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Porn Hazing
by SM402

"I don't think you should do this Jimmy, I mean there is a lot more to it than you think," said Buck as he walked with Jimmy towards his office.

"Look man, what could happen, it's porn, what, I go fuck a girl, and that's it, what's so hard," answered Jimmy.

"There's a lot more too it, especially at first, but you know what, if you wanna go ahead and do it, go ahead, it's you life," said Buck as they both sat down in his office.

Buck was a big porn director who had this friend, Jimmy, who wanted to be in his next movie. Buck had several reasons to try to dissuade Jimmy but he knew that no matter what, Jimmy was somehow going to be in this movie, so he just finally agreed to just let him be in the movie and told him to show up at the taping the next day.

Jimmy showed up the next day, and as soon as he went in he was knocked out with a large steel rod. The next thing he knows he's on the ground, with a headache, tied up, in a completely dark room. Jimmy tried to scream but after several failed attempts he just gives up.

"Shut up rookie," said a deep voice from the corner of the room.

"Yeah, you tell him Jake, stupid rookie, thinks he can take the porn business, we'll see," said another voice, this one from a woman, towards the same direction as the guy.

Suddenly a bright light turned on, blinding Jimmy for a while, then as he got adjusted to the light he noticed that there were two guys and three girls. Both of the guys only had their underwear on, while the girls were all wearing thongs with a tight sports bra.

"Look at him, he's all scared, poor thing, but hey, we all went through this, let's see if he's got what he needs," said one of the girls, this one with blonde hair and huge tits.

"True, so what should we do first," said one of the guys, this one was a middle sized, middle built, guy.

"How 'bout we get him naked," said the second girl, this one was an Asian girl with perky tits, and a nice firm ass.

"Yeah let me go ahead and take off all the shit he had on," said the second man, this one a tall, very muscular, dark-haired guy.

The man approached Jimmy and ripped off his shirt, snapped away his pants, then tore off his underwear to leave him completely naked in front of all five strangers. All five of the strangers just looked at him for a while then the third girl came up to him, this one had brunette hair and had a great ass and tits.

"Well let me tell you why your here first, you see, everybody who is in the porn business had to go through a one day training session, which is why all five of us are here, and this will should prepare you better for this business," the brunette girl explained to Jimmy.

"Okay, so what's up with the ropes," asked Jimmy.

"The ropes are there because if they weren't you wouldn't be able to go through with this," said the blonde guy.

"First we got to warm you up dude, Kandy (speaking to the blonde haired girl), pass me one of the dildos," said the brown haired guy.

"What the fuck do you think you're going to do with that, I'm not taking that shit, noooo," screamed Jimmy and the blonde guy turned Jimmy over while Kandy put the dildo up Jimmy's ass.

Jimmy was in obvious pain as Kandy pushed the 8' inch dildo up his ass, this was the first time Jimmy had ever had anything up his ass. He kept on screaming until he noticed that the other's didn't care and then he slowly got adjusted to the foreign object in his ass.

"I think he's getting used to it, why don't you check on it Karla (the Asian girl)," said the blonde haired guy (Jake).

Karla headed over to Jimmy and then nugged at the dildo and nodded yes to the rest of the crowd. The all looked at each other, conversed with each other, and decided it was time for the next step.

"Okay Jimmy, in the porn business you are expected to play several roles, not just with girls, but with guy's, so when you get into this you are expected to be able to go both ways," explained Travis (the brown haired guy).

"Hey I don't wannna do any of that gay shit, get me out of here," screamed Jimmy.

"Sorry dude, you were warned and you didn't listen, and you have to go through this, and hopefully by the end, you won't even think twice before doing this," said Travis as he signaled for the rest of the group to come and join him.

Jake, Kandy, Karla, and Mary (the brunette girl) all joined Travis as he and Jake prepared to fuck Jimmy. They both got naked, and both had at least 8' inch dicks. They really weren't aroused so they asked the girls if they could help out. Karla and Mary ran towards the two guys, Mary took Jake, and Karla took Travis. They both grabbed their respective guy's dicks and started to lick them, and see as those dicks got real hard and turned to 10' inch dicks. The girls had to be pushed off as they got into the dicks. The both slowly went off and giggled from the delight they had of sucking dicks.

