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Pussy House-1972
by Mr. Neb

The year was 1972. The Jefferson Airplane was playing in the corner of my dorm room on one of those cheesy in one radio/phonograph/8-track stereos. From the missionary position, I was humping the living daylights out of my everlasting true love soul mate whose name escapes me at the moment. "Humping" is the apropos term for my sensual techniques at that time. I lacked that certain panache and style that developed later in life.

My partner had an uncanny ability to consider a completely irrelevant thought even under these unique circumstances. She could even manage a conversation during my rhythmic attentions. With her 20-year-old coed breasts keeping jiggly time, she managed, "I, need, you, to, come, to, the, so, ror, i, ty, house, to, mor, row, night."

Sweat was trickling down my forehead when I managed, "What for?"

"Just, be, there, at, 8. Bring, your, robe."

Nothing more was said about the subject and our evening of rapture progressed and concluded as usual, with not one hint of tenderness. It was an arrangement that seemed to work for both of us at that time in our lives. She stood at the door, looked back at me and said, "And for God's sake, wear clean underwear."

Gee, I never thought that was an issue.

My girl friend's sorority house was Pi Mu Sigma. As you can see, the first and last letters conveniently start with "P" and "S". When written, the greek letter Mu (pronounced "m-you") looks enough like a "U" for the purposes of hormonally-charged college men. With just a slight extension of this convoluted logic, Pi Mu Sigma was fondly referred to as "Pussy House". To get into "Pussy House" you had to be one fine-looking babe, the cream of the crop so to speak, so it was no small wonder why I was so attracted to, uh, what's-her-name.

Per my standard operating procedure, I arrived at ye old Pussy House ten minutes late. Draped over my arm was my tattered avocado-green terry cloth rode that my mother insisted I take with me to college. I don't think I had worn it for at least three years. My girlfriend was standing at the top of the stairs and was waving me to come up. She whisked me into her room and told me to take my clothes of. OK by me. In moments I was standing naked with my boxers (clean) rumpled at my ankles ready for another lustful encounter.

"Oh, fer Christ's sake. Pull up your underwear and put on that robe."

With those words of tenderness still ringing in my ears, she took me by the hand and led me back downstairs into the large sitting room. The furniture had been rearranged for some kind of ceremony. Candles were lit around the perimeter of the room. The light from two aluminum cone fixtures, the forerunners to modern track lighting, shone down on two ottomans in the center of the room. There were four other guys standing along one wall. All were wearing bathrobes in about the same crummy state as mine. I joined them as the fifth in line. We all looked at each other and shrugged. Neither of us had a clue to what was going on. (Upon reflection, I guess that could have been said for about 80% of my normal day at that time.)

About twenty or so of the sorority girls were in the darkest part of the room, seated in rows of folding chairs. After about a minute or so, a procession of girls entered the room single file. No one said anything. They were all dressed in white sheets except for two. Theirs were dyed pink. The first five of the girls stood in front of us in the line. The two in the pink sheets stood beside the ottomans. The last girl I suspect was the Queen Bee of the group. She had some goofy tiara on her head. She stood in front of the two in pink and started to read from some paper. Thus began a sorority ritual, complete with an overly contrived and amateurish liturgy.

"Hear ye, hear ye. The secret council of the order of sisters of Pi Mu Sigma..."

I heard two guys in line mutter in unison, "pussy house."

"... is now convened. I, Sister Aurora, do hereby call this tribunal to order."

Aurora? Gee, I thought her name was Stephanie.

"Let it be known that the witness to these proceedings have solemnly pledged not to divulge the details of this evening and to take their memories with them to the grave."

Pledge? What pledge? I don't remember any pledge. Nobody said anything about any graves either. What was all this mumbo-jumbo anyway?

The queen bee turned to the gals in pink and said, "Sister Moon Beam, Sister Star Dust...."

What the hell was with those names!

" have been charged with a violation of the sacred vows of Pi Mu Sigma."

Again those two guys muttered "pussy house" and then snickered. They would do that for the rest of the evening any time anyone said the name of the sorority.

