on my left breast." She leaned over and stuck the boob in question right in his face. "Incidentally, these tattoos last about a week and are quite waterproof."

"No, Woody, not on my nipple!" Kim screamed at him. "Over here. Geez!" She grasped his shaking hands and helped him.

The girls could really notice the huge bulge developing in Woody's pants.

"Woody, you got a woody!" Sal joked. "Well, let's see the dang thing. Pull it out. Let's see what the 'Babe Magnet' has to offer the babes."

Both Sal and Kim were duly impressed but of course didn't say so. Woody did have quite the woody.

"Here, Woody," Kim instructed, "put this dolphin tattoo right here on the inside of my thigh."

"Woody, we already know you are a virgin," Sal whispered, "but just for another week until your birthday. So tell me, hasn't anyone ever sucked your cock?"

"Uh, uh, no, not yet. But I think I'd like that."

"Yes, I'm sure you would, Woody. You mean to tell me that none of those cute little cocksucking cheerleaders at your school ever gave you a blowjob?"

"Uh, uh, no, not yet. But I think I'd like that."

"Yes, I'm sure you would, Woody. What if I put your woody in my mouth? Woody, would you like that? You have a nice woody, Woody. What if I, well, maybe I'll just show you. Would you like that?"

"Yes, ma'am, I surely would."

"Oh, what the fuck?" Kim couldn't help interrupting, "now he's getting polite?"

"Stand up, Woody," Sal demanded.

Kim burst out laughing. "It looks to me like woody is already standing up."

Sal began to nibble and lick the head of Woody's woody. Then she slowly deepthroated him with one hand caressing his balls and the other hand playing with his bum. His knees began to buckle and he was very unsteady.

"OK, Woody, we better get you off your feet before you collapse." Sal relaxed on her back on the plush oriental rug on the floor.

"Woody," Sal continued, "kneel behind my head. Put your woody in my mouth. Kim, go get that thirteen inch double-dong Little Bob. I stuck it in my purse. Stick it in me while I'm doing Woody."

Woody eagerly did as he was told and so did Kim.

Kim began to lick and nibble the inside of Sal's thighs through the open crotch of her thighs while giving her a liberal application of Little Bob. Sal controlled Woody's woody with her hands and mouth such that he wouldn't cum, at least not until she had gotten off due to Kim's ministrations. Sal had a nice whimpering and moaning orgasm, not one of her yelling kind but not too bad. Kim then used Little Bob on herself as she watched Sal finish the job.

"Hurry up!" Kim yelled at Sal. "Spike doesn't look too well. I don't know how much more of this watching his dear old heart can take."

"OK, Woody, you heard her. Hurry up now, honey," Sal purred. "Now you can fuck my mouth hard. Go for it!"

Woody did what he was told. In about what seemed like a minute later he pulled his woody out of Sal's mouth and shot loads of cum all over her face and into her mouth which she kept wide open. He didn't make much noise which is true of most teenage dudes who are so used to secretly jerking off five times a day. Woody did have a cute look on his face, like a puppy dog who just got petted.

"Woody, did you like that?" Sal asked sardonically.

"Yes ma'am and thank you, ma'am," was all Woody could muster.

"Sal," Kim mused sarcastically, "if only your father the governor could see you now with cum all over your face."

Woody laughed and seemed rather proud of himself.

"What the fuck are you laughing at Woody?" Sal spat. "You are lucky I didn't bite that damn thing off like our Lilith does. How would you like to have to pee sitting down?"

"Hey, Spike!" Kim blurted, "somebody is knocking at the door again."

"Oh, shit, it's Woody's mother, the holy roller. Zip it up, Woody, quick!"

"Hello, Ethel," Spike greeted as he let her in. "This is Sal and Kim. They are our first customers, sort of an advance sale."

Sal sat on a chair, zipped up her vest and crossed her legs so Ethel couldn’t see what the chaps were not covering. Kim quickly slipped on her overalls.

