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Penny For Your Thoughts
by Sexy Eyes

There I am, sitting at my desk at work, the office quiet, everyone is working on their quotas and I am distracted by the little blond sitting right in front of me, she's wearing a long black skirt with a slit on one of the sides, her legs crossed reveiling her left leg, her leg so long and slender, I can't stop thinking about what it would be like to have her legs wrapped around my head while I stick my face in her crotch, licking her pussy...making her squirm in that chair, making her moan with the desire that I am giving her.

Lost in a daydream, she catches me staring right at her crotch. I blink to get out of it, and I start to come back to reality, she smiles at me, I put my head down from embarrassement, smiling. I know that she she knows now...and the thought of this makes me real wet. I am wearing a black knee high skirt, black stockings, and a black garter...of course no panties. My freshly clean shaven cunt is real smooth and real wet right now since I couldn't keep my eyes off her legs and crotch. I look over to her again to find her legs uncrossed, now slightly spread, reveiling her pussy to me. She is also clean shaven and I can see just a thin strip of pubic hair down the middle. I can't keep my eyes off this bitch. She is such a fucking teaser and she knows it...I see her hand go from holding a ink pen to her snatch, she spread her lips apart, ran her index finger up and down her slit. I looked at her face at that moment and saw the pleasure in her face...I thought to myself, "damn she's just like me"

Looking at her face, back down to her cunt, I saw her hips swaying back and forth slowly as her fingers ran up and down her now obviously wet slit. I found myself closing my eyes, thinking about her and I fucking somewhere in this office. "But where?" I think to myself, finally I decide that there is a single washroom for disabled people on the other side of the main woman's washroom. I have never been in there, but I am certainly going to go...I write her a little note saying: "meet me in the single washroom in 10 minutes" I get up, and I can feel the juices from my cunt leaking down my leg, proceeding to walk, I drop the note on her desk, and keep walking towards the washroom.

I get into the washroom, not very classy looking, but right now I am so horny that I would take her anywhere...I start to undress myself, touching myself as I do, my nipples rock hard, sticking right out...ready for her mouth to suck on them. My skirt falling off just as fast as my blouse did, I sit on the toilet, spread my lips apart and take out of my purse my favorite blue jelly vibrator...I then turn it on low speed, and put the tip of the head right on my clit. I sway my hips back and forth; slowly, and rest my head back, licking my lips, pinching my already very hard nipples, and then I hear a knock on the door. I turn the vibrator off, and go open the door.

There she is...smiling at me. I grad her hand and take her inside...I shut the door behind her and pin her up against the door. My lips meeting hers, we kiss...our tongues encircling around one another...tasting each other's saliva. Undoing her blouse while I kiss her neck, and shoulders, she is very horny just as I am right now. Dropping her blouse on the floor, I undo her brassiere...I stare at her eyes for a moment or two, then proceed to inspect her breast. They are nice and full, perfectly round light brown hard nipples. Cupping her tits in my hands I suck on her nipples one by one, pulling gently on them at the same time. Moans of pleasure come out of her mouth...she takes a chunk of my long hair in her hand and starts to pull gently on it...making me suck a little harder as she does so. I then, proceed to kiss her stomach, and navel...making circles around her pretty pierced navel, I pull down her skirt. I start to play with her cunt with my fingers. Running MY fingers up and down her slit now...instead of her teasing me, I'm gonna tease her for a little while.

"do you like that baby? You like having my fingers up your snatch?"

"oh fuck yeah..." she says, moaning

"then get on the toilet slut"

As she sits on the toilet, I spread her legs far apart and take my vibrator, and start to tease her hard love button with it. Her legs resting on my shoulders, I feel them shake as I put a little pressure on her clit.

"how's that baby? You like that don't you? Want me to put the speed up more?"

"oh fuck no, please...I am gonna cum in no time if you do, please Sonia...DON'T" she says

But it was too late...I put the speed up to medium by the time she begged me NOT to. The moans and groans were getting a little too loud now...I am sure that if someone were to walk by that they would surely hear her. Now I wasn't going to have that. I had to find a way for her to stay quiet. The only thing I could come up with was for her to have her mouth busy doing something...either to me or to someone else. But right now I was feeling quite greedy and wanted her all to myself.

I turned off the vibrator and told her to lay down on the floor. I spread our clothes on the floor to keep her back and ass from getting cold. Without thinking about it, she layed down on her back...and I wanted to get sucked off BAD...I sat on her face, facing her cunt. I told her to lift her pelvic up a little higher so I can reach her cunt with my hands....I wasn't going to bend down and get into the 69er position. She did so...her nice cunt up in the air...I could easily reach her cunt with my fingers. Her mouth was all over my cunt...I could feel her tongue deep inside my tunel. She gave good face...moaning a little louder I started to press my cunt on her face some more...I took the vibrator again and ran it on her slit...spreading her juices all around...making her nice and wet even more than she already was. I then, put the head of the vibrating dildo in her cunt. Damn it was tight too. Such a pretty girl and such a tight cunt. I love that. Thinking about that made me put the dildo deep inside her wanting pussy in one shot...her pelvis jumped up from the feeling. The vibrations in her cunt, and my moans...her tongue flicking really fast on my hard clit, making me extremely wanting to cum all over her face...

Pumping the vibrating dildo real fast into her love tunel, both of us moaning like two little whores in heat, we both forget to stay we really don't care about who hears us. "Let them" I thought to myself, as the cum was coming closer and closer from the feeling of her talented tongue on my cunt, and clit. I took out the virator of her cunt and broke my own promise...I knew she was almost about to cum, so I started sucking her clit real fast and real hard...both our hips bobbing up and down to the sensations we felt.

"oh fuck you bitch, I'm gonna cum" I said to her

moaning louder now through sucking in my juices she said "oh me too Sonia...fuck oh yeah here it comes..."

As she said that, I knew it was time...the moment was so intense.

"ohhhh take it all baby...ahhhhhh fuckkkkkk" I moaned out

Both of us cumming in each other's mouth and faces...what a nice thought. We exploded all over one another...the orgasms lasted about 5 minutes...she wouldn't let go of my clit, nor would I let go of hers...the juices were all over my face and hers...

I got off her, layed down beside her...touched her face with my hand, softly, and kissed her beaytiful full lips. Tasting our own cum from each other's mouths. I started carressing her tits...

The kiss lasted a good 10 minutes...and as our lips came apart I told her "you know baby, I have wanted you since I met you" she responded back to me "I have wanted you since I met you too, Sonia" That being said, we both got up and got dressed. Then we walked out of the washroom and went back to our desks. No one was left. We realised that we had gone in there as the shift was almost we were now all alone in the office together. Which made us both very happy.

"so, wanna go out for dinner baby?" she asked me

"mmmmmm sure thing baby...let me just get my purse and we are out of here"

"good, so then afterwards we'll go to my place? And I can take good care of you like you took care of me today?" she asked me

"it's a date baby...let's go"

We walked out of the office, and proceeded to go to our cars...

To Be Continued...


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