"We, the sisters of Pi Mu Sigma..."

Another "pussy house" was muttered.

"... are bonded in spiritual oneness. Our love for each other is a love of the mind, not of the body. You two are accused of violating the sacred oath to keep our love for each other such that it transcends the temptations of the flesh....."

She went on and on with all this goofy spiritual sister crap. The best that I could figure was that Sisters Moon Beam and Star Dust had experience a little carnal knowledge without the benefit of a Brother. I was still pretty confused. The story around campus was that just about every girl in Pussy House had had at least one fling with another girl. So what was all the fuss about?

Queen Aurora continued. "As a penalty for your behavior and as a reinforcement of the proper doctrines of Pi Mu Sigma...SHUT UP YOU TWO!... which espouses to the goals of earthly male-female relationships..."

God! She was making my head hurt. The bottom line? Because these two girls had an evening of sucking each other's pussy, they were going to get it from the five of us along the wall. It was some sort of re-indoctrination for ex-prisoners of war. Hey! Who was I to argue with the queen bee with the high hairdo?

The head babe Sister Aurora waved her hand at the five girls standing in front of the five of us. In unison, they dropped their sheets and were wearing only bikinis. They then reached out for us and pulled our robes open and then off. Like a precision drill team, they dropped to their knees and yanked down our shorts. They were each just inches away from the business parts of some pretty eager college boys. Each of these girls was stunning and no encouragement would have been necessary but these girls were there to get us in the proper mood to take care of the two violators of the sacred vows. I can't speak for the other guys but if five beautiful women, wearing only bikinis, knelt and one was staring right at my naked crotch, I would need very little encouragement.

Before any of us could react, the five girls took our dicks and started rubbing and sucking. It took just moments for all of us to reach our full potential. Lots of moaning could be heard, including from the girls that had their mouths full. While we were getting "fluffed", the Mother Hen went to the two girls in pink and took their sheets off. They did not have bininis! The girls then laid down on the two ottomans. Another hand wave by the Senior Sister caused the first two girls in the line to stop what they were doing. They stood and with saliva and lipstick smeared faces, escorted their two male charges over to the center of the room. They then returned to us and we shifted down. I was now third in line and being "handled" by another gorgeous coed.

I was having a difficult time paying attention to what was going on around me. The young lady kneeling in front of me was very good at her craft. She was a tall girl, with wonderfully long legs. She had long softly curled light brown hair that fell past her shoulders. Her breasts were delightfully well exposed in her bright yellow halter-style top. They bounced to the rhythm of her talented sucking. It was an added touch that she attempted to smile and look up at me while she sucked by fully engorged cock. Her wet lips and chin shimmered in the candlelight.

The peacefulness of the moment was shattered when the coed next to me shouted, "Awwww, God Damn it! You son-of-a-bitch!!!!"

That was followed by a slight cough. Then there was a lot of apologizing by her partner. It seems that he had succumbed to the moment and the attentions of his most recent fallatrix. I empathized with the poor bastard. His reputation was now doomed. He was trying not to draw attention to himself but it wasn't working. The more he tried to downplay what had happened, the more pissed she got. Strings of semen were clinging to her lips and chin and dotted her breasts. It made the whole scene so surreal while she balled him out, spitting cum with every hard consonant. When it was clear he could not help the situation, he sulked out of the room, to commit Hari-Kari no doubt.

Everyone shifted over one, placing me second in the line. I found myself in front of the lovely lady who had just been the recipient of my comrade's over-eagerness. She looked up at me while she resumed her position. A thin streak of cum in her black hair just above her ear was all the evidence that remained. She never stopped staring at me and the look in her eyes was one of pure evil. I was convinced that if I were to commit the same faux pau, she would surely bite it off. It was a sobering thought indeed. I can honestly say without any reservation that that was the one and only time when I actually lost some of my aroused state while my cock was being sucked.