The two men approached Jimmy as Jimmy looked on with a look of fear as he knew no matter what he was going to have two dicks in him. Jake approached him from behind and then pulled out the dildo, this felt weird to Jake as he had gotten used to the dildo. Jake then took his dick and then started to push it into Jimmy's ass.

"Noo, don't do it, ahhhh, I'm not, owwww, gay, ohhhh," screamed Jimmy as he felt Jake's dick start to go into his ass.

"Hey Travis, can you get him to shut up, I can't get him to relax and my dick is having difficulty going in," Jake told Travis.

Travis approached Jimmy then got him by the hair and rammed his huge dick into his mouth. Jimmy gagged as he tried to spit out the dick, but it was no use and couldn't help but to start sucking on this huge dick. As he sucked on this dick he also started to get used to the dick in his ass, as he started to ride Jake's dick.

To Jimmy's surprise he suddenly found himself hard, aroused by two men who were fucking him.

"Suck on it harder, ohhhh, I'm cumming," said Travis.

Jimmy tried to push Travis' dick out with his tongue but this only cause him to cum and forced Jimmy to swallow his cum, and as he took out his dick (Travis) he splashed Jimmy with some cum on his face.

Jake was also about to cum as he started to fuck Jimmy harder. Jake cum in Jimmy's asshole and then slowly took out his dick, which was not hard anymore.

"Look at him guys, I think you two did the job, he's hard," said Mary as she and the other two girls approached Jimmy.

"Okay ladies, it's your turn, go ahead, I think he'll do anything you want him too," said Jake as he and Travis walked of and cleaned themselves off.

"Our pleasure," said Kandy.

All three girls surrounded Jimmy and then started to play with his dick and kiss him all around. Karla and Kandy started to concentrate on Jimmy's dick while Mary stood up, slipped her thong off, which revealed a bare, bald, pussy. Mary then got on top of Jimmy's head and Jimmy knew right away what she wanted.

As Jimmy ate Mary out, slipping his tongue in and out, licking her lips, Karla and Kandy sucked on his balls and his dick. Kandy concentrated on his balls, playing and teasing them with her tongue while Karla licked, sucked, and sometimes bite Jimmy's dick.

All this action made Jimmy very aroused, the most he had ever been in his life. As soon as Karla started to jack Jimmy off he started cum and splashed both girls, which enjoyed it.

Mary on the other hand wanted more and kept having orgasms as Jimmy ate her out. She finally got of him and saw Karla and Kandy licking Jimmy's cum of each other and she joined in.

They finally all got together, came towards Jimmy, and untied him. Jimmy was exhausted and full of cum.

"Congratulations dude, you're in, you made it," said Travis as he shook Jimmy's hand.

"And as your prize, you can have any one of these girls and do anything you want, and of course your grand prize is your role in the next movie, so who do you want," said Travis.

"Thanks guys, I think all of the three girls are great, but I think when I ate out Mary it was great, so I'll take Mary," said Jimmy.

So Mary approached Jimmy as the other girls were taken care off by the other two guys.

Mary didn't even hesitate to start, she rapidly took off her top, she already had her bottom off, and revealed and nice firm set of tits. She then approached Jimmy and started to French kiss him while Jimmy started to rub her ass. She didn't care and let him do anything he wanted.

Mary then got on all fours and told Jimmy to fuck her through the ass. Jimmy gladly agreed and rammed his dick into her asshole and rode her until he finally came.

As he finished up he heard Buck say," Cut, great job Jimmy, this is going great, I didn't thing you had it in you but you do."

"Oh man Buck, what the fuck, hey thanks man, I didn't think it was much work but I gotta thank everyone," said Jimmy as he saw Buck in his director's chair.

Jimmy eventually went on to become a great porn star, but never did he question the hard work of a porn star.


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