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Pool Game
by AnonGLNV

I've been a model for two years now and I basically just do neighborhood newspapers and stuff. I've always been proud of my 36-24-32 figure, but lately the jobs just stopped coming. So I took up baby sitting. It was all really routine, I baby sit a twelve-year-old boy, he spies on me changing, I get fired for being a slut. Except one time...

I got a job babysitting an 11 year old boy, and I had just put him to bed for the night when his older brother and his three other friends came in. They had been at the local mall and had returned to spend the night. I couldn't help but notice these juicy 18 year olds were very sexy, and they noticed the same about me immediately.

We began talking and the conversation led to boredom, so we decided to go play pool in the attic. We played a game called Screw Your Neighbor, where each member takes three balls, and when his or her balls are knocked in, they are out. I got out in the first minute. So we made a deal, after every person got out, they were allowed to go with me into the adjoining room to make out, but the winner got to spend the night with me.

I waited in the room and about three or four minutes later a boy named David entered. He was very tall, at least 6 foot 10, with brown curly hair and long side burns. I found out he was a swimmer, which gives an accurate description of his body. He immediately plunged in and gave me a deep long kiss, I felt his tongue seperate my lips as he dove in. I yanked at the bottom of his shirt and pulled it clean off of his body, showing his rippled stomach and firm chest. His hands wandered to my chest and he slowly unbuttoned my blouse. It fell off of my back, leaving my braless tits in the wind. I could tell by his shaking hands and clumsy kisses that he was a virgin. His mouth found my tits and he sucked and sucked. I pushed him away and fell to my knees, tugging at his belt until it came free. His blue jeans fell to the floor, leaving a bright red pair of boxers present. I pulled them off with one tug and clenched ahold of his dick. It was huge, probably 10 inches long, and very sexy. I pushed as much of it as I could into my mouth and began to suck. I prided myself as being excellent at blow jobs, and credited that to becoming a model. I sucked and sucked and almost instantly he came. He was moaning, his voice cracking, and I reached down with three fingers to please myself. I ripped away my panties under my skirt and fingered the fuck out of myself. I was soon soaking wet with my cum all over my hand and legs, and his cum seeping from the corner of my mouth. I kept sucking until he was ready to pass out and he fell to the ground in a stupor.

The next ones to come in were the two boys who tied for second place. One boy, Ryan, was extremely tall, at least 7'0'', and very skinny. He immediately took off all of his clothes, and I was surprised his dick didn't hit the floor, it was huge! He saw me there naked now, my skirt pulled up around my tits so as to please myself, the lifeless David at my side, and he was automatically turned on. His mighty foot- long sprang to attention as he stroked it lightly with his left hand, and licked his fingers on his right, so as to massage his nipple. I looked to the other boy, Mike, and I was in love. His shirt was off along with his pants, but a smart pair of blue briefs still clung to his waist. Ryan came up behind me and proceeded to reach around and massage my tits. I begged for Mike to come over. He was a rippling wrestler with an adorable limp that made me wet just thinking about it. He walked over to me and I screamed, for Ryan had just entered my ass with his enormous shaft. The head slipped easily in, but the rest would have to wait. He still proceeded to thrust. I reached up and pulled Mike's briefs down. I began to wonder if these kids chose friends according to dick size, because I was impressed. He automatically shoved it into my mouth. He was a virgin as well, and my patented blow job would be just enough to put him out. I pulled the skin back off the head of his massive cock and began to suck my brains out. He must have been a masturbater, because he came after a good five minutes, but was soon laying on the ground next to David. I turned upside down as Ryan thrust into my pussy.

The first place winner, Brian, walked into the room as I blacked out. I had never had a dick as big as Ryan's, and I couldn't handle it. I woke up in Ryan's arms in the boys' parents bed.

Now it's two years, and 47,000 fucks, later and I'm still in his arms. But now I can support little big Ryan too.

This is a true story. Please send questions and comments to me!

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