I decided to turn my attentions to the happenings in the center ring where the mood was significantly less chilly. The two fellows were re-introducing the female felons to heterosexual behavior with impressive enthusiasm. They were not going to let an opportunity such as this go by without taking full advantage.

Sister Aurora motioned over to us again and the fellow first in line joined the two already center stage. I shifted over and would be next to join the foray. Needless to say I was glad to leave the vulnerable clutches of the Iron Maiden.

The activity in the center of room was reaching a feverish pitch. The two women were screaming at the command of the Major Mistress. Shrieks of, "Oh yes. I, Sister Star Dust have been bad. I was weak. I need to be punished! Fuck me harder like I deserve. Give me your cock! Fuck me and make me feel like no woman can make me feel!"

Sister Moon Beam was enjoying herself too. "I'm coming Sister Aurora! I'm coming!"

Carol, a.k.a. Moon Beam, was the lucky beneficiary of some doggy-style treatment from a legendary fellow. His impressively long cock allowed him to provide attentions elsewhere with his hands. For the benefit of his partner, even from this position, he considerately made sure that her breasts were massaged and that her clitoris was well stimulated. She collapsed on the ottoman. She shook and screamed in orgasmic bliss, still impaled with Max' cock. Aurora signaled over again at it was my turn. I removed my cock from my new best friend's talented mouth with a sexy wet plop. I felt a sigh of regret and was looking forward to another opportunity to take our brief encounter to its logical conclusion.

I joined Max but was unsure of what to do. Moon Beam, still murmuring and quivering, was in no condition to coherently provide direction. Max gently rolled her over and took a position at her head. I moved to between her legs. Her pussy was very inviting. Her juices were everywhere and matted the little pubic hair that remained on her mound. Her lips were parted and she was still very open from the recently vacated Max. Her cum seeped from her and she internally twitched with the final elements of her climax. She smelled wonderful and I felt compelled to enjoy her more thoroughly. I knelt down and plunged my tongue deep into her sweet tasting pussy just as Max entered her mouth. She let out a loud groan. She grasped my head in a vise-like grip, grinding my face into her every dampening pussy, drenching my face with her juices and moments later, with her cum.

It was hard to stay with her because of Max' thrusts and so I stood and took a more conventional position by sliding my cock deep into her while she completed her climax. Max was receiving delightful oral attentions and it wasn't long before he let out a yell. In the next instant, thick white cum came flowing out of Moon Beam's mouth still filled with Max' dick. It was if a volcano were erupting in spite of the plug that was inserted into it. She gagged a bit and the ever-considerate Max removed himself from her mouth, spurting the rest of his impressive ejaculate about her neck and breasts.

Carol, uh, Moon Beam rose as best as she could and looked straight into my eyes. Cum stuck to the edges of her mouth and covered her lips in a faint gray film. It dangled from her chin, streaked her neck and blotted her breasts. "Ok handsome, show me what YOU'VE got!"

I threw my head back and thrust at her as fast as I could. She moved her hips in unison and we soon fell over the edge together. The spasms of her pussy grabbed and clenched my thrusting member that was spurting wave after wave into her already dripping pussy.

When my vision returned, I gazed over at Star Dust, the girl formally known as Betty. She was on the floor on her hands and knees being fucked from behind by Willy's willie while sucking on Jim's beam. (Gosh, I'm proud of that sentence!) I'm not sure who was re-indoctrinating whom. Willy grunted, withdrew and squirted strings of cum onto Star Dust's ass and back. Jim finally had his own release, sending white bands of cum into her open mouth only to have it all slide out, dangle in long dribbles from her chin and eventually fall.

The two women lay on the ottoman, exhausted and breathing deeply. My fellow indoctrinators and I were also panting heavily, our semi-flaccid cocks dribbling harmlessly and unattended onto the carpet. The heady scent of sex hung in the whole room. Moon Beam and Star Dust rolled over into each other's arms and hugged in a wet and sticky embrace in solidarity for the experience that they had just shared.

I don't now about how successful the event was in dissuading those two lovely college girls from future lesbian lovemaking but if there needs to be another lesson, I'm there!


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