"Woody," Ethel scolded, "get home right now. Your calculus tutor will be arriving in a few minutes. That's all I wanted. Woody, what’s that stuff on your pants, mayonnaise? You are so sloppy." Woody ran out and his mother followed.

Just as the mother and son were leaving, Caitlin was arriving in a cloud of dust similar to the one she stirred up when she left hours ago.

"Where the hell have you been, Caitlin?" Kim demanded.

Caitlin ignored the question and instead asked one of her own. "What's been going on here? I see you two got into some riding clothes. Sal, you might want to put something on underneath those chaps. You are gonna get butt burn."

"What's been going on here, Caitlin," Kim explained, "is that Sal here just gave Spike's grandson, Woody, the dude that just ran out with his mama, one incredible blowjob."

"Yeah, right, Kim," Caitlin replied while rolling her eyes, "you are just trying to get me back for that pizza and blowjob story I told you guys. Let's get the show on the road. It's time for some riding lessons."

"Caitlin," Kim persisted, "I asked you where you were. Now spill your guts. And I’m not jiving you, Sal just sucked off Spike’s grandson Woody."

"Oh, really? And did she pretend she was ‘the Yellow Rose of Texas’ and he was Santa Anna I wonder? You are such a bullshitter, Kim."

"OK, don’t believe me, Caitlin, but where the hell were you?"

"I went to the fucking library, what did you think?"

"Ya know, Caitlin, you really talk like a doctor of philosophy or whatever it is you are."

"OK, OK, I went to the gas station just two blocks away, on the corner. I like to show a little leg when I’m cruising. Just adds to the fun. I also like to ride topless on occasion and I don’t mean without a helmet. Not that I want to cause accidents or anything so I pick my spots. My favorite scene is pulling up to a gas station and pumping my gas topless. Then I walk up to the door, stare at the ‘No Shirt – No Shoes – No Service’ sign, whip on my top and go in and pay. That’s exactly what I just did at that gas station down the street."

"Oh, bullshit, Caitlin, you are so full of shit."

"Hey, hey, hey," Sal interrupted, "what’s this, a bitch fight? I did blow Woody, Caitlin. Just practicing, ya know? What do you think we are going to have to do to these Harley riding ‘locusts’ to get their attention do you suppose? Cook them dinner?"

"Girls, girls," Spike pleaded, "let’s go for a ride on your new Harleys. OK, I’m with Sal and Caitlin, you are with Kim."

The four of them spent the next five hours practicing on the Softails. Kim and Sal seemed to get the hang of it quite quickly. The only complaint that could be heard was from Sal, "Dagnabbit, Spike, quit squeezing my tits so hard. I’m trying to drive here, ya know?"

The girls had mastered the Harleys; it was time to see what they could with the pistols. Spike fetched the three Glock 26 mini-pistols.

As soon as Caitlin saw them, she started yapping. "Glock 26. Nine milimeter. Ten round magazine. A little over six inches long and four inches in height. Weighs just a little over a pound without the magazine. Mostly plastic. Hey, girls, just imagine where you can hide one of these little suckers."

"Caitlin," Spike asked, "why don’t you take Kim and Sal to the shooting range? Here, I’ll write down the directions. See what they can do with these Glocks. I’m going to call Mr. Davis and tell him you all are just about ready.

Two hours later the girls returned. "We got Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane with these two, Spike," Caitlin joked. "Shit, they can hit anything, as long as they are about a foot away."

Spike ignored Caitlin and gave his report. "Mr. Davis said to practice your singing and then get your sweet asses on up to Reno. He has a gig for you at a biker bar where the perpetrators, he said you’d know what that meant, hang out. You are supposed to be a new biker babe version of the Dixie Chicks I think he said. Hey, do you girls do Goodbye Earl by chance? I like Dennis Franz."

"Do dogs bark, Spike?" Caitlin warbled a few verses.

"Goodbye Earl. We need a break. Let’s go out to the lake Earl. We’ll pack a lunch, and stuff you in the trunk, Earl. Is that alright? Good! Let’s go for a ride, Earl. Hey!

Well, hey hey hey! Aww hey hey hey! Well, hey hey hey!"

"Now Spike, just for you, we’ll do our new tune, Goodbye Spike."

"Goodbye Spike. Take a hike on a big bad Harley bike.

Well, hey hey hey!

Goodbye Spike. We no like.

Well, hey hey hey!

Spike, if you don’t chill, We’re gonna make you road kill.

Well, hey hey hey!"

"Ok," he finally managed to say weakly after the giggling died down, "I have a little present for you girls, besides the stuff you stole from me.

Spike brought out the red leather motorcycle jackets with fringe and conchos.

"Oh, Spike, these are awesome!" Kim exclaimed as the other two girls nodded and tried them on.

"OK, girls," Spike concluded, "tomorrow, besides practicing your riding and shooting just a wee bit more, you are going to practice your singing. Meet me here again first thing in the morning. I have another little surprise for you."

"Sal?" Kim asked, "Caitlin and I sing, quite well we have been told. Can you sing?"

"Yeah, I do a little deepthroating. Didn’t I just demonstrate that with Woody?"

"We’ll get you a guitar, Sal," Caitlin chimed in. "That or a skin flute. You can lip sync."

Hot, sweaty, sore and tired, the girls shucked off their clothes and jumped in the Jacuzzi as soon as they got back to Kim’s place.

"Kim," what’s in that can you set by your towel?" Sal asked, overwhelmed with curiosity.

"Here, catch!" Kim flipped the gold can to Sal. "That’s the Magic. You know, the stuff that makes me smooth in the nether world. I’m going to use it in a minute. You can watch if you like, just in case you might want to try it."

"Ouch! How in the hell do you get this top off?" Sal had tried to pry off the top with her fingernails and broke two.

"You got to use a screwdriver or knife, Sal."

"Thanks, now you tell me. Do you think I should try it? Not the screwdriver, I mean the Magic, on my pussy."

"Well, Sal," Kim replied, "did you see that commercial where these two girls are at a convenience store try to decide to spend their last few dollars on Magic or Bud Light? Now Anheuser-Busch has a new Bud Light slogan, ‘Soooooooo Smooth!!! Men prefer blondes but they like smooth even better.’ Who believed that ‘I love you man, but you’re not getting my Bud Light’ bullshit anyway? Does that answer your question, Sal?"

Sal ignored Kim and directed her attention to Caitlin. "What are you reading, Caitlin?"

"This is a Jehovah’s Witness publication entitled The WATCHTOWER. It was lying on the coffee table. Kim must have received a visit.

"What has you so absorbed? You haven’t said anything for ten minutes?"

"Coincidentally, I’m reading this article about Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and this Magic stuff. They exchanged letters regarding the matter. I’ll read what it says to you …

‘My Dearest Mary Magdalene, November 25, 0031

I’m happy you tried shaving. It makes me so horny just thinking about it. Your shaved pussy is absolutely wonderful to see, to touch, to massage and to lick - it is the ultimate turn-on for me and I can not wait to just look and admire it once again, as it is something I think about all the time.

You complained about the stubble and shaving bumps. Try Magic the powder. It was invented by quite the rascal, Ezequeel, one of the fallen angels. Magic will remove your hair below the skin surface without causing any bumps. It will make your hair, when it does grow back, much softer, thinner and less sharp. No more Brillo pads for me!

Love, Jesus

"And here is Mary’s reply …

‘My Dearest Jesus, November 25, 0031

The Magic worked great! But the angel who brought it insisted on applying it himself with his tongue. What’s up with him? He kept making me drink this red milky stuff he called Angeldew. Yeow and what a rush that stuff gave me, and then, well, never mind. That Ezequeel sure made me squeal!

The new me, now that you solved the stubble trouble, is really cool. And I do mean really cool. Hurry up and get back here warm me up. Sweet Jesus I can’t wait!

Love, Mary Magdalene (keeping it smooth just for you!)’

"So this Magic has been around for awhile, ya know, girls," Caitlin joked.

"You are so full of shit, Caitlin!" Kim yelled. "Really, what are you reading about?"

"Here, Kim, you read what I marked, since you never fucking believe me. Like I said, and like you can see from the cover, this is a Jehovah’s Witness publication, The WATCHTOWER."

Kim read what Caitlin had marked. "The disobedient materialized angels had sexual relations with women, and the women bore children. These were not ordinary children. They were Nephilim, half human and half angel. The Bible account says: ‘The Nephilim proved to be in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of the true God continued to have relations with the daughters of men and they bore sons to them, they were the mighty ones who were of old, the men of fame. (Genesis 6:4).’ Caitlin, that Ezequeel you mentioned, I remember him. One of our perpetrators."

"Yes indeed, Kim. Ezequeel is the ‘locust’ who seduced and disappeared with Alicia Dunn in Salt Lake City. She is the wife of a polygamist who is one of the main spiritual leader of the Latter-Day Church of Christ."

"Hey, Caitlin," Sal proposed, "I’ll try the Magic if you will. I bet these Nephilim or ‘locusts’ or whatever the hell they are like smooth pussies just like Jesus. I mean, they are Sons of God, too, right?"

"OK, Sal, let’s do it. Kim, you are our leader here."

They got out of the Jacuzzi and each sat on a towel on the floor.

Kim mixed up the entire contents of the can with water. "Hey, it only costs $1.99 a can. I want to make sure we have enough." Once she had a creamy paste, she began to apply it. "OK, now you leave it on for five minutes and then remove it with the edge of this spatula."

Half an hour later they were each licking very smooth pussies.

"Caitlin?" Sal asked hours later as they were near sleep, "I’m not particularly religious, but do you think what we just did is sinful, according to the bible?"

"Which bible? Each one says something a little different. Nobody truly understands ‘the bible’ I don’t think. It is important to translate passages back to the original languages to determine the meaning.

"To answer your question," Caitlin continued, "there is little in your bible that prohibits a woman being intimate with another woman. Are we really to believe that Solomon and others with multiple wives and concubines never did a threesome or foursome? Now, a 300some might be a stretch. Picture this - the king spends the night with the five of his wives who are currently ovulating. The king takes care of business with one, and while he rests for a short spell, he watches the five ladies ‘play’ with each other. Do you really think this guy needs to spend $10 for a Viagra pill? The fivefold results of the activities of the evening make an appearance nine months later.

"And what about Onanism? Did you ever hear one of those ‘God will strike you dead for masturbating sermons? What Onan did that so displeased God was not marry Tamar, his dead brother’s wife, as he had been commanded. Had Onan done as he was told it certainly would have avoided the Tamar ‘playing the harlot’ tomfoolery that resulted in the breach and the scarlet thread which eventually confused the issue of the lineage of Judah."

"Caitlin," Sal interrupted, "OK, I believe you. Now, would you please go down on me one more time?"

"Only if you do me at the same time. What about Kim? Oh, not to worry, she fell asleep."

"I’m just disappointed, Caitlin, that what we are doing is not wrong, because I was hoping you would spank me for being a bad girl."

"I’ll spank you anyway. Get your cute little ass over here on my lap."

"Yeow!" Sal squealed.

"Sorry! You have such a pretty ass, kind of pear-shaped."

"Well kiss my ass then!"

"I’ll do better than that. This is called a black kiss."

Sal moaned in ecstasy as Caitlin spread her cheeks and inserted her tongue. An hour later they fell asleep with their heads between the other’s legs.

To Be Continued